December 19th Luncheon: The Rubber Band is Our Entertainment, Jeff Taylor is Our Keynote Speaker

This holiday season marks the 55th year Phoenix Rotary 100 and others will raise money for The Salvation Army through the “Rotary 100 Rubber Band.” The band has raised $1.5 million for programs of The Salvation Army throughout their history!

Laugh and Sing with the Rubber Band!

The Phoenix Rotary 100 will bring us holiday cheer and laughter when its spirited crew, the Rubber Band, serenades us on December 19th.

Holiday songs new and old and dancing are the recipe for this interactive performance, as musicians on wash buckets, fiddles, bell straps, triangles and horns wear their Christmas best and the foolish but lovable Grinch frolics among all of us.

Hear Jeff Taylor, Chairman of the Phoenix Salvation Army Advisory Board, Share His Powerful Story with Us

After lunch, the chairman of the Phoenix Salvation Army Advisory Board, Jeff Taylor, will share with us how the Salvation Army was there for him, just when he needed it the most.

Jeff’s story is one of a powerful redemption. In Jeff’s words, per The Arizona Capitol Times, in an opinion article entitled “Kill proposed marijuana measures and shut gateway to drug abuse” (October 26, 2017):

I grew up playing golf, surfing, going to the University of Arizona to play football and study finance. My first job out of college was as a Wall Street stock options trader, where I earned enough to leave the business at the age of 29. Life was good. Five years later, I was living in a bush in south Phoenix. Marijuana, pain killers and cocaine wiped out my bank account. I turned to burglary to feed my habit and ended up behind bars six times. My life did not turn around until a judge sent me to a Salvation Army drug treatment program. I broke my addiction, earned a teaching accreditation and went to work for the Salvation Army. Today, I chair the board.


To make your reservation, send an email to Type or copy and paste this email address into the “TO” section of your email (because too many of you were having problems with our email link, we’ve decided to provide the email address without the link).
IMPORTANT: If you do not receive a confirmation of your reservation within 24 hours, YOU DO NOT HAVE A RESERVATION. Please send another email or call Monica Yelin at 516-423-0330.


Meeting Details:

11:00 a.m. Social

11:30 a.m. Program/Lunch

Grayhawk Golf Club: 8620 East Thompson Peak Parkway, The Fairway House, Scottsdale

On the Menu:

Small Caesar Salad

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Seasonal Vegetables

Rolls and Butter

Red Velvet Cake

Coffee and Tea

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November 28th Luncheon: Dr. Matthew Keene to Speak on the Opioid Crisis

OpioidsPlease note that our November luncheon takes place on Wednesday, November 28th. Since the third Wednesday of November is the day before Thanksgiving, we changed the date!

November is the month when Americans honor our veterans.
As we honor our veterans this 11th month of 2018, we need to be mindful of their struggles. Join us on November 28th, as Dr. Matthew Keene educates us on the topic of opioids and their impact on our veterans as well as our country’s general population. Dr. Keene is a veteran of the military himself and has committed his life to assisting individuals in overcoming their addictions.
The opioid crisis, which killed more than 42,000 Americans in 2016, continues to devastate the country. And our veterans may be one of the populations hardest hit. Over the last eight or so years, opioid statistics suggest veterans are twice as likely to die from accidental opioid overdoses than non-veterans. In addition, treating veterans’ chronic pain almost exclusively with opioids has led to addictions and a fatal overdose rate twice the national average.
Join us on November 28th to find out more about this far-reaching problem devastating our nation.
The cost of the luncheon is $35. Your reservation MUST be made by Friday, November 23rd at 10 am to ensure a seat. For a faster check in on the day of the luncheon, please pay by cash or check!
To make a reservation for our luncheon, contact us by email:
Meeting Details:
11:00 a.m. Social
11:30 a.m. Program/Lunch
Grayhawk Golf Club:
8620 East Thompson Peak Parkway, The Fairway House, Scottsdale
Stuffed Pork Roast
Mashed Potatoes
Apples Sauce
Apple Tart
No-host Wine Bar

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Rep. Martha McSally, Candidate for U.S. Senate, Must Win!

McSally 1

This is from my friend Linda Rizzo. She sent it by email today and said that I could share. It is about our Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Martha McSally. Please read it and pass it along…

“Last night I had the opportunity to spend an evening in someone’s home with Martha McSally. It wasn’t a fundraiser. It was a time to hear her, see her, understand what makes her tick.

First and foremost, she is a Christian woman who sincerely loves and looks to God for help, strength, and guidance. She is unashamedly Christian. She talked about her 8-year battle to change military regulations so females in the service in Sharia observant countries would not be compelled to wear the burka. Her heart refused, as a Christian woman, to conform to Sharia law, so she fought for the religious freedom of all women in the service. She went up against Donald Rumsfeld and she won.

She talked about her life growing up after her father passed away when she was twelve. How she had all her ducks in a row when applying to the Air Force Academy, and how they told her she couldn’t be a pilot – which made her even more determined to be one!

We talked about the campaigns, her first ones and this one. Sinema has so much money to tell lies. Martha never voted to end coverage for pre-existing conditions! She has the Republican message down about all the things we want to put in place to give people real choices for health insurance and the ability to buy what they want instead of a one size fits all as we have had, thanks to Obama.

She is pro-life. I need to address something here: a persistent complaint that Martha gave Planned Parenthood $550,000,000 and so is not pro-life.

If by voting for the Onmibus funding bill, she is a baby killer, then so are Rep Chris Smith (NJ) who has co-chaired the Pro-life Caucus, Rep Vickie Hartzler (R) Missouri…/…/marriage-and-life, and our own David Schweikert. Please don’t be turned off by skewed claims.

I came away feeling like I wanted her to be a friend of mine. She is a real human being with courage and integrity.

We need to help Martha McSally get elected. Money, talking to friends and family, walking up and down your block, talking to neighbors. Whatever it takes. Get a yard sign and put it out.” (Written by Linda Rizzo)



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September 19th Luncheon: Props 126, 127, 305 and 306: Cutting Through the Ballot Initiative Confusion

Aimee Rigler

Amy Rigler from Arizona Free Enterprise Club

Ballot initiatives are oft times perplexing. Intentionally misleading language is used to confuse the voter. Where do we go to help undo the misperceptions?  Look no further than our September 19th luncheon. Our guest speaker will help us cut through the muddle and get to the truth.
Join us on September 19th and let Aimee Rigler of the Arizona Free Enterprise Club arm us with the facts on some very important initiatives appearing on our November ballots-state wide. It will be imperative that we talk to our friends and neighbors about the real impact these initiatives will have on our state:
  • Prop. 126, the Prohibit New or Increased Taxes on Services initiative;
  • Prop. 127, the California billionaire Tom Steyer-sponsored Clean Energy initiative;
  • Prop. 305, the Expansion of Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESA) initiative; and
  • Prop. 306, the Helping to Keep “Clean” in Clean Elections initiative.

There’s a lot of clutter to sort through. Let Aimee Rigler help clear the way. See you on September 19th!

The cost of the luncheon is $35. Your reservation MUST be made by Friday, September 14th at 10 am to ensure a seat. For a faster check in on the day of the luncheon, please pay by cash or check.
To make a reservation for our luncheon, contact us by email: .
Meeting Details
11:00 a.m. Social
11:30 a.m. Program/Lunch
Grayhawk Golf Club:
8620 East Thompson Peak Parkway, The Fairway House, Scottsdale
Filet Mignon Chop Salad
Lemon Tart with Raspberry Sauce

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Join Us On July 18th: Hear from Dr. Kelli Ward, Candidate for U.S. Senate, and Chris Herring, Maricopa County GOP Chairman

July Meeting 2

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June 20th Luncheon: The National Popular Vote Initiative Ensures a Tyranny of the Majority. Find Out Why. Plus Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Steve Gaynor


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With Your Help Our Red Wall Is Going to Be Bigger Than Their Blue Wave!

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