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Just Say No to Tom Steyer’s Green Energy Plan for Arizona!


The left is coming at Arizona HARD. One of their primary objectives is to throw a whole lot of left-wing nonsense on the November 2018 ballot in order to bring out all the marijuana loving, global-warming believing, feel-gooders. The likes of Tom Steyer think that by getting such propositions on the ballot they’ll be able to flood our state’s election with “blue wave” voters, thereby throwing out of office many of our Republican office holders (like the all important offices of Governor and Secretary of State).

Going upBut we absolutely cannot allow this to happen! First and foremost we must begin to educate our friends and neighbors on the dangers of one of these “feel good” initiatives: the Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona proposition, backed by the Steyer-funded group NextGen America. According to Ray Stern writing at Phoenix New Times, “the measure would require the state’s utilities to use clean energy sources — not including nuclear — to generate 50 percent of Arizona’s electricity needs. It would change the Arizona Constitution, meaning backers need to collect 225,963 valid voters signatures by July to make the 2018 ballot.”

Got that? IT WILL CHANGE THE ARIZONA CONSTITUTION… Let that sink in for a little bit. If the crazy Californian, Tom Steyer, gets his way, and this green energy proposition passes, 50 percent of our state’s energy MUST be derived from the most likely source—solar, by 2030.

But let’s not let the facts get in the way of what really happens when voters decide to mandate green energy on an entire state populace. Jude Clement, writing for Forbes in an article entitled Why California Can Afford Green Energy More Than Your State, “with a 50% by 2030 Renewable Portfolio Standard (the most ambitious in the country), as well as cap-and-trade, California’s electricity prices are usually 35-45% higher than the U.S. average. Per the U.S. Department of Energy: “renewable energy is more expensive to produce and to use than fossil fuel energy.”

Clement went on to write, “Counterintuitively, despite higher cost electricity, Californians have lower bills…but there’s a logical reason for that…. That’s because, due to a variety of unique characteristics that your state doesn’t possess, Californians use less electricity (New York also uses less electricity given the obvious dominance of New York City, where apartments and smaller homes lower demand, not to mention power rates 50% above the U.S. average that cause “demand destruction”). So, clearly, higher prices for necessities like electricity aren’t a huge deal if you don’t need them as much.” But that’s certainly not the case here in Arizona in our hot summers!


Cheryl D. Pelletier


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In March, Meet the Candidates Plus Martha Washington!

We’ve got a packed program for you in March! Join us on March 21 to hear from some of our Republican candidates for office: Kimberley Yee, candidate for state Treasurer, Eric Sloan, candidate for state Corporation Commissioner, and Lori Klein Corbin, candidate for Secretary of State.

Plus, Nancy Kay Arnold, renowned educator and award winning children’s author will also spend some time with us as well. In costume, she will regale us with a few stories of the first First Lady Martha Washington. Nancy Kay’s books include Patriotic Pups as well as Pioneer Pups and Pilgrim Pups.

Don’t miss this program! This is your opportunity to chat first-hand with some of our candidates!

Program details:

11:00 a.m. Social/11:30 a.m. Program/Lunch

Grayhawk Golf Club: 8620 East Thompson Peak Parkway, The Fairway House, Scottsdale

On the Menu:

Stuffed Pork Roast/Mashed Sweet Potatoes/Roasted Roma Tomato/Black Forest Cheesecake with Carmel Sauce

REMINDER! The cost of the luncheon is $35 whether you are paying credit card, check or cash! AND please note our luncheon reservation policy: your reservation MUST be made by Thursday, March 15th at midnight. Please honor this request!

To make a reservation for our luncheon, contact us by email: Please note that reservations are REQUIRED. And a reservation MADE is a reservation PAID!  













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Join Us On December 20th!

December Luncheon

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Heart-rending Missing Man Table to Be Performed on November 15.

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Join Us On October 18th!

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