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Governor Ducey Stands Up to the Anti-American Bullies

For those of you who might have missed it, today Governor Ducey took a stand against anti-American bullies and said “hell no” to Nike.

Well done Governor Ducey, well done.

Arizona Gov. Slam-Dunks Nike: ‘We Don’t Need to Suck Up to Companies’ That Denigrate Our History

From the article at PJMedia, by John Ellis:

“For the naysayers of Gov. Ducey, this isn’t a First Amendment issue. No company, including Nike, has a constitutional right to financial incentives subsidized by taxpayers. Apart from either greed or a doubling down on their anti-American stance, nothing is stopping Nike from setting up shop in Arizona. Likewise, Ducey hasn’t ordered Arizona stores to stop selling Nike products (he hasn’t even come close to hinting that). Arizona residents remain free to purchase whatever they want from Nike.”

Click here for the whole story.

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