Rep. Martha McSally, Candidate for U.S. Senate, Must Win!

McSally 1

This is from my friend Linda Rizzo. She sent it by email today and said that I could share. It is about our Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Martha McSally. Please read it and pass it along…

“Last night I had the opportunity to spend an evening in someone’s home with Martha McSally. It wasn’t a fundraiser. It was a time to hear her, see her, understand what makes her tick.

First and foremost, she is a Christian woman who sincerely loves and looks to God for help, strength, and guidance. She is unashamedly Christian. She talked about her 8-year battle to change military regulations so females in the service in Sharia observant countries would not be compelled to wear the burka. Her heart refused, as a Christian woman, to conform to Sharia law, so she fought for the religious freedom of all women in the service. She went up against Donald Rumsfeld and she won.

She talked about her life growing up after her father passed away when she was twelve. How she had all her ducks in a row when applying to the Air Force Academy, and how they told her she couldn’t be a pilot – which made her even more determined to be one!

We talked about the campaigns, her first ones and this one. Sinema has so much money to tell lies. Martha never voted to end coverage for pre-existing conditions! She has the Republican message down about all the things we want to put in place to give people real choices for health insurance and the ability to buy what they want instead of a one size fits all as we have had, thanks to Obama.

She is pro-life. I need to address something here: a persistent complaint that Martha gave Planned Parenthood $550,000,000 and so is not pro-life.

If by voting for the Onmibus funding bill, she is a baby killer, then so are Rep Chris Smith (NJ) who has co-chaired the Pro-life Caucus, Rep Vickie Hartzler (R) Missouri…/…/marriage-and-life, and our own David Schweikert. Please don’t be turned off by skewed claims.

I came away feeling like I wanted her to be a friend of mine. She is a real human being with courage and integrity.

We need to help Martha McSally get elected. Money, talking to friends and family, walking up and down your block, talking to neighbors. Whatever it takes. Get a yard sign and put it out.” (Written by Linda Rizzo)



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