September 7: News the Mainstream Media Would Rather You Stay In The Dark About


Election News

Let me repeat: the job participation rate is at the lowest in decades, our country’s debt has doubled in the eight years of Obama and GDP is a measly 2 percent. Tell me again why we want Hillary, who will only continue Obama’s way of doing things…  “With Donald Trump’s use over Labor Day of the phrase the “false economy” we finally have a candidate who is getting to the bottom of the so-called Obama recovery. On the one hand the President’s approval ratings are above 50%. On the other hand, vast majorities think the country is moving in the wrong direction. Official unemployment is below 5%, but because the job participation rate is at its lowest point in decades. The government has racked up more debt than all previous administrations combined. Yet it has eked out growth of less than 2%.” The ‘False Economy’

 Incompetence squared. “Yeah, privileged beyond anyone’s understanding. Let me go to the FBI report. There are three things that stood out to me – the devices, Blumenthal and a few weird details. First of all, 13 Blackberries, 5 iPads, 1 laptop, of those, all 13 Blackberries are missing, 2 iPads are missing, the laptop is missing. All of them have this classified information on them. All of had confidential, and all of them had very interesting information on them. Mike Allen, John O’Neill, who was the senior al Qaeda FBI agent forced in part out of the Federal Bureau of Investigations in 2000 and then he went to work at the World Trade Center and he died in the attack, because he lost a briefcase with sensitive information in it. I think the implications of losing or losing track of 13 Blackberries, we know 2 of them were hammered to smithereens, 2 iPads and 1 laptop hasn’t sunk in, yet.” Mike Allen On Whether There Will Be Congressional Hearings Into FBI Report Before Election: “100%

Stage managed by “Senator Menendez, who later crossed Obama and coincidentally got himself indicted.” “Hillary Clinton’s now-infamous “What difference at this point does it make”” hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee was a set-up job, according to the boast of her aide Phillipe Reines in an email to Chelsea. Catherine Herridge of Fox News writes:

Newly released emails suggest a senior Hillary Clinton aide stage-managed her first hearing on the Benghazi terrorist attack by feeding specific topics Clinton wanted to address to Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez, who at the time was acting chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee.” Newly released email shows Hillary aide claimed they ‘wired’ the Benghazi hearings

We used to laugh at the ultra-corrupt governments in Central and South America. We can stop laughing now. “The public has a right to know how Top Secret/SCI and GAMMA intelligence, some of our country’s most tightly guarded secrets, wound up in Sid Blumenthal’s hands, quickly. It’s unpleasant to besmirch the dead, but if Tyler Drumheller was the source of this purloined NSA information, we need to establish that—including where he got it from. And if Blumenthal’s conduit here wasn’t Drumheller, then who was it?” EmailGate and the Mystery of the Missing GAMMA

Laws are for little people, and Republicans. “How did Mills get away with her specious attorney-client privilege claims? How, for that matter, did she get away with serving as Clinton’s lawyer on matters being criminally investigated that she participated in as a federal employee? Easy. The Obama Justice Department didn’t object.” Why did the DOJ back Cheryl Mills’ specious privilege claims?

Liar, liar pantsuit on fire. “During her FBI interview on July 2, Clinton claimed that as secretary of state she didn’t know that information marked “(C)” denoted confidential material. According to the FBI documents, she had speculated that a “C” in brackets was used for marking paragraphs in alphabetical order. The obvious follow-up question — “Gee, did you ever see an ‘A’ or ‘B’ in the preceding paragraphs?” — was not asked. The FBI, stunningly, took her at her word.

Assange claimed that Clinton knew full well what the (C) was for —  because she has used it thousands of times herself. He dropped the bombshell at the end of his interview with Sean Hannity.” Julian Assange: ‘We Have Released Thousands of Emails Where Clinton Herself Has Used a ‘C’ in Brackets’

Health matters. “Personal energy, the ability actually to do a job that is highly stressful physically and mentally, is also something that should be of concern to voters, despite what some like the WaPo’s Chris Cillizza, all too willing to believe one Clinton-selected doctor, might say. That energy factor is another reason that Hillary’s health really is an issue.  Trump’s offer of mutual blind medical examinations is a smart one.” The Real Reason Hillary’s Health Is an Issue

This is our last chance to save America. Vote Trump. “If you recognize the threat she poses, but somehow can’t stomach him, have you thought about the longer term?” “The election of 2016 is a test—in my view, the final test—of whether there is any virtù left in what used to be the core of the American nation. If they cannot rouse themselves simply to vote for the first candidate in a generation who pledges to advance their interests, and to vote against the one who openly boasts that she will do the opposite (a million more Syrians, anyone?), then they are doomed. They may not deserve the fate that will befall them, but they will suffer it regardless.” The Flight 93 Election

In Other News

Read the whole thing. Written by someone who has experienced Sharia Law and doesn’t want it to spread to our shores. “I also fight for my fellow Americans. The present danger that Islam poses to this nation is very real, despite what our leftist government and media would have you believe. And because of the willful blindness and corruption within our government and media, America is now in grave danger vis-à-vis Islamic Supremacism and Jihad. I am witness to the hidden war between Islam and the West, and I see clearly, with great sadness and fear, that we are losing.” Sharia USA

They will slowly kill the goose until the entire nation looks like Detroit. “Any business with an exposure to federal regulations (which includes every sizable business in the country) now understands that they exist at the sufferance of the politicians who control the federal bureaucracy. As a practical matter, this means Democrats only, for the federal bureaucracy is deeply politicized, and attached to the party of big government for solid, practical, self-interested reasons.

This is banana republic territory, and we are already well into it.  Your interests, my interests, and the interests of the ITT Tech students (some of whom face devastation of their career plans and finances) count for nothing.” Obama administration kills ITT Tech, stranding 40,000 students and destroying 8,000 jobs

This story should send chills down your spine. If Hillary becomes our next president, this will just be the beginning. “This isn’t some phony cult concocting a new doctrine. Millions of Christians hold some form of a genuine, centuries’-long religious conviction that prohibits them from celebrating gay marriages. If you still support state coercion against them, then we might as well concede that religious freedom and true freedom of expression aren’t compatible with our new conception of a contemporary society. So the question is: Does the average American really believe society has a right to demand that a person paint or write a novels — or make cakes — that celebrate acts that undermine their beliefs? It might be too late for his business, but Phillips’ case will go a long way in letting us know the answer.” How a Cakemaker Became an Enemy of the State

“Obama speaks loudly and carries no stick.” “All of this is to say that despite the patient work the Obama administration has done in building Asian alliances, it has yet to turn this diplomacy into a policy that actually deters China. This point was driven home during the G20 summit, when Chinese boats were spotted at Scarborough Shoal, another waterway claimed by the Philippines where the U.S. has warned China not to stake out more artificial islands.” Obama’s Pivot to Asia Fails to Deter China.






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