On March 16th, Join Us To Hear Personal Stories Of What It Was Like To Be A Christian Living In Iraq

Mona-Oshana-picPalo Verde Republican Women will next meet on March 16th. Our keynote speakers are Mona K. Oshana and Sam Darmo.

Ms. Oshana will talk about her family’s struggles to live under and ultimately escape the cruel, totalitarian rule of Saddam Hussein. She also will speak about the politics and policies that have led to the dismal situation currently facing the persecuted communities of the Middle East.

Sam Darmo was born Iraq and is an Assyrian activist. Mr. Darmo will speak on the political and historical implications of these persecuted communities as well as offer specific solutions for what must be done now.

About Ms. Oshana:  Mona K. Oshana was born in the Middle East and is a Christian with a heart for humanitarian causes. Ms. Oshana holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and is currently working on her Master’s Degree in Public Administration. She is a host of the “Mona K. Show” on 1280 AM (KXEG) every Thursday at 4 pm. She also is a speaker and blogger, plus the executive director of Power of Three (PO3), a non-profit organization. Ms. Oshana has authored several books: Look Beyond the Fire, a personal story highlighting the human rights of the Iraqi people under Saddam Hussein and Dear Man, which examines the roots of the gender conflict, describing the damaged relationship between men and women.Sam Darmo (1)

About Mr. Darmo: Sam Isaac Darmo was born in Iraq, graduated from the Academy of Science in Baghdad, and relocated to the United States in 1978. Mr. Darmo is an Assyrian archivist and an Assyrian TV and radio personality. He founded Assyrians for Justice in 2003, and has participated in many national and international meetings and conferences. Most recently in March 2015, Mr. Darmo attended the 28th Session of the United Nations Human Rights council at the United Nations in Geneva. He was there as a delegate of the Assyrian Aid Society-Iraq.

11:00 a.m. Social; 11:30 a.m. Program/Lunch

Grayhawk Golf Club: 8620 East Thompson Peak Parkway, The Fairway House, Scottsdale

The cost of the luncheon is $27 if paying by credit card. Pay with cash or by check and the cost is $26. To make a reservation for our luncheon, contact Patty Prosin by email: pvrwlunch111@yahoo.com.

Please note that reservations are REQUIRED. And a reservation MADE is a reservation PAID!

March Menu: Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Cole Slaw, Chocolate Prada Cake, Coffee/Iced Tea/Wine Bar


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4 responses to “On March 16th, Join Us To Hear Personal Stories Of What It Was Like To Be A Christian Living In Iraq

  1. lrizzomail@aol.com

    The good news is that the Franklyn Graham event is the 18th not the day of the PVRW meeting!

    Details of the 18th:


    Home page:


    Thanks, Linda

  2. Great news! Thanks for the info.

  3. Edith Stock

    Is this the announcement of our next luncheon meeting?

  4. Yes. I forgot to include all the luncheon details in the email but they are up at the website. I will repost again next week.

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