Commentary: Supporters of Robert Graham called “sheeple” being led by Nazi-like propagandists

Joan Lang, Precinct Committeeman, President of Palo Verde RW

Cheryl D. Pelletier, State Committeeman, Precinct Committeeman, Member of Palo Verde RW

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this email are from two of our Palo Verde RW club members: Joan Lang and Cheryl Pelletier. Their opinions do not necessarily reflect the view of the club or its members as a whole.

The other day Cheryl made public her thoughts  about the 2015 Arizona GOP meeting that took place on Saturday, January 24th. In her post, she stated that she hopes that we can come together as Republicans within the state of Arizona. But it is hard to imagine this happening as the bomb throwing continues to take place in certain corners, including from the MCRC Briefs and Arizona Freedom Alliance.

Just yesterday (via a link at MCRC Briefs) it was discovered that on January 26th, someone by the name of Ben H semi-anonymously (why not disclose your full name Ben?) posted on the Arizona Freedom Alliance website this post: Thomas Paine is Dead, but his name is used for evil.

In Ben H’s post linked above, he writes this about Robert Graham and his supporters (emphasis ours):

Unfortunately the sheeple who do not do their due diligence in researching the FACTS comprise the majority of Conservatives.  They have been misled by the Goebbels-like Propaganda Ministry under the direction of Robert and his brown shirt minions.

Did he really go there? Because along with Joan Lang, our club’s president, Ben H called out as sheeple not smart enough to know when they’re being led by Nazi propagandists the following Arizona elected officials:

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, former Secretary of State and candidate for governor Ken Bennett, current state Treasurer Jeff DeWit, current state Attorney General Mark Brnovich, state Superintendent of Schools Diane Douglas, as well as Rep. Paul Gosar, Rep. Trent Franks PLUS other elected politicians and state Republican leaders (you will find a full list of those who officially endorsed Robert at the end of this post).

Apparently Joan’s in good company!

We are only bringing this matter to your attention because as a party, this is what we’re dealing with. And we hope that you will join us in calling out such hate-filled and ridiculous accusations. Because if we don’t make this stop—if we don’t put an end to the divisive name calling—the Republican party in Arizona is going to get a whole lot smaller. (And opponents of Robert Graham have the nerve to complain that he’s the reason for our shrinking party!?!?!?! Simply amazing really…)

Below is a full list of the politicians and Republican leaders that Ben H at Arizona Freedom Alliance has called “sheeple.” (List’s Source: Sonoran Alliance, January 23, Ken Bennett, Jeff DeWit, Casey Jones Endorse Robert Graham for AZGOP Chairman.)

Bruce AshNational Republican Committeeman Diane DouglasSuperintendent of Public Instruction
Sharon GieseNational Republican Committeewoman Seraphim LarsenFormer Pinal County Republican Committee Chairman
Joe Arpaio
Maricopa County Sheriff
Delos BondApache County Republican Committee Chairman
Russell PearceFormer Arizona Senate President Jonathan LinesYuma County Republican Central Committee Chairman
Gary MorrisGila County Republican Committee Chairman Eric MorganLegislative District 22 Chairman
Rim Country Republican Club Joan Lang
Representative Brenda BartonR-Payson Donna Alu
Lolly HathhornGila County Republican Committee Vice Chairman Jeff OravitsFlagstaff City Council Member
Representative Warren PetersenR-Gilbert Andy McKinneyStar Valley Town Council Member
James DuttonYavapai County GOP Chairman Jean McGrathMaricopa Community College District Board Member
Tom ForeseCorporation Commission Commissioner Andy BiggsArizona Senate President
Sergio ArellanoChairman, Legislative District 2 Republican Committee Robert HancockChairman, Legislative District 4 Republican Committee (Pima)
Brad JohnsChairman, Legislative District 9 Republican Committee Parralee SchneiderFirst Vice Chairman, AZGOP (Pima County Resident)
Ian MurrayLegislative District 25 Republican Committee Chairman John RhodesGraham County Republican Party Chairman
Joy StaveleyCoconino County Republican Committee Chairman Senator Kelli WardLegislative District 5
Senator Sylvia AllenLegislative District 6 Congressman Paul Gosar Congressional District 4
Irene LittletonPinal County Republican Committee Chairman Vince ManfrediLegislative District 4 Chairman (Pinal)
Mary BaumbachPast President of the Ahwatukee Republican Women’s Club Bill BeardPima County Republican Committee Chairman
Michael EbertPima County Republican Club Chairman Executive Committee (unanimous vote)Pima County Republican Party
Congressman Trent FranksCongressional District 8 Councilman Sal DiCiccioPhoenix City Council District 6
Representative Jill NorgaardArizona House of Representatives Legislative District 18 David BushmanFormer Chairman of Legislative District 18 Republican Committee
David HendersonLegislative District 15 Republican Committee Chairman Trevor HansenLegislative District 16 Republican Committee Chairman
Jorge Ortiz, Sr.Legislative District 19 Republican Committee Chairman Ray MalnarLegislative District 20 Republican Committee Chairman
Kevin PayneLegislative District 21 Republican Committee Chairman Ron HardersLegislative District 27 Republican Committee Chairman
Gary HirschLegislative District 30 Republican Committee Chairman Mark BrnovichArizona Attorney General
Barbara LeffFormer Member Arizona House of Representatives
Former State Senator
Representative Steve MontenegroArizona House of Representatives
Legislative District 13
Gary PierceFormer Corporation Commissioner

Former Member Arizona House of Representatives


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2 responses to “Commentary: Supporters of Robert Graham called “sheeple” being led by Nazi-like propagandists

  1. Nancy Cottle

    Cudos to both you and Cheryl for speaking out on this … its just wrong and the party people that are unhappy just need to get over it and move forward in a positive direction.

    • Thanks Nancy! You will be hearing more from us as the days and weeks and months go on. We are tired of the negativity and the extremism coming from our party. And we won’t post anonymously. We will always be brave and speak what is on our minds.

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