Just Because the Mainstream Press Isn’t Telling You About It, Doesn’t Mean You Shouldn’t Know About It: News You Should Know for January 11


Stories of the Day

“If Jews cannot live freely without fear of attack on the streets of the City of Light, then everyone is at risk. Stopping Islamist terror must also mean addressing the way Jew-hatred has become acceptable in European society.” “What the attack on the market makes plain is that while Islamist terrorists seek high-profile targets like Charlie Hebdo in order to silence those who criticize radical Islam, they are always going to return to their favorite Jewish scapegoats and victims.

Islamists seek to destroy Western freedoms throughout the world. But integral to their worldview is an equal intolerance for Jews. The hatred for Jews and Israel emanating from radical Islamist preachers and ideologues in the Middle East has been brought to Europe by Muslim immigrants and found a secure foothold there. Combined with the disdain for Israel that is a hallmark of leftist intellectual elites, it has created a toxic atmosphere for Jews throughout Europe in recent years. That is the background for the increasing number of violent attacks on Jews throughout the continent.” Who’s in Danger? Not Islam. The Jews.

History repeating itself again in a very bad way. “A survey last year from the European Jewish Congress and Tel Aviv University found that France had more violent anti-semitic incidents in 2013 than any other country in the world. Jews were the target of 40 per cent of all racist crimes in France in 2013 – even though they comprise less than 1 per cent of the population. Attacks on Jews have risen sevenfold since the 1990s.

No wonder Jewish emigration from France is accelerating. From being the largest Jewish community in the EU at the start of this decade, with a population of around 500,000, it is expected by Jewish community leaders to have fallen to 400,000 within a few years. That figure is thought by some to be too optimistic. Anecdotally, every French Jew I know has either already left or is working out how to leave.” Antisemitism in France: the exodus has begun

“So I implore those of you reading to put aside your special interests for the moment, or at least soft-pedal them. Most of them can wait and if we lose the war against Islamic terrorism, which, believe it or not, we are currently losing, they will all be irrelevant, the unread text of Obamacare buried in the sand like Shelley’s statue of Ozymandias. Civilizations have died before. Let’s not let it be ours. Let’s overcome the reactionary leaders in our own country and in Europe, who suffer from such extreme cognitive disorders that even after #CharlieHebdo they insist on delinking Islam from terrorism. Let’s find our Churchill — and now.” 2016 and Paris: It’s the Jihad, Stupid!

Wise words, but will our politicians listen and take action? “We ought to consider reducing to the barest minimum and for limited purposes visas from countries which support, encourage or even tolerate Muslim fundamentalism, including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Pakistan.

We ought to expel any non-citizens who espouse jihadism and close mosques whose leaders endorse or support it. Incitement to murder is a crime whether it’s inside or outside a mosque. We should speed up the deportation of residents and citizens who have gone abroad to fight with IS and Al Qaeda.

We ought to more closely monitor Moslem worship on our military bases and in our prisons and weed out any Salafists in the ranks of these chaplains. Right now they are breeding grounds for further mayhem.

We ought to require visa and citizenship applicants to swear under oath that they understand and appreciate our laws on free speech, press and religion, and that they will not advocate for the imposition of sharia law.

We ought to jail any parent known to us who has forced their daughter into a marriage abroad or to undergo a clitorectomy.

We ought to ban hijabs in public spaces, and stop tolerating demands for special treatment. How odd is it that bakeries not usually considered public accommodations  (for other than racial discrimination) under our laws are compelled to  bake gay wedding cakes while Somali-born cab drivers in Minnesota — engaged what is always considered a public accommodation — are exempt from carrying even aid dogs or passengers with liquor?

Just stop it.” Je Suis Sick and Tired of Cant

“It is equally true that a worrying number of Muslims hold views that are at the very least diametrically opposed to Western values, and that far too many embrace violence and celebrate death.  Egypt’s new president sounded this alarm in a watershed address to top clerics last week, warning that the Muslim world “is being torn, it is being destroyed, it is being lost—and it is being lost by our own hands.”  He pleaded with the religious elders to help spark a “religious revolution” in which advocates for peace and moderation unite to stamp out the malignant elements of the faith.” On “true Islam” and defining “extremism”

“Recalling Obama’s 2012 UN speech yesterday, Mollie Hemingway put it this way: “The problem of such cowardly rhetoric in the face of Islamist violence certainly didn’t begin with President Obama and Hillary Clinton but they should be called to account for their tepid defense of free speech and freedom of the press.”

We know that President Obama and his team have an adversarial relationship with truth and freedom. Our freedoms are not safe in their hands. The future must not belong to those who will not support those who slander the prophet of Islam.” BACK TO THE FUTURE

“Speaking of cults, Dean sounds like a guy trying desperately hard not to lose his religion. Leftist orthodoxy now accepts the innocence of Islamism as an article of faith, on par with say, the enlightenment of the Buddha. It has to be true or else their little world falls apart. The belief in the existence of faceless second amendment cults has now become an existential value for the Left.

They are too completely invested in multiculturalism, social deconstruction and redistribution to doubt the faith now. To misgive their chosen pathway to power, is to fail at the last step. So they’ll grit their teeth and plunge on; they will never give it up on pain of anathema.

And therefore they will cling to their dogma, however improbable it might be, long past the point when any reasonable Leftist would have doubted it. This is the most dangerous aspect of the crisis facing the West. Not only are we in danger of tearing our politics apart, we must. It has now become a case of destroying our civilization in order to save it. We have to stay crazy to avoid the growing suspicion that we’re nuts. The cultural elites of the West are going to hang themselves in the morning according to a schedule that they themselves have devised.

Do you think our elites won’t punch the door buttons to let the killers in to shoot us? They already have. They already have.” Security Code

Did You Hear About This From Last February?

I am a new junky and I don’t remember seeing this. Emphasis mine. “Most gamblers were still asleep, and the gondoliers had yet to pole their way down the ersatz canal in front of the Venetian casino on the Las Vegas Strip. But early on the chilly morning of Feb. 10, just above the casino floor, the offices of the world’s largest gaming company were gripped by chaos. Computers were flatlining, e-mail was down, most phones didn’t work, and several of the technology systems that help run the $14 billion operation had sputtered to a halt.

Computer engineers at Las Vegas Sands Corp. (LVS) raced to figure out what was happening. Within an hour, they had a diagnosis: Sands was under a withering cyber attack. PCs and servers were shutting down in a cascading IT catastrophe, with many of their hard drives wiped clean. The company’s technical staff had never seen anything like it. (snip)

In an effort to save as many machines as they could, IT staffers scrambled across the casino floors of Sands’ Vegas properties—the Venetian and its sister hotel, the Palazzo—ripping network cords out of every functioning computer they could find, including PCs used by pit bosses to track gamblers and kiosks where slots players cash in their tickets.

This was no Ocean’s Eleven. The hackers were not trying to empty a vault of cash, nor were they after customer credit card data, as in recent attacks on Target (TGT), Neiman Marcus, and Home Depot (HD). This was personal. The perpetrators wanted to punish the company, or, more precisely, its chief executive officer and majority owner, the billionaire Sheldon Adelson. Although confirming their conjectures would take some time, executives suspected almost immediately the assault was coming from Iran.” Now at the Sands Casino: An Iranian Hacker in Every Server

The Economy

“Additionally, the unemployment rate went down two-tenths of a percent partially because the participation rate went down two-tenths of a percent as well. Had the participation rate in December been as high was it was in June 2008, (66.1 percent), total unemployment would be much higher today.

Counterintuitively, a sign that the economy is, finally, in full recovery mode, will be when the number of jobs being created continues to go up, but so does the unemployment rate. That will be because the participation rate is going up, not down. That means that people are moving back into the labor force because they think that jobs are out there for them to find.” The Jobs Report

“That’s 4.9 million jobs above those needed to keep up with future population growth, roughly 150,000 a month. At the rate we added jobs in 2014, it would take us another five years to accomplish that feat — and we’re already almost six years into the recovery. Five years into the Reagan recovery, the economy had not only put all the sidelined workers back on the job but created a massive expansion of the workforce. The fact that we’re still seeing shrinkage in today’s workforce is a measure of how weak this recovery has been, and how much the Obama administration’s economic policies have hampered it.” December jobs report: 252K jobs added, jobless rate shrinks to 5.6%


“Their revolution has started. According to the Washington Times, since the rules were promulgated, 1,086,000 students have dropped out of the National Lunch Program, as  have 321 school districts. The kids who haven’t dropped out are having their own Boston Tea Party: The GAO reports that “48 of 50 states [have] cited waste as a challenge,” as kids throw away “some or all of their fruits and vegetables.” (While dressed as American Indians?) According to the National School Board Association, “unintended consequences” of the Healthy and Hunger-Free Kids Act include “trays of uneaten cafeteria food thrown in the trash.” Also, “hungry kids.”

Today’s 17-year-old hungry kids are tomorrow’s 18-year-old voters. And they’ve all been given a material lesson in big-government liberalism. When we start to gear up for 2016, Reince ought to put that in some ads. And remind his colleagues that there’s a way to appeal to young people that doesn’t involve Rand Paul.” How to Win Young Voters

Higher Education

“To be sure, post-graduation employment is a good metric, but it is not nearly as easy to predict or measure as the government makes it sound. In addition, along the way the government will continue saddling students with debt.

Why the focus on cash handouts and bubble inflation instead of educational quality? Because it’s easy. Fixing what ails American education would be a complex process, and it requires serious examination of the classroom environment. It’s much easier for Bad Santa to show up with wads of cash held together by red tape and with ever more strings attached.” Bad Santa Can’t Fix Higher Education

As someone who has spent over 15 years teaching at community colleges, I cannot think of a worse idea than President Obama’s proposal for the federal government to provide “free” community college tuition nationwide.  Here’s why:

“Nothing in life is “free”: The lesson we should be teaching our students is that nothing of value is free.  “Free community college” for students translates into “a tax increase for somebody else.”  Who is going to pay for the billions of dollars it will cost to provide “free” tuition at community colleges, which are heavily subsidized by taxpayers already?  College should be affordable, but students need to responsibly shoulder most of the cost.” Obama’s Free Community College Proposal Is Ridiculous

Potential Presidential Candidates

“Reality is now setting in for America and for that matter for most of the world. The piper will get his due even if “the children” have to suffer. The deception of promising “success” has lasted for quite a while. It was accomplished by ever-increasing taxes, deficits, borrowing, and printing press money. In the meantime the policing powers of the federal government were systematically and significantly expanded. No one cared much, as there seemed to be enough “gravy” for the rich, the poor, the politicians, and the bureaucrats.” Ron Paul: “Reality Is Now Setting In For America… It Was All Based On Lies & Ignorance”

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