Just Because the Mainstream Press Isn’t Telling You About It, Doesn’t Mean You Shouldn’t Know About It: News You Should Know for August 26


Stories of the Day

Which one of these isn’t a real job Mr. Foust (Democrat candidate for congress in VA)? “The campaign mentioned that Barbara Comstock got her first job at a movie theater while in high school and continued to earn money typing papers, waitressing, babysitting, working as a sales clerk, and “all the kinds of jobs so many women and men have taken on to work through high school and college and support their families.” “As a stay at home Mom, Comstock spent her time raising two young boys during the day and attending Georgetown Law School at night,” the campaign said. “Following graduation from Georgetown, she had her daughter and then when she returned to work as a senior aide to Congressman Frank Wolf, she worked on federal employee issues, health care issues, transportation issues, business issues and appropriations issues.” Comstock also worked as chief counsel to the House Government Reform Committee and a senior Justice Department official after 9/11, and started two businesses, Corallo Comstock, LLC, and Comstock Strategies. She is now a member of the Virginia House of Delegates, where she has served since 2009.” Democrat’s ‘Bizarre and Sexist’ Attack on Comstock Falls Flat: Democrat Foust Attacks Comstock: ‘I Don’t Think She’s Even Had a Real Job’

Things going exactly as the Democrats planned. Get enough people living off the government dole, and they’ll be voting Democrat forever. “The Dole: New data on federal public assistance programs show we’ve reached an ignominious milestone: More than 100 million Americans are getting some form of “means-tested” welfare assistance. The Census Bureau found 51 million on food stamps at the end of 2012 and 83 million on Medicaid, with tens of millions of households getting both. Another 4 million were on unemployment insurance. The percentage of American households on welfare has reached 35%. If we include other forms of government assistance such as Medicare and Social Security, almost half of all households are getting a check or other form of government assistance. The tipping point is getting closer and closer. So much is shocking and dismaying about these numbers. How is it that the number of recipients and the price tag for many of these programs kept skyrocketing though the recession officially ended in 2009? Normally, you’d expect welfare caseloads to fall in a recovery as the unemployment rate dips, but this time welfare participation keeps expanding. Perhaps this is because this administration and many Democrats in Congress, including Rep. Nancy Pelosi, have told Americans that welfare benefits are a stimulus to the economy (sic). Apparently, the left believes that if every family were on food stamps, the economy would return to its glory days.” Government Dependency In U.S. Nears The Tipping Point

Smart people are looking for alternatives to the lies of Leftist journalists. “Because progressives dominate 90% of media outlets and studiously ignore major stories like the IRS scandals, Benghazi, and basically anything harmful to Democrats, Fox News is handed the opportunity to reach the public with distinctive content unavailable elsewhere, and the public is responding. Most major media would rather be progressive than successful. But then again, progressivism almost never works as it promises, based as it is on a false notion that human nature can be perfected with the appropriate institutional arrangements (including, of course, a media structure that plays along). CNN and MSNBC prefer to live in that make-believe land, and are suffering the cosequences.” Cable Karma: Fox News soars as CNN reportedly to announce huge layoffs

You won’t be reading about this any time soon in the mainstream press. “According to a new Sunday Times report by Toby Harden,“Pentagon sources said Foley and the others might well have been rescued but Obama, concerned about the ramifications of US troops being killed or captured in Syria, took too long to authorise the mission.” It’s claimed that Obama was concerned about his administration beingCarterized had the mission failed. [Snip] However, it also seems worth noting that the eventual timing of the mission may have made for a nice July 4th weekend announcement for Obama had the mission succeeded. Instead, Obama played golf on July 5th, as well as an additional six times in the month he is said to have spent agonizing over his decision, the delay of which may have cost journalist Foley his life.

Anthony Shaffer, a former lieutenant-colonel in US military intelligence who worked on covert operations, said: ‘I’m told it was almost a 30-day delay from when they said they wanted to go to when he finally gave the green light. They were ready to go in June to grab the guy [Foley] and they weren’t permitted.’” Report: Obama Delayed James Foley Rescue a Month, Fretting over His Image and Golfing

I am not convinced yet that enough of us are angry. Too many people are simply not paying attention, or are drinking the Leftist propaganda dished out to them every night on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and MSNBC. Emphasis mine.America is suddenly angry at the laxity, incompetence, and polarizing politics of the Obama administration, the bad optics of the president putting about in his bright golf clothes while the world burns. Certainly, no recent president has failed on so many fronts — honesty, transparency, truthfulness, the economy, foreign policy, the duties of the commander-in-chief, executive responsibilities, and spiritual leadership. For those who are “shocked” at the present meltdown, of a magnitude not seen since the annus horribilis of 1979, in their defense: Obama certainly did not campaign on a new health-care plan that would force Americans to give up the doctors they liked and their existing coverage, while raising premiums and deductibles, while giving exemptions for insiders and cronies, and while raising the deficit. Nor did we hear on the campaign trail that Obama would push gay marriage, open borders, near-permanent zero interest rates, six consecutive $1 trillion deficits, and record food-stamp and Social Security disability payouts. He criticized Bush for relatively minor executive orders, suggesting that he would never rule by fiat — as he since has done in matters of Obamacare, immigration law, and environmental regulations. Remember the promise of ending the revolving door and stopping aides from cashing in — and then follow the post-administration careers of Obama’s closest advisers. Obama promised to halve the deficit — not run up more red ink than almost all prior presidents combined. Indeed, he once as a senator voted against raising the debt limit and blasted Bush for borrowing from China. He once sermonized to us that the presidency is serious stuff, that it entails inordinate personal sacrifice and even a virtual absence of downtime and vacation — and then he became just the sort of president he was critiquing. But those deceptions were simply politics as usual, and it was logical for the hard leftist Barack Obama to try to appear to be a moderate, given that no Northern liberal had won the presidency in the half-century since John F. Kennedy.” Victor Davis Hanson: The Madness of 2008: A nation became unhinged by trivialities like “hope and change.” It has now awakened.

“It is a whole lot easier to understand how the voter was fooled in 2008 by Obama the smooth-talking newcomer who was (as he himself said) a blank screen on which people could project what they wanted, than to understand America’s much greater insanity in 2012, when that screen had been filled in with the picture of a lying leftist con man. Hanson also says that America has now woken up; at least that’s what the article’s subtitle indicates. But has it? It has, but not enough for me—not nearly enough. Obama’s poll numbers would have to be down around 20 or so to convince me. What’s more, Hillary Clinton’s would have to be down there in the sub-basement, too. I hate to sound so pessimistic. And I’m not completely pessimistic; at least there has finally been some disgust with Obama’s presidency; I’ve heard it myself. But I’m not with Hanson on this one.” Victor Davis Hanson on the madness of America in 2008

From the comments: “The culture is giving way to insanity.” “A sign advertising the bacon at a Vermont diner has been taken down after a Muslim resident complained about the sign on the Internet and sparked a massive backlash against the restaurant, Sneakers Bistro. In June, in return for taking part in a local volunteer initiative to plant flower beds in the city’s traffic medians, the diner was awarded a sign on a lamp post that said “Yield for Sneakers Bacon.” A woman took issue with the sign, calling it insensitive to those who don’t eat pork, according to WPTZ. The woman’s objection, which she posted online, prompted several Facebook and Yelp comments calling on Sneakers Bistro to take down the sign. The diner’s owners contacted the woman to apologize and tell her the sign has been removed.” Vermont Diner’s Bacon Sign Taken Down for Offending Muslims

There’s nothing to see here folks. Move along now, and trust you’re government: Benghazi, the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, to name just a few, and now this… “The White House on Friday rejected findings by the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office (GAO) that President Obama broke the law when he swapped Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for five Taliban leaders from Guantánamo Bay. “We strongly disagree with GAO’s conclusion, and we reject the implication that the administration acted unlawfully,” White House spokesman Eric Schultz said. “The president has the constitutional responsibility to protect the lives of Americans abroad, and specifically to protect U.S. servicemembers.” The GAO report, released Thursday, said the Pentagon violated a law that requires the administration to inform Congress at least 30 days before any prisoner exchange from Guantánamo Bay. It also said the Defense Department wrongly used $988,400 from a wartime appropriations to facilitate the transfer.” Obama rejects finding that he broke the law in Bergdahl swap

Big Government

Our government and big business are operating hand-in-hand and they aren’t that much into “we the people” anymore. “Our unsecured border is really a case of the Federal government waging war on one hated demographic, and one obsolete demographic. The elites of this country hate white people for being too independent minded; in 2012 a USDA office disdainfully described white Appalachian residents who would not take food stamps as being afflicted with “mountain pride.” The US Chamber of Commerce simply cares far more about corporate profits than the citizens of the country, as evident by their endless push for amnesty. They are nakedly advocating in order to drive wages down. Such a scheme can only work when government’s large safety net picks up the legions of unemployed. The foolish business-Republicans have clearly not considered the taxes which will surely be required to pay for this policy. The American citizenry is getting in the way of the American government.” Where Governmental Incompetence Ends and Malice Begins

Insanity. “All is well, citizens of Ohio. You are now safe from the Sith-like menace of the Elyria pink cookie.

“New federal nutritional guidelines for school cafeterias has meant the end of a favorite — and locally famous — treat in one northeast Ohio school district. The federal government’s edict to provide healthier foods and cut fats and cholesterol put an end of the sale of the traditional Elyria pink cookie — a buttery sweet treat with pink icing.”

What’s the point of all this? At this stage in the game, it wouldn’t even be worth noting were it not for the fact that Jim Geraghty has now made me exceptionally hungry for cookies. But it does serve as the umpteenth layer of examples of the nanny state managing to dump the entire apple cart. (Apple pie cart?) If you found an example of a school serving the kids nothing but a diet of Hot Pockets and pop rocks, it would certainly be a case for the parents and officials – at the local level – to step in with the school board and put a stop to it. But the occasional serving of a local favorite dessert treat? When you turn that job over to Washington, the seemingly inevitable result is the cleansing of the school system of horrors such as this. Well done, federal government. You’ve made the world a safer, if much stupider place.” Obama administration routs scourge of ISIS pink cookies in schools

The thought police are coming to a corner of your internet very soon. “This is a real head shaker that should send chills down your spine. Washington Free Beacon:

The federal government is spending nearly $1 million to create an online database that will track “misinformation” and hate speech on Twitter.

The National Science Foundation is financing the creation of a web service that will monitor “suspicious memes” and what it considers “false and misleading ideas,” with a major focus on political activity online.” [Snip]

There’s a reason the First Amendment is so unambiguous. It’s to keep tyrants like these people from inflicting their views on the rest of us and preventing others from freely expressing themselves. It sounds like the perfect vehicle for left wing academics to “prove” what nasty, lying, hateful people conservatives are. It will be just one more weapon used by the left to savage the right. The only thing this “service” will prevent is freedom of expression by putting a damper on those with controversial or fringe ideas. Will no one rid us of these meddlesome tyrants.” Government to track political speech on internet

Dr. Ben Carson

I don’t know if Dr. Carson would make a good president, but he is an awesome spokesperson for the cause of conservatism… “You can see from this conversation why Carson would be such a compelling candidate. And oh, how nice it would be if African Americans would listen to him instead of people like Jackson and Al Sharptongue. Carson’s message, at its core, and less politely put by me, is that while yes, there is still some racism and racial profiling out there, the overwhelmingly effective thing young black men can do to avoid adverse encounters with the police is to commit fewer crimes. And that will require a serious self-examination by African Americans and significant cultural changes.[Snip] Why do so few of our public leaders have the courage of Dr. Carson to deliver the bad news to African Americans that change will have to be worked for and must come largely from within? Instead, you have people like Al Sharptongue pedaling the easy, happy message – to plaudits from the White House and the media – that someone else is responsible for the pain in the black community. Instead of a serious solution, we get this kind of thing from PBS’ Gwen Ifill on Meet the Press – talk of a new civil rights movement – as the other panelists nod their heads in ponderously politically correct agreement. [Snip] The best thing the government can do is eliminate the disincentives for work and get out of the way. Liberals, stop killing black people with your generosity and good intentions. It only makes you feel better, not them.” Ben Carson Batters Jesse Jackson with Logic


I probably excerpted too much from the original article, but you really need to read this and I know that most of you don’t click on over to the links… “Probably we should all be past being shocked at what goes on in the public schools, but I confess that an email I got today from Devin Foley of Better Ed shocked me. It quoted descriptions, written by Twin Cities area high school teachers, of how their schools teach literature classes. This one comes from Edina High School, which was once known as an excellent institution:

Acceptance and inter-cultural understanding can be fostered through the use of powerful texts, discussion, analysis, and exploration in the classroom. An English curriculum grounded in social justice rests on a belief based in equity—that each person should have access to resources regardless of race, gender, ability, age, socio-economic status, or sexual orientation.

“Access to resources”? What does that mean?

Additionally, a social justice framework is grounded in a belief that children are the foundation of our future, and that schools, therefore, can (and should) play a significant role in shaping an equitable landscape of that future. Social justice teaching asks students to think critically about texts–to question whose voices are heard in a text and whose are silenced, who’s being overly served and who’s being under-served, how power affects the text, and how we know what we know–and to think critically about their power and role in effecting meaningful change in both personal, local, and immediate contexts, as well as in global contexts. Additionally, English classes are charged with a preparing students to be critical creators, consumers, and participators in a media infused, global 21st century that is already well underway.

Literature as liberal BS. If I had a kid in that school, I would pull him or her out tomorrow. This one is from a teacher at Woodbury High School:

At Woodbury High School, the [literature] course is primarily structured chronologically. Social, economic, cultural and political frameworks of the readings are sometimes explored explicitly through eight critical lenses: feminist, deconstruction, new criticism, new historical/biographical, reader response, post-colonial, psychological and Marxist theory. Students apply critical literary elements such as figurative language, symbolism, and motif to find author’s intent.

This is mis-education, worse than not attending school at all. Any child of normal intelligence would gain more from staying up late at night and reading books with a flashlight under the covers than from being subjected to such cant. For many students, such palpable bullshit is likely to ruin literature forever.” WHAT ARE YOUR KIDS LEARNING IN SCHOOL?


I am doing my happy dance. Emphasis mine. “Democrats wondering if their hopes of keeping the Senate could receive any more hits this week got their answer yesterday: a new poll found Scott Brown trailing incumbent Senator Jeanne Shaheen by just two points. It’s either an outlier or a lagging indicator–more likely an outlier, but bound to give Democrats a scare either way. That’s because if the race appears close, they’ll have to spend time, money, resources, etc. trying to fend off a challenge from an opponent given a new sense of momentum and likely able to improve his own fundraising on the news of apparently improving poll numbers. And at this point, with the way the Democrats’ luck has been going, they’d be tempting fate to dismiss a sign that their standing might be going from bad to worse.” Why an Outlier New Hampshire Poll Might Mean More Trouble for Dems

Another socialist exposed within the Democrat party! “As we reported on August 16th, Montana Democrats had s quick meeting to replace John Walsh as their Senate candidate after revelations that he had plagiarized his master’s degree work. They selected Amanda Curtis, a Montana state representative. Noah followed that up with some revelations that Curtis was on record with some statements which were pretty far left, even by the standards of coastal Democrats.

Curtis mocks gun ownership, religion, family values, concern over the $17.6 trillion national debt, and self-identifies as an anarchist. Montana most certainly has a historic blue streak, but Curtis is a candidate so openly left-wing that she would have trouble winning a statewide race – much less the Democratic Party’s nomination — in even traditionally blue states.

If some recent revelations prove true, the items that Noah highlighted are small potatoes to Curtis. American Commitment has dug up some interesting Facebook information which purports to show Curtis at a funeral with members of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

Rep. Curtis was nominated for the United Stated Senate by the Montana Democratic Party on August 16, 2014. Less than two weeks earlier, on August 4, she tagged herself in this photograph featuring IWW banners and identifying Curtis as an FW, or “Fellow Worker,” the term used in IWW for group members:

Her husband Kevin Curtis is the Butte delegate to the IWW’s statewide group, known as Two Rivers General Membership Branch. The telephone number listed for Mr. Curtis in his role with IWW is the same number Rep. Curtis lists as her primary contact for legislative constituents.

The mission statement for the Two Rivers General Membership Branch of IWW (of which Kevin Curtis is a leader and Amanda Curtis is a member) is:

The Two Rivers General Membership Branch consists of members of the Industrial Workers of the World, a.k.a. Wobblies, from across the state of Montana (Missoula, Hamilton, Butte, and Billings). We are working to organize the people of Montana into the One Big Union to end wage slavery and eventually end the capitalist system.” Montana Dems replace plagiarist Senate candidate with… a socialist?

Hillary Clinton

The first black’s president’s wife and possible candidate for president on the Democrat ticket apparently has nothing to say. “I couldn’t care less, but I’m happy to amplify liberal hand-wringing here in the interest of making her squirm.” Lefties starting to wonder: Why hasn’t Hillary said anything about Ferguson?

“No one should doubt that modern leftists like Her Highness Hillary and the Obamas believe that they are our betters, and that they richly deserve every dime they can extract for personal benefit from their subjects. These are not the kind of people our Founders had in mind when they designed a system they hoped would hold greedy, self-righteous hypocrites and their grifters in check. If we let such people control it much longer, that system will soon exist in name only.” Entitled: Her Highness Hillary and our leftist overlords.


The emails have been there all along. “They just don’t want to look.” For months on end, Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen insisted that Lois Lerner‘s emails were destroyed when her computer’s hard drive failed. Koskinen even told Congress that IRS “moved heaven and earth” trying to recover the emails but simply could not find a way to do so. Now, thanks to a determined federal judge, the country learns that all government emails are preserved in a doomsday kind of database. Lerner’s emails never were lost. They just don’t want to look. But here’s the kicker: According to Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, government lawyers told U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan on Friday that “this back-up system would be too onerous to search.” Yes, too onerous. “This is a jaw-dropping revelation. The Obama administration had been lying to the American people about Lois Lerner’s missing emails,” Fitton added.” Is there no end to the Obama administration’s duplicity in the IRS scandal?

There IS a serious cover up, and God willing, the evil-doers will be exposed. “The IRS is behaving as if it is desperately trying to cover–up serious crimes. Despite assurances that Lois Lerner’s emails are unavailable thanks to a hard drive crash and subsequent “recycling” (by the way, what exactly does that mean?), an IRS official revealed to Judicial Watch that backup copies probably do exist, but that the agency thinks it is too much trouble to go and get them. [Snip] There is just enough time for this scandal to explode and affect the 2016 elections. Almost certainly, Barack Obama will pardon Lois Lerner and other implicated IRS officials on the lst day of his term in office. But this scandal, which dwarfs Watergate in serousness (sic), will not go away.” IRS cover-up revelation #1 today

This is a hundred times worse than Watergate, but yet the mainstream press continues to hope it goes away. “An IRS filing has revealed that Lois Lerner’s Blackberry, containing emails alleged lost in a computer crash, was destroyed by the IRS after the congressional inquiry had begun. The potential criminality is the sort of thing that federal judges frown upon, and there may be serous consequences ahead. Sidney Powell reports in the New York Observer:

The IRS filing in federal Judge Emmet Sullivan’s court reveals shocking new information. The IRS destroyed Lerner’s Blackberry AFTER it knew her computer had crashed and after a Congressional inquiry was well underway. As an IRS official declared under the penalty of perjury, the destroyed Blackberry would have contained the same emails (both sent and received) as Lois Lerner’s hard drive. (snip)

…a year after the infamous hard drive crash, the IRS destroyed Ms. Lerner’s Blackberry—and without making any effort to retain the emails from it.

Judge Sullivan has had to pry information from the IRS to learn anything about Ms. Lerner’s Blackberry. Now, with these latest revelations, I’m confident he’s not finished. [Snip]

The legal implications are severe:

This most recent revelation of destruction of evidence and refusal to retain data and documents despite a Congressional inquiry is beyond outrageous. It screams of guilt and creates a presumption in the law that the evidence would prove what those who were targeted and harassed claim.
This opens the gates for the civil lawsuits, including that by Z-Street, that could bust open the IRS scandal, independent of any congressional unquiries (sic).” IRS cover-up revelation #2 today


“I don’t want to alarm anyone. But somebody sympathetic to ISIS is taking pictures of U.S. landmarks and holding up a very clear ISIS message: we’re already here. [Snip] Maybe it’s just some nut. Or two nuts. Or a network of nuts. But . . . If you’re ISIS, hitting the U.S. homeland is the jackpot, right? We’re about three weeks away from an early September date that means a lot to Americans and Islamist extremists. Wouldn’t you figure the bad guys would want to do something that day?” Are ISIS ‘External Operations’ Already Under Way?

“ISIS threatened Chicago recently with a photo on Twitter. Here is the original tweet posted on The Gateway Pundit on August 9, 2014. WGN reported:


There is another chilling Chicago connection in the battle between the US. and extreme Islamic militants isil (ISIS).

First there’s the beheading of the journalist who was the Northwestern graduate.

Now WGN Investigates has found an online war of words and disturbing images that includes an implied threat to a Chicago landmark building.” ISIS Threatens Chicago Hit on Twitter

Oh goody. Emphasis mine. “One of a number of Americans estimated to be fighting on the battlefields of the Middle East under an ISIS banner died in combat this week. But he was not just any American. This man who fought under the flag of a group which had just assassinated an American journalist by beheading as part of an ultimatum to the United States had among the most American names ever conceived. “Douglas McAuthur McCain, of San Diego, California, was killed over the weekend fighting for the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), according to the Free Syrian Army,” NBC News confirmed. McCain’s identity was revealed when the contents of his pockets were found to contain $800 and an American passport.An American dies in combat in Syria… fighting for ISIS

Distractions. “The attraction of Ferguson was it offered them momentary escape into a re-enaction of the Old Days. Freedom Rider and all that. But it’s 2014 and not 1964 and when Ferguson fades, ISIS and Putin and the recession will still be there. Neither Obama nor the Left can handle the truth, so they won’t handle it. Therefore they will remain transfixed, in a state compounded of fear, nervous laughter, bravado and denial, until a hit big enough comes along to snap them out of it. But the fear is there. It was there even when Remnick interviewed Obama in January. Like a man feeling the first indefinite symptoms of a disease, he must have guessed something was wrong and already thinking of how to shift the blame.

“One of the things that I’ve learned to appreciate more as President is you are essentially a relay swimmer in a river full of rapids, and that river is history,” he later told me. “You don’t start with a clean slate, and the things you start may not come to full fruition on your timetable.”

Rumsfeld would have guessed Obama would look for someone to blame, for that was a known known. The catastrophes and cascade of failures had one simple cause in his universe: someone else.  The buck stops there. His predecessor had dropped the baton in the relay race of history and it was his sad duty to be the victim. Whatever betide, whatever befall,  remember: he could have been a contender.” Paradigms Lost

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” “Even now, the Obama administration is talking about “smart power” as an alternative to “boots on the ground”. What is the force of this distinction? There is only one kind of power that can demoralise and eventually destroy a movement that is beyond reason. This may come as a shock to a White House that seems to have so much faith in the magical power of language, but if military intervention is categorically ruled out, then no amount of smart talk will be any use.” Isil: the world must tackle this mass psychosis: Take away its success and the glamour will go, leaving only a rump of fanatics

“One of the notable things about the Obama administration isn’t simply that its key figures often make misleading claims, but that they do so in ways that can be so easily disproven. [Snip] What we’ve shown, then, is that several weeks before the New Yorker story was published, the al-Qaeda flag flying over Falluja belonged to ISIS/ISIL. The president knew it. There is therefore only one possible interpretation: the president had ISIS/ISIL in mind when he made his “jayvee” reference. And there’s only one possible conclusion about what Mr. Earnest said: It’s false. He’s distorting the truth in order to exonerate his boss, the president, from having made a statement that was deeply and dangerously misinformed. The White House press corps should vigorously pursue this matter with the White House press secretary; and he in turn should admit what he said was false. If Mr. Earnest doesn’t do so in light of this evidence, then his claim will move from the category of being false to being a lie. That would trouble me; and I would think it would trouble them.” The White House Press Secretary Isn’t Telling the Truth. And I Can Prove It.

“But instead of dismissing the Perry reboot as another example of his dimwittedness, media critics would do well to look into the subject a little more closely. As it happens, despite Obama administration attempts to downplay the issue, the question of Islamist terror in the Western hemisphere is not a figment of Perry’s imagination or a red herring designed to inflame passions about border security. Terror groups such as Hezbollah that are backed by Iran have already been operating in Central and South America. As CNN reported in June of last year, there was plenty of evidence of terror activity as Iran and Hezbollah mined these regions for both funding and recruits. As is the case of the Taliban, terror groups are heavily involved in the illegal drug trade. But the trail in the Southern Hemisphere doesn’t begin or end with connections to the trafficking of cocaine. As a report from the American Enterprise Institute from last year shows, Hezbollah does not operate as a “lone wolf” on this side of the Atlantic. Nor are its activities limited to Iran’s ally Venezuela, as there is reason to believe it is operating throughout the continent. [Snip] “Instead of laughing off Perry’s rhetoric or pretending that Islamists have no interest in attacking the U.S. via its exposed southern border, Americans ought to be echoing the governor’s concerns. For the last few years, both liberals and libertarians on the right have been claiming that the threat from Islamist terror has been hyped out of proportion and vastly exaggerated. But the events unfolding in Iraq show that terrorism not only survived the death of Osama bin Laden but also may have metastasized on President Obama’s watch. A September 10th mentality may still be fashionable in some quarters of both major political parties but it does not constitute a viable approach for either foreign or security policy in 2016. We don’t know whether Rick Perry will turn out to be a credible presidential candidate in 2016. But those who are laughing at his border terror speech are the ignoramuses in this particular debate, not the governor.” Don’t Dismiss Perry’s Border Terror Charge


There they go again, with their Friday afternoon news dumps. “After getting stung two months ago by the Hobby Lobby decision, the Obama administration had to go back to the drawing board to salvage the HHS contraception mandate. Late yesterday, HHS announced a new “accommodation” that supposedly will pass court muster after the Supreme Court decision, but will it? [Snip] How serious is this proposal? Well, offering it in a Friday night document dump certainly doesn’t instill much confidence in the effort. Why not roll this out during a substantial news cycle? After all, the Hobby Lobby decision was a high-profile loss by the White House, so offering something under the media radar should raise suspicions about just why the administration wants to push this out in the most low-profile manner possible.” Friday night document dump: Yet another “accommodation” on HHS mandate

President Obama

Befuddled. “Even some of the president’s original supporters here at home will tell you privately they are befuddled by the president’s actions and they have given up on expecting anything good. The latest example is the Billings Gazette’s reversal on their endorsement of Obama in 2008, saying “it’s the number of bungled or blown policies in the Obama administration which lead us to believe Obama has earned every bit of an abysmal approval rating.” Even those who endorsed the president feel compelled to say their endorsement is no longer warranted. The disappointment with this president is rampant. It is one thing to be a lame duck and struggle to be effective; it’s another to just quit. It’s alarming to think this president has two more years in office.  Let’s all hope for the best.” The Insiders: Is Obama acting like a former president?

Our emperor has no clothes, but he’s got some awesome golf clubs. “Sometimes a round of golf is just a round of golf. And sometimes it reveals the ­essence of a man. President Obama’s decision to hit the links and yuk it up with pals immediately after speaking about the beheading of James ­Foley was no ordinary mistake. Nor was it a simple gaffe. The decision continues to cause an uproar because, like an X-ray, there is no escaping the image. It shows there is no there there. With even his media praetorian guard appalled, the golf outing is sparking a wider understanding that Obama is hollow, empty of the routine qualities Americans expect from their president. Simple decency and respect for Foley’s horrified parents should have been enough to sober him. If that didn’t do it, the realization that the Islamic State had declared war on America in the most gruesome fashion imaginable should have sounded a call of duty in his head. Instead, Obama continued with his vacation and was photographed looking as if he didn’t have a care in the world. Suddenly, that megawatt smile that often charmed voters wasn’t so charming. It was vacuous. He looked like an empty-headed frat boy, numb to the world. Maybe that’s not just an appearance. Maybe it’s the truth. Maybe that’s all there is. It is a bitter idea to consider. To say he is a failed president, even unfit, does not rule out the possibility he deeply wants to measure up but doesn’t know how. But what if it’s worse than that? What if, after six years of frustration and failure, he’s just not into being president anymore?” Obama’s golf outing after Foley beheading was a huge mistake

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