Just Because the Mainstream Press Isn’t Telling You About It, Doesn’t Mean You Shouldn’t Know About It: News You Can Use for August 19!

America, love her or go somewhere else.

Stories of the Day

The refounding of America by the progressive Left began many, many years ago, and it will continue unless we stop it! “What is the “it” they don’t get? The Progressive dogmas that Pelosi has internalized and Marino rejects. A hundred years ago, the first group of progressives concluded that this country needed to change in a big way. They argued explicitly for a refounding of the United States on the grounds that the only absolute in political life is that absolutes are material and economic rather than moral in nature. Translating theory into practice, those thinkers and political storm troopers on the Right Side of History have increased the power of the state so as to produce the greatest amount of material pleasure and moral-ideational relief for society–to leave the populace, as Machiavelli put it, both “satisfied” and “stupefied.” Convincing the American people to abandon (or at least qualify) their deep, longstanding regard for the founders was no easy task for the Progressives. It required making them over in far less heroic terms: to frame the Founding as a grand enticement, if not quite a crime, and the founders as crafty oligarchs, if not quite criminals. [Snip] The political challenge of our day is the revival of that spirit among the American people–and those who champion this task, like those they champion, are anything but “insignificant.” The Rise of Progressive Oligarchy: Reviving the ‘vigilant and manly spirit’ of American republicanism.

The AP Style Guide be damned: For the media, it’s all about getting across their Leftist propaganda points. “The most recent copy of the Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual I own is dated 1998; I scanned the relevant page and highlighted the text in question. I also own a copy from my college days with a 1977 copyright on it. They both have the same guidelines for referring to someone as a “youth:”

youth Applicable to boys and girls from age 13 until 18th birthday. Use man or woman for individuals 18 and older.” Yes, AP Violated Its Style Guide to Refer to Michael Brown, 18, as a ‘Youth’

“Elia Kazan’s classic A Face in the Crowd is a good primer on Barack Obama’s rise and fall. Lonesome Rhodes arises out of nowhere in the 1957 film, romancing the nation as a phony populist who serially spins yarns in the most folksy ways — confident that he should never be held to account. Kazan’s point (in the film Rhodes is a patsy for conservative business interests) is that the “folks” are fickle and prefer to be charmed rather than informed and told the truth. Rhodes’s new first name, Lonesome, resonates in the film in a way that Barack does now. Finally, an open mic captures Rhodes’s true disdain for the people he champions, and his career crashes.So what is collapsing the presidency of the once mellifluous Obama? It is not the IRS, AP, VA, or NSA scandals. Nor did the nation especially fault him for Benghazi or the complete collapse of U.S. foreign policy, from failed reset to a Middle East afire. In each case, he either blamed Bush or denied there was a smidgeon of wrongdoing on his part. Certainly, the stampede at the border, as disastrous as it was, did not ipso facto sink Obama’s ratings. Ditto the embarrassing Bergdahl deal, in which we traded a likely deserter for five Islamist kingpins. Was it the ISIS ascendance that is leading to genocide and a nascent caliphate? Not in and of itself. We could go on, but you get the picture that it was all of the above that finally became too much, as Americans turned Obama off because they were all lied out. In all of these scandals a charismatic Barack wheeled out the teleprompter, smiled, dropped his g’s, soared with “make no mistake about it” and “let me perfectly clear,” and then, like Lonesome Rhodes, told the “folks” things that could not be true or at least were the exact opposite of what he himself had earlier asserted. [Snip] In A Face in the Crowd, the charismatic Andy Griffith character could more or less get anything he wished by saying anything he wanted, largely because he said it mellifluously and in cracker-barrel fashion of an us-versus-them populism. His admirers knew that they were being lied to, but also knew that Lonesome knew that they did not mind. Lonesome had contempt for hoi polloi, largely because of his own easy ability to manipulate them for whatever particular careerist cause he embraced. So Obama has disdain for those who passed out at his lectures, who put up the Greek columns at his speeches, who came up with his Latin mottoes, and who gushed at his teleprompted eloquence. He knows that we know he is not telling the truth, but likewise he knows that we don’t care all that much — at least until now. The secret to Lonesome’s success was to hide his contempt for those he lied to. When he is caught ridiculing his clueless listeners, he finally crashes and burns — sort of like Barack Obama serially vacationing with the 1% whom he so publicly scorns, or golfing in the aristocratic fashion of those who, he assures us, did not build their businesses. Lonesome did not end up well, and neither will the presidency of Barack Obama.” Our ‘Face in the Crowd’

“Let me begin by acknowledging that this inspirational title is lifted from a tweet by screen actor James Woods. And now I will explicate his tweet. Every sentient human being whose brain isn’t stuffed with ideological fairy dust can see that Obama is behind every major scandal of his administration from Benghazi to the I.R.S. disgrace. How can one know this? Because the culprits haven’t been fired. Moreover, if they are serial liars like Susan Rice, they’ve actually been promoted to posts where their loyalty to the criminal-in-chief can do America and its citizens even more damage, if that is possible. A president faced with a scandal created by underlings behind his back would be naturally furious at their misbehavior, and want heads to roll. This didn’t happen in any of these scandals because their point of origin was the White House itself. Promoting the culprits is a way of keeping them quiet.” The Hell That is the Obama White House

“For his first term and re-election, ideological differences dominated the debate surrounding President Obama. But while these partisan debates continue to swirl around the president, in the past year it has become clear that Obama is not only to the left of most Americans, he is completely out of his depth as President. In short, his lack of plain, managerial competency, and that of his administration, has manifested itself with a vengeance. His recent interview with The Economist brings into stark relief Obama’s fundamental lack of understanding of the art of governing and how America’s federal system operates. In this interview, Obama expounds on his frustration that business keeps lobbying for special treatment. Is he serious? Can he really be that obtuse? It is a mind-boggling comment. Everyone lobbies for special favors in Washington — it’s the town’s main industry. Business, labor, environmentalists, cities, states — you name the interest and I can guarantee they have their hand out.” More Than Incompetent, Obama Simply Does Not Understand What It Means To Be President

“What’s most disturbing about Obama’s outburst, however, is what it says about his willingness, with two and one half years left in his term, to recognize his foreign policy mistakes and endeavor to correct them. Even as he has been forced to reverse his Iraq decision, the president appears stubbornly determined to reject the conclusion that has become conventional wisdom outside the White House: that his retreat in Iraq and passivity in Syria did much to create the ugly monster the United States now faces in the Islamic State, an organization that is more powerful, more vicious and more ambitious than al-Qaeda prior to Sept, 11, 2001.” To fix foreign policy mistakes, President Obama must first admit them

“Mr. Obama’s detachment from his own party–his lack of personal relationships with Democrats on Capitol Hill–is hardly news to anyone. What is news is that Democrats are willing to give public voice to their complaints. They want their grievances known. But it’s not just, or even mainly, Mr. Obama’s aloofness that seems to trouble them; it is, as Harry Reid’s chief of staff indicates, his lack of competence that is really bothering them. Let’s just put it this way: If an aloof President Obama has 60 percent approval ratings (instead of 40 percent)–if the Affordable Care Act was wildly popular, the economy was surging, and the world was tranquil–you wouldn’t see front-page stories in the New York Times highlighting Democrats complaining about him. The fact that Democratic members of Congress are eager to distance themselves from the Obama presidency is an indication of its disrepair. But this is the state of affairs in the Obama second term; and Democrats may as well accept that things are only going to get worse.” Democrats Air Frustrations with Obama


Can we all now please agree that it’s not about doing what’s best for American citizens, but doing what’s best to place the Left in permanent power? “President Barack Obama’s attention to the illegal immigration crisis, which could lead him to issue executive orders early next week to delay deportations and grant work permits to as many as 6 million migrants, has soured many of his core voters: African-Americans.
Many blacks, who twice voted for Obama in record numbers to elect him — and keep him — as the nation’s first African-American president, are angry that he has neglected the problems facing inner cities while working on the border crisis.”  Obama’s Attention to Border Crisis Outrages African-Americans

President Obama in cahoots with big business to screw those of us that are already here, and working. “Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) today accused executives at some of the world’s largest corporation of “scheming with the White House” to circumvent the law during their closed-door meeting with Pres. Obama today. “We have now arrived at a crisis point in American politics. Politico reports that the White House is meeting with the world’s largest corporations to discuss how executive actions on immigration could benefit them financially. The Administration has solicited ‘a list of asks for the tech sector’ and ‘provisions for low-skilled workers for industries, like construction’-including green cards and work authorizations-in order to ‘get them on board’ with the President’s planned executive amnesty. One lobbyist crowed that ‘nothing was off the table.’ A tech industry lobbyist said that if they get they want from the President, ‘we will support him 100 percent.'” Sen. Sessions says the CEOs are “scheming with the White House” to flout both Congress and the will of the people: “The same group of CEOs who helped write the Senate’s Gang of Eight immigration bill in secret is now scheming with the White House to extract by executive fiat what was denied to them by the American people and Congress.” If these companies so desperately needed illegal alien labor, they wouldn’t be laying off American workers by the thousands, Sen. Sessions notes: ‘Even while they demand more foreign workers, these companies are laying off current employees in droves. Cisco, which Politico reports met with White House aides to advocate for more foreign workers, just last week announced its intent to lay off 6,000 employees. Last month, Microsoft declared it would lay off 18,000 workers. Overall, mass layoffs in the tech industry are up 68% from the prior year. As for the construction industry, there are seven unemployed workers for every one job opening. According to a recent study released by the U.S. Conference of Mayors, construction workers hit by the recession have seen their wages fall by 23 percent. The increases in foreign workers demanded by corporate lobbyists would be in addition to the Administration’s plan to implement amnesty by executive fiat, providing work permits to 5-6 million illegal immigrants and visa overstays who will be able to take any job in any industry, public or private.’” Sen. Sessions: CEOs ‘Scheming with WH to Extract by Executive Fiat’ Amnesty Congress Denied

According to a Politico report, senior White House aides earlier this month met with “more than a dozen business groups and company officials to discuss potential immigration policy changes they could make.” According to the outlet, “Oracle, Cisco, Fwd.US, Microsoft, Accenture, Compete America, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce” were represented at the meeting. Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg’s FWD.us has poured in millions of dollars to Democrats and Republicans to push for amnesty legislation, specifically an increase in the number of their coveted high-tech guest-worker visas. Cisco recently slashed another 6,000 jobs after pushing for amnesty legislation. Microsoft announced it would lay off 18,000 American workers a week after its former CEO Bill Gates called for an unlimited number of certain guest-worker visas in a New York Times op-ed. And the Chamber of Commerce has vowed to spend $50 million for amnesty legislation and more guest-worker visas.” REPORT: AFTER WH MEETS WITH BIG BIZ, OBAMA MAY USE EXEC ACTIONS TO INCREASE GUEST-WORKER VISAS

Climate Change

California is no stranger to severe drought. “Much of California, and other areas in the West, are enduring a severe drought. In February, President Obama decreed that the drought is the product of man-made “climate change.” This is a good example of a proposition that should be self-evident, but is generally ignored: you can’t talk intelligently about climate change unless you know something about climate history. Which, not surprisingly, Barack Obama doesn’t. The reality is that California is no stranger to drought, and hasn’t been for millennia.” IS “CLIMATE CHANGE” CAUSING THE WESTERN DROUGHT?

The Democrats

“Who are President Obama and the Democrats most afraid of? That’s easy to see: Just find the Republicans they target with phony scandals. Like Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell. Or New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Or Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. Or, now, Texas Gov. Rick Perry.” Obama, Democrats target GOP foes with phony scandals


Conservative college students come out of college stronger because they have to fight for their ideas. “What happens when a leftist student confronts arguments he or she disagrees with? After all, they sometimes hear views that contradict their own. The problem is that they have always been rewarded for facile rejoinders, the equivalent of one-move chess games.  There is a ceremony that goes with this, something one of my colleagues calls “The Women’s Studies Nod.” When someone makes a ridiculously extreme, empirically unfounded but ideologically correct argument, everyone else must nod vigorously.  Not just a, “Yes, that’s correct,” nod, but “Yes, you are correct, you are one of us, we are one spirit and one great collective shared mind” nod. What if someone withholds the Nod?   Since the children of the left have never actually had to play a full chess game of argument, they need a response. Their responses are two: “You are an idiot; no one important believes that,” or “You are evil; no good person could possibly believe that.” Our higher education system fails leftist students.


Click on over to watch. Full and crazy liberalness (is “liberalness a word”) on display. “As mentioned yesterday, Texas Democrats are offering us the splendid spectacle of their idea of public integrity, Rosemary Lehmberg, but Montana Democrats, in selecting a replacement for the disgraced plagiarist John Walsh, may have topped Texas by tapping State Rep. Amanda Curtis as his replacement on the ballot.  It seems Rep. Curtis likes to share her thoughts up close and personal on YouTube on a regular basis, and let’s just say Montana Democrats have found someone who will fit in well on the Senate dais next to MENSA member Barbara Boxer (about 1:50 long, but worth it):” THIS IS THE BEST MONTANA DEMS CAN COME UP WITH??

“In this video, Curtis mocks gun ownership, religion, family values, concern over the $17.6 trillion national debt, and self-identifies as an anarchist. Montana most certainly has a historic blue streak, but Curtis is a candidate so openly left-wing that she would have trouble winning a statewide race – much less the Democratic Party’s nomination — in even traditionally blue states. There is every reason to believe that Montana was not going to be competitive for Democrats this cycle, but a state with two Democratic senators and a Democratic governor is a state Republicans have to fight for. The GOP will still have to campaign hard in Montana, but Rep. Steve Daines, the Republican Party’s nominee for Senate, will no doubt have a much easier time of 2014 than it appeared he would early on in this cycle.” Montana Democrats have made a huge mistake


“The Gateway Pundit can now confirm from two local St. Louis sources that police Officer Darren Wilson suffered facial fractures during his confrontation with deceased 18 year-old Michael Brown. Officer Wilson clearly feared for his life during the incident that led to the shooting death of Brown. This was after Michael Brown and his accomplice Dorian Johnson robbed a local Ferguson convenience store.” BREAKING REPORT: Officer Darren Wilson Suffered “Orbital Blowout Fracture to Eye Socket” During Mike Brown Attack

“ISIS is all over the Ferguson protests on Twitter, encouraging jihadists to head on over and do some recruiting. And it seems like the message has gotten through, as a t-shirt spray painted with “ISIS Here” was flashed on CNN Monday.” BREAKING: “ISIS HERE” Islamic Flag Flashed During Ferguson CNN Report (Video)

Janson Riley speaking the REAL TRUTH TO POWER (in case you don’t know, Jason Riley is a black man). “We don’t have all the evidence and I’m hesitant to try and litigate this in the press, but there’s also this false narrative being pushed out there by folks like Michael Eric Dyson and [Al] Sharpton and the rest of the hustlers is that black men live in fear of being shot by cops in these neighborhoods. That too is nonsense. I know something about growing up black and male in the inner city and it’s not that hard to avoid getting shot by a cop. They pull you over, you answer their questions, you are on your way. The real difficulty is not getting shot by other black people if you are a young black man in these neighborhoods and again that is something we need to talk more about. Cops are not the problem. Cops are not producing these black bodies in the morgues every weekend in Chicago, in New York and Detroit and so forth. That’s not cops. Those other black people shooting black people.” A WORD FROM JASON RILEY

Emphasis mine. “But, you say, this was a white-on-black crime. An o-fay cop offed a brother. (Never mind that brothers can butcher brothers like it’s going out of style, this pig had white-skin privilege.)  Well, yes, and we don’t yet know the circumstances, but even accepting the narrative of, say, the Huffington Post that the cop was the reincarnation ofBull Connor and that the “youth” was a “gentle giant” on the way to a contract with PBS as the next Mr. Rogers, the event is basically a charade.  Everyone knows we’ve seen it before and everyone knows we’ll see it again.  In fact, many parties don’t want it to go away.  The beat must go on.  It has to go on or their very personalities will disintegrate.  And I will tell you why — what caused it. The Great Society.  There, I’ve said it.  The Great Society, which I voted for and supported from the bottom of my heart, is the villain behind Ferguson.  Ferguson is the Great Society writ large because the Great Society convinced, and then reassured, black people that they were victims, taught them that being a victim and playing a victim was the way to go always and forever.  And then it repeated the point ad infinitum from its debut in 1964 until now — a conveniently easy to compute fifty years — as it all became a self-fulfilling prophecy. The Great Society and similar policies screwed black people to the wall. It was racist to the core without knowing it.  Nobody used the N-word.  In fact, it was forbidden, unless you were Dr. Dre or somebody.  But it did its job without the word and did it better for being in disguise.  Those misbegotten kids running around Ferguson high on reefer and wasting their lives screaming at cops are the product of all this.  Stop it already.  No one has said this better than Jason Riley, author of Please Stop Helping Us. Listen to Jason if you want to end Fergusons.” The Real Villain of Ferguson

“Finally, there’s the argument that the militarized police were inciting the crowd. This wasn’t entirely implausible, although it seemed unlikely because it should be possible for lawful, well-intentioned people to restrain themselves from throwing things at cops whose uniforms and vehicles they don’t like. Sure enough, after a night of calm in the wake of the “demilitarization” of the police response and the insertion of Captain Ron Johnson, the lawlessness started right up again.” The Grossly Exaggerated Militarization-of-Police Critique of Ferguson

Green Energy

Why does the Left hate people, and birds?  Horrifying bird slaughter at solar power plant

“California’s massive Ivanpah solar power plant can produce enough electricity for 140,000 households — but the environmental cost is nothing less than an avian slaughter. The plant’s 350,000 mirrors bounce sizzling sunlight to the tops of three 40-story boiler towers, heating steam for turbine electricity generators. Temperatures near the towers can reach up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, heat certainly sufficient to fry a fowl. Workers at the state-of-the-art solar plant in the Mojave Desert have a name for birds that fly through the plant’s concentrated sun rays — ‘streamers,’ for the smoke plume that comes from birds that ignite in midair,” the Associated Press reports this week. That’s a common occurrence, the AP continues; federal investigators saw a bird burn roughly every two minutes. Ivanpah owner BrightSource estimates that “about a thousand” die each year, and one environmental group says the plant kills up to 28,000 birds each year. As the plant prepared to begin operations, workers found the winged corpses of “a peregrine falcon, a grebe, two hawks, four nighthawks, and a variety of warblers and sparrows,” the Wall Street Journal reported earlier this year. Those statistics haven’t curbed the enthusiasm of the Obama administration for the solar-power plant, which granted Ivanpah a $1.6 billion federal loan guarantee. And when the solar farm hosted its grand opening earlier this year, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz called Ivanpah “a shining example of how America is becoming a world leader in solar energy,” adding that “this project shows that building a clean-energy economy creates jobs, curbs greenhouse gas emissions, and fosters American innovation.” Dead-Bird ‘Steamers’ at a California Solar Plant: Reaching temps of 1,000ºF, this Obama-favored plant incinerates up to 28,000 birds annually.

Her Highness, Queen Hillary Clinton

Click on over to hear the epic rant! “The release of details of Hillary Clinton’s contract demands for speaking at UNLV, with incredible perks suitable for an empress, is deeply damaging her prospects for winning the presidency. The woman who complained about being “dead broke” when leaving the White House has become a complete diva. The information is sinking in, helping people understand who, exactly, this woman is. It is unappealing to a country that despises those who put on airs, who consider themselves better than others. See for example, John Ralston, Las Vegas Sun reporter (called by that paper “Nevada’s leading political observer”) and TV editorialist seen on stations in Las Vegas, Reno, and Elko. Ralston unleashed an epic political rant. Daniel Harper of The Weekly Standardprovides the video and a transcription:” Hillary unmasked: the consequences mount

“It’s not just the Clintons, either. It’s the Bushes, the Cheneys, and the Kennedys (still), and probably the Obamas later on. It’s not their fault for running; it’s our fault for falling back to the millenia-old notion that certain families have some sort of precedence when it comes to wielding power, whether that comes from being anointed by God to the nobility or from today’s market-oriented ideas of celebrity and branding strength. A constitutional republic should have more sense, and more ambition for self-governance, than to fall back into lazy patterns of reaching for the familiar rather than seeking out those who may have new and better approaches. Who should be most embarrassed? We should.” Video: “Who gets to hold her crown while she speaks?”

She’s smart enough to read the writing on the wall. “In 1966, Nixon’s campaigning helped Republicans gain five Senate and those 47 House seats. Clinton is apparently afraid she can’t match that record.” Hillary’s Campaign-Trail Absence: Clinton isn’t stumping for her party this election season. Here’s why.

The Left

Yes, the Left is really calling for this… “Europe really is determined to party like it’s 1939, aren’t they? In France, shops of Jewish merchants are having the windows smashed. Meanwhile, Wired.com’s UK site is exploring another topic that was much in vogue in post-Weimar Germany right around the same time as kristallnacht. “It’s time to consider restricting human breeding.” Wired Magazine calls for Birth Panels

What happens when/if the Left gets its way? “Liberals have two problems with the nation state. Their first beef is that the nation state encourages aggressive “nationalism.” Look at the wars of the 20th century, they say. If it weren’t for nationalism, no wars. Their second problem is that the nation state and its idea that we are all Americans spoils their identity politics. They want their helpless victims hived off from the mass of citizens. Their politics just doesn’t work if everyone in the U.S. is a happy Yank. That’s why liberals have to hyphenate everyone.  [Snip] But there is something worse. The evil genius of liberals is to conjure up internal enemies. First they picked on the rich and the robber barons when they were leading the working class, and now they pick on racists, sexists, homophobes when they are leading African Americans, upper-class women, and upper-class gays. They think they are smart, and can control the enmities they spawn, but what if they aren’t as smart as they think? If the liberals end up by destroying the nation state, what will take its place? That is what Richard Fernandez is trying to figure out. I’d rather not think about that. I am a middle-class American and I want to fight for the nation state, for I reckon that a world without the nation state won’t work for people like me. You see, a nation state with limited government permits ordinary people to go about their business, finding jobs, creating businesses, sending their kids to college, and saving for their retirement — as responsible individuals. But liberals like President Obama don’t like that. They want a world with fairness and equality, defined and ruled by people like them.” Let’s Fight for the Nation State

The Left must remove all of our beliefs about the good that is America.“Tribalism is trending.  The End of History world is over. All of a sudden it matters again whether you’re Yazidi, Kurdish, Sunni, Shi’ite, Druze or Christian. It apparently matters whether you’re Russian or non-Russian, at least in Eastern Europe. And as Tolu Ongulesi in Nigeria notes, tribalism is alive and well in Africa, especially now that Ebola is running rampant. Perhaps there is the answer to the rhetorical question in yesterday’s post.

That the current system is in flux is no longer in doubt. What everyone wants to know is where the attractor is. “In dynamical systems, an attractor is a set of physical properties toward which a system tends to evolve.” Where is the world going? Who is going to lead it?

History may be evolving away from the Westphalian State, with its unitary national culture, flags and traditions and moving towards affinity groups whose allegiance is primarily to themselves;  which only form temporary alliances based on expedience in competition with other affinity groups. The evidence is suggestive. Nobody is just an “American” any more. Anyone who insists on the plain identifier must be a secret bigot. You are a [modifier][-][American]. In fact, Forbes noted that “the number of Americans renouncing United States citizenship or terminating long-term residency is on a record pace.” And why not? The unadorned term “American” is being drained of meaning; what value there is lies in the prefix, not in the suffix.Man Without a Country

National Security

“With the weakest national security team since World War II, it is no wonder that both our foreign and national security policies lack coherence and direction. The Administration’s faculty-lounge logic that, in the 21st century, “diplomacy” will substitute for military solutions to international crisis, overlooks or chooses to ignore a key factor:  recognized military power that provides the essential underpinnings to successful diplomacy.  It is called “Peace through Strength.” How did we get to the rudderless position we are in today?  Clearly, a series of policy mistakes have been made.  It should be remembered that it was President Carter’s misguided policies that gave rise to Islamic resurgence by undercutting our key ally, the Shah of Iran by fostering the return of the Islamic zealot Ayatollah Khomeini with his 7th century mentality.  Furthermore, much like President Obama today, he oversaw a deliberate drawdown of our military forces and capabilities.  Regrettably, each successive administration, be it Democrat or Republican, has also contributed to the chaotic situation we now face in the Middle East.  First, by essentially ignoring the 34 years of acts of war by Iran against the United States.  These have included the takeover of our embassy in Iran; the bombing of our embassy and US Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon without responding; their material and training support to the 9/11 hi-jackers, as well as a host of other acts of war which have caused the loss of life of thousands of American military personnel and civilians.” National Security Policy Adrift

President Obama

Let us pray that in never, that because Obama is teetering, that the people a smart enough to take the Senate away from him.Barack Obama’s presidency isn’t just shrinking, it’s losing support among its most critical point — its base. Less than two years ago, Barack Obama became the first Democratic president since FDR to win re-election with a popular-vote majority. Since then, his support has dropped dramatically — not just overall, but among important constituent groups. Comparing 2012 exit poll results with an Aug. 8 McClatchy-Marist nationwide poll shows how far Mr. Obama has fallen with various segments of the population. In 2012, Mr. Obama won among women 55 percent to 44 percent. Today, his approval rating among women is 41 percent, with 51 percent disapproving. Among political moderates, Mr. Obama has gone from a 56 percent approval and 41 percent disapproval in 2012 to 42 percent approval and 45 percent disapproval today. Among Hispanics, the president has gone from a 71 percent and 21 percent winning margin in 2012 to a 34 percent approval and 46 percent disapproval split. Using the same comparison, Mr. Obama has seen the Midwest, those making less than $50,000, 30-to-49-year-olds, and both college graduates and noncollege graduates flip against him. Pivotal independent voters, already having voted against Mr. Obama 45 percent and 50 percent in 2012, now register just a 35 percent approval and 55 percent disapproval rating.” Obama’s teetering presidency

Rick Perry

“What’s good for Democrat is always bad for a Republican. “This narrative posits that Perry used Travis County DA Rosemary Lehmberg’s drunk driving arrest as an excuse to gut the PIU just as it was circling around Perry appointees who had allegedly engaged in corrupt grants through CPRIT. This narrative accuses Perry of doing what New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo actually did, more or less, though in Cuomo’s case he appointed the commission that started circling around his administration. Cuomo shut it down before its investigations could get too close. According to the Austin American-Statesman — which is to Texas media what the New York Times is to the national media (i.e. unabashedly liberal) — the Democrats’ narrative does not stand up to scrutiny at all.” Austin American-Statesman Destroys Democrats’ Narrative on the Perry Indictment

“First, let’s not mince words about the egregious nature of the indictment and what it means about how out-of-control prosecutors can derail democracy. It should be remembered that what happened here was that a Democratic prosecutor who had disgraced her office with a drunk driving violation and abusive behavior toward police refused to resign. Perry used a threat of a veto of her budget to try to force that resignation. The special prosecutor in the case alleges that using that threat — something that was obviously in the service of the public good — was an illegal abuse of power. That is absurd and you have to be a hardcore Democratic partisan to think that it is even remotely reasonable for a prosecutor to treat a public policy dispute — especially one in which the governor was clearly on the side of ethics — as a criminal matter.” Rick Perry and Our Dysfunctional Politics

“It is bad for democracy when parties that have lost elections try to overturn the results in the courts. That’s what the Republicans have done, by impeaching Bill Clinton, by installing the loser of the 2000 election as president with the help of Republican Supreme Court justices, and by suing and threatening to impeach Barack Obama. Are Democrats now going to try to use corruption charges, including far-fetched ones, to depose Republican governors they don’t like? In politics, bad results can be overturned by ordinary people at the ballot box rather than appellate judges.  That’s why, whether you like or detest a particular politician, criminalizing politics is a bad idea. For all of these reasons, Democrats nationwide have reason to be upset with Travis County DA Rosemary Lehmberg for inadvertently helping Rick Perry, Chris Christie, Scott Walker and the GOP brand in general.  As Talleyrand observed of Napoleon’s execution of the Duc d’Enghien:  ‘It is worse than a crime; it is a mistake.’” Rick Perry’s indictment is bad for Democrats: A Texas perspective

“Austin is a deeply, and perhaps irrecoverably, corrupt place. From the impeachment of University of Texas regent Wallace Hall in retaliation for his role in exposing political favoritism in law-school admissions to prosecutors’ throwing around felonies for partisan political ends, the malicious and dishonest deployment of official force against political rivals in the Texas capital is a reminder of just how illiberal liberals truly are. Austin’s hippie-dippy ethic is just New Age window dressing on old-fashioned, bare-knuckled, power-mad politics: Papa Doc Duvalier in Birkenstocks.” Keep Austin Corrupt?

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