Just Because the Mainstream Press Isn’t Telling You About It, Doesn’t Mean You Shouldn’t Know About It: News You Can Use for August 15!

You all know who you are.

Anyone as tired as I am at all the hypocrisy that is taking place all around us, at all levels of our government, every single day? Will there ever be an honest politician, who says what he or she means and actually does what he or she says? When pigs fly I suppose…

Stories of the Day

Hypocritical union leader and possible Democrat candidate for mayor of Chicago who rants against wealthy people is wealthy herself, but that’s okay…. She says she worked hard for hers. And all of the rest of us with stuff didn’t’’? 3 homes, $200,000-plus pay for possible mayoral candidate Lewis

According to Scarborough’s friends inside the White House, President Obama has officially checked out. Then why doesn’t he step down instead of letting the the country and the world burn around us? Emphasis mine. “Hugh Hewitt: Vice President Cheney, do they not get that the President should not be at Martha’s Vineyard right now? Joe Scarborough: Well, you know, we had Dana Milbank on who, again, not the most right wing columnist for the Washington Post, but Dana said it’s one thing for presidents going on vacation. We’re all big supporters of presidents going on vacation. It’s another thing to be in Martha’s Vineyard while you’ve got tanks rolling in Middle America, and all the Middle East melts down. This is a president that does go out of his way to show that he’s not paying attention to what anybody says. He’s going to do exactly what he wants to do, and he’s going to be stubborn about it. He is politically, he is either politically tone deaf or he just doesn’t give a damn. And I tend to believe based on everything I’ve heard from people who work inside the White House, and we’ve got a lot of friends there, and based on my friends who are senior Democratic senators, this president has checked out.” Joe Scarborough On Valerie Jarrett And The Culture Of Yes Men In The White House

“The Obama foreign policy is both inarticulate and disengaged. Disengagement is explicitly part of the approach, which became very clear in Iraq in the rise of ISIS, but also in Syria and Ukraine. In all three hot spots, the Obama administration had to get dragged into responses, although in Ukraine and now against ISIS Obama has ended up ahead of the curve in relation to America’s Western allies. Obama tosses out red lines without preparing for the consequences when they get violated, and shrugs off threats like ISIS with sophomoric sports analogies. His policy is to react only when forced by circumstances to do so.” CNN wonders: Is Obama foreign policy “inarticulate or disengaged”?

Messages. “The Secret Service said it is “aware” of a photo that appeared to show an image of an ISIS flag in front of the White House. If authentic, the photo showed a hand holding up an image of a flag for ISIS (also known as ISIL or Islamic State), displayed on a smartphone, on Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House fence. That area, closed off to street traffic, is frequented by thousands of tourists every day.” Secret Service ‘Aware’ of Apparent ISIS Flag Photo in Front of the White House

Freedom of speech? ISIS flag spotted flying in front of houses both in New York and New Jersey. Should you have the right to fly an ISIS flag?

Experts are sounding the alarm while President Obama parties on. “Ali Khedery is the chairman and chief executive of the Dubai-based Dragoman Partners. He negotiated Exxon Mobile’s entry into Kurdistan as an executive with that company. Before that, he worked with the U.S. State and Defense departments, and was the longest serving American official in Iraq from 2003 to 2009. Khedery served as the special assistant to five U.S. ambassadors and a senior advisor to three commanders of U.S. Central Command. Ali Khedery knows the Middle East, and Iraq in particular. It is important to know Khedery’s background because when he sounds the alarm, and he is sounding the alarm with all the fury of a man witnessing an irreversible tragedy unfolding, the world would be well-advised to listen to him. In an open letter to President Barack Obama in Politico Magazine, Khedery chided the president for his commitment to a policy of “benign neglect” toward the Middle East. He advised the president to give up on his current team of advisors, who have not served him well leading up to and during this present region-wide crisis, and surround himself with new voices.” They’re coming’ and ‘another 9/11 is imminent’

President Obama is such a hypocrite. “ABC reporter Jon Karl grilled deputy White House spokesman Eric Schultz about a new report showing how many executives who pursue corporate mergers overseas to avoid onerous U.S. tax laws — a move Obama has called “unpatriotic” — have donated millions to the Democratic Party and President Obama’s former campaigns. On Wednesday, Bloomberg reported that top Obama and Democratic donors — including an investment banker who hosted a fundraiser for the president, a co-chairman of the 2012 Democratic National Convention and a bundler who raised $200,000 for Obama’s reelection campaign — are all guilty of pursuing “corporate inversions,” which Obama has called unpatriotic and is seeking to limit through executive actions. “Is the president going to be asking Democrats to return money contributed, or seek to return money contribution, by some these corporate inversions?” Karl asked Schultz at a Martha’s Vineyard press conference. “No,” Schultz said simply. “Why not?” Karl pushed back. “I mean, this is — these guys are profiting off the very practices the president’s condemned and wants to see stopped.” Schultz tried to dodge, noting only that “we are not privy to the details and have no role in any company’s plans. What we are focused on is stopping the problem.” ABC’s Karl: Will ‘Hypocritical’ Obama Ask Dems To Return Donations From ‘Unpatriotic’ Companies Moving Overseas?

Please click on over and watch this man’s rant. He gets it. Stop being a victim and take charge of your life. Man Frustrated by Ferguson Riots Goes on Legendary Rant: ‘It’s Time For Us to Change’

If so many say government is the problem, why do so many on the Left continue to vote for the Democrat party whose only goal is to grow the government? “One more sign that liberals are going to get spanked in November. A new Gallup poll shows that more Americans think government is the biggest problem in the country than any other issue.” Americans say government is the biggest problem

“If the President wants to go out in public, fine. If he can’t do it without assaulting the rights of citizens, then he should stay home. But hey, most of these folks probably voted for him. So: Enjoy!” YOU KNOW, THEY DON’T ACTUALLY HAVE ANY LEGAL AUTHORITY TO DO THAT: Golfers frisked as Obama arrives at Martha’s Vineyard club.

Protecting President Obama, one untold story at a time. “Six former platoon mates of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl have hit roadblocks in shopping proposals for their book, because some publishers are reportedly afraid it will discredit President Obama. After five years in the Taliban’s capture, Sgt. Bergdahl was released in May as part of a U.S. prison exchange for five Guantanamo detainees. Some of the soldier’s platoon mates have come forward alleging that Sgt. Bergdahl intentionally deserted his post in Afghanistan on June 30, 2009, putting other soldiers in danger. A draft of their book proposal depicts Sgt. Bergdahl as a “premeditated” deserter who possibly aided the Taliban, but agents for the soldiers say the controversy over the prisoner swap has complicated the book’s chances at publication, Yahoo News reported. “I’m not sure we can publish this book without the Right using it to their ends,” Sarah Durand, a senior editor at Atria Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, wrote in an email to one of the soldiers’ agents, Yahoo News reported.”  Platoon mates critical of Bergdahl can’t get a book deal

Stuff you only read about in books and see in movies could happen here. Is our government taking steps to prevent such an occurrence? “It would come with almost no warning. Without any immediate signs as to why, the lights go out, cars stop dead, telephones cease to function, everything with a microchip in it fails, and most of it all never works again. In the wake of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack on the United States, part or all of the country is thrust back into the 1860s but with 10 times the population. The threat is real, it is pressing, and the United States is doing little to address it. It strikes many Americans as a fanciful prospect, almost cheesy apocalypse porn, to suggest that something as simple as the destruction of the nation’s power grid could thrust the United States into the dark ages. But those who have investigated this prospect are not rolling their eyes to the threat as are so many of the country’s sophisticates. In The Wall Street Journal opinion pages on Wednesday, former CIA director James Woolsey and CIA veteran and congressional EMP Commission member Peter Vincent Pry warn of the threat posed by an EMP attack on the United States.” When the lights go out forever…


The president will do whatever he wants because he doesn’t care what happens to our country. “But when a president proposes to issue a ukase amnestying millions of illegal aliens — reportedly between a third and a half of the entire illegal population — without permission from Congress, it does indeed represent a leap into the antidemocratic dark.” Indiscrete Discretion: Obama proxies suggest there’s ample precedent for his planned massive executive amnesty. There isn’t.

“Senator Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.) called for Americans to pressure their senators about voting against President Obama’s expected executive orders on immigration, which he described as a “chilling” plot with activists to undermine national laws. “Recent developments suggest the president’s planned executive amnesty could be increasingly imminent and broad in scope. House Democrat Leader Pelosi — clearly one of the White House’s closest allies — has just urged the president to issue ‘the broadest possible’ executive actions,” Sessions said in a statement on Wednesday. “Open-borders groups have grown bolder and louder in their unlawful demands, launching a campaign for the president to ‘go big,’ and demanding that he ‘stand up’ to Congress and ‘expand DACA,’” he added, citing an Associated Press report that administration officials were meeting with immigration activists and the Chamber of Commerce. “It is chilling to consider now that these groups, frustrated in their aims by our Constitutional system of government, are plotting with the Obama administration to collect their spoils through executive fiat,” he said.” Sessions Warns of ‘Chilling’ Obama Immigration Plotting

Big Government

As I’ve written before, the Left wants marijuana to become legal, but wants to clamp down on anything relating to cigarettes. Does anyone else see the hypocrisy in this? “How will the FDA “cripple the future of” e-cigarettes, specifically? Administrative burdens. The FDA estimates that conducting the necessary scientific investigations and preparing a premarket application would, on average, take more than 5,000 hours and cost more than $300,000. Only the large tobacco producers would be willing and able to incur these costs. As the FDA analysis states, the costs of submitting premarket applications for e-cigarettes “would be high enough to expect additional product exit, consolidation, and reduction in variety compared with the baseline.” The agency admits that nearly all e-cigarette products would be driven out of the market, simply by administrative burdens, not by any substantive health issues. The lack of product variety would thwart efforts to persuade smokers to switch to e-cigarettes, particularly because the surviving products are likely to be the “cigalikes” produced by the large tobacco companies, which are the least effective in luring smokers completely away from cigarettes.” The nanny state may crush the e-cigarette industry — knowingly


The Left believes they are losing so they are applying all the scare tactics that they can to get people to donate. But is there enough money in the world to stop the losses that we hope are heading the Democrat party’s way this November? “Of course, the point of being a prophet of doom is to be heeded and thereby avert the doom. Republicans shouldn’t be overconfident, especially when it comes to money, where the Democrats are out-raising us as always. But for the moment, it is fun to enjoy the Democrats’ moment of panic.” HOW DEMOCRATS SOUND WHEN THEY ARE LOSING BADLY

Using email harassment as a tactic to obtain donations. “That was my last political contribution until this week, when, hoping to get a better look at Democrats’ small-donor technique, I finally clicked the $5 contribution box on President Obama’s email. You’d think that would have made them happy. But no — they immediately wanted more. First they tried to get me to increase my contribution. I declined. Then they asked that I make my contribution an automatic monthly donation. I declined. And then, when it looked like $5 was all they would get, they asked for a “tip” for the pro-Democratic fundraising group ActBlue. “We’re building an army of small dollar donors to defeat the Koch brothers and their fat checkbooks,” they said. “Your tip of 10 percent or more will help us build the next generation of our tools so the Kochs don’t have the final say.” I still said no, but at the end of all the hectoring, I hit “contribute” to send the $5. “One might think, given the begging involved, that just a little expression of thanks would have been in order. Instead, I received a message saying my contribution had been “flagged … as requiring additional oversight.” An ActBlue staffer would review it to “ensure that it is accurate and meets our high safety standards.” That seemed odd, given reports of low safety standards and alleged fraud in the Obama campaign’s handling of small donors in 2008 and 2012. A few minutes later, I learned my contribution had been accepted. Then came a “priorities survey,” in which Democrats wanted to know whether I thought the most compelling reason to remove Republicans from power was 1) They shut down the government; 2) They gave tax breaks to the Koch brothers; or 3) They voted to defund Planned Parenthood. I didn’t answer. At the very least, I thought my $5 would buy a tiny respite from the crush of email. It did not. About an hour later came a note from Pelosi with the subject line “Must Read (DON’T DELETE).” “President Obama wouldn’t have emailed you earlier if we didn’t need your help,” Pelosi wrote, apparently trying to suggest that Daddy would be angry with me if I didn’t give more. Can this continue until November? Yes, it can. But if Democrats already sound this frantic in August, it’s going to be a very long fall.” Gloomy, frantic Dems plead: More money, please

President Obama would be even more unpopular than President Bush was at this time in his presidency, if the media would do their jobs. “Republicans may have counted on anger about ObamaCare or some of the administration’s other scandals to lift them to a nationwide victory. That hasn’t quite materialized but general dissatisfaction with the president looks to be sufficient to drag Democrats down in red states and keep even McConnell safe. With the world in chaos and the president showing no leadership abroad and only a desire to whip up partisan anger at home, there is little reason to believe that Democrats can reverse historic trends that show the incumbent party losing big in a second term midterm. While Grimes will be blamed if she fails to take down one of the least liked (though most effective) members of the Senate, rather than focusing on her shortcomings and lack of preparation for the big stage, Democrats would do better to realize that Obama has gone from being their greatest asset to their biggest problem.” Obama is Killing Dems’ Senate Hopes


Judge losing his patience with the Obama administration’s obstruction of justice. “’ORDERED.’ “Must.” “Speak under oath.” These are not really requests, and the time frame isn’t an expression of curiosity, either. Giving the IRS a single week to meet these demands after months of wrangling over Judicial Watch’s challenge implies that (a) Sullivan’s pretty convinced the IRS has these answers, which then suggests that  (b) Sullivan’s getting angry over the IRS’ intransigence and opacity in dealing with the court. Either Judge Sullivan has run out of patience, or he wants the IRS to think he has.” Judge orders IRS to come up with better explanation of missing Lerner e-mails

The Left

Have you heard about this? “Bay Area parents have given given a sound thrashing to a sexual education textbook that featured information on handcuffs, sex toys, bondage, and other topics best left in the hands of an experienced dominatrix. As National Review Online’s Molly Wharton reported last week, the Fremont Unified School District planned to introduce the textbook entitled Your Health Today, without so much as a mutually agreed-upon safe word from parents, at the beginning of the school year:

Teachers unanimously chose the explicit book in June to replace an earlier one that was ten years old. “Our high-school students today need all the tools they can have to arm themselves to make the best-informed decision,” the school district’s Board President, Lara Calvert-York, said.

Authors of the textbook told Today that the book is meant for college freshmen. They added, though, that they believe the material is appropriate for younger readers.

Parents, and even students, say the book goes too far.

“It’s a bit much for me, I’m not comfortable with my child — I mean, wow, that’s, the graphics are extreme — oh my gosh,” one parent told CBS as she was shown some of the images in the book. “They are very pornographic. The pictures are very explicit.” [Snip]

The land of the nuts and the fruits has lately seen several instances in which parents escaped the chains of public school bureaucracies. In June a Los Angeles judgethrew out teacher tenure rules, and a lawsuit is threatening compulsory dues for teacher unions. But the teachers still often end up on top: In July Los Angeles Unified School District passed a hefty minimum wage increase.” Rough Justice For High School Bondage Textbook

The Media

I will forever love Hugh Hewitt for calling a spade a spade. More of us have to start doing this within all aspects of our lives, including at the political grassroots level. “’But Soledad O’Brien, How Can You Take Money From A Patron of Islamists?’ Jeff Dunetz of Truth Revolt sums up Hugh Hewitt’s eye-opening interview with the former MSNBC and CNN newsreader who is now sharing time producing and appearing on shows that air on the National Geographic channel, CNN, its sister network HBO — and Qatar-owned Al Jazeera:

Appearing on The Hugh Hewitt Radio Show to promote her upcoming special on CNN, Soledad O’Brien was asked how she could do freelance work for Al Jazeera, which is owned by Qatar, patron of terrorist organizations such as Hamas and ISIS. O’Brien obfuscated, first suggesting the U.S. was funding terrorism: “I think you could look at similar issues of what is funded in the United States,” followed by, “it’s not as straightforward as that.”​

According to O’Brien, since Al Jazeera’s journalism is solid, it doesn’t matter that the country which owns the network is a financier of terrorism.” So Here’s An Honest Question: How Can You Take Money From Them?’


It wasn’t supposed to be this way! President Obama told us his “big government” would do things SO MUCH BETTER. “I’d suggest that the final cost to taxpayers of HealthCare.gov’s tumultuous launch may actually be even higher than most reports suggest. That’s because, in the rush to enroll and absent a functional website, the federal government had to rely more heavily on non-tech contractors, too. For example, Serco, which processed paper applications for health coverage, had a multi-year contract worth up to $1.249 billion. It remains debatable how much of that large sum belongs in back-of-the-envelope cost calculations for the HealthCare.gov launch debacle. (Of course, it’d be interesting to know what Marilyn Tavenner thought about these rising supplemental costs. Alas.) Unfortunately, the Obama administration’s takeaway from HealthCare.gov’s disastrous launch is that the government should get more involved in tech, not less, and spend more money on creating a “digital experience” for citizens, as the Wall Street Journal editorial page writes today.” The High Costs of the HealthCare.gov Debacle

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