Just Because the Mainstream Press Isn’t Telling You About It, Doesn’t Mean You Shouldn’t Know About It: News You Can Use for August 7!

What will you do to stop the Left?

Stories of the Day

A very interesting read. “War, Famine and Pestilence all obey the laws of physics. The media, government and the academy have heretofore cared about the laws of political correctness and the tyranny of appearances.  Now we get to see who wins. In recent years it has become fashionable to claim the Narrative trumps reality. Yet you can’t bribe viruses, can’t “hide” infectious victims, can’t appease dictators and you can’t print money. As I’ve written many times before, nobody beats arithmetic. [Snip] The narrative of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is often given a mystical interpretation. But it can be viewed as a straightforward secular warning against folly. According to Billy Graham, the First Horseman is the great liar, the false prophet, the anti-Christ.  But even if you’re not a Billy Graham fan, and even if you hate him, it’s easy to see how a venal government, a debased culture, a system of self-deception can lead to famine, pestilence and war. Corrupting the information store will get you every time. It may be happening already. As I noted elsewhere, for the first time since the Second World War, globalization is contracting.  Air routes are being trimmed to detour around the threat of surface to air missiles posed by the Islamic world and on the Russian border. Diseases know the difference between real and paper countries. Liberia has announced the closure of its borders, and disease knows it has no borders. [Snip] That’s the point when people impeach their leaders not on the basis of party affiliation but on the basis of whether they want to physically survive  an epidemic or not; when competence finally matters. Perhaps we’re already there. Charles Krauthammer observed that things have reached the point when ’no one cares what Obama says’, adding he’s “almost animatronic”, like those plastic dinosaurs in a theme park, acting out his theme park presidency.” The First Horseman

This is what we’re up against. “A prominent CNN commentator, the top two political reporters for The Huffington Post, a Reuters reporter, the editor of The Nation magazine, a producer for Al Jazeera America television, a U.S. News & World Report columnist, and approximately two dozen Huffington Post contributors are among the more than 1,000 members of Gamechanger Salon. Founded by leftwing activist Billy Wimsatt, the group is a secretive digital gathering of writers, opinion leaders, activists and political hands who share information, ideas and strategy via a closed Google group.” 1,000-member secretive progressive journalist group uncovered

The information age proving the incompetency of big government: faster please! “These bureaucracies did a good job of delivering passports and maintaining files in the industrial age. But they can’t keep up in the information age. Moore’s Law says that computer capacity doubles in two years or less. Government procurement cycles are a lot longer than that. Governors and legislators had reason to fear that state health exchange IT wouldn’t work well (as it hasn’t in about half the states that tried), and they would get blamed. And blamed for being associated with an unpopular law. All of which suggests a broader lesson. Government was reasonably good at replicating the bureaucratic processes of large corporations in the industrial age. But it’s not very good — it’s often downright incompetent — at replicating the IT processes of firms such as Walmart and Amazon.” Big Government Worked Better in the Industrial Age; Not So Much in Digital Era

What are you hiding, Mr. President? Dozens of government watchdogs are sounding the alarm that the Obama administration is stonewalling them, in what is being described as an unprecedented challenge to the agencies they’re supposed to oversee. Forty-seven of the government’s 73 independent watchdogs known as inspectors general voiced their complaints in a letter to congressional leaders this week. They accused several major agencies — the Justice Department, the Peace Corps and the chemical safety board — of imposing “serious limitations on access to records.” ‘Serious limitations’: Gov’t watchdogs unite in letter slamming Obama administration transparency


I think the Washington Post is blaming the wrong branch of government. It’s Obama who refuses to work with congress. “In a Wednesday editorial, the Post acknowledged that Obama’s “frustration is understandable” and urged voters to vote out lawmakers who are opposed to a comprehensive amnesty bill. But it declared that Obama does not have the license to grant work permits and amnesty via executive fiat–in contravention of federal law–to millions of illegal immigrants. “Obstinate, hopelessly partisan, and incapable of problem-solving, Congress is a mess,’ the Post declared. “But that doesn’t grant the president license to tear up the Constitution.’” WASHINGTON POST: OBAMA DOESN’T HAVE RIGHT ‘TO TEAR UP CONSTITUTION’ FOR EXEC AMNESTY

Emphasis mine. “On the issues of immigration reform and America-bolting  corporate “inversions,” I sympathize with President Obama’s desire to vastly expand the executive branch’s authority. Bypassing Congress may be legal. The reforms he wants may be a good idea. But when I look beyond the next election and set aside my issue biases, I reluctantly conclude that it would be very wrong. Depending on how far Obama extends presidential authority—and he suggested Wednesday that he’s willing to stretch it like soft taffy—this could be a political nuclear bomb. The man whose foundational promise was unity (“I don’t want to pit red America against blue America”) could seal his fate as the most polarizing president in history.” The Case Against Obama’s Nuclear Option: Even if reform is needed and legal, endowing the presidency with new, unilateral powers is a dangerous precedent.

Interesting that, according to this poll, liberal New England seems to oppose illegal immigration the most. “A new Reuters/Ipsos poll shows a strong majority of Americans say “undocumented immigrants threaten their way of life and even the economy,”

Seventy percent said they believe these illegal immigrants threaten U.S. customs and beliefs. Eighty-six percent of Republicans hold that belief.

Nearly two-thirds said illegal immigrants are a burden on the nation’s economy, the poll found.

The survey found 45 percent said the number of immigrants entering the country legally should be reduced while 17 percent said more should be allowed to come. Thirty-eight percent said the current flow of legal immigration should remain the same.

More people in New England oppose illegal immigration compared to the rest of the country, the poll said. Nearly 80 percent of people in that region said undocumented immigrants threaten U.S. beliefs and customs.” New poll shows the public agrees with GOP about immigration

You might want to reconsider Mr. President. “As President Barack Obama considers sidestepping Congress to loosen U.S. immigration policy, a Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Americans are deeply worried that illegal immigration is threatening the nation’s culture and economy. Seventy percent of Americans – including 86 percent of Republicans – believe undocumented immigrants threaten traditional U.S. beliefs and customs, according to the poll. The findings suggest immigration could join Obamacare – the healthcare insurance overhaul – and the economy as hot button issues that encourage more Republicans to vote in November’s congressional election.” Americans worry that illegal migrants threaten way of life, economy

As I keep saying, we really are in the best of hands with the Obama crew in charge. “As National Review Online reports, Cabrera says he’s never seen it this bad among the border force.

“Even if he is a confirmed gang member, a confirmed criminal, even by self-admission, we for some reason don’t send them back to their home country – we release them into our country,” Cabrera said.

As a result, Cabrera said “morale is at an all-time low right now” because agents are “not allowed to do the job that they were hired to do.” [Snip]

Meanwhile,The Washington Free Beacon reports that TSA and Immigration and Customs Enforcement employees who work desk jobs at a D.C. office will soon be enjoying memberships at one of Washington’s most luxurious gyms. It offers a spa, salon, and a rooftop pool and lounge, among many other amenities. via Free Beacon: DHS has reportedly spent $450,000 on 2-year memberships for 236 employees. And why are these workers being rewarded? To help their morale and ‘improve working conditions.’” While Border Agents’ Morale Is At An ‘All Time Low,’ DHS Spends $450K For Luxurious DC Gym Memberships

So typical of this corrupt administration hell-bent on not telling the people the truth. “A copy of a leaked email by an angry Border Patrol Agent obtained by The Gateway Pundit vents outrage at the Obama administration over the murder of Border Patrol Agent Javier Vega.  Vega was reportedly murdered by two illegal aliens from Mexico this past Sunday in Santa Monica, Texas, a small town in a county once removed from the Mexico border on the Gulf Coast. [Snip] Johnson’s bureaucratic statement avoided the embarrassing-to-the-Obama-administration reality that another Border Patrol Agent was killed on its watch as a direct failure to secure the border with Mexico.[Snip] The email begins:

“Killed while “Off- duty”? This is all you have to say to US about the murder of a Border Patrol Agent by previously deported illegal aliens?!?!?! Thanks to the failed immigration policies of this administration something like this occurs and you don’t want to even acknowledge the actual events in your email to employees of DHS? Off duty makes it sound like a car accident, a heart attack, maybe something else……but really????????? Disrespectful at the least and downright shameful in my opinion! This is what we should expect from the head of our agency? The INA exists for a reason……ADHERE TO IT.” GP EXCLUSIVE! LEAKED EMAIL: Border Patrol Agent Blasts Obama Admin Over Murder of Fellow Agent by Illegal Aliens

Intended, or unintended consequences? You decide… “’Any grant of legal status will serve as a magnet to prospective illegal immigrants and further depress employment opportunities and wages for African Americans. Given that the labor force participation rate is at an historic low, the unemployment rate is 6.2 percent, and there has been a precipitous decline in household wealth, the timing for such a grant of legal status could not be worse,’ he wrote in the letter, provided to Secrets.” Charge: Obama plan to legalize millions of immigrants ‘disastrous’ to blacks

Common Core

Why do they want our children to fail? “’It became clear that the new standards represent lower expectations and that students taught in the way that these standards require would have little chance of being admitted to even an average college and would certainly struggle if they did get in,’ Ratner continues. [Snip] Ratner asserts the Common Core’s so-called “deeper” and “more rigorous” standards will actually simply replace mathematics “with some kind of illustrative counting saturated with pictures, diagrams and elaborate word problems.” With all these flaws, however, she says she is most astounded by the pro-Common Core claim that the standards are “internationally benchmarked.” “They are not,” she writes. “The Common Core fails any comparison with the standards of high-achieving countries, just as they fail compared to the old California standards.” The Common Core standards “are lower in the total scope of learned material, in the depth and rigor of the treatment of mathematical subjects, and in the delayed and often inconsistent and incoherent introductions of mathematical concepts and skills,” Ratner writes.” BERKELEY MATH PROFESSOR RATNER: COMMON CORE ‘WILL MOVE U.S. CLOSER TO BOTTOM IN INTERNATIONAL RANKING’


What the hell is wrong with these women who prefer the Democrats over Republicans? “A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll reveals that an all-time record of 76% of Americans do not believe their children’s lives will be better than their own. Almost as many respondents, 71%, believe the U.S. is headed in the wrong direction, as compared to 63% only one month ago; 60% believe that direction is plunging downward.” But this:When asked which party they preferred to control Congress, a narrow majority preferred the GOP. Women preferred the Democrats by a 51% to 37% margin; men preferred the GOP.WSJ POLL: 76% OF AMERICANS THINK THEIR CHILDREN’S LIVES WILL BE WORSE

Hugh Hewitt

Talk radio show host, Hugh Hewitt, has been on vacation for a couple of weeks, but he’s back… “’I am off to Arizona today to do a campaign event for Doug Ducey this evening.  Ducey is Arizona’s Treasurer, and the front-runner for its GOP gubernatorial nomination, having collected endorsements from –in the order of their appearance– Scott Walker, Mike Lee, Mike Pence and Ted Cruz.  Hard to imagine two more coveted endorsements from GOP statehouses or from a pair of GOP senators.  Ducey’s main opponent is a free spending internet multi-millionaire who really ought to have bought a sports franchise not attempted to buy the Arizona statehouse which, with 2016 looming, needs to be in serious, reliable conservative hands like those of Doug Ducey. The headline from yesterday’s NBC/Wall Street Journal poll  says it all: “America’s Fed Up: Obama Approval Rating Hits All-Time Low.”  It will go lower still as portions of the president’s base who are staunch supporters of Israel register their discontent over the president’s senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, slam at Israel this weekend and as the Obamacare premium hikes and continued dislocations roll out across this land this summer.  RealClearPolitics.com averages suggest a pick-up of seven seats in the Senate for the GOP in the midterms, but I think this understates the swelling dismay with a president adrift and disconnected, whose every sound-byte is a caricature of presidential leadership and whose every appearance on a golf course reinforces the image of a privileged, disinterested elitist. If the GOP lays out a blunt, specific program for 2015-2016 their ceiling is a lot higher than seven in the Senate and a handful of gains in the House.” Another Good Night For The GOP; Off To AZ For Doug Ducey

The Left

In my opinion, the Left is oppressive. “Anyone who believes that Liberals are indeed progressives should look at how their policies have affected Americans. Fifty years of so-called “progressive” policies have created women like Julia who depend on the government from cradle to grave. Their policies have enslaved poor black Americans and other minorities so that they will forever be dependent on government handouts. The public school system has dumbed down our kids so that more who cannot read or do arithmetic are graduating form high school. How is that for progress?” ‘Progressives’ Is The Wrong Name For Liberal Democrats


Making Obamacare whatever they want it to be, the law be damned. “The Obama administration has provided 14 ways people can avoid the fine based on hardships, including suffering domestic violence, experiencing substantial property damage from a fire or flood, and having a canceled insurance plan. Those come on top of exemptions carved out under the 2010 law for groups including illegal immigrants, members of Native American tribes and certain religious sects. [Snip] The exemptions are worrying insurers. The penalties were intended as a cudgel to increase the number of people signing up, thereby maximizing the pool of insured. Insurers are concerned that the exemptions could make it easier for younger, healthier people to forgo coverage, leaving the pools overly filled with old people or those with health problems. That, in turn, could cause premiums to rise.” Fewer Uninsured Face Fines as Health Law’s Exemptions Swell: Almost 90% of Uninsured Won’t Pay Penalty Under the Affordable Care Act in 2016

But wait… I thought Obama wanted to help the middle class. “In the hospitals, we see the consequences.  While the poor and the illegal immigrants get absolutely free care, the middle-class patients are collapsing financially under the strain of their deductibles and their lost income from their time off work, not to mention the additional stress of their illness.  In our clinics, sick patients are choosing to forego testing, medicines, and surgery that they need solely because of cost.  Instead they are living with their illnesses, often with cheap antibiotics as a means of delaying the inevitable. To make matters worse, the patients getting their health care for free will ask for taxi vouchers, food stipends, and the like right in front of these other people, never thinking that what they are requesting is an affront to the sensibilities of the people paying their bills with our tax dollars.  Seeing the middle class visibly suffer like this when the president told them during the elections that they would see their costs “go down $2,500 per family” is a heinous outcome of a preposterous government overreach.” More Bad News for the Middle Class and Their Health Care

President Obama

If you want a short run down of all that has gone wrong under Obama, this is a good summary. “The only person grateful for this should be Jimmy Carter, who can now relinquish the title of worst president in modern history.  I thought I would never live to see anyone worse than Carter in the White House during my lifetime.  I was wrong.” Obama is Betraying the Republic’s Trust

If you watched it last night, you would have been shocked at how out of it Obama seems to be. “President Obama gave a press conference this evening. He started a little over an hour late without explanation. Reporters stuck to asking questions that they evidently knew Obama would be comfortable answering. None of them asked him about any of his administration scandals. ABC’s Jon Karl, usually a tough questioner of Obama and his spokesmen, asked a rambling question that played right into the Democrats’ “economic patriotism” canard. Despite the fact that the president showed a passionless, bloodless, disinterested face to the world, he still managed to do some damage. [Snip] When asked about the Israel-Hamas conflict, Obama said that Hamas using civilians as human shields is “extraordinarily irresponsible.” Actually, it’s a war crime. It’s terrorism. Obama reduced deadly crimes against humanity for the sake of perpetrating genocide to equal something a badly raised teenager does on a drunken weekend. If we’re to take his comments on torture last week into account, Hamas are just “folks” who are “extraordinarily irresponsible,” not genocidal fanatics and war criminals. [Snip] It was a poor performance made all the poorer by the media’s lack of any detectable backbone.” ‘Extraordinarily Irresponsible’ — Obama Gives Pointless, Yet Damaging, Press Conference

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