News You Can Use for July 29

Are you doing all that you can?

Are you doing all that you can to save her?

I needed to take a bit of a break from political blogging, but starting today, I am back at it. I hope that you all have been well!

Stories of the Day

Does the Republican party have what it takes to rebuild, and win? “The recognition by a majority of Americans that two terms of Obama was a dreadful mistake is a good start for Republicans. But in and of itself it won’t help any Republican beat Hillary Clinton in 2016 unless the party does the hard work of rebuilding that all parties must do after they’ve been out of power.” Romney Beats Obama and 2016

Our incompetent president. “The numbers on the competence question are even more troubling when you see it through the prism of the 2014 midterm electorate — an electorate that is likely to be whiter and older than the one that re-elected Obama in 2012. Among white voters, 70 percent said that “can manage the government effectively” is not a trait they would ascribe to Obama.  Among voters 50 and older, 62 percent say that Obama can’t manage the government effectively.  Eighty nine percent of Republicans say Obama isn’t a competent manager while 76 percent of Democrats say he is.  Two thirds of independents say that Obama ins’t an effective manager of the government. What those numbers mean is that if Obama is a major topic of conversation in the most competitive Senate and House races this November, that’s a very bad thing for his party.” President Obama’s competence problem is worse than it looks

We live in scary times. “An Ebola victim who was allowed to board an international flight was an American citizen on his way home to the United States, it has emerged. Patrick Sawyer worked for the Liberian government and was visiting his sister there when he developed symptoms while on a plane to Nigeria. He was quarantined on arrival in Lagos and died on Friday. His wife, Decontee, 34, who like Mr Sawyer is originally from Liberia, currently at the heart of the terrifying Ebola outbreak, said he had been due to travel on to America where he could have become Patient Zero in a US epidemic. The 40-year-old father-of-three is believed to have contracted the disease from his sister, whom he was caring for without knowing she had Ebola.” Ebola outbreak: Victim who sparked fears of global epidemic was on way home to US: Patrick Sawyer could have brought Ebola to US but died in Nigeria while en route to family in Minnesota Hat tip:


The American people be damned. “Amnesty is coming — big time. Americans need to brace themselves for a huge new wave of Obama-led lawlessness because the president is planning what a top schemer in the White House calls a “very significant” executive action on immigration after the summer.” Bracing for Amnesty

Seeking power over doing what’s right for our country. “For Democrats such as Grijalva and Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., amnesty and the political benefits stemming from it are inevitable. They are quite willing to use children to exploit the inherent compassion of the American people if it means ensuring the political future of the Democratic Party through the gratitude of millions of illegal aliens allowed to come here and stay.” Democrats Admit Amnesty Is For Political Purposes Hat tip: Instapundit

Remember: We have two and a half years left with Obama as our president. “Perhaps he should just import some new voters who will think of him more favorably: Obama Mulls Massive Move on Immigration. After all, while the median American household’s net worth has fallen 36%, these people will be experiencing a drastic increase.” THE WASHINGTON POST, SOMEWHAT HOPEFULLY: Has President Obama bottomed out yet?

Emphasis mine. “Now we have a president who has the novel idea of completely ignoring the public during his lame duck years. Most presidents are hampered in their power during lame duck time, and they don’t want to do anything to hurt their party’s standing with the public and therefore their party’s election changes. Obama, again, has the novel idea to ignore the public and hurt his party in the short run for enormous gains in the longer run: a demographic that will be reliably Democratic and will insure the party’s hegemony (not to mention his “legacy” as a transformative president) . At least, that’s the calculation.Amnesty: the audaciousness of Obama

“I think we’re at the point where Obama is actively doing things he knows he has no power to do — because he wants Republicans to mount an effort to impeach him. That would be a political winner, since Americans are generally rationally ignorant of constitutional processes, and impeachment polls badly as a result. They don’t really care whether Obama exceeds his lawful authority if they like what he’s doing, and they see impeachment, not as a necessary Constitutional corrective, but as an irritation brought about by those stupid politicians who can’t get along. And Big Media tells us that when the two sides don’t get along, it’s usually the Republicans’ fault, and who are we to argue? We get the government we deserve. The idea that the Constitution restrains the branches is pretty much dead; its provisions don’t matter when the public is unwilling to back the side whose territory is being infringed.” Obama Plans to Violate Constitution With Massive Issuance of Work Permits Hat Tip:

“The problem, though, is finally one of constitutional order. Is Congress — and, through it, the electorate — responsible for the laws governing America’s borders? Or does one man get to decide who may enter and work in the United States? The assumption by the president of the ability to unilaterally welcome or reject migrants is a rank violation of the separation of powers. The president would no longer be enforcing existing law; he would be writing it anew at will on a scale heretofore unimagined.” Out of Order

“They manifestly don’t care about the division and debasement, but rather see it as a feature — division and debasement of the political system make it easier to rule, if you don’t care much about the well-being of the country you’re ruling.” ARE THE DEMS PUSHING AN IMPEACHMENT NARRATIVE NOW, so that when Obama does something really awful they can say it’s just politics, the Republicans were talking impeachment all along?

Big Government

Coming to a city near you, if the Left has its way. “Here in the Twin Cities, a handful of unelected bureaucrats are gearing up to impose their vision of the ideal society on the nearly three million residents of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro region. According to the urban planners on the city’s Metropolitan Council, far too many people live in single family homes, have neighbors with similar incomes and skin color, and contribute to climate change by driving to work. They intend to change all that with a 30-year master plan called “Thrive MSP 2040.” [Snip] Once implementation begins, however, Twin Cities residents will likely realize that Thrive MSP 2040’s centralized decision-making and Orwellian appeals to “equity” and “sustainability” are a serious threat to their democratic traditions of individual liberty and self-government. Let’s hope that realization comes sooner rather than later.” Turning the Twin Cities Into Sim City: The Metropolitan Council’s plans include making sure there is a proper mix of races and incomes in each suburb.

Read the WHOLE thing. “I recently had a conversation with an intensely conservative businessman whose first foray into politics was fighting for a tax hike on his business and others like it. The little town where he lived as a young man had no paved roads, waterworks, or sewage facilities, and the men who had the most invested in the town knew that it needed these to grow, which of course it did. That’s part of what Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren are referring to with their “you didn’t build that” rhetoric, though they draw the wrong conclusions. They are also sometimes wrong in the specifics, too: The gentleman I was speaking with organized a few other businessmen to install streetlights at their own expense, with the understanding that the town fathers would pay them back when they could afford it. If you’re looking for an example of how small government is good government, a handshake deal to put in streetlights is a pretty good one. That is government at a scale that people can control, manage — and keep an eye on.” Downscale: Big government is bad for the little guy.


What ought to be done, but won’t, because the Republicans have no balls. “Republicans can and ought to tie this sort of judicial correction of government abuses directly to Obama’s Nixonian presidency, which is facing precisely the same sort of moral grotesqueries that unraveled Nixon forty years ago.  Congressional Republicans can and ought to demand, before November, that Congress at least censure Obama, Holder, et al. – noting that they are asking less from Democrats in Congress in 2014 than Democrats asked from Republicans in Congress in 1974.” How Litigating Lost E-mails Works

It is only a scandal if the American public knows about it, and they don’t because the media is keeping it a secret. “If you want a good illustration of how Attorney General Eric Holder has politicized the Justice Department and its prosecutorial decision-making, all you have to do is look at what Justice has not done in just one part of the IRS scandal. Despite its agreement to settle a lawsuit filed by the National Organization for Marriage against the IRS for the illegal disclosure of confidential tax information, it has not prosecuted any of the individuals or organizations who illegally disclosed and published that information.” THE IRS SCANDAL AND THE POLITICIZATION OF JUSTICE Hat tip:

The Middle East

We live in a very scary, and upside down world. “Once again neighboring enemies are warring in diametrically opposite ways. Hamas sees the death of its civilians as an advantage; Israel sees the death of its civilians as a disaster. Defensive missiles explode to save civilians in Israel; in Gaza, civilians are placed at risk of death to protect offensive missiles. Hamas wins by losing lots of its people; Israel loses by losing a few of its own. Hamas digs tunnels in premodern fashion; Israel uses postmodern high technology to detect them. Hamas’s missiles usually prove ineffective; Israel’s bombs and missiles almost always hit their targets. Quiet Israeli officers lead from the front; loud Hamas leaders flee to the rear. Incompetency wins sympathy; expertise, disdain.” Winning a Lose/Lose War: How to lose battles and gain sympathizers.

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