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Bringing us closer to Big Government, socialized medicine, one ruling at a time. Because the VA is working so well…  “Isn’t this wonderful?

More than half of privately insured women are getting free birth control under President Barack Obama’s health law, a major coverage shift that’s likely to advance.

…The share of privately insured women who got their birth control pills without a copayment jumped to 56 percent [in 2013], from 14 percent in 2012. The law’s requirement that most health plans cover birth control as prevention, at no additional cost to women, took full effect in 2013.

The average annual saving for women was $269.


And what of the myriad other health problems we all face? If the socialist camel has gotten his nose in the tent regarding women’s reproductive care, why shouldn’t his whole body and then a whole herd of camels follow? The answer is, of course, that universal “free” coverage has always been the intention of the left. And getting the birth control mandate in there slyly and secretly was the way to go, because Obamacare probably would never have been passed if its designers and proponents had been upfront and put it in the statute itself.” Birth control: it’s free!

I am shocked, as this is from our very own uber-Leftist Arizona Republic! Their determined resistance is beginning to tell its own suspicious story. If Lerner dodges Congress again, despite immunity, there is always the special prosecutor route. It may be the only way to make sure this episode is never repeated, by administrations of either party.” Our View: Republicans have two choices to get to bottom of IRS scandal: Immunity for Lerner or a special prosecutor. Maybe both

Aren’t we ever so lucky? We have two and one half years more of this man. “While Obama did not create the uber-presidency, he has pushed it to a new level of autonomy and authority. It is a model that Democrats may soon regret. Just as Obama has unilaterally rewritten federal laws and ordered the nonenforcement of others, the next President could use the same authority to gut environmental or employment discrimination laws. An uber-President is only liberating when he is your uber-President. [Snip] President Obama’s taunt will no doubt be answered in kind. Indeed, the House is preparing just such a lawsuit. And so, our national politics have finally descended to the politics of the schoolyard playground. However, unlike on the playground, presidential taunts have constitutional consequences.” Obama’s irresponsible taunt: ‘So sue me,’ he dares

The “most well-traveled, expensive president in our history.” “In 2013 alone, President Obama incurred $7,396,531 in flight expenses for his family vacations to Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard, as well as a trip to California to appear on the Jay Leno show. “The Obamas are abusing the public trust and the taxpayers with unnecessary luxurious vacations and travel,”  Fitton said in a press release. “These staggering costs show why these documents were covered up and we had to sue in federal court to get them. Another transparency fail for the Obama gang.” The Obamas Have Spent Over $44,351,777.12 In Taxpayer Cash On Travel


Obama’s war on America working exactly as intended. “The view of Americans across the board that the United States is No. 1 in the world has dropped in just the last three years, with Democrats and younger Americans especially believing that the nation, while among the greatest, does not stand above the rest, according to a new survey. A new Pew Research Center report timed for Independence Day found that just 28 percent believe that the U.S. “stands above all other countries in the world,” 58 percent say it is ‘one of the greatest countries in the world, along with some others,” and 12 percent said that there are other countries “that are better.’” Pew: 28% think US is #1

America as we know it cannot continue as long as we are not willing to fight for her. “There are signs that Americans have become too comfortable for freedom. In one area after another, they turn to government to eliminate all risk.” Freedom requires risk to endure: Examiner Editorial


Don’t worry! The government is on the case. “Along with piteous pictures of children flooding across our borders and being distributed across the country courtesy of US taxpayers come disease vectors. Maybe flying them around to various parts of the country isn’t the smartest idea. NBC News reports:

A border patrol agent was diagnosed with scabies after processing undocumented immigrants in Otay Mesa, California, the agent’s union representative said. Ronald Zermeno, health and safety director for the National Border Control Council union, said the agent told him that he observed several people with open sores while screening them in preparation to be released to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Scabies is caused by a mite that burrows into skin and lays eggs, causing an intense itching and rash, according to theCenters for Disease Control and Prevention.” It’s happening: Border Patrol personnel infected by illegal immigrant flood

“I think Obama’s madness is beginning to have serious blowback.” Click on over to view the map. “Drudge is reporting that the California and Texas militias are heading to the border. Dick Durbin (a Dream Act sponsor) just blocked the aliens from being transported to Illinois. And here’s a map showing where they are being transported to, which states have blocked such moves and urging people to get their Congressmen to block moves to their states.” Blowback from Obama’s Border Madness

Unreal… They’re here illegally but they get to pick “where they wish to settle.” Emphasis mine. “The 240,000 strong-group largely consists of many mothers and young children, most of whom are now being flown and bussed to destinations near where they wish to settle. That new 240,000 number was included in the seventh paragraph of a 24-paragraph article. Few of the illegal immigrants are high-school graduates, or have skills that would allow them to earn more than they cost to federal, state and local taxpayers.” Border Meltdown: Obama Delivering 290,000 Illegals To U.S. Homes

Big Government

Another episode of the Federal Government’s “You Didn’t Build That.” “The Environmental Protection Agency is planning to expand its jurisdiction over the nation’s waterways under the Clean Water Act to include ditches, small streams, ponds, and other purely local waterways. [Snip] Private property owners are better stewards of their land than government agencies because they have a vested stake in improving their property and keeping it productive. There are numerous examples of the “tragedy of the commons.” Eroding private property rights and giving government more power is bad for both the cause of freedom and the sake of the environment.” Forget Farm Owners, The EPA Is Drafting A Rule To Claim Control Over Local Waterways Like Ditches And Streams


Pass the popcorn. The war between the Obamas and the Clintons heating up. “President Obama has quietly promised Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren complete support if she runs for president — a stinging rebuke to his nemesis Hillary Clinton, sources tell me. Publicly, Obama has remained noncommittal on the 2016 race, but privately he worries that Clinton would undo and undermine many of his policies. There’s also a personal animosity, especially with Bill Clinton, that dates from their tough race six years ago. A former Harvard law professor and administration aide, Warren would energize the left wing of the Democrat Party just as Obama did against Clinton in 2008. Thanks to her outspoken stand against big banks and the top 1 percent, Warren is the darling of progressives. She won her Senate seat thanks to millions of dollars in donations from outside Massachusetts, including from rich environmentalists and Hollywood celebrities.” This means Warren: Obama backs challenger to Hillary

“While it is no secret there is great animosity between Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, dating to the charge of racism back in the South Carolina primary race in 2008, I m somewhat skeptical of Klein’s anonymous sources here. While Warren is more left wing than Hillary, I strongly doubt Klein’s assertion that Obama is worried Hillary would repeal much of his legacy. Nevertheless, I hope this report is true. I would love to see a brawl between Clinton and Warren break out. It would be great to observe how well an Obama endorsement works out for Warren. A lot of Senate candidates this year don’t seem too eager for one.” Report: Obama secretly urging Elizabeth Warren to challenge Hillary

Hobby Lobby

The truth. “Lost in the sound and fury coming from the left in reaction to the Supreme Court’s decision in Hobby Lobby is this point, made in a letter to the San Francisco Chronicle by Emmett C. Stanton:

People choose to forget that when Obamacare passed so narrowly, it was in large part because the administration misled pro-life Democrats about its abortion and abortifacient coverage.

The legislation never would have passed if the regulation that the Department of Health and Human Services later imposed on employers had been included in the law itself. And, needless to say, Obamacare never would have passed if Congress had honestly chosen to exempt it from the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which it had the unquestioned power to do.” LEGISLATION TRUMPS ADMINISTRATIVE REGULATION, LEFT IRATE

“In any event, like most of the breezy, ill-considered language in this 2000-page law, great discretion was given to the unelected secretary of HHS and Sebelius quickly acted to make sure the pro-abortion crowd, increasingly unpopular with voters, had the upper hand. She appointed a 15-member committee, eleven of whom  “demonstrate a more than casual commitment to the furthering of the abortion lobby” and unsurprisingly, the group issued a report  that “not only favored contraception, but indicated that surgical abortion coverage would have been a viable candidate, had federal law not stood in  their way.” It was this committee’s report — not a Congressional decision — which HHS used in mandating that employers provide coverage for 20 kinds of birth control for women, including 4 which are abortifacients, devices which lead to the destruction of fertilized eggs.” Let’s Build a Stairway to Alberta

A lawyer attempts to set the record straight. “Impressed by the ill-informed hysterical reaction that my “real me” Facebook friends had to the Hobby Lobbydecision, I explained to them that the decision is very narrow and will not (a) ban contraceptives across America and (b) lead to anti-gay lynch mobs. Here’s a slightly revised version of my Facebook post, which still failed to satisfy their paranoia and inability to understand the law.  I’ve also added a little hypothetical that might open their minds.  (No, don’t say it.  It’s improbable, but not impossible, that a DemProg mind can open). The Hobby Lobby decisionaddresses one thing only:  whether an administrative rule conflicts with a long-standing law. In 1993, a Democrat Congress passed, and a Democrat president signed, the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act (“RFRA”). RFRA holds in relevant part that the federal government may act in a way that substantially burdens the exercise of religion only if it can establish that its action is the least restrictive means of advancing a compelling government interest. Nothing in the Act distinguishes between individuals and corporations. The administrative rule at issue is the edict from Health and Human Services (“HHS”) mandating that all corporations affected byObamacare must provide their female employees with unlimited access to all contraceptives available on the market.” Hobby Lobby: Trying to get DemProgs to understand what it means


“Once more in the Middle East, Barack Obama is looking to blame others for a mess that has grown since 2009. But mostly he just wants out of the lose-lose region at any cost and wishes that someone would just make all the bad things go away.” How Obama Lost the Middle East: The president put politics and ideology ahead of preserving hard-won gains in the region.

“Team Obama was told, over and over, that the Iraqi army couldn’t stop a terror group that was ready to pounce. But Washington was a prisoner to its paradox of an Iraq policy.” Why The White House Ignored All Those Warnings About ISIS

The Left

The ARROGANT Left believes it can play God. “Listening to today’s progressives, you get the impression that we are on the inexorable path to utopia. People are more tolerant and accepting than ever before. Abortion and birth control are readily available. Sex selection of the unborn is on the rise. Marriage has ceased being a sacred bond and is becoming a catch-all term for any contract agreed to by one or more persons. As government takes over more swaths of the economy, promises of material abundance keep escaping the mouths of politicians. The implicit goal in all of this progress is total domination over nature by man. Poverty, sickness, intolerance, ugliness — the left wants nothing to be left to chance or God’s hands. The power to mold the future so that it fits one grand vision is the Holy Grail of progressivism. [Snip] The difference between the man who sees reality as living truth and the man who must control all external factors is surrender and pride. Those who surrender accept the path given, and find joy along the way. Those who have the overwhelming need for control — and are prideful enough to believe they can succeed — end up destroying what nature provides. They pull reality’s various poles together, flattening the landscape until they are left with nothing.” Progressives at War with Reality


Working exactly as intended. “The IRS is trying to stop employers from dumping their workers in the exchanges by threatening fines of up to $36,500 per worker. But that fine only applies if an employer tries to subsidize his worker’s exchange coverage with untaxed income. So firms can still offload their employees onto the exchanges — and even cover a portion of their premiums, as long as they do so with income that’s taxed like regular wages. The IRS may not want employers to dump their workers into the exchanges. But the law’s architects seem to want them to. Former Obama health adviser Ezekiel Emanuel predicts that within the next three years, “a few big, blue-chip companies will announce their intention to stop providing health insurance. . . Then the floodgates will open.” By 2025, he estimates, fewer than one in five Americans will get insurance through work. Another Obama ally, MIT economist Jonathan Gruber, recently admitted that employer-sponsored insurance isn’t long for this world, calling it “a crumbling building.” How ObamaCare will kill job-based plans

The Fourth Estate buries the truth AGAIN. “Bias: You’d think that a government audit showing how ObamaCare couldn’t tell whether millions of enrollees were eligible for the subsidies they’re getting would be front-page news. Instead, the press hid it from view. If you wanted to read in the New York Times about these findings — which detailed rampant problems verifying eligibility and income information from millions of ObamaCare applicants — you had to dig 17 pages into the news section. [Snip] For anyone who’s covering ObamaCare fairly, you couldn’t miss the significance of the findings made in two separate HHS inspector general reports. Basically, the reports revealed widespread and systemic failure to prevent costly mistakes, like enrolling people who aren’t citizens, or paying too much in subsidies. The IG found, for example, that the ObamaCare “data hub” — which was supposed to instantly verify an applicants’ income, citizenship status, employer coverage and other key data by searching existing federal databases — routinely failed to do so. When it wasn’t suffering outages, the hub’s data were often “not current or accurate.” In one case cited by the IG, it listed some infants and children as being in jail. By the time open enrollment ended in April, 4 million “inconsistencies” had piled up, of which the administration claims to have resolved only about 400,000.” Truth Buried — Again

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