News You Can Use for July 1

Let's all find our voices, and stand up to the tyranny of our current government.

Let’s all find our voices, and stand up to the tyranny of our current government.

Stories of the Day

Emphasis mine. “I imagine the horrified shrieks that rose from the streets outside the Supreme Court on Monday as the decision in the Hobby Lobby case began to filter out into the crowd of liberal observers was reminiscent of those poor souls who watched helplessly as the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire claimed the lives of 146 young, female garment workers. In fact, the similarities are eerie. It seems that liberal commentators have convinced themselves that, just as was the case in 1911, the courts and the country have deemed women to be of lesser value than their male counterparts. The distinction between these two eras, of course, is that while that argument could be supported in 1911, it exists only in the heads of progressives in 2014.” The left loses their minds over Hobby Lobby decision

Emphasis mine. “In the Left’s fantasy world, the militant Christians at Hobby Lobby police single female employees to assure that they have not engaged in sinful, pre-marital sex. As for married women, Hobby Lobby deprives them of birth control so that each can deliver a new baby every nine months, for God’s glory, just like in the Old Testament. Liberals are living in a cartoon of their own making. Again, Hobby Lobby’s health plan pays for birth-control pills, vaginal rings, contraceptive patches, and other items to help female employees plan their pregnancies. The Left’s arguments to the contrary are — surprise, surprise — lies.” Hobby Lobby Actually Lavishes Contraception Coverage on Its Employees

Saying and doing whatever they need to, at any given time, to stay in favor with the folks that keep them in power. “First “don’t ask, don’t tell,” then DOMA, now RFRA: Precisely how many statutes signed by Bill Clinton are the Clintons currently horrified by?” Bad news: Hillary deeply disturbed that Supreme Court upheld statute signed into law by her husband

“Beyond feminist identity politics, Hillary’s appeal derives from nostalgia of her husband’s two terms and the good feelings they engender to moderates and the left. (The ’90s: The Last Great Decade? is the title of an upcoming miniseries on the National Geographic cable TV channel. Coincidental timing? I would tend to doubt it.) But economically, those good times relied entirely on Bill’s eventual rejection of the far left corporatism (read: liberal fascism) that Hillary, Al Gore, Obama and Elizabeth Warren all wallow in. Not to mention the arrival of a Republican Congress that allowed Bill to govern as the moderate he ran as in 1992, after his own Obama-esque collectivist floundering in his first two years in office culminating in the Hillarycare flameout. What’s the sense of supporting Clinton when she’s rejected everything her husband’s administration stood for? Other than pure identity politics. And if identity politics is all that you’re left with, why not go with someone who practices that dark art much more skillfully than Hillary? (And like Obama in 2007 and 2008, has far left historical baggage dragging her down.)” A Hillary Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand!

If you missed it, you should watch it. Click on over. “She charged on, barely letting O’Reilly get a word in, focusing on former United States Secretary of Health And Human Services Kathleen Sebelius: American women “were buying their own [birth control]; for the past 20 years and beyond, they’ve been buying their own. And then what happened was we passed Obamacare. And then Kathleen Sebelius had some of her HHS minions go down in the basement and write a regulation that said as part of Obamacare, you have to cover 20 out of 20 birth-control drugs — 20 out of 20. And then women like Sandra Fluke started saying, ‘I’m entitled. Oh my God, I didn’t realize how victimized I was all those years when I was paying for it on my own.’” Megyn Kelly Takes On Sandra Fluke [VIDEO]

The feel good story of the year. “Five years ago, Harris was an unpretentious Illinois homemaker with no background in political activism when the SEIU knocked on her front door in an attempt to get her to join the union. She participates in a state-funded home caregiver program for the mentally disabled that Gov. Pat Quinn, a Democrat, had recently declared eligible for collective bargaining. She said no, but the state and SEIU refused to take that for an answer. Both assumed that she could be prodded into joining. What could one woman who needed the program to be able to take care of her developmentally disabled son do, anyway? Plenty, it turns out. Harris saw the effort as an intrusion and fought it every step of the way. First, she organized the union’s defeat in a 2009 mail-in election. Then she challenged the declaration all the way to the Supreme Court.” How a suburban homemaker humbled Illinois and Big Labor


The percentage should be higher, but we’ll take what we can get. “The public largely blames President Obama for the flood of children who have poured over the border in recent weeks, creating a growing humanitarian crisis, according to the latest IBD/TIPP Poll released Monday.” 59% of Public Blame Obama for Children and Toddlers Crossing Border Into US

Big Government

This story should be above the fold, headline news. But it won’t because Obama is a Democrat. “Though President Obama vowed to run the most transparent administration in history, his White House has quietly empowered itself to censor or delay the release of information in ways that not even Richard Nixon envisioned during the Watergate scandal, according to federal workers on the front lines of processing open records requests. The workers, who spoke to The Washington Times only on the condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal, said that an April 15, 2009, memo from White House Counsel Gregory Craig to all federal agencies has slowed, and in some cases nixed, the public release of government documents that would have been released under prior administrations. It also has given the White House the ability to track in real time who is asking for derogatory information about the Obama administration, the workers said.” Worse than Nixon? Obama White House accused of hiding public information: Memo conflicts with Obama transparency promise

Global Warming

Speaking truth to power—can we get find more like him, please?! “’You can’t get any clearer proof of NOAA adjusting past temperatures,” Watts wrote. “This isn’t just some issue with gridding, or anomalies, or method, it is about NOAA not being able to present historical climate information of the United States accurately.” “In one report they give one number, and in another they give a different one with no explanation to the public as to why,” Watts continued. “This is not acceptable. It is not being honest with the public. It is not scientific. It violates the Data Quality Act.”  [Snip] “This constant change from year to year of what is or is not the hottest month on record for the USA is not only unprofessional and embarrassing for NOAA, it’s bullshit of the highest order,” Watts wrote. “It can easily be solved by NOAA stopping the unsupportable practice of adjusting temperatures of the past so that the present looks different in context with the adjusted past and stop making data for weather stations that have long since closed.’” NOAA Reinstates July 1936 As The Hottest Month On Record


Please pray for the families who lost their teenage sons. “The Israeli Air Force carried out what it called “precision strikes” on 34 “terror targets” in the Gaza Strip overnight, and a Palestinian from the group Hamas was shot dead when he threw a grenade at forces carrying out an arrest raid, as tensions soared after the discovery of the bodies of three Israeli teenagers who were kidnapped in the West Bank earlier in June. The man killed Tuesday was the first casualty since the bodies were found. The Israeli Defense Forces said the strikes were in response to rockets being launched earlier into Israel from Gaza.The waves of rockets from Gaza and IDF retaliations have picked up since the teens were kidnapped and the Israeli crackdown began.” Israel Strikes 34 ‘Terror Targets’ in Gaza After Bodies of Israeli Teens Found

Sick. Very sick. “The mother of one of the suspected killers says she’s proud of her murderer son. Israel National News reported:


The mother of one of the Hamas kidnappers who the IDF has identified as being behind the June 12 abduction of three Israeli teens has spoken out, both denying his involvement yet saying if he is behind the abduction “I’ll be proud of him till my final day.” Mother of Hamas Kidnapper: “I’ll Be Proud of Him Till My Final Day”

As a mother, I don’t understand. “As for the Palestinians and their inveterate sympathizers in the West, perhaps they should note that a culture that too often openly celebrates martyrdom and murder is not fit for statehood, and that making excuses for that culture only makes it more unfit. Postwar Germany put itself through a process of moral rehabilitation that began with a recognition of what it had done. Palestinians who want a state should do the same, starting with the mothers.” Where are the Palestinian Mothers?

This is what a cultural of hate does to people. “Muslims today attacked the ambulance carrying the bodies of three kidnapped and murdered Israeli teens.
Algemeiner reported:

Palestinian Arabs attacked an Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) ambulance humvee on Monday that was transporting the recently discovered bodies of three murdered Israeli boys who were kidnapped on June 12, an Israeli source told The Algemeiner.” BARBARIANS: Palestinians Attack IDF Ambulance Carrying Bodies of Dead Kidnapped Israeli Teens

The Left

I refuse to call anyone who votes Democrat a liberal. In my book, they’re all Leftists. “Making a clear distinction between liberals and progressives will help break down a Manichaean view of politics that afflicts the nation. Too many of us see those on the other side as not just misguided but evil. The solution is not a generalized “Can’t we all just get along” non-judgmentalism. Some political differences are too great for that. But liberalism as I want to use the term encompasses a set of views that can be held by people who care as much about America’s exceptional heritage as I do. Conservatives’ philosophical separation from that kind of liberalism is not much wider than the philosophical separation among the various elements of the right. If people from different political planes on the right can talk to each other, as they do all the time, so should they be able to talk to people on the liberal left, if we start making a distinction between liberalism and progressivism. To make that distinction is not semantic, but a way of realistically segmenting the alterations to the political landscape that the past half-century has brought us.” The Trouble Isn’t Liberals. It’s Progressives: Not everyone on the left wants to quash dissent or indulge President Obama’s abuses of executive power.

Mainstream Media

This is one of the reasons why I love Hugh Hewitt. “Until colliding with Mr. Carter I had never thought to ask if a young journalist who presumed to comment on the war on terror if he or she had ever heard of A.Q. Kahn.  I assumed…we”l, there’s the rub.  I always assume that young journalists would not dare opine on the war without a basic knowledge of the existential threat at its core, and the origins of that threat. Perhaps a college newspaper editorialist would do so, but not a “senior political economy reporter” for a major political outlet like HuffPo. I was wrong. And that’s why I ask the questions I do.  To expose the utter ignorance at the core of so much of the left.  Not their rottenness.  I often say their is a difference between “rotten” and “wrong,” and I believe that.  Some on the left are wild-eyed fanatics and awful people. But most of the lefties I engage with seem perfectly pleasant if also wildly ill-informed and, yes, lazy. It is hard work to read widely and broadly, and on both sides of the political aisle.  Time consuming.  Not very fun actually. But necessary.  If you intend to be taken seriously.  More importantly, if you intend the country to endure.  Most journalists go into the business because they are idealists of one sort or another and they love the whole “first draft of history” stuff.  What journalists collectively do is crucial, because lousy reporting leads to lousy voting, the consequences we see now on full display across the globe.” Why Embarrass Journalists?

The Republican Party

They HAD BETTER wake up. “Slowly but surely, Washington is waking up to the idea that the current surge in populism is not some flash in the pan, but a real and sustained trend in politics on the right and left. Distrust and frustration with an economic and political system that rewards, defends, and bails out the wealthy, powerful, and well-connected while leaving the middle and working class to get squeezed by stagnant wages and the higher costs of the basic staples of life, has made things which were once considered humdrum politics as usual suddenly controversial.” How The Populist Assault On Cronyism Draws New Battle Lines

Our side can still reach them. “Nonetheless, bad as it may appear, the Left has succeeded largely because they have done a better job at outreach and marketing of lesser ideas. Latinos have not rejected conservative principles, but have endured a distortion of conservative ideas – a hatchet job perpetrated by the liberal left. Worse yet, they have endured an absence of a conversation about the virtues and true intentions of conservative, market-based ideas – a dereliction of duty perpetrated by the conservative right.” Latino electorate at a crossroads

What the hell? “It’s going to be a little more difficult to ferret out which members of Congress are lavished with all-expenses-paid trips around the world after the House has quietly stripped away the requirement that such privately sponsored travel be included on lawmakers’ annual financial-disclosure forms. The move, made behind closed doors and without a public announcement by the House Ethics Committee, reverses more than three decades of precedent. Gifts of free travel to lawmakers have appeared on the yearly financial form dating back its creation in the late 1970s, after the Watergate scandal. National Journaluncovered the deleted disclosure requirement when analyzing the most recent batch of yearly filings. “This is such an obvious effort to avoid accountability,” said Melanie Sloan, executive director of the watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. ‘There’s no legitimate reason. There’s no good reason for it.’” Congress Quietly Deletes a Key Disclosure of Free Trips Lawmakers Take: House Ethics reverses decades of precedent as lobbyist-sponsored lawmaker travel expands.

President Obama

“Maybe a couple games of golf would cheer him up – he’s nearing 180 rounds; could he get to 200 by the end of July.” “Plenty of Presidents who weren’t constitutional law professors managed to get through 8 years in the White House without violating the Constitution as many times as Obama has done in the past 10 days. And not only is he doing it repeatedly, but flagrantly.” Liberal Professor Gives 4 Reasons Obama Admin ‘Probably Doesn’t Want to Get Out of Bed This Week’

Real Messiahs don’t fail, and pass blame. “In Obama’s most recent — and embarrassing — public whine, he lashed out at the once-obsequious press. In his now customary first-person I/me/my/mine lament (e.g., “They don’t do anything, except block me and call me names. . . . If they were more interested in growing the economy for you and the issues that you are talking about instead of trying to mess with me, we would be doing a lot better. . . . The critics, the cynics in Washington, they’ve written me off more times than I can count.”), he lambasted the partisan culture of Washington. He lashed out at the Tea Party, the House Republicans, his opponents in general, and all those who would unreasonably oppose his blanket amnesties, his climate-change taxes and regulations, the shutdown of the Keystone-pipeline project, Obamacare, and $9 trillion in new debt.” Don’t Mess with Messiahs

“With the Obama presidency lying in ashes, and with liberalism itself terribly damaged, an opportunity exists. Who on the right will seize it?” “Today respect for government’s authority has never been lower, and the American people cannot be happy with this state of affairs or with themselves. In the wake of the Obama era, where expectations were raised to such dizzying heights, only to collapse into ruins, the public will be understandably wary about the next person promising to heal the planet and repair the world, who claims the power to halt the rise of the ocean tides, who says that this time will be different than all the rest and declares that “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” (To remind yourself of the stratospheric expectations set by Mr. Obama, I’d urge you to watch this short clip of Obama in 2008.)” The Obama Era and the Collapse of Trust in Our Governing Institutions

He IS a real piece of work. And there appears that there is no way to stop him, at the moment anyway. “This Barack Obama is a real piece of work. As the nation’s alleged leader, he manufactures crises, like a good Alinsky Acolyte would. As the commander-in-chief of the United States, he ignores problems, allowing them to fester until they become serial crises that he then employs to distract a lazy media and public attention from all the other crises. It’s become the M.O. of B.O.. And, folks, it doesn’t look to get any better in the 933 endless days left until he and his mother-in-law move out of their free government housing.” How Obama plays us time and time again

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