News You Can Use for June 18

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Stories of the Day

Click on over to find out where you should live, if you wish to live with like-minded folks. Apparently, within the state of Arizona, I should be living in Rio Verde.  I wouldn’t mind! “Last week’s Pew Research Center report detailing the partisanship that increasingly defines American life showed the average American is much more likely to choose to live near people of similar ideological bents. Liberals like living in urban areas, within walking distance of shops and neighbors. Conservatives prefer the wide-open spaces outside the city that puts more distance between themselves and the next-closest house. But once you’ve identified the state in which you want to live, who’s going to tell you which Zip codes are best for your ideological leanings? Leave that to the good folks at Clarity Campaign Labs.” Where your ideology says you should live

Since it’s over, can we elect a new one? “As Chuck Todd tells Morning Joe, “This is the public saying your presidency is over.” NBC/WSJ poll finds 54% have no confidence in Obama’s leadership

The low-information voters catching up to reality. “What was just a suspicion this spring has now become a clear national trend, confirmed by a series of new polling numbers: Americans’ faith in Barack Obama’s basic competence as president and commander-in-chief is crumbling beneath the weight of accumulating scandals, inept images and overseas crises in which Obama often seems surprised, unprepared, hesitant to act and easily out-maneuvered.” New polls confirm confidence in Obama collapses

Winging it. “If you’re not going to “win” in some definable sense, why bother to play? President Obama has no coherent definition of winning, no metric of what it means to be ahead.  The very notion of triumphing has somehow become evil. Instead he has raised process to an end it itself and plays a scoreless game in a world of local contexts.  His goal is merely to be perceived as ‘engaged’ and acting ‘responsibly’ — whatever that means. In consequence Obama is being led around by the nose in ever narrowing circles. The Washington Post notes European countries are selling arms to Russia while condemning it over Ukraine; the Pakistanis are ripping America off, charging it billions to defend their wretched government while playing a treacherous game. And now Obama is on both sides of the Sunni-Shi’a conflict.” The Pretzel Man

If you missed Megyn’s show last night, you must click on over and watch. She stated all that needs to be said.Megyn Kelly opened her show tonight tearing into the Obama White House for what increasingly looks like an “imploding” presidency, given scandal after scandal after scandal the White House has found itself engulfed in, both domestically and abroad.” Megyn Kelly: The Obama Presidency Is ‘Imploding’


Let them reap what they sow. “I’m glad it’s happening in NYC. In fact, I think it would be a good idea for any state experiencing this problem to put their “child migrants” on a bus to one of two destinations: New York City, and Washington DC. The White Liberal Urban Self-Proclaimed Elites in those cities are making this problem — they should be confronted with it, and forced to deal with it themselves. The White Liberal Urban Self-Proclaimed Elites are largely immunized against the pain and dislocations of their policies. In economic terms, their disastrous policies are negative externalities inflicted on everyone else, but rarely they themselves. We must do everything possible to push these externalities, these policy consequences, on to their shoulders, where they belong.” “Child Migrants” Surge into NYC, Overwhelming the System

Common Core

We need more of these “We the People” moments. “In short, the four moms fought the proverbial city hall and won. “Look at Eric Cantor, seriously,” White suggested. ‘Some guy who had $300,000 beat him. You don’t think that kind of thing is possible when people have had enough?’” The Oklahoma Common Core Four: How a group of motivated mothers navigated a political swamp and repealed Common Core.

Hillary Clinton

Let’s hope she decides to just stay home to be full time grandmother. But, if she bows out, according to Laura Ingraham this morning, this gives an opening to Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. And she could pose a HUGE problem for Republicans as a result of her populist rhetoric. Maybe we shouldn’t be too hard on Hillary afterall–until after the primaries. “5) The country wants real change. America was mesmerized by Obama’s call for change in 2008. It was one of the narratives that propelled him over Hillary in the first place. Eight years later, Obama has failed to deliver much of what he promised on uniting the country and changing business as usual in Washington. As a result an even stronger populist, anti-establishment, anti-incumbent fervor is coursing through the electorate. That does not bode well for Hillary Clinton, who embodies the elite establishment — and the past. If the famed Clinton political acumen still exists in that family, Hillary will figure this out and take a pass on 2016.” 5 Reasons Hillary Won’t Run

Changing her tune. “In her appearance on CNN yesterday, Hillary Clinton said there are still too many unanswered questions about the Benghazi attacks. “I’m still looking for answers because it was a confusing and difficult time,” she declared. But Clinton hasn’t always been so inquisitive. In January 2013, responding to questions from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about what caused the attacks, Clinton famously responded, “What difference does it make?” In all likelihood, that response better reflects her true feelings than the line she’s taking now, as she looks to further her presidential prospects. Clinton may be “looking for answers,” but not to the question of what happened in Benghazi.” HILLARY CLINTON: STILL LOOKING FOR ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS THAT “MAKE NO DIFFERENCE”

The REAL nightmare will be a Hillary presidency. “Hillary’s book tour is becoming a nightmare for her, a glimpse of just how wheedling, needling, schoolmarmish her presidency would be –one long cliched lecture on how to live like she thinks you should live.  President Obama’s third term, in other words, with none of the fun sports teams events. Four moments stood out in the CNN love-fest with Christiane Amanpour (transcript here) who actually seemed to run out of questions and really and truly asked Hillary if voting should be made mandatory in America, an expression of the inner social engineer which was not immediately swatted down by the would-be future president as an affront to the basic idea of liberty which animates the Declaration and Constitution.” The Hillary Gaffe-athon: “We cannot let a minority of people — and that’s what it is, it is a minority of people — hold a viewpoint that terrorizes the majority of people. “

I tried to watch, but I just couldn’t. “Tellingly, Clinton seems to have had a better time of it at Fox than on certain lefty outlets. In part, this is probably down to Fox’s desire to “play nice” (and Baier probably is nice). But I also think it reflects this deeper reality: the left fears that it is stuck with Clinton, and strongly resents it; the right will be free to shoot at Clinton for the duration and feels no urgent need to come out with both guns blazing at this early juncture.” HILLARY DOES FOX

The hypocrisy that exists on the Left continues to shock me. “Well, well, well.  The Hillary-Obama plan would have substantially lowered the exemption threshold to ensnare more people, in addition to hiking the rate even higher than it became after 2013′s fiscal cliff deal.  Fair shares, and all that.  But the Clintons’ wealth is different.  They’re more than happy to take advantage of financial planning strategies to shield as many of their assets from the federal government’s grasp as possible — or “evading taxes” as she called it in the clip above.  It seems as though Mrs. Clinton’s comfort level with being fabulously wealthy is on the rise, even as average Americans’ incomes declined during the recession, then flat-lined.  Maybe “massive inherited wealth” isn’t such a bad thing after all…if the beneficiaries are uniquely worthy, that is.  Like, say, Chelsea and family.  (Not that Chelsea has been hurting financially).  Plus, why should Uncle Sam get his grubby fingers on any more of this cash than he already has?  After all, as Hillary noted with Dianne Sawyer, she and her husband have already had to work twice as hard to amass their fortune because of all the existing taxes on the books.  It’s almost as if she thinks that a second round of taxation on her money would be unfair, so she’s paying high-powered accountants to protect as much of it as possible.  But what about all of those critical “investments” she urged so passionately on the campaign trail? Not to worry, those will be funded by others.  She’ll see to it when she’s president.” Surprise: Clintons exploiting loopholes to bypass high estate taxes — which they strongly support, natch


In 2011 the Dem’s were saying that Iraq was one of Obama’s great achievements. Now, it’s Bush’s fault. Which is it Dems? “Sorry, but this is a mess of President Obama’s making. When Obama took office he inherited a pacified Iraq, where the terrorists had been defeated both militarily and ideologically. Militarily, thanks to Bush’s surge, coupled with the Sunni Awakening, al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI, now the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS) was driven from the strongholds it had established in Anbar and other Iraqi provinces. It controlled no major territory, and its top leader — Abu Musab al-Zarqawi — had been killed by U.S. Special Operations forces.” Obama’s Iraq disaster


So did all of these folk’s computers crash at the same time?  “Two top Republicans said Tuesday that in addition to Lois G. Lerner’s emails, the IRS appears to also have lost records from six other agency employees involved in the tea party targeting scandal.” GOP: IRS lost emails go beyond Lerner

Drip, drip, drip. “’One final comment that this particular guy made, he said if there was a cover-up here — let’s just assume for the sake of argument that maybe something went wrong — he said laws have been broken during an alleged coverup that are much easier to prove than the original act, some poor IT schmuck, if you get him under oath, he will fold like a cheap suit, and I do feel like there is some truth to that. So if you call in the IT professionals who supposedly reported the crash and went after the irretrievable material and found they couldn’t be found I think you’d probably get the truth; and maybe the truth is nothing more than what the IRS says, but it’s just strange that they kept the subpoena and official request from Congress for 7-10 months without mentioning it that the emails don’t exist or are that they were gone. And it also then would be exposing a huge vulnerability in our federal computers if indeed data has been irretrievably lost by this. Remember, but the IRS is part of, if the IRS system can indeed be so vulnerable that some sort of crash can lose all kind of important data like this, what does t say about the federal system?’” Attkisson On Missing IRS Documents: If The Emails Really Are Lost, ‘That’s Quite A Story In Itself’

Remember, the government can do whatever it wants, and that should scare you. “The federal government swooped into Gibson Guitar’s Tennessee headquarters in August 2011, with armed agents, and shut the company down temporarily. The suspected crime was using illegally imported wood. Not a particularly important crime, yet the government treated it as if it was a clear and present danger to the republic. No charges have even been filed in that case. In the case of the IRS, the suspected crime is weaponizing government against citizens who exercised their rights as such. That is a clear and present threat to the republic. There is an active cover-up happening right now in the very heart of the IRS. It’s time for a raid, a round-up, and trials.” Six More IRS Targeting Scandal Figures’ Emails have Disappeared

Emphasis mine.The scale of the wrongdoing is staggering. Targeting Americans for criminal investigation without evidence, attempting to enlist multiple federal agencies in the effort, selective audits, selective disclosures of confidential documents, selective questioning and delays of nonprofit applicants — all in the service of suppressing dissent. At the ACLJ, I’m one of the attorneys in our litigation — on behalf of 41 conservative groups in 22 states — against the IRS and key IRS officials. As of today, we’re putting the DOJ, FEC, and even key Democratic senators on notice: They’re bound by law to preserve any communications with IRS officials that would be discoverable in our lawsuit. The administration’s misconduct and its cover-up are so brazen, so contemptuous of common sense and the truth, that they will — once and for all — put the media and the Left to the test: When it comes to this administration, does the rule of law matter at all? Does the truth matter at all? Or is it all about ideology now? I know how they’ll respond, and I fear for the future of our democracy. They fight us today — by virtually any means necessary — so their government of the Left, by the Left, and for the Left shall not perish from the Earth.No Wonder the IRS Is ‘Losing’ E-mails: It Was Trying to Throw Innocent Conservatives in Jail

“Few people are talking about it and almost no one cares.” “The 18½ minutes of destroyed evidence had a galvanizing effect on an already galvanized national scandal. Rose Mary Woods was hauled before a grand jury, questioned, derided, called a pawn in a criminal coverup. She endured for the rest of her life what the New York Times in its obituary called a “hideous, disfiguring fame.” And Richard Nixon’s government of course came crashing down, as did he. Why is this pertinent? Because the Obama administration is experiencing what appears to be its own Eighteen-and-a-Half Minute moment. In a truly stunning development in the Internal Revenue Service scandal, the agency last week informed Congress that more than two years’ of Lois Lerner’s email communications with those outside that agency—from 2009 to 2011, meaning the key years at the heart of the targeting-of-conservatives scandal—have gone missing. Quite strangely. The IRS says it cannot locate them. The reason is that Lerner’s computer crashed. What are the implications of this claim? It means no one can see any emails Lerner sent to or received from other agencies and individuals, including the White House and members of Congress. And what is amazing—not surprising, but amazing—is that if my experience of normal human conversation the past few days is any guide, very few people are talking about it and almost no one cares.” A Tale of Two Scandals


Spreading the wealth. “The large subsidies for health insurance that helped fuel the successful drive to sign up some 8 million Americans for coverage under the Affordable Care Act may push the cost of the law considerably above current projections, a new federal report indicates. Nearly 9 in 10 Americans who bought health coverage on the federal government’s healthcare marketplaces received government assistance to offset their premiums. That assistance helped lower premiums for consumers who bought health coverage on the federal marketplaces by 76% on average, according to the new report from the Department of Health and Human Services. Premiums that normally would have cost $346 a month on average instead cost consumers just $82, with the federal government picking up the balance of the bill.” Obamacare subsidies push cost of health law above projections

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