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Based on what I've been reading lately, I believe this to be so.
Based on what I’ve been reading lately, I believe this to be so.

Stories of the Day

Something all of us grassroots conservatives must be aware of… Emphasis mine.  “During the first weekend in April, Republican leaders in the House and Senate held a retreat with the Republican Main Street Partnership on Florida’s Amelia Island. No ordinary conservative political powwow, the meeting brought together establishment Republicans and leftist-supported advocacy groups, whose shared interests include neutralizing the conservative grassroots movement and passing legislative items on the Left’s agenda. The meeting was hosted at the Ritz Carlton by the Republican Main Street Partnership’s offshoot “Main Street Advocacy.” Former Ohio Congressman and left-wing Republican Steve LaTourette fronts the group. How left-wing?  In 2013, Yahoo reported that LaTourette was ready to drop the word “Republican” from the Republican Main Street Partnership and accept Democrats into the fold. A month later, he partially backed off, insisting the group wouldn’t support Democrats even if it changed its name—while he still maintained the group would “work collaboratively with anybody who wants to find common sense solutions.” Yet in a series of articles for entities such as Politico, the Washington Post, and Newsweek, LaTourette made it clear that he sees conservatives as the primary source of congressional dysfunction. [Snip] Gohmert has his fellow Republicans pegged in that regard. “It is the height of arrogance to refuse to thank those who provided Republicans with the majority and the height of ignorance to think Republicans can keep the House majority and gain the Senate majority by destroying those same grass roots, all-American patriots,” he declared. “That is why George Soros groups and anti-Republican union groups are supporting the ‘Main Street’ establishment effort. It is also of utmost concern that current Republican leadership would be so blind as to support the effort of destroying their own base.” The Establishment Republican-Leftist Alliance

Based on the above article, I am pretty sure the establishment Republicans don’t want to do these things. “If Republicans wish to win — a big if — it’s time to stop the self-loathing, demand ObamaCare’s repeal and refuse to legalize millions of new Democrats.” GOP Again The Stupid — And Self-Destructive — Party

The author, a doctor, is a very brave man. “So when do we say damn the mandates and requirements from bureaucrats who are not in the healing profession? When do we stand up and say we are not going to take it any more?” A Doctor’s Declaration of Independence: It’s time to defy health-care mandates issued by bureaucrats not in the healing profession.

Apparently more Americans are becoming racists. “A new Washington Post-ABC News poll offers fresh evidence that Democrats are facing major enthusiasm problems within their base that make it difficult — if not impossible — for them to rebuild the winning coalition put together by President Obama in 2012. While nearly seven in 10 of all registered voters say they are “absolutely certain” to vote in November, several key Democratic constituencies are much less committed to voting. Barely half of voters ages 18 to 39 are certain about voting (53 percent) and 55 percent of non-whites describe themselves as certain to cast a ballot. By contrast, more than seven in 10 whites and voters older than 40 say they will definitely cast ballots — both groups that have favored Republicans in the past two elections.” The 2014 election is starting to look a lot like the 2010 election

November can’t get here quickly enough. “Gallup recently found that Barack Obama’s job-approval erosion had paused, but the White House gets worse news today in the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll. Obama’s job approval hit a new low, his issues approval ratings are cratering, and voters are looking to the GOP for answers as the midterm cycle approaches:

Obama’s approval rating fell to 41 percent, down from 46 percent through the first three months of the year and the lowest of his presidency in Post-ABC News polls. Just 42 percent approve of his handling of the economy, 37 percent approve of how he is handling the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and 34 percent approve of his handling of the situation involving Ukraine and Russia.” New WaPo/ABC poll puts Obama at new job-approval low of 41%

After November, “Obama can finally focus on his library.” “The Democrat can claim the economy is improving all he wants. Only 28% buy that line now, down nine points since Mitt Romney was not elected president. The unaffordable Affordable Care Act has lost support too, down five points in one month to 44%. Since he’s been overseas a lot this year and this month, maybe foreign affairs remain Obama’s forte. Well, actually not. For example, on Ukraine, which drew new administration sanctions on Russia Monday, Obama’s job approval is barely one-third, 34%. Perhaps most ominously for Obama’s second-term agenda — whatever that is — a majority of Americans now prefer a Congress completely controlled by Republicans.” Welcome back, Mr. President; Here’s your worst job approval ever

ABC/WaPo poll worse than it looks for D’s. “But here is the thing: these results are actually much worse than they appear, because the ABC/WaPo poll grossly over-sampled Democrats. [Snip] No one thinks that 11 percent more Democrats than Republicans will go to the polls in November. Most party preference polls are running around even these days, and probably about an equal number of self-described Republicans as Democrats will vote in November. At most, the Democrats could be +2 or +3. So if you take all of the numbers in the ABC/WaPo poll and shift them several points, at a minimum, in the GOP’s direction, what you see is the potential for a wipeout that could equal or exceed what happened in 2010.” THAT ABC/WAPO POLL IS EVEN WORSE FOR DEMS THAN IT LOOKS


Here’s more proof that Republicans are racist, and hate women! “Former Republican mayor of Saratoga Springs Mia Love didn’t waste much time after losing to incumbent Democratic Rep. Jim Matheson by fewer than 800 votes in 2012 to announce that she planned to try, try again to represent Utah’s 4th Congressional district, and then in December, Matheson announced that he was retiring from the seat. I missed this over the weekend, but Love did indeed secure the Republican nomination on Saturday — and since she’ll now be facing a non-incumbent in a district Romney took by a 37-point margin in 2012, the GOP is feeling pretty jazzed about her prospects.” She’s back: Mia Love clinches the Republican nomination in Utah’s 4th

I saw this guy being interviewed by Greta on Fox News and I was extremely impressed! “But to me, DeMaio’s story is different to because it crosses the line from opposition to outright sabotage. For instance, The Victory Fund, which is a group that says it supports any openly gay candidate, first told him that he couldn’t win when he was considering running for mayor in 2008 against the now disgraced former winner of that contest, Bob Filner. The Victory Fund not only declined to endorse DeMaio, it’s common knowledge in San Diego that it then gave his confidential campaign information to the Democrats and bragged about it. The Human Rights Campaign also has declined to endorse DeMaio in either his mayoral or congressional race. And so while DeMaio does the hard work of taking the heat in front of social conservative crowds and slowly winning them over, the LGBT community continues to pat itself on the back and give one another awards and accolades. Remind me, who’s working hardest for equality?” Straight talk about gay Republican congressional candidate Carl DeMaio

Another poll, from yesterday, reconfirming the ABC/WaPo poll from today. “And that has some Democrats worried about what comes next. Ronald Brownstein previews the poll, which will appear in the next print issue of National Journal, as an almost uninterrupted string of bad news for vulnerable Democratic incumbents in the midterms.” National Journal poll shows Obama an anchor on midterm Senate hopes

How do Dems get elected in red states anyway? “The Democratic senators understand that the times, they are a-changing, and they’re worried that once the recognition of the new reality descends on the White House, Barack Obama, desperate to avoid the legacy of sloth, weakness and incompetence that is his due, will cut deals with Republicans to paper over the worst of his misfeasances. He always runs at the first sound of the guns. Nobody in his party actually trusts him.” Fear stalks Democratic senators up for re-election: Red state incumbents fear abandonment by Obama

Foreign Policy

President Redlines. “These are extremely serious and disturbing tactics used by Moscow, which should prompt a massive economic response from the West. Instead, Obama and his European allies dither, giving Putin no reason to stop using those tactics. When asked why the US insists on taking a micro-incremental approach, one “senior official” suggested that they didn’t want to impact economic growth in an election year.” WaPo: Obama sanctions on Russia not enough for “first forcible change of borders in Europe since World War II”

Calls for Kerry’s resignation by Senator Cruz and Charles Krauthammer. “As Ed described this morning, Secretary of State John Kerry remarked behind closed doors last week that Israel is at risk of becoming an “apartheid state” unless it gets moving on meeting Palestinians’ demands for peace and a two-state solution — and Kerry is coming under all kinds of fire for the comments.” Ted Cruz: John Kerry should resign over that “apartheid” comment

“Cruz said that Israel has nothing in common with apartheid South Africa. The notion that Israel would go down that path and so face the same condemnation that faced South Africa is unconscionable,” he said. ‘The United States should be aggressively asserting that Israel can never be made an apartheid nation while America exists and stands beside her. Because America will be with Israel regardless of the status of the diplomatic process.’” Cruz Calls on Kerry to Resign After ‘Apartheid’ Remark: Controversial Kerry remarks on Israel draw widespread condemnation

Leftist “Group Think.” “But that consensus has been challenged forcibly by Caroline Glick in her new book, The Israeli Solution: A One-State Plan for Peace in the Middle East, in which she argues that Israel can incorporate Judea and Samaria–the heart of Biblical Israel–into Israel proper, accord full civil rights to the Palestinians, and still retain a substantial Jewish majority. The key to her argument is demographic: the Palestinian population of the West Bank has been grossly exaggerated for political reasons. At the same time, the birth rate among Palestinians has collapsed. So, she says, if one looks at the population numbers properly, annexing the West Bank and giving the Palestinians full civil equality, including voting rights, is a viable path forward for Israel. In other words, Israel need not be held hostage forever by a corrupt Palestinian leadership that pretends to engage in a transparently futile “peace process” while plotting Israel’s destruction. [Snip] Rather, the the biggest problem with Kerry’s comments is that they reflect an outmoded consensus to the effect that a unitary state cannot be viable. On the contrary, a single, unified Israel that includes Judea and Samaria is, in my view, not only a possible solution but the only realistic solution for what is otherwise an intractable problem.” IS JOHN KERRY OUT OF THE MAINSTREAM?

Hope fading. “Obama did not grasp that being against Bush meant for the most part opposing that bipartisan foreign policy of the previous 30 years — with regard to Venezuela and Cuba, to the Middle East, and to Russia, China, and India. Such knee-jerk opposition inevitably caused embarrassment when Obama was forced to quietly accept or even expand Bush’s war on terror, and to assure Asia and Europe that things were still as they had been before he took office. Sometime in late 2013 Barack Obama seemed to sense that his foreign policy had failed, and that in almost every area of the globe things were more dangerous than when he entered office — and scarier because of his own initiatives. And what now? Blaming Bush had a shelf life of four years, proved nihilistic, and can’t be continued for the next three. No one abroad cares that Obama is either leftwing or the first African-American president or that he speaks well from a teleprompter. Hope and change have become a sort of embarrassment. Another Cairo speech would earn guffaws. More loud reaching out to Turkey, Cuba, and Venezuela would earn eye-rolling. China has heard it all before. Iran is calibrating how to time its nuclear acquisition with the ending of Obama’s second term. Israel is politely tuning out. Putin is wondering: Can all these gifts be for real, or might there still be some elaborate ruse? But mostly, our enemies now are ready to test us, and our friends will soon consider distancing themselves from us. So much so that even Obama’s occasional wise initiatives, like a trade deal with Japan, will go nowhere, given that there is no upside in supporting America, and no downside in opposing it. We had a bad foreign policy and now we have no foreign policy — and sadly, we can only hope that is an improvement.” Foreign Policy: From Bad to None: Our enemies are gloating, and our allies are grimly deciding where to go from here.

Click on over to read Obama’s response. “Jay Carney called on Ed Henry of Fox News to ask a question at the end of the 43-minute press conference held jointly with Phillipine President Aquino. Among other things, Henry asked Obama if he would respond to unflattering portraits of his foreign policy and, “rather than get into all the details and red lines” (ouch!), summarize an Obama Doctrine for the benefit of critics who think his doctrine is “weariness” (ouch!). Ed, they won’t be getting back to you any time soon. The question visibly got under Obama’s thin skin. Obama responded at length. This was his response in full:” IN LIEU OF THE OBAMA DOCTRINE

Global Warming

How can we make the low info folks understand this? “’Global warming is socialism by the back door,’ Will told The Daily Caller. “I mean, the whole point of global warming is it is a rationalization for progressives to do what progressives want to do, which is concentrate more and more power in Washington, more and more Washington power in the executive branch, more and more executive branch power in independent czars and agencies, to micromanage the lives of the American people.”
The reason, he explains, that global warming is such a good tool for liberals to give the government so much power is that “everything becomes involved in the exigencies of rescuing the planet.’” George Will: ‘Global Warming Is Socialism by the Back Door’

Emphasis mine. “Despite the unhinged rhetoric from high-profile Democrats–for example, Harry Reid calling conservative political activism “un-American”–Steyer and the greens are perfectly entitled to participate in the electoral process. It’s just helpful to know that it’s about power and electing Democrats, not the Earth hanging in the balance.” The Fierce Urgency of After the Midterms

Hillary Clinton

Proof that the establishment wants to remain the establishment, even if they have to elect the other party’s establishment candidate. “According to a Politico report, “the darkest secret in the big money world of the Republican coastal elite is that the most palatable alternative to a nominee such as Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas or Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky would be Clinton.” [Snip] “If it turns out to be Jeb versus Hillary we would love that and either outcome would be fine,” a Wall Street donor told the publication. “We could live with either one. Jeb versus Joe Biden would also be fine. It’s Rand Paul or Ted Cruz versus someone like Elizabeth Warren that would be everybody’s worst nightmare.” Cruz, whom the permanent political class has particularly targeted, emphasizes in his speeches that the biggest divide is not between Republicans and Democrats in D.C. but between the bipartisan permanent political class and the rest of America.” REPORT: WALL STREET REPUBLICANS PREFER HILLARY OVER TED CRUZ, RAND PAUL

“Welcome to the oligarchy, suckers.” “If you ever wondered what the real political issue of the day is when it comes to presidential politics, an article in Politico gives you the answer. Wall Street Big Money wants a presidential candidate who will allow the financial games enabling hedge fund billionaires,investment banks, and other financial engineering specialists to continue their merry ways. This group dominates the top one percent of the top once percent of income earners – the people who have expanded their share of national income, while the rest of the one percent (and the rest of us) get to divvy up the rest. [Snip] Translation: if those crazy Tea Party types succeed in nominating someone like Cruz or Paul, Wall Street money will go to Hillary. And because Wall Street money plays a major role in overall political fundraising (they have plenty of money and know what they are buying after all), it is seen as determinative in the election outcome by most political professionals, at least off the record and after a drink or two.” Politico gives away the game


Common sense—I must read. “The release of Thomas Piketty’s new book “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” by Harvard University Press has caused a rush of media attention for the 42-year-old professor who teaches at the Paris School of Economics. He advocates a steeply progressive income tax with a top rate of 80% along with a wealth tax to reduce inequality, which he finds to be on the rise globally. If his scheme were implemented, “legal plunder” (a term coined by the 19th century French liberal Frederic Bastiat) would undermine the rule of law, which is meant to safeguard persons and property, and turn the concept of justice on its head — from meaning the prevention of injustice to the use of force to dictate some politically favored distribution of income and wealth. Piketty claims he is not a Marxist but rather a socialist with a belief in private property. Yet, the contradiction should be apparent: One cannot defend private property and at the same time call for a massive taking of property.” Fighting Inequality: Rule Of Law Vs. Legal Plunder

More on the Piketty book, “Capital in the Twenty-First Centry.” “’In perhaps the most revealing line of the book,” Cowen writes, “the 42-year-old Piketty writes that since the age of 25, he has not left Paris, ‘except for brief trips.’” France, where a cozy elite runs government and large corporations, has a 75 percent top-income-tax rate and essentially zero economic growth. Is that the future American liberals want?” Equality at the Expense of Prosperity: Thomas Piketty’s vision: A lower standard of living and zero economic growth

Their intentions are good, therefore they must not be criticized. “The great advantage of being a liberal/progressive in America is that you are always judged on your intentions (or stated intentions) and not on results. While the pundits are swooning for Piketty and Warren, may we have even a moment’s pause to consider how well Obama’s brand of progressivism has done for the poor and middle class? Poverty has increased under Mr. Obama’s watch. It ticked up during the recession, which is to be expected and was obviously not a result of Obama’s policies. But after the recession ended, and after the first much-vaunted “recovery summer” (2010) and then the second (2011), poverty continued to climb. The poverty rate has now been stuck at 15 percent for three consecutive years. This is a 50-year high. Enrollment in the food-stamp program (SNAP) has increased by 39 percent. So there are more Americans living in poverty under President Obama than under his predecessor. If he were a Republican, this reality would be widely acknowledged. It’s better to be a Democrat.” The Abandoned Poor: They need jobs, not government largesse, and Republicans can offer real help.


California becoming Detroit. “But conceding that the battle to keep Toyota was lost before it had even begun – “the train has already left the station,” Scotto said – he also said it takes the state of California, not a small city such as Torrance, to stop large manufacturers from leaving the Golden State. Frank Portillo, a co-owner of Los Chilaquiles Mexican Grill next to the Toyota headquarters said he did not blame Toyota, although he might lose business himself. ‘The taxes are lower in Texas. There are fewer regulations. It’s cheaper for a company there. Why wouldn’t they leave California?’” Toyota withdrawal a bombshell, economic blow to California city

More on California and jobs. “Those moves follow Caterpillar and Facebook moving to Texas, and Apple opening a huge new hub outside Austin in the past few years. Democrats rule California and New York, and they have sent business a message: Satisfy every possible notion that the leftwing mob dreams up, or we will hurt you. Count Toyota among the companies that have gotten the message.” Texas ‘Poaches’ Toyota HQ from California

It’s an Obama economy! “As our colleague Ryan McCarthy wrote, America’s economic recovery has a qualitative problem: Yes, employment is coming back, but so much of it is not good employment. According to a new analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data, the industries responsible for the most job creation over the last four years are also the industries that pay the least.” U.S. job growth is coming in all the wrong places

Why does Obama hate jobs? “Beland wrote that Navy exchange officials estimate that 390 fast-food concessions in the U.S. and territories will close because of the increased costs. “Closure of these facilities would result in loss of work for nearly 5,750 contracted concession employees who are currently gainfully employed,” Beland wrote.” Obama’s work edicts could kill businesses on military bases

The Left

Note to the Left: Obama has been president for MORE THAN FIVE YEARS. “Had the Democrats been able to let go of their obsession with Bush, they would have been able to head off the crisis in Ukraine. Instead they assumed that their relationship with Putin was going well, not because it was, but because the only reason it had ever been bad was because of George W. Bush. The Russian government understood this dynamic and exploited it. It knew that Hillary didn’t come bearing a Reset Button because she wanted to improve relations with Russia. Instead she needed a tangible demonstration of how she was reversing Bush’s foreign policy failures to prep for her own presidential campaign.” How Blaming Bush Led to the Ukraine Crisis

You can only blame yourself President Obama. “Obama remains forever locked in a time warp labeled 2008. Making a blunder is one thing but, as the president has demonstrated, not having the grace or the wit to recognize that you’ve made a mistake is far worse. Based on today’s performance and the certain prospects of future humiliations at the hands of Putin, Assad, and Iran’s ayatollahs, Barack Obama will go down in history as the president who learned nothing.” The President Who Has Learned Nothing


Are we really ready to take on all the problems associated with legalizing pot? “Within two weeks of marijuana legalization in Colorado, a stoned motorist plowed into two State Police vehicles in metro Denver.  And a 69-year-old driver was pulled over in Idaho, detained, and his vehicle searched.  He was profiled over his Colorado license plate and Washington driver’s license. [Snip] Tragically, a 19-year-old Wyoming college student jumped to his deathfrom a Denver hotel balcony after eating a marijuana cookie. [Snip] A week later, a Denver man shot his wife to death after smoking and eating marijuana.  He ate marijuana-infused orange ginger candy, purchased legally, earlier that evening.” Rocky Mountain High and Unintended Consequences

The Media

The press will continue to slobber over Obama. There will be no end, even after he leaves office. “That being said, how I feel is irrelevant and the press has a job to do. An important one. This is why I want to scream at the top of my lungs when I hear about the press corps asking the President about issues he has no business talking about. He is not without blame. When asked these questions he should say, “That’s not important” and go on to the next question. But President “Everything Is About Me” Obama, never passes on the opportunity to inject himself into some story that has little bearing on his duties as POTUS. [Snip] Public opinion of the US media has continually declined. And why shouldn’t it? When the President’s press secretary admits the Obama’s toughest interview in 2012 was with a comedian on a sketch program, don’t sit around wondering why nobody likes or trusts you. The President doesn’t answer many questions at press conferences because of his tendency to ramble. So if you’re a reporter and you have that opportunity to get a question in, don’t squander it by wasting time asking questions about the frigging NBA.” Media Embarrasses Itself: Obama / Donald Sterling Edition

Collusion. “So Steyer’s group, like Waxman and Whitehouse, has used the Post’s tar sands story as the basis for its attack on the Koch brothers. This raises once again an urgent question of journalistic ethics. Did the Washington Post coordinate with some combination of Henry Waxman, Sheldon Whitehouse and Tom Steyer to plant a false story so that the Democrats could use it to attack Koch Industries?” STEYER TAKES HANDOFF FROM WASHINGTON POST: MORE EVIDENCE OF COLLABORATION? [UPDATED]


We’re not buying it, nor will we EVER buy into it. “Now the White House has to show that a massive new marketplace, overseen by a distrusted federal government, can shrink the pool of uninsured without enraging the majority of people who are relatively happy with their status quo. This is the hard part that Obama glossed over when he disingenuously promised voters that they could keep their doctor and insurance plans if they liked them. Rather than honestly explain the complicated law and ask for patience and shared sacrifice, the president dissembled. And now he pays. A new Washington Post-ABC poll shows that Americans aren’t buying Obama’s latest spin, his closing the door on debate, especially when it comes to the quality and cost of their own health care.” The Obamacare Debate Is Not Over, Mr. President: On Obamacare, millions of Americans are signed up but not sold.

The debate is definitely not over because of these five reasons: “Higher premiums? Check. Higher taxes? Check. Reduced choice for Americans? Check. Jobs killed? Check.” Freedom of conscience violated? Check. “Do conservatives still want to repeal Obamacare? It would seem the media don’t want you to think so. President Obama said just a couple of weeks ago that “the repeal debate is and should be over.” We’re now seeing that mirrored in media coverage of Congress. After her local newspaper reported that Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.) said repeal was “unlikely,” her office fired back that she never said that. “She will continue fighting to repeal Obamacare at every opportunity moving forward and replace it with patient-centered reforms,” her spokesman said.”  The New Narrative on Obamacare: Repeal Is So Last Year.

Obamacare a ball and chain around Democrats’ necks. “And, Schwartz’s new ad notwithstanding, embracing Obamacare isn’t a path to victory for Democrats. Schwartz is not the Democratic nominee for governor, or even the Democratic front-runner. She is trailing in the primary, far behind former state revenue secretary Tom Wolf, who has 33 percent of the vote compared for just 7 percent for Schwartz. Her ad is not a sign of newfound Democratic confidence in the president; it is a Hail Mary pass aimed winning the liberal base of her party in a Democratic primary.” Sorry Democrats, Obamacare is still electoral kryptonite

SNAFUs every where you look. “States are working through hundreds of thousands of backlogged applications due to Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion, but the administration is threatening to cut funding for dealing with them. A massive influx of Medicaid applications has been further complicated by technological snafus between and incompatible state technologies, creating backlogs across the country. According to a report from Washington, D.C. think tank the American Action Forum, outgoing Health and Human Services Sec. Kathleen Sebelius is proposing a solution that will make the problem worse. During a recent Senate Finance Committee hearing, Sebelius suggested that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) would temporarily cut federal funding for Medicaid administrative tasks to states that are struggling with a backlog. Sebelius theorized that looming cuts would incentivize states to get their backlogs under control as soon as possible.” Report: Feds Mull Cuts Due To Medicaid Backlogs

President Obama

“If ignorance is bliss, Barack Obama is one of the most blissful leaders in our nation’s history.” The ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ President


On both sides of the aisle, power corrupts. “But the thing that really interests me about this story is the way it illustrates once again the arrogance of public officials and the way political power has a way of persuading people that the rules they seek to enforce with respect to others don’t apply to them. Michael Grim’s story is familiar in this sense as it resembles those of countless other members of Congress over the years who have run afoul of the law. But just because it is not unique doesn’t mean it isn’t important. What Grimm, like every other public official who breaks the law, teaches us is the necessity of not taking our politicians at face value. If our system is to thrive, accountability, even for those in the public eye who seem to be straight out of a computer program for successful politicians (as the clean-cut former military man was) is a necessity. Grimm is the exception that proves the rule that most members of Congress are decent, hardworking public servants. But anyone who questions the need to send at least a few non-career politicians who are rabble-rousers that don’t go along to get along at Capitol Hill should remember Grimm’s example when asked to treat the political class with deference. He may be an outlier in the sense that there was little doubt about the questionable nature of his conduct, but he is far from the only member of Congress who thinks he is above the law.” The Grimm Truth About the Political Class

Sharia Law

Coming to America, just not sure when… “The group “One Law for All” organised the picket, and around 60 protesters held up banners including “One Secular Law for All” and “All Should Be Equal in the Law”. The protestors last night expressed concerns that, for the first time, a major legal body is giving credibility to rules that justify discrimination against women and ‘illegitimate children’. [Snip] One Law for All issued a statement saying: ‘The fight against Sharia is clearly a defence of individual rights and freedoms, not an attack on Muslims. After all, Sharia Law is fundamentally the demand of Islamic states and the political movement to limit citizens’ rights.’” PROTESTERS PICKET BRITAIN’S LAW SOCIETY OVER SHARIA IMPLEMENTATION

Voter Fraud

Voter fraud is real, and the Democrats need it to remain a viable way to win elections. “When it comes to the subject of voter suppression, it is revealing that Mr. Obama avoided statistics earlier this month and relied entirely on conditional verbs: voters “could be turned away from the polls . . . may suddenly be told they can no longer vote . . . may learn that without a document like a passport or a birth certificate, they can’t register.” The president’s speech may have been red meat for his base and good for fundraising. But it failed to engage the serious issues relating to election integrity. The coming months don’t promise an improvement.” Political Fraud About Voter Fraud:The president’s selective statistics are red meat to supporters, but still bogus.

The War Against Men

Emphasis mine. “Brett Sokolow, director of the Association of Title IX Administrators, has a warning for American college and university administrators: In their efforts to enforce Title IX, he argues, they are running afoul of Title IX. [Snip] The answer is that many universities have become hostile environments for male students, because of the rampant — and, frequently, open and unapologetic — sexism of their administrators. I encourage students injured by this climate of sexism to file lawsuits, which, as Sokolow notes, are likely to succeed. “We are making Title IX plaintiffs out of them.” JAMES TARANTO: The Other Side of Title IX: A warning to higher-education administrators.

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