News and Commentary for March 23 and 24

Don't tread on my Obamacare...
Seriously??? Don’t tread on my Obamacare…

Stories of the Day

The Left misses the point, again. “Democratic strategist Christine Pelosi, the daughter of House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, shared the meme in support of the drive to sign people up for Obamacare before the looming March 31 deadline. In a new bumper sticker playing on the Gadsden flag, her group, Democracy Partners, replaces the defiant snake with a similarly coiled stethoscope with the words, “Don’t Tread On My Obamacare.” When Colonel Christopher Gadsden presented the flag to the plucky Continental Navy in the first months of the Revolutionary War, I doubt he intended it to be later used as a symbol to bolster a massive and intrusive government program.” ‘Don’t Tread on My Obamacare’?

“Q: What is the Gadsden “Don’t Tread on Me” flag?” Gadsden Flag: Too Racist for Government Buildings, But Just Right for Obamacare Propaganda!

“I think OFA might kinda’-sorta’ be missing the basic point about liberty and heavy-treading government here, no? Especially since ObamaCare already has tread on millions of Americans’ healthcare with canceled plans, skyrocketing premiums, and limited networks? Maybe?” Organizing for Action trolls the tea party with a sweet new bumper sticker design

If the Republicans are waging a war on women, why are there so many Republicans who are women? “Cruz acknowledged that he would not be in the United States Senate today were it not for the efforts of grassroots activists. ‘I want to say a special word to the Republican women who are there today. Republican women are an incredible force, the strongest force in politics.  And, to each of you, I want to say, as my friend Kaye Goolsby often points out, Republican women are the heart and soul, and the brains of the Republican Party.’” Ted Cruz: Republican Women are the ‘Strongest Force’ in Politics

This: “A White House aide set off a stampede of liberal media criticism for Internet news pioneer Matt Drudge over Obamacare – but his critics don’t seem to understand how small businesses pay taxes. The brouhaha started when Drudge tweeted, “Just paid the Obamacare penalty for not ‘getting covered’… I’M CALLING IT A LIBERTY TAX.” Jesse Lee, the Director of Progressive Media at Barack Obama’s White House, responded that that was a “Flat lie, no fee for previous year,” adding, “Scary how much influence he once had.” And this: “It is true that thousands of small businesses will be forced to pay Obamacare taxes quarterly in 2014,” a Senate Budget Committee aide told Breitbart News on Friday afternoon. Drudge even indicated as much in followup tweets, but the left-wing reporters—and the White House—have left their criticisms of him intact. “Dazed team Obama media reporters think Opt-Out tax ‘year away’?” Drudge tweeted. ‘Not for small businesses that file Qtr estimates. We’re there NOW, baby #pay.’” ‘Liberty Tax’: White House, Media Attack After Drudge Pays Obamacare Opt-Out Penalty

“I have to hand it to Matt Drudge. He has baited the left and gotten them to jump all over him, thereby indicting themselves as know-nothings,  utterly ignorant on Obamacare and the way small business works in this country.” Drudge provokes lefties to demonstrate their ignorance on Obamacare and small business

“But forget low-information voters for just a minute; the malignancy that is really destroying this country is low-information people with high-profile power and/or influence.  You know, people who would lobby for, comment on, advocate for, or vote on laws like ObamaCare without any understanding of its real-world impact.  Such felonies are then carried out by low-information bureaucratic microbes with the power to destroy lives and businesses with impunity, and a political and talking-head class with the access and sway to codify these common malfeasances.  Destruction of private property and liberty – and these two concepts are not divisible – takes place in government cubicles every minute of every day across the country.  And why not? We have a low-information president, who has appointed a low-information cabinet, including the low-information secretary of health and human services who is applying a low-information health care law (one of many such laws) behind the big power of a low-morality Internal Revenue Service.  The result of all of this low information in power is a low-liberty nation.” The Profound Arrogant Ignorance and Stupidity of Liberals in Charge

Big Government

Big government getting bigger and bigger. “What’s more, Hurt claims that the EPA uses satellites and drones to fly over America and “compare maps” to find if any “new standing water” has been created.  If the EPA can identify that you have created a pond on your property, they can “come after you and accuse you of violating The Clean Water Act, and interfering with a creek.” Hurt makes clear that this is a serious matter because these rural dwellers often don’t make a lot of money and don’t have the resources to fight the EPA lawyers.” Charles Hurt: EPA Using Satellites, Drones to Fine, Bankrupt Citizens

Why the heck do we vote any more. Just let the judges decide. “The ACLU is accomplishing its goal of overriding the will of “We the People” to achieve its activist agenda, as evidenced by a federal judge’s decision to strike down Michigan’s same-sex marriage ban—one that had been approved by nearly 60 percent of the state’s voters.” The ACLU’s Strategy against American Self-Governance

I think a lot of us feel this way. “Every now and then seeing the overwhelming stupidity of so many, I daydream about running a major scam, cleaning up and retiring in style to the Cayman Islands or Tahiti. But reviewing the records of politicians, media, and universities, I realize I am just not up to the competition. Instead, I’m resigned to simply opening up a series of pike and picket stands at all the entrances to the Capital City. This week’s manifest fraud should fuel our fury.” Pikes, Pickets, and Scams


The Republican party finds a few needles in a haystack within Silicon Valley. “The battle could go down to a photo-finish in a half-dozen races to determine which party runs the chamber during Obama’s final two years in office — and the parties’ voter-turnout operations could be the difference. Enter the Republican National Committee‘s newly hired geeks. Working out of RNC headquarters in Washington and a recently opened annex in San Mateo, in California‘s Silicon Valley, a growing staff of 40 has been working since last summer to bring the GOP’s antiquated ground game into the digital age. Their goal: catch and surpass the Democrats who — bolstered by the groundbreaking innovations of Obama’s two presidential campaigns — had a 10-year head start. The RNC believes its effort has turned a corner.” Souped-up ground game could be GOP’s key to winning Senate

Foreign Policy

“Time magazine is channeling the thoughts of the Obama administration. Cornered, in denial, and raving. The thought processes on display can only charitably be described as delusional. We need some sanity now that Putin is acting up, but Captain Queeg has taken the wheel. The Democratic Party leaders had better talk to him and steady him down, or the world ain’t seen nothing yet. The litmus test of president Obama’s commitment is whether he is willing to reverse the tradeoffs he made to America’s strength in order to pursue his domestic redistributional agenda. The clearest signal he can give is taking every step to boost American and world oil and gas production and by so doing, eventually beggar Putin. To do this, he must take on powerful Democratic Party interest groups. But if he’s unwilling to take on the Sierra Club, then no one will believe he is willing to take on Putin.” Whistling Past the Graveyard

“Nothing so encourages an aggressor as the perception of weakness in his antagonists. Barack Obama hasn’t even processed that he is an antagonist. Why, he means no one any harm (except perhaps Republicans). Didn’t he reset relations with Moscow? Didn’t he promise in 2012 to show “more flexibility” toward Putin after the election? Didn’t he say, over and over again, that a “decade of war is ending” and that we are going to do some “nation building here at home”? Did he not maneuver the United States into “leading from behind” in Libya? Hasn’t he pressured allies like Israel to make concessions to the Palestinians while permitting Mahmoud Abbas to skate? Hasn’t he let bygones be bygones about the Snowden unpleasantness? Hasn’t he drastically reduced defense spending? Didn’t he give Assad a third chance after drawing red lines? Hasn’t he sought to ingratiate himself with China’s brutal regime (his family is traveling there this week)? Didn’t he permit Putin to oversee Bashar Assad’s supposed surrender of chemical weapons? How could a leader be more unthreatening?” Why Obama Scares Me: He’s feckless, and his foreign policy is inconstant.

Green Energy

Leftist policies leading to unintended consequences—AGAIN. “Many who are blinded by green energy don’t know about or simply ignore the heavy reliance on taxpayer subsidies and massive cronyism surrounding it.  But now, in addition to the fiscal impracticality of green energy, we have Bald Eagles being killed by ugly wind turbines and pilots being dangerously disorientated by giant solar plants – and as if the Ivanpah solar plant wasn’t causing enough trouble, it’s the very same plant that has been conveniently cooking birds before they fall to the ground. Isn’t it interesting how green energy (and those who amass their wealth from it) gets a free pass from any of its negative impacts, unlike the economy-growing affordable energy options?  I guess those privileged to make these green omelets are permitted to break a few eggs – even if some of those eggs happen to be a protected species or are otherwise diligently protected by the TSA.” Blinded by Green Energy

Higher Education

“Ethnic studies do a disservice to many of those immersing themselves because it promotes intellectual ghettoization to the detriment of education. And while feminist theory, gender theory, and racial theories might sound good in narrow academic jargon, too often they become a cover to supplant research with politics. Simply put, theory is for people who don’t have libraries. Two cheers for the Black Student Union at Michigan for starting a debate. But now that debate is opened, perhaps it can be pursued to the opposite conclusion, one that prioritizes educational rigor over politics and inclusiveness over separation.” Time to Eliminate Ethnic Studies?

I am sure they’ll keep the data private. “A study released by the Gates Foundation is promoting a system that would track the careers of college graduates long after they receive their degrees, attacking the National Association for Independent Colleges and Universities for promoting laws that prevent up-close surveillance of students by the government.” Gates Foundation Lobbies for Feds to Collect Data on College Graduates’ Lives

The Millenials that ensured Obama’s election are now getting screwed. This: “While higher education has ballooned, so have the problems; inefficiency, administration, and health insurance are cited in the Deseret News report as three contributing factors to high cost. All three of these, however, are tied primarily to bureaucratic involvement.” And this: “As government increases in size, the quality of government decreases, particularly in areas like efficiency, administration, health care—as we’ve seen firsthand with Obamacare—and our overall freedom. And all the while, costs increase. The more government has become involved in education, the more it’s led to this particularly odious form of debt bondage — putting the squeeze on Millennials more than ever.” How Obama’s economy is cheapening your college degree

The Left

“‘Karl Marx wasn’t wrong, just early. Pretty much. Sorry, capitalism. #inequalityforevah” When trying to condense a sweeping, 700-page analysis of the past, present, and possible future of capitalism into an 85-character tweet, you’re bound to miss a few things. But the above Twitter-fication of economist Thomas Piketty’s much-awaited Capital in the Twenty-First Century captures the gist of the author’s argument. Piketty thinks the German progenitor of Communism basically got it right. It’s only that his essential insight — private capital accumulation inevitably leads to the concentration of wealth into ever-fewer hands — took a hiatus during the middle part of the last century thanks to depression and war hurting the fortunes of the well-to-do. But now Marxism’s fundamental truth is reasserting itself with a vengeance, a reality borne out in both Piketty’s own meticulously gathered data and in business pages replete with stories of skyrocketing wealth for the 0.001 percent and decades of flat wages for everyone else.” The New Marxism: A prominent liberal economist contends capitalism will inevitably increase inequality.

From Greg Gutfeld’s latest book “Not Cool, The Hipster Elite and Their War On You.” “In February 2013 it was revealed that Facebook paid no income taxes for 2012. As reported by CNN, among other places, the social network was due a tax refund of almost 430 million bucks. Now, this is a company that made one billion before taxes (which buys approximately 50 million hoodies for Mark Zuckerberg). But they were able to secure the refund because of a tax deduction from stock options issued to Facebook employees. I won’t pretend to understand how this works (as an English major, I have no discernible skills other than spelling discernible correctly), but I know this: that because this company happened to be Facebook, the story was a one-day affair. It came and went like an ice cream headache, leaving neither a bruise nor a hickey on the Zuckerberg Empire. If this company were something that actually made something in a factory or field, it would be roundly condemned by every single media hack on the planet.” Why the ‘hipster elite’ isn’t cool.

“But why is it cool to give up something to go to a remote corner of the earth?  After all, staying in a job that you love at a company that is relentlessly looking for new ways to make money by offering products and services that people want is much more likely to produce results.  You are far more likely to have a positive impact on people around the globe by being part of an organization that develops, manufactures and sells a higher yield crop, a cheaper car, a new pharmaceutical drug, a more durable fabric for clothing, satellite TV service, online shopping solutions, and the like.  But no, that is not cool, at least not compared to selflessly serving in the Peace Corps or some similar organization.” Living the Cool Life: Join the Peace Corps or Corporate America?

This: “Liberals can rationalize away anything in the name of discrimination against minorities.” And this: “Backward priorities are a hallmark of the American left, at least when it comes to national interests.” Obama-appointed judge: border fence may have a ‘disparate impact’ on minorities

NASA as global warming propagandist. “Are you are among the uninitiated lumpenproletariat who believe the decline of the Roman Empire was attributable to a multitude of factors?  Do you still naively assume that rampant immorality, political corruption, inability to effectuate regime change without violence and bloodletting, failure to curb runaway inflation, the complete over extension of military resources and the eventual drought of plunder were among the reasons for the fall of Rome? Then you obviously have not read the latest NASA report on how the benighted empire could have avoided collapse if only it had adhered to the tenets of Karl Marx.  Apparently, Rome could have continued indefinitely if only its rulers had been more careful about natural resources and had distributed the wealth of Rome’s 1% more equitably among the crowded apartment dwellers and poverty-stricken farmers infesting Rome’s smelly slums and bucolic fields.” Our Comrades at NASA

Forgotten history. This: “Critics of Rep. Paul Ryan’s remarks about cultural factors in the persistence of poverty are simultaneously shrill and boring. Their predictable minuet of synthetic indignation demonstrates how little liberals have learned about poverty or changed their rhetorical repertoire in the last 49 years.” And this: “The family is the primary transmitter of social capital — the values and character traits that enable people to seize opportunities. Family structure is a primary predictor of an individual’s life chances, and family disintegration is the principal cause of the intergenerational transmission of poverty. In the 1960s, as the civil-rights movement dismantled barriers to opportunity, there began a social regression driven by the explosive growth of the number of children in single-parent families. This meant a continually renewed cohort of adolescent males from homes without fathers; this produced turbulent neighborhoods and schools where the task of maintaining discipline eclipsed that of instruction. In the mid-1960s, Moynihan noted something ominous that came to be called “Moynihan’s scissors.” Two lines on a graph crossed, replicating a scissors’ blades. The descending line depicted the decline in the minority — then overwhelmingly black — male unemployment rate. The ascending line depicted the simultaneous rise of new welfare cases.” Ryan’s Critics Are in Denial:Liberals have had decades to learn the lessons of dependency.

The Media

False pretenses. “A Washington Post story purporting to expose the Koch brothers as behind-the-scenes beneficiaries of the Keystone Pipeline has been exposed as an utterly false propaganda operation, hilariously wrong and politically malicious. Even worse, one of the writers behind the story is married to a political operative in the left wing Koch-demonization machine. The Washington Post was recently purchased by Jeff Bezos of Amazon, who ought to take a hard look at the reporters and editors who collaborated with the left wing smear machine, and while he is at it, should send a note of thanks to John Hinderaker, the blogger at Powerline, who exposed the rot in his new media operation. Hinderaker’s work is thorough, grounded in fact, and devastating. I urge you to read the whole thing.” Washington Post busted!

This: “If you haven’t seen it, John Hinderaker at Powerline has a devastating fact-check on a shabby piece in the Washington Post today on the Koch Brothers. Read it here. The authors of the Post piece, Steve Mufson and Juliet Eilperin, have responded.” And this: “Maybe it’s just me, but it seems to me they do a good case of laying out (some of) the reasons why they never should have written the piece in the first place. But then they close by claiming they were justified because the outrage their shoddy attack provoked proves the relevance of the Kochs. By this logic any unfair attack posing as reporting is worthwhile when people try to correct the record. Why not just have at it and accuse the Kochs of killing JFK or hiding the Malaysian airplane? The resulting criticism would once again provide “strong evidence that issues surrounding the Koch brothers’ political and business interests will stir and inflame public debate in this election year.” Push the Keyboard Away

“So the fundamental point of the Post story, which relied uncritically on a goofball far-left report, is dead wrong. Moreover, the Post story itself acknowledges that the tar sands encompass 35 million acres, so Koch’s 1.1 million comprise less than 3% of the total. The whole point of this exercise is to make the Keystone Pipeline all about Koch, and that premise is implausible from the start.” Washington Post Falls For Left-Wing Fraud, Embarrasses Itself [Updated With Post’s Response]

“Let me offer an alternative explanation of why the Washington Post published their Keystone/Koch smear: 1) The Washington Post in general, and Mufson and Eilperin in particular, are agents of the Left, the environmental movement and the Democratic Party. 2) The Keystone Pipeline is a problem for the Democratic Party because 60% of voters want the pipeline built, while the party’s left-wing base insists that it not be approved. 3) The Keystone Pipeline is popular because it would broadly benefit the American people by creating large numbers of jobs, making gasoline more plentiful and bringing down the cost of energy. 4) Therefore, the Democratic Party tries to distract from the real issues surrounding the pipeline by claiming, falsely, that its proponents are merely tools of the billionaire Koch brothers–who, in fact, have nothing to do with Keystone one way or the other. 5) The Post published its article to assist the Democratic Party with its anti-Keystone talking points.” JOHN HINDERAKER: The Washington Post Responds To Me, and I Reply to the Post.

We shouldn’t trust the media at all any more, when it comes to reporting on our politicians. “Television news pioneer Edward R. Murrow, describing the goal of journalists, declared, “To be persuasive, We must be believable; to be believable, we must be credible; to be credible, we must be truthful.”  Selective, censored, or clownish news stories make it hard for the viewer or reader to discern how much, if any, of the reporting is truthful.  As truth is sacrificed on the altar of political agendas, credibility is lost, as the opinion polls reflect.  Eventually news broadcasts become a comedy or reality show – hardly believable.  And that leaves the consumers of news to cancel their subscriptions…or hit the off switch.” Modern Journalism: We Report, We Decide

Michelle Obama

Michelle takes a vacation disguised as “official” business. “The imperial first lady and her mother reportedly are alienating hotel staff in Beijing. It is bad enough that taxpayers are forced to foot the multimillion dollar bill for a spring break adventure in China enabling Michelle Obama to bring her empress dowager mother, daughters and an entourage of 70 for sightseeing and fun on only the thinnest pretext of doing any public business, and with very limited press scrutiny allowed. But according to a report in the UK Daily Mail, Michelle’s mother is behaving badly, so badly that hotel workers are spilling the beans to the foreign press not allowed to travel with the Obamas, but nonetheless poking into what’s really going on.” Mooch and her mother making no friends among the Chinese proletariat serving them

“As part of her “people-to-people exchange,” while Grandma Marian was busy being rude to the hotel staff, Mrs. Obama attempted to minimize the damage by whacking around a tennis ball with Chinese schoolchildren.  Michelle did admit she’s a rookie at the sport but added, “My husband plays. He thinks he’s better than he really is,” a declaration that describes a tendency that goes far beyond tennis.” People-to-People’ Berating of Beijing Hotel Staff

Press banned as first lady touts free speech in China. First lady Michelle Obama told students that freedom of speech should be a universal right during her extravagant, no-press-allowed tour of China — a hypocritical move that will surely draw the ire of critics, according to an expert. “That is troublesome. That goes beyond hypocritical, and I think the American media and the international media has every right to call her and the Obama administration on that — that they permitted that to happen,” said Tom Whalen, a political history professor at Boston University. “It makes you shake your head, albeit sadly.” AT THIS POINT, THE WHITE HOUSE IS JUST TROLLING US

Minimum Wage

“Despite his clumsy expression, I’m going to go ahead and venture that, yes, most Republicans would probably agree with Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn that a person that works a solid forty hours per week at an honest, productive job should not have to live in poverty. That’s precisely why it would be nice if hiking the minimum wage was actually a constructive way to boost employment, median incomes, and economic growth, instead of an counterproductive and intellectually cheap populist band-aid.” Quinn: A $10/hour minimum wage is a principle as old as the Bible

Exposed. “All of us understand why Gov. Pat Quinn and his political brain trust want to change the subject — that is, why they urgently want to distract Illinois voters. We can even sympathize with Team Quinn. When your state is one of only two where unemployment rose last year, when its current jobless rate is America’s second-worst, when its creditworthiness is dead last nationwide, when its debts total some $200 billion, when you’re the guy who demanded the 67 percent income tax increase … well, if you don’t distract people with an alternative narrative, they’re sure to focus on their state’s downward mobility.” Editorial: Quinn’s class war is a distraction: Populist politics has appeal, but it won’t rescue the state

Money in Politics

“Some lies just won’t go away. In February the Washington Post published an article with the following headline: “Why There’s No Democratic Version of the Koch Brothers’ Organization.” It was the umpteenth attempt to explain, in a particularly simplistic manner, how the millionaires and billionaires who donate money to the Democratic party are nothing, absolutely nothing, like those meanie cancer-research philanthropists Charles and David Koch.” The Media’s Democratic Donor Delusions: We’re supposed to believe the Kochs are evil but leftist billionaires are disinterested givers?

President Obama

Tell us how you really feel. “The obvious lesson, of course, is that if you elect a pampered, spoiled, coddled, insulated, shielded narcissist, male or female, whose image bears no resemblance to his or her substance, you get chaos, and decay and danger.  You get bored, disinterested and dismissive brats who resent accountability, and the expectation or insistence that they do what they are paid to do in positions they sought, with skills and traits they lied about having.  You get dead Americans, likely with more to come, whose sacrifice means nothing compared to a speech or fundraiser, which itself finances the continuation of the damage being done daily by the poseur and his equally fraudulent cohorts. In short, you get what we have right now: a fake grown-up, lacking a moral compass, whose protectors have allowed him to escape criticism for saying and doing meaningless and dishonest things, who is paralyzed by his own inadequacy in times of adversity.  You get someone who never did his homework and read off classmates’ papers during the test.  You get someone who has never had to make a really difficult decision in his life in which he stood to lose something important to himself, rather than something he could simply steal from others.  You get an unprepared toddler.  The grownups with evil designs can’t believe their good fortune.  The grownups with a country to lose can’t believe it, either.  Our future is in the hands of toddlers.” Too Busy to be President

The radical company that radicals keep. “That President Obama has maintained close relationships with left wing radicals throughout his adult life is not up for argument. His defenders say it doesn’t matter, or it’s ancient history. Neither excuse explains why his second term appointments are even more radical than his first term choices. Investors Business Daily: ‘Seriously. The president keeps saying he champions the middle class and its values. But his choices of people to help him run the country are the most extreme in U.S. history, and his second-term nominations are more radical than the first.’” Obama’s second term appointments more radical than the first

“I love Obama’s use of the words “we” and “our” in the last sentence. Obama is much of what’s happening in Washington and he clearly believe that what happens there is important. Yet, he associates himself with those who are too disillusioned to participate in politics on a consistent basis. Who, one wonders, is that Obama impersonator engaging day and night in Washington politics? The president is either delusional or the most shameless phony ever to occupy the White House. And he isn’t delusional.” Obama’s bogus political science lesson

Religious Liberty

“In a “defense” of religious liberty that’s basically written to reassure liberals that they can support something called religious freedom without conceding an inch to actual-existing dissenters from liberalism’s preferred legal and regulatory regime, Emily Bazelon offers a formulation that hints at why religious and ideological pluralism, so honored in theory, is often hard for people to get behind in practice: ‘On these two fronts [same-sex marriage and the HHS mandate], religious liberty looks like a shield fundamentalists are throwing up against, well, sexual modernity. They’re not ready to accept same-sex marriage or sex without procreation, and they’re arguing that fundamentalist-owned businesses, as well as individuals and churches, shouldn’t have to.’ All of this is giving religious liberty a bad name … But why a “bad name”? If we take pluralism seriously, the whole point of the concept is to enable groups to “throw up a shield” against the pressure of consensus, and develop and promote alternatives that are rejected by the powerful, or by society as a whole. This is true when the consensus in question is old and rooted and traditional, but it’s also true when the consensus in question likes to describe itself as representing “modernity” (or “progress” or “enlightenment” or whatever loaded, whiggish word you prefer), because vanguard-of-history ideas no less than rooted-in-tradition ideas can turn out to be mistaken, misdirected, immoral, barbaric. (I shouldn’t need to rehearse all of the examples of thoroughly “modern” ideas from the 19th and 20th centuries that today’s liberals quite rightly find abhorrent.) And one of the advantages that pluralism offers to modern societies in particular is a kind of hedge against the progressive fallacy — a way for a culture rushing to embrace a new paradigm to concede, along the way, the possibility that it might be making a mistake, and that even capital-p Progress might benefit from having critics.” The Challenge of Pluralism

Christian Sharia Law? Is he f’ing kidding???? “Just last week we saw another example of creeping Christian Sharia Law with a bill passed by Kansas’ House of Representatives that would allow people and businesses to deny services to same sex couples if it violated their “religious beliefs.” This proposed law would in essence legally sanction discrimination against gay Americans because same sex marriage is not approved by the Bible.  Similar bills are pending in other State’s including Mississippi, Idaho, and Arizona.” The Conservative Crusade For Christian Sharia Law: It’s not just the fringe anymore. Mainstream conservatives are trying to bring America’s laws into agreement with ‘God’s law.’ Hat tip: Gayla Coletto, Palo Verde RW member


“Seventy-two percent of all Americans – and thus the entire middle class – will experience a decline in income.  Our money will be redistributed to (a) those making less than $20,000/year and (b) the bureaucratic class, numbering in the millions and growing.” The PPACA Is Emptying Your Wallet

“With regard to those premium increases, the biggest driver should have been the most obvious: Americans are now required to purchase “essential health benefits,” another wildly misleading euphemism designed to obscure yet another, but far more pernicious aspect of cost-shifting embodied in ObamaCare. There is nothing remotely essential in requiring a 50-year-old man to be covered for maternity and newborn care, or senior citizens to be covered for pediatric services.” Desperate Times for ObamaCare

“The problem? Most of the plans that these younger consumers can afford come with deductibles that far exceed the $3,000 out-of-pocket per household estimate, which sounds fantastically high in the first place, especially for that demographic. They will have to pay those deductible costs plus the premiums, which will also run in the thousands of dollars, before they see a single dollar in benefits. That’s why most of that demographic got catastrophic insurance coverage … before ObamaCare took that choice away from them.” WaPo: Married couples filing separately another ObamaCare “hurdle”

This: “Superb article in the Wall Street Journal today by John C. Goodman president of the National Center for Policy Analysis, that pretty much destroys every argument Democrats are making to save Obamacare. While the president and his party struggle to find more convincing reasons why we need ObamaCare, three huge problems won’t go away.” And this: “Mr. Goodman didn’t list two goals that Democrats had in passing the legislation: 1) Control. The ability of government to control health care and ostensibly its costs, but also control people “for their own good,” of course; and 2) Ration health care. By making it prohibitively expensive for most Americans to get routine treatment, the government hopes to limit people’s use of the health care system. Those high deductibles are a feature, not a bug. Goodman also writes of the effect of Obamacare on the economy. Read the whole thing for some fascinating insights.” Obamacare: Arbitrary and Unfair

“Western civilization is following the same trajectory as the Nazi holocaust. First, abortion was legalized and then euthanasia, which has desensitized and weakened the Western conscience against murder. And as this seemingly unstoppable death spiral continues, one can only ask: Who will be next?” Medicine without Mercy

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