News and Commentary for March 20, 21 and 22

Have a blessed day! And do something today that will make you happy!
Have a blessed day! And do something today that will make you happy!

Stories That You Might Have Missed Over the Last Several Days

WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! “A little-known consortium of radical groups, public-funded universities and the federal government is quietly seeking to transform the arts and other academic disciplines into vehicles of left-wing extremism and indoctrination. The initiative, called “Imagining America,” embraces the philosophy of Communist historian Howard Zinn, famous for manipulating historical fact to fit Marxist paradigms of human “progress” and to plant the seeds of radicalism in unsuspecting youth.” De-Imagining America Hat tip: Linda Rizzo, Palo Verde RW member

Killing the economy one step towards “social justice” at a time. “Just over half of U.S. businesses that pay the minimum wage would hire fewer workers if the federal standard is raised to $10.10 per hour, according to a survey by a large staffing firm to be released Wednesday. But the same poll found a majority of those companies would not cut their current workforce. About two-thirds of employers paying the minimum wage said they would raise prices for goods or services in response to an increase, the survey by Express Employment Professionals found. About 54% of minimum-wage employers would reduce hiring if the federally mandated rate increased by $2.85 per hour. A smaller share—38% — said they would lay off employees if the wage increase favored by President Barack Obama becomes law. The poll, designed to gauge businesses’ reaction to the wage increase, marks the latest effort by businesses and groups on both sides of the issue to shape a heated debate about whether increasing pay for workers at the bottom will help or hurt the U.S. economy.” Minimum-Wage Increase Could Slow Future Hiring, Employment Survey Shows

Why does the Left hate people with jobs? The Congressional Budget Office said last month that even raising the country’s minimum wage gradually to $10.10 by 2016 would see employment numbers plummet by 500,000 workers by the second half of 2016. Other estimates say that there is a 70% chance that the number of 500,000 could zoom close to one million. Bob Funk, CEO of Express and the former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas, warned: ‘As with any such policy change, there are upsides and downsides. But based on this survey, there’s no denying that raising the minimum wage will result in layoffs, reduced hiring, and higher prices at a large chunk of American companies. How severe will those effects be? That remains to be seen, but policymakers will certainly want to be mindful of this reality as they legislate.’” Study: 38% of Minimum-Wage Employers Will Fire Workers If Minimum Wage Reaches $10.10

There are better solutions than raising the minimum wage. “The Obama administration’s big idea has been to increase the minimum wage to $10.10. But analysis from the Congressional Budget Office shows that this would reduce the number of Americans living below the poverty line by only about 2 percent while causing hundreds of thousands to lose their jobs. Clearly, policymakers must do better. A good place to start would be to identify the causes of low mobility and target public policies toward those causes. Fortunately, there is much sound science to navigate by. Research by Chetty and others has shown time and again that the inability to move up in life is caused by segregated communities, failure to graduate from high school, broken homes, and a persistent joblessness that keeps young men from reaching the first rung of the ladder. If we as a nation are serious about helping the poor, then we must pursue a mobility agenda that takes these factors into account and holds the promise of helping far more than 2 percent of those in poverty. Such an agenda would begin with the recognition that residential segregation is a major impediment to mobility. Those in low-income neighborhoods do not always have the benefit of interaction with effective role models. Economists have proposed many ways to reduce segregation, such as encouraging the in-migration of richer households into poorer areas, improving public transit routes into poor areas, and improving pre-K education. The evidence for these reforms is mixed.” A Mobility Agenda for the Right: Policies to lift Americans out of poverty

The Republican party has no problem with women who are married, and who have children. “Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus on Tuesday disputed the widely held perception that the GOP struggles to attract the support of female voters, suggesting instead his party has a problem with only a certain kind of female voter. ‘There’s a little bit of a laziness on the part of the people who want to claim the Republican Party has some kind of women problem,” said Priebus, speaking at the Christian Science Monitor Breakfast. “We basically have a single women problem under 35 issue.’” THE DEMOCRATS’ GENDER GAP

They’re worried. “If President Obama’s 2012 campaign was known for anything, it was its voter mobilization operation, said to be the most sophisticated ever assembled in a presidential campaign. Which makes David Plouffe’s comments over the weekend all the more telling for Democrats as they look nervously toward the November midterm elections.” Democrats face turnout problem, dissatisfaction in ranks leading to midterms

Loving our enemies and hating our friends. “Our allies are looking at the 1994 Budapest Memo signed by the US, UK and Russia.  It called for Ukraine to give up its nuclear weapons in exchange for respect of its boundaries. This “memo” has been violated by Russia without consequences.  Do you understand now why the allies think that President Obama is weak?” The ‘Obama is weak’ message is coming from our allies

Ignorance. “It’s delusional enough to think that Putin — in seizing Crimea, threatening eastern Ukraine, destabilizing Kiev, shaking NATO, terrifying America’s East European allies and making the West look utterly helpless — was actually losing. But to imagine that Putin saw it that way as well and was waiting for American diplomacy to save him from a monumental blunder is totally divorced from reality.” Obama’s pathetic response to Putin’s invasion of Crimea

He hates the West. “Presidents Kennedy and Carter acted differently from Barack Obama. They were willing to sacrifice their own reputations to learn and to battle for US interests. Obama, in contrast, has been playing to the media crowd and to overseas audiences who traditionally oppose American leadership.” Prophetic Leaders and Pathetic Leaders

Liars. “That deepened my curiosity even more. Why would Obamacare “navigators” encourage applicants to misrepresent their existing insurance status when applying? A headline in the LA Times this past week answered the question. “Obamacare meeting goal of reducing number of uninsured” it read. The administration has been taking heat for the last few months for not signing up more uninsured folks, ostensibly the main reason for this disaster. And, after years during which Barack Obama and Kathleen Sebelius have established that the truth doesn’t matter — “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor” — when it comes to Obamacare, the ends justify the means. The guy and the gal at the top lied, why shouldn’t the guy at the bottom? Call it trickle down ethics. The fish, as they say, rots from the head down. How many other folks were encouraged to fill out applications in ways that would make Obamacare figures look better?” The Devious Secret of Obamacare


Kudos to Secretary of State, and candidate for Governor, Ken Bennett. “A U.S. District Court judge ruled Wednesday that Arizona and Kansas can require anyone registering to vote to prove their citizenship and the federal Election Assistance Commission cannot block them. The ruling is a boost for states’ rights and marks a setback for President Obama and other liberals who fought stiffer voter ID checks with an argument that they reduce voter turnout.” Prove it: Court rules states can make voters prove citizenship: Election commission can’t stop voter ID laws

Not an Arizona story, but this is why the above story is so important. “Parting thought: A quick calculation, as a point of reference. This local reporter found 94 illegally registered voters in one small region using one narrow verification method. If you extrapolate his number over Florida’s 67 counties, that’s nearly 6,300 people. In 2000, the United States Presidency was determined by 537 Florida votes.” Fraud: Local NBC Investigation Discovers Dozens of Illegal Voters in Florida

Making it harder for the Left to cheat. “This long saga started in 2004, when Arizona’s residents overwhelmingly passed a referendum requiring proof of citizenship to register to vote. In 2011, the Kansas legislature passed a similar requirement. The U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC), which is responsible for administering the federal voter-registration form established by the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA), had initially refused to amend the state-specific instructions for Arizona and Kansas on the federal registration form. A large number of liberal advocacy groups, including Project Vote and Common Cause, sued Arizona over the requirement in a case that ended up before the U.S. Supreme Court. In 2013 in Arizona v. Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, Inc., the Court issued a confused opinion in which it said that Arizona must “accept and use” the federal voter registration form, despite Arizona’s citizenship requirement.” A Big Win for Electoral Integrity: Arizona and Kansas will be able to demand proof of citizenship on voter registrations.

Big Government

Choosing fewer jobs over more rules and regulations and government bureaucracy. “President Obama and his fellow Democrats are always berating those spitefully obstructionist Republicans for their supposed lack of focus on job creation and their persistent retarding of the slowest economic recovery, evah because of their — well, actually… it’s tough to tell what, exactly. Something about how Republicans won’t go in for making employment more expensive and inaccessible with a higher minimum wage mandate; or for hiking our out-of-control deficits with more stimulus boondoggles and unsustainable entitlement programs; or for raising taxes so the government can take more capital out of the private sector and better “invest” and redistribute it; or for their endless efforts to disable/do away with the administration’s unwise and ungainly takeover of the entire healthcare industry. I don’t even know. But if Democrats cared to put a little more of their own focus on actually growing the economy, they might want to reconsider the gargantuan expansion of the regulatory state that’s gone down under President Obama’s direction. While we often pay most attention to the Federal Register, the Competitive Enterprise Institute points to the record of final and permanent rules in the Code of Federal Regulations as another measure of that regulatory expansion — and it ain’t pretty.” President Obama has grown the entire regulatory state by 11 percent in just five years

Common Core

How do they find time for actual learning? “College-bound students in Orange County, Fla., for example, now take a total of 234 standardized diagnostic, benchmark and achievement tests from kindergarten through 12th grade. Reading instructor Brian Trutschel calculated that a typical 10th-grade English class will be disrupted 65 out of 180 school days this year alone for mandatory tests required by the state and district. “It’s a huge detriment to instruction,” he told the Orlando Sentinel last month. The library at one Florida middle school is closed for a full three months out of the 10-month school year for computerized assessments.” Revolt Against the Testing Tyrants

Failure. “There are so many stories that I could tell–the story of my guidance counselor’s sixth-grade, learning disabled child who feels like a failure due to constant testing, a principal of an elementary school who is furious with having to use to use a book he deems inappropriate for third graders because his district bought the State Education Department approved common core curriculum, and the frustration of math teachers due to the ever-changing rules regarding the use of calculators on the tests.  And all of this is mixed with the toxic fear that comes from knowing you will be evaluated by test results and that “your score” will be known to any of your parents who ask.” Principal: ‘I was naïve about Common Core’

Appalling. Click on over to see all eleven. You’ll be shocked at what’s happening in our public schools. “10. This passage for Common Core’s reading comprehension section informs students that by the year 2512, Kansas will have ocean-front property because of global warming.” The Eleven Dumbest Common Core Problems


Extremism. “As part of this transformation, Republicans running for office are increasingly adopting far-right positions on economic and social issues that may play well in the midterms, but are well outside the mainstream for presidential-year voters.” Groucho Marx’s Republican Party: Why the GOP is in more trouble than you think.

We have a chance to make inroads but will we blow it? “The country is changing. Whole new groups are ripe for the picking, most obviously the young who are being so completely raked over by the Obama administration via Obamacare and the rest of the entitlements so many of them know they will never see. They were ready to applaud at Berkeley. And African Americans — when, since the end of Jim Crow, have they done worse than under the Obama administration with its record black unemployment numbers and horrifying statistics on out-of-wedlock births in their community? Consciously or unconsciously, Democrats have been waging a “War on Blacks” since the days of the Great Society. It’s been a disaster for African Americans, a nightmare, in truth. But where are the Republicans, the party of Lincoln, on that? They should be in the black communities talking to them about it, suggesting ways to make things better. Instead, they just sit around getting annoyed when the Democrats call them racists. Play offense, not defense.” ROGER SIMON: “Whatever you think of Rand Paul, he’s actually doing something that politicians rarely do — talking at length to audiences who don’t usually agree with him. And winning over new friends in the process.”

Illinois has an opportunity to fix itself. “In the past few years, public-sector unions have faced severe challenges to their ability to dictate pension and benefit packages to states and municipalities that are sinking the country in a sea of debt. In Indiana, Ohio, New Jersey, and especially Wisconsin, Republican governors took on the unions with varying degrees of success. But after the victory of Bruce Rauner in the Illinois GOP primary on Tuesday, the prospect of another such confrontation in President Obama’s home base has turned the governor’s race in that very blue state into one of the most interesting elections of 2014.” Battle for Fiscal Sanity Moves to Illinois

“’President Kennedy once said, ‘Sometimes party loyalty asks too much,'” said Minow. “I think this is one of those times. I’m a strong Democrat, but I’m taking a leave of absence from my party because Illinois is in desperate shape.’” Illinois Republican gubernatorial candidate gets some Democratic support

Can we win the Asian Americans? This: “In a recent piece in Politico titled “Why Are Asian-Americans Democrats?”, professors Alexander Kuo, Neil Malhotra and Cecilia Hyunjung Mo make the contention that “microaggressions” and social exclusion has pushes the entire Asian-American community to vote for the Democratic Party. “If you’re unfamiliar with the term, microaggressions, according to Fordham University, “are common verbal, behavioral, and environmental indignities, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate hostile or negative slights to marginalized groups.” And this: “Near the end of the piece we get to the real purpose of the so-called science. They don’t like your tone. The authors ask: “What can the GOP do to win them back?” The answer, you will not be surprised to learn, is to be more liberal. There is no doubt that Republicans are perceived as the party of immigration restrictions (for good reason), and that turns off many minority voters. But it can also be argued that the GOP is also a party that is far more likely to celebrate and foster the merit-based success on which the Asian community thrives. (Though I should point out that making assumptions about Asian-Americans as a “model” minority is also considered microaggression.) And maybe one day the GOP will make that compelling case. But it’s difficult to believe that the Asian-Americans, as the professors maintain, believe half the country is out to marginalize them with a bunch of subtle insinuations. In our real-world interactions we’re just not that sensitive. We shouldn’t be that sensitive in our politics, either.” Are voters too sensitive?

A breakdown as to how we can win the Senate in November. “Here are the 14 Senate races for seats presently held by Democrats but for which Republicans are either favored to win or serious contenders.” The 14 Plus 3

We the people hate it. And we want it replaced. “Much ink has been spilled on the question of whether Obamacare is “the Democrats’ Iraq War.” Without embroiling myself too deeply in that cluttered debate, I will merely say that the very fact that the question needed to be asked should tell us something important. Despite speech after speech, millions of dollars in promotional literature, and the passage of a significant amount of time, the law that bears the president’s name remains deeply unpopular — “toxic,” one might even say. Our elections are designed to afford the people the chance to render the final judgment upon the behavior of their employees. If Barack Obama and his merry band are “clobbered” in November, it will be because, for the second time in three cycles, the people did what they were given the chance to do.” Obama’s Midterm Misconception: Democrats may be headed for a sound and meaningful defeat.


The entire Obama presidency is a scam against the American people. “An EPA spokeswoman is quoted by Fox News as saying “Beale went to great lengths to deceive and defraud the U.S. government over the span of more than a decade” But what Beale did at the EPA is far more damaging than the fraud he committed against the government in falsifying his resume. While an employee of the EPA, Beale created the EPA playbook, a guide to not only exaggerating the benefits of regulations versus their costs, it also created the insidious tactic of “sue and settle” or what is often called “friendly lawsuits.” They work like this:  An environmental group, often leaning pretty far left, sues the EPA over some agenda item they want.  Instead of being truly antagonistic opponents, the EPA and these groups are in fact colluding.  “Sue and settle agreements allow EPA to convert a state Regional Haze program into a major new set of federal mandates, with no recourse for those affected until it’s too late,” said Bill Kovacs, the Chamber’s senior vice president for Environment, Technology & Regulatory Affairs.  “The report outlines the potentially disastrous effects of this regulatory tool being used by the EPA to disregard states sovereignty and take over what Congress clearly determined to be a state environmental responsibility. These federal haze requirements offer only high costs for states, utilities and consumers, with no benefit.” (US Chamber of Commerce) Eventually they would settle the lawsuit with what is known as a “consent decree.” The “consent decree” is forever binding. And it is a scam. A scam against the American public.” John Beale: The EPA fraudster you’ve never heard but whose work is destroying America

Foreign Policy

Freedom lovers all over the world are screwed until we can boot this guy out. “The trouble for President Obama is that Putin actually believes his grandiose talk about Russian pride and might. Putin addresses his countrymen in fiery language meant to instill hyper patriotism and explains his rationales for his actions in terms that Russians and Russian-speaking people in Crimea can understand and relate to. Obama embraces no core principles in defense of freedom. He shies away from muscular diplomacy – peace through strength- and is actually proposing to downsize the U.S. military to its lowest level since U.S. involvement in World War II. Rather than speak to the American people in a prime time address from the Oval Office and explain clearly what he thinks is at stake for international peace and security and American interests if Russia continues its aggressive ways, he plays golf and shops at The Gap.” Putin Throws Down the Gauntlet and Obama Shrinks Away Hat tip: Linda Rizzo, Palo Verde RW member

The Internet

I have a really, really bad feeling about this. The latest foreign policy blunder by the Obama administration is by far the worst of his administration, and will cause lasting damage to U.S. interests and freedom in general. And this: No, it’s not the crisis in the Crimea, though that is certainly a disaster, the final nail in the coffin of the “reset” and the first battle in a new Cold War. No, it’s not the ongoing collapse of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, or the chaos and mass murder in Libya, which are on the same scale as the atrocities we intervened to prevent. It’s not even the farce of negotiations with Iran, which is pushing ahead with its nuclear program, regardless. It’s the decision to relinquish control over Internet domain names.” The Worst Thing Obama Has Done in Foreign Policy by Far

This: “Charles C.W. Cooke doesn’t quite put it like that, but he does see reason for worry. There is no plan to put the internet under the control of anyone, not per se at least. But the plan is to allow those threatened by free expression to share control over the basic structure of the internet — which would give them leverage, should they wish to exert it. Which, of course, they always do.” And this: “In the past few years, Russia and China have used a U.N. agency called the International Telecommunication Union to challenge the open Internet. They have lobbied for the ITU to replace Washington as the Icann overseer. They want the ITU to outlaw anonymity on the Web (to make identifying dissidents easier) and to add a fee charged to providers when people gain access to the Web “internationally”—in effect, a tax on U.S.-based sites such as Google and Facebook. The unspoken aim is to discourage global Internet companies from giving everyone equal access. And now the ITU stands as the likely successor to ICANN. This will be the “death of the internet,” warns one critic.” Will Transfer of Control Over the Internet to Non-US Hands — Including Some Authoritarian and Freedom-Hating Governments — Wind Up Destroying It?

“Palin said that this “is nothing more than a gift to authoritarian regimes who seek to stifle the freedom the internet gives to voices around the world fighting for basic human rights. No amount of Obama/liberal media spin can justify this.” “Evidently relinquishing America’s control of the internet via our Icann control of domain names was what Obama meant when he led his adoring followers in those strange, kind of creepy chants of “Yes-We-Can.” Palin wrote in a Facebook post. “Surrendering our control of the internet is a colossal foreign policy error with long term negative repercussions for freedom.” Sarah Palin: Obama’s Relinquishing of America’s Internet Control a ‘Gift’ to Dictators

“Nothing is likely to happen to Internet governance for another year or so, until the new system and its regulations are developed. But absent the emergence of a large, international group of free speech advocates, it is coming. Your Google kittens and puppies may be safe, but the free exchange of ideas, including ideas — and countries — deemed “offensive,” “dangerous,” or “unacceptable” is one step closer to regulation by countries that find an extraordinary number of ideas and countries offensive, dangerous, and unacceptable.” What’s Happening to the Internet?


President Obama getting away with so much more than Nixon ever did. “Reminder: The charge that Richard Nixon attempted to misuse the IRS for political purposes made its way into the second of the three articles of impeachment against him. Nixon “endeavored” to misuse the IRS, as set forth in in article 2. Nevertheless, Nixon’s efforts to misuse the IRS were futile. They went nowhere. Nixon and his henchmen desired the IRS to “screw” their political opponents, but their efforts were a pathetic failure. Nixon henchman Jack Caulfield astutely complained that the IRS was a “monstrous bureaucracy…dominated and controlled by Democrats.” As we have come to see, Caulfield was on to something. By contrast with Nixon’s failures to misuse the IRS, the IRS has very effectively “screwed” Obama’s political opponents, and we have yet to learn what the president knew and when he knew it.” Obama’s IRS, cont’d


She’s writing a book too! “Fresh off her resignation from CBS News, journalist Sharyl Attkisson’s website dedicated to seeking the truth about the Fast and Furious gun-walking scandal, Benghazi, Obamacare and other important issues is gaining national attention. Many have speculated why Attkisson, a highly successful reporter, left one of the largest news organizations in the world. The bold statement on the homepage of her website,, might provide a little insight: “Resisting undue corporate, political and other special interests.” Ex-CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson Has a Website You May Have Never Heard of – One the Obama Admin. Won’t Like

Michelle Obama

What is she hiding from us little people? “First Lady Michelle Obama will be accompanied by her children and her mother on her trip to China, which begins today. But she won’t be accompanied by the press. “Michelle Obama’s trip to China starting on Wednesday will be nonpolitical, the White House says, a ‘people-to-people exchange’ emphasizing the importance that both nations place on education. As if to underscore the point, no reporters are traveling with the first lady, and she does not plan to give interviews while there,” reports the New York Times.” No Reporters on Michelle Obama’s Trip to China

“Evidently the White House realizes that Michelle Obama’s expensive and luxurious family junket to China, accompanied by her mother and daughters, looks like a colossal waste of taxpayer money. That’s the logical explanation for unusual restrictions on media access. No reporters are accompanying her. Even the Obama sycophants at the New York Times are noticing: ‘Mrs. Obama is drawing scrutiny for her decision to travel with her mother and her two daughters, who are on spring break, bringing to mind a vacation she took to Spain in 2010 with her daughter Sasha and some friends. She and her entourage paid for their lodging and entertainment. But the security cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars, and the trip was criticized as lavish.’” News you won’t be hearing about Michelle Obama’s China junket

“Elsewhere on, visitors are encouraged to provide their e-mail addresses so they can, “Sign up to get the First Lady’s blog posts, videos of events and photos delivered right to your inbox.” This is really the only way for the American public to learn much about the First Lady’s six-day taxpayer-funded trip to China with her daughters and mother, as “First lady Michelle Obama will not take questions from reporters or give interviews during her tour of China that begins today, and members of the press corps who usually follows the first family everywhere can’t travel with her entourage.” Back in November, news organizations filed a formal complaint with the White House about the administration’s habit of “bypassing them to release official’ photos of presidential meetings and events,” contending “visual press releases” have displaced independent coverage.” The President’s Busy Morning: Russia Announcement, ESPN Radio

President Obama

The ultimate “bossy” person. “Obama is the star of Obama Inc., the grinning figure who goes out on stage and cracks jokes while selling overpriced health insurance to the country. Valerie Jarrett is his manager, confidante and gatekeeper. Officially Jarrett is a senior adviser with a defined title and function, but Obama Inc. does few things officially and unofficially, Jarrett has the last word on everything. Jarrett merges the personal and the political. Obama may chat with numerous advisers, but it’s Valerie who goes back to eat with Michelle and the family. A cabinet member is lucky to catch Obama’s attention once. Valerie Jarrett has it full time, day or night, leading to her nickname of “Night Stalker.” If Obama skips security briefings, it’s because they, like so much of the formal infrastructure of government, are there just for show. The real briefing will come from or through Jarrett and it will be massaged into the talking points that communicate only what she wants them to.” Valerie Jarrett, the CEO of Obama Inc. Hat tip: Linda Rizzo, Palo Verde RW member

Will Obama ever face the fact that he is a failure? “His worldview crashed headlong into reality, and reality won. Obamaism is dead, may it rest in peace. That’s sad for him, but hold the tears — his loss is mankind’s hope. If Obama wakes from his utopian visions and faces the truth, there is a fighting chance to reverse America’s slide and keep the peace. But first, he must come to grips with the historic dimensions of what has happened, and I’m not sure he’s capable of it. The signs aren’t encouraging.” Beaten Obama turns his back on the world

President Make Believe. “For anyone who has observed Barack Obama over the years, it’s obvious that a fundamental part of his self-identity involves seeing himself, and having others see him, as pragmatic rather than ideological, reality-based, driven by reason instead of bias. This has never actually been true. Mr. Obama is, in fact, unusually dogmatic, blind to counter-evidence, and mostly unable to adjust his views to the way things are. So when his worldview collides with reality, he often can’t adjust. He instead creates his own make believe world.” Obama’s World of Make Believe

Women and Obama

Obama’s war on women. “While Obama met with Shriver Tuesday and has advocated for women’s pay equity — the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act was the first bill he signed into law as president — according to a Daily Caller analysis of the administration’s “2013 Annual Report to Congress on White House Staff,” the White House still paid women less than men in 2013. The analysis of the data, which, as the document notes, does not “reflect salary reductions staff have taken due to furloughs and commissioned officer salary reductions,” found that the median 2013 salary for men was $73,729, while the median salary for women was $65,000.” Analysis: Men still make a lot more than women in Obama’s White House

“How about a conversation on why women working for Obama are paid less than men? Remarkably, he can probably get away with that nonsense.” Pivot! With Nothing Left to Campaign On, Obama Turns to ‘Women’s Issues’

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