News and Commentary for March 5 and 6

Sometimes as Republicans we seem to be fighting more amongst ourselves than we are fighting the real battle: the battle for America's soul. Let's stop fighting amongst ourselves and make sure our candidates win in November!

Speaking from experience, lately it seems that as Republicans we are fighting one another more than we are working to defeat the Left. Folks! Come on! America’s soul is at stake. Let’s stop fighting each other and make sure our Republican candidates win in November!

Stories of the Day

2016 Republican Convention

Click on over and cast your vote for Phoenix! And now’s your chance to act like a Democrat! You can vote more than once! Where will our next president be nominated? Your opinion matters as conservatives make history in 2016. Which city do you think should host the next Republican National Convention? Cast your vote to make your voice heard.

The Debt

Well now. Isn’t this comforting? “In short, not only is the federal government in financial trouble, it’s in worse shape than we ever realized. After compiling all of the data in the Treasury Report, Just Facts found that the full obligations of the U.S. federal government total $71 trillion, or $580,000 per household.” Shocker: Federal government’s fiscal deterioration almost 5 times official deficit (For more on Obama’s budget, scroll down to the Budget section of this post.)

The IRS Scandal

What’s she hiding and who is she protecting? Millions of American citizens, as her bosses, demand answers. “If, as the president contends, it amounts to only “some bone-headed decisions” but “not even a smidgen of corruption,” why would Lerner spend the last 10 months taking the Fifth?” Lois Lerner Refuses To Incriminate More Than Herself

We demand answers (emphasis mine)!According to Politico, many of the emails involved investigating political corporate entities and tax exempt groups. One of the emails links Lerner’s work specifically to Crossroads GPS, a conservative group led by Karl Rove. In another, she lists different types of political organizations that needed to be checked for potential suspicious activity. In one bit of correspondence, Lerner argues that she felt pressure from above to target the groups. “They want the IRS to fix the problem… Everybody is screaming at us right now,” she said, according to the committee’s report. It is never specified who “they” are, and Lerner did not provide any new details in today’s hearing. Representatives of the IRS have defended Lerner as doing “what she was supposed to do” in targeting the groups for investigation.” New Emails Point to IRS Officials Targeting Political Groups

Contempt! “House Speaker John Boehner also addressed the possibility of holding Lerner in contempt, a matter on which the full House would need to vote. “I’ll wait for a report from Chairman Issa about what happened and what will happen,” he said at a press conference on Wednesday, ‘but at some point…she has to testify or she should be held in contempt.’” Lerner Refuses to Testify, Again


Being the more “sophisticated voters” that the author alludes to, we certainly WILL put a stop to all this lawlessness this November. “President Obama is planning to break the law, once again, in an effort to protect vulnerable Democrats in the Senate. According to news reports, “the White House will announce a new directive allowing insurers to continue offering health plans that do not meet Obamacare’s minimum coverage requirements.” In the absence of this “directive,” health insurance companies would have to cancel millions of health policies just a few weeks before November’s congressional elections. Obama’s edict would theoretically forestall, until after those crucial midterms, a tsunami of voter outrage that would inevitably drown the reelection prospects of many Democrats. It’s not clear, however, that another delay of this Obamacare provision will save the Democrats. The people who vote in midterm elections are, on average, more sophisticated than the voters who participate in presidential elections.” Another Illegal Obamacare Edict Hat tip:

Embarrassing. “Via CNS, a perfect complement to this morning’s news of the umpteenth ass-covering ad hoc executive rule change to his pet boondoggle. (This little stand-up routine at DNC HQ was recorded on Friday evening, about an hour after he delivered his somber “there will be costs” statement on Ukraine.) Here’s the result of three years of education at Harvard Law plus several years spent lecturing students as a law prof at the University of Chicago: As long as the president’s trying to “fix things” — and “things” very much includes his party’s prospects in the next election — it’s absurd to hassle him over separation of powers. Which, I’m embarrassed to say, isn’t the first time he’s used that rationale.” Obama mocks Republicans: When I try to “fix” ObamaCare, they call me a tyrant

“As Scott noted a little while ago, the Obama administration has again pushed back the deadline for individual and small group policies to comply with Obamacare’s requirements. They are doing this, obviously, because they are trying to put off the political fallout when millions of Americans lose the coverage they had, and find that coverage under Obamacare will be more expensive and/or more limited.” As Obama Delays Obamacare Again, Julie Boonstra Strikes Back

Note that Kyrsten Sinema (AZ CD9), HUGE supporter of Obamacare, now blesses the delays. She knows that November is coming and the ladies of Palo Verde Republican Women will work our butts off to send her packing. “The powers-that-be in the Obama administration add with a straight face that the pronouncements issued today were “developed in close consultation with members of Congress, including but not limited to Senators Mark Warner, Mary Landrieu, Jeanne Shaheen, Mark Udall and Representatives Tim Bishop, Elizabeth Esty, Carol Shea-Porter, Gary Peters, Scott Peters, Ann Kuster, Kyrsten Sinema, Ann Kirkpatrick, and Ron Barber….” What do these members of Congress have in common? Does their “consultation” with the powers-that-be lend a tint of legality to the otherwise lawless pronouncements? How does that work? The powers-that be in the Obama administration add without any intended irony that today’s pronouncements “provide flexibility to states and provide consumers with choices so they can decide what is best for themselves and their families.” One more question. Shouldn’t the administration’s congressional consultants have thought of that before they voted for the damn contraption? Once upon a time, not so long ago, administrative agencies were vested only with the authority to interpret the laws they enforced. To simplify just a little bit, unless the authority was delegated to them, agencies lacked the power to write the laws. They certainly lacked the power simply to rewrite them.” Banana republic stuff

Someone should ask Rep. Sinema this: If Obamacare is so wonderful, why all the delays? “The latest in a string of delays and alterations to the Affordable Care Act – nearly 30 in all –has the federal government deciding to delay penalizing about 500,000 Americans who have what President Obama recently called ‘substandard’ and ‘junk’ health insurance plans. Penalties scheduled to hit as many as 1.5 million such Americans who have not yet seen cancellation notices from their insurers were set to kick in just before the November 2014 congressional election. But now that deadline has been pushed back until five weeks before the 2016 presidential contest, creating a potential headache for Hillary Rodham Clinton – Obama’s former secretary of state and his party’s presumptive nominee to succeed him.” Another Obamacare delay pushes the pain  past 2014 elections and well into 2016 as Obama leaves the fallout for Hillary to face


Amateur. “Having been president for more than five years, we can now render some reasonable and informed judgments about Mr. Obama, including this one: he is an amateur on par with Jimmy Carter. And to see the crude and brutish Putin run circles around Obama—on negotiations over nuclear weapons, on granting asylum to Edward Snowden, on convincing Obama to undercut our allies in Poland and the Czech Republic, on establishing ties with Egypt, on strengthening the murderous Syrian regime, and now invading Crimea and threatening the rest of Ukraine—is painful for any American to witness. As House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers put it, “Putin is playing chess and I think we are playing marbles, and I don’t think it’s even close.” Obama’s Journey from Arrogance to Incompetence

Smarter than the people. “With Vladimir Putin giving Barack Obama the back of his gloved hand in the Crimea, it’s easy to forget what the two leaders have in common. Neither of them likes democracy very much.” What Putin and Obama Do and Don’t Have in Common

Is nothing ever Obama’s fault? MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow: Bush to blame for Ukraine

From another planet. “At an impromptu press conference today, President Obama spoke about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “The way that some of this has been reported, suggestions somehow that the Russian actions have been clever strategically,” he said, “I actually think that this has not been a sign of strength.” Charles Krauthammer could not disagree more. “Let’s review,” he said. “Putin has taken over the Crimean peninsula. . . . He regains it without a shot fired in anger, without any consequences yet. I don’t think there are going to be any that are really going to hurt him. The Europeans are resisting any real sanctions. . . . He’s destabilized a regime in Ukraine that is intensely anti-Russian. He’s sitting in a seat where everybody has to come to him, holding a lot of cards, and it’s not clever?” ‘When Obama says, and Kerry also did in Kiev, that this is a sign of weakness and not strength,” Krauthammer said, “you’ve got to wonder what cosmos our president and secretary of state are living in.’” Krauthammer’s Take: What Cosmos are Obama and Kerry Living in?

Again, from another planet. “Historical events didn’t teach American progressives anything. They think that what happened in the Soviet Union doesn’t have any correlation to their “noble” aspirations for government doing “good” on behalf of the people. I look at spoiled brats such as professor of education Bill Ayers. They are very brave about criticizing free democracies like the U.S. or Israel, while living in a free democracy. Did they ever try to criticize totalitarian regimes while residing within their dominion?” America’s Spoiled Left Is Clueless About Ukraine’s Revolt

Dangerous. How many of you have heard about this? “In Moscow last Wednesday,Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Russia plans to use military bases in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua for its navy and to refuel strategic bombers. Three months ago, Secretary Kerry ostentatiously announced in a Washington speech, “The era of the Monroe Doctrine is over.” Naturally the Russians took this as a green light to return to one of the Soviet Union’s favorite playpens. The next day, a Russian spy ship, the Viktor Leonov SSV-175, slipped unannounced into Havana Harbor.” Henninger: Putin Carterizes Obama, Totally: The Democrats are vulnerable again on handling the world.


Shortsightedness. “Such leverage is bad enough, but Obama has enabled Putin to turn his full house into a royal flush. By imposing a political timeline for withdrawal on Afghanistan, Obama has given Putin sway over the ability of American forces to withdrawal their equipment from Afghanistan. Obama now faces a choice: Risk American equipment transiting Russia, or succumb to Pakistani blackmail which can be just as costly. There will be many reverberations and second order effects because of Obama’s shortsightedness. Emboldening Putin is only the first.” Obama’s Afghan Strategy Helps Putin


Unbelievable. She should lose in November just for this one vote. “Rep. Kyrsten Sinema has joined her Democrat colleagues in opposing legislation aimed at reining in the IRS, preventing abuse, and holding the IRS accountable for targeting the political beliefs of individuals.” Like Lois Lerner, Kyrsten Sinema “Pleads The Fifth” And Ignores IRS Scandal

We’re going to hold her accountable for her actions, no matter how hard she tries to pull the wool over our eyes. “Kyrsten Sinema is inextricably linked to ObamaCare,” said NRCC Rapid Response Director Matt Gorman. “At the request of President Obama, she crafted it, campaigned for it, and sticks by it to this day. As Arizonans find higher premiums, canceled plans, and lost wages, they can thank Congresswoman Sinema.”Radio Ad: Arizonans Can Thank Kyrsten Sinema for ObamaCare

My husband and I stopped feeding the beast years ago.What do Noble, Herrod, Arpaio, Kavanagh, Pearce and Horne all have in common? They are independent thinking, conservative Republicans, who don’t take their marching orders from the editorial board of the dying newspaper or the squishy party establishment elites, earning them attacks from the daily — which wants to see all of the top offices led by Democrats. When they endorse a Republican it will be a RINO or the weakest candidate, positioning the Democrat to win the general. This isn’t rocket science.” AZ Republic’s hit pieces: Have you noticed a pattern?


A total mess. “Designated wilderness is the dilemma, the Arizona Class smuggling corridors are the outcome, and Border Patrol cannot do its job with conditional access to border lands. Unencumbered access simply cannot be married to restricted access constraints without mortal conflict. Those who support border wilderness, the environmental societies and Mexican drug cartels, stand in stark contrast to those who oppose it, at risk Americans who concede the facts that these lands have become a conduit for transnational criminal organizations to operate with near impunity.” The plunge toward border wilderness  Hat tip: Gayla Coletto

The Budget

Complete fantasy. “The Obama Administration’s 2015 proposed “Budget of United States” promises that the economy will grow at the fastest rate in a decade, unemployment will fall to the average of the Reagan Administration and spending will rise at its lowest percentage rate since the Clinton Administration. As a math person I can assure readers there appear to be no arithmetic errors in the two-pound budget book.  But no one will take Obama’s budget proposal very seriously because the projections that underlie his next year’s wish list are just more Rainbows, Butterflies, and Unicorns.” Obama Budget is Rainbows, Butterflies, and Unicorns

Robbing the people to pay off their friends. “’It would demand that families pay more so Washington can spend more,” Ryan said of Obama’s plan. “It would hollow out our defense capabilities. And it would do nothing to preserve or strengthen our entitlements. The president has just three years left in his administration, and yet he seems determined to do nothing about our fiscal challenges.’” Obama Unveils $3.9 Trillion ‘Opportunity Agenda’ Budget

Another knife to the back of Israel. “Given the magnitude of social welfare spending expansion in Obama’s budget, the relatively small amounts being cut from the military budget to pay for a sliver of the new spending make the expression “false economy” an understatement. The goal seems to be more one of undermining Israel than saving money.” Obama budget guts joint missile defense research with Israel

With Obama’s new budget, it’s obvious he wants more control over “We The People.” Are we going to continue to stand for this? “President Obama’s 2015 budget request contains hundreds of millions of dollars to further a broad array of regulatory initiatives in the waning years of his administration. The proposal would bolster Obama’s climate change initiative with additional funding and manpower, and add to the coffers of Wall Street regulators whose responsibilities have grown in the years since the Great Recession. The blueprint would direct money toward a renewed gun control push and reforms to the federal criminal justice system. It would devote tens of millions of dollars more to regulations governing the nation’s chemical plants and food safety system, as well as fund a new push to tamp down on compounding pharmacies.” Obama’s budget wish list: Money and manpower for regulations

Bottom line: Unaffordable. Live Analysis: Heritage Experts Weigh In On Obama’s 2015 Budget

This: “President Obama offered his FY 2015 budget proposal today. There were not a lot of surprises, as the key elements of the budget had been leaked over the last week or two. This is how Obama characterized the document in his appearance at an elementary school: [I]t enables us to meet our obligations to future generations without a mountain of debt.” And this: “This budget adheres to the spending principles members of both Houses of Congress have already agreed to.” And this: “Is Barack Obama a liar of epic proportions, or has he gotten so out of touch with reality that he really doesn’t understand how crazy his claims are? Or, perhaps, both? You can only imagine what would happen to a budget like this, and to the administration’s claims about it, in a country that had a free press!” Obama Delivers Dead-On-Arrival Budget, Lies About It

They have to lie to us because it would appear ludicrous otherwise. “Yet Obama’s budget ignores that compromise entirely, and proposes to spend an additional $56 billion in the discretionary category, above and beyond the current statutory limit, in FY 2015. So ranking Republican Jeff Sessions asked Ms. Burwell whether the president’s budget increases spending above the statutorily-imposed Ryan-Murray level. Incredibly, Burwell refused to give a straight answer to a very simple question. While implicitly acknowledging that the president’s budget does indeed jettison the compromise that Republicans and Democrats entered into less than three months ago, she repeatedly responded that the president’s proposed spending is “paid for.” This simply means that in addition to busting the spending caps, the president’s budget raises taxes. In the Obama administration obfuscation is, as always, the order of the day.” Obama Administration Can’t Describe Its Own Budget Honestly


Hiding the truth of what November looks like it will bring to the political fortunes of the Left. “The journalists at World News on Monday and Good Morning America on Tuesday ignored the results of their own poll, a survey finding Democrats in deep trouble for the 2014 midterms. It’s not as though GMA was packed with hard news and there was no available time. The morning show devoted an astonishing 18 minutes to promoting the new season of Dancing With the Stars. ABC News labeled this a “GMA dance party.” According to the ABC News/Washington Post poll, “…Republicans [are] in a stronger position than Democrats in the states with Senate races this fall and more than holding their own in the battle for control of the House.” Writers Dan Balz and Scott Clement explained, “In the 34 states with Senate races, 50 percent of voters say they favor Republicans and 42 percent favor Democrats.” The poll found that Barack Obama’s “overall rating is still a net negative, with 46 percent saying they approve of the job he is doing and 50 percent disapproving, the same as in January.” ABC Skips Own Poll of Dour News for Dems, Devotes 18 Minutes to ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Don’t get cocky! We still have to work hard for our candidates. “Charlie Cook, a greatly respected election analyst, has some very bad news for Democrats. No matter how you look at it, the House seems out of reach. Today, Republicans appear a bit more likely to gain than to lose seats; it would take a cataclysmic event for Democrats to score the net gain of the 17 seats they need to take the majority.” Senate Auguries Get Worse for the Dems

And this is why we can’t get cocky, and why we must work tirelessly. DNC Vows to Increase Voter Rolls, Fight Voter ID in Run-Up to Midterms

Global Warming

As a former member of the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, and one who did her college internship at The Mono Lake Committee in California, this is why I no longer support environmental groups (emphasis mine). “Extremism: What could be next in the environmentalists’ catalog of crazy ideas to save the planet? Did someone say a return to 18th Century living? Whoever did would be right. They call it “de-growth,” but it would be better described as “insanity.” The advocates of this plan want to literally “de-grow” the economy back to what they believe is a “sustainable” level. “There’s no such thing as sustainable growth, not in a country like the U.S.,” Worldwatch senior fellow Erik Assadourian told Sierra Magazine. “We have to de-grow our economy, which is obviously not a popular stance to take in a culture that celebrates growth in all forms.” Someone should tell Mr. Assadourian there’s a good reason why his stance is not a popular: People don’t want to be poor and live shorter, unhealthier lives.” De-Growth Advocates Would Take Us Back To Harder Times

Creating outcomes that support the Left’s narrative. “Science is rarely “settled.” Instead, orthodoxy is constantly challenged. A theory survives not by politics, but only if it can offer the best logical explanations for a set of circumstances backed by hard statistical data. “Global warming” that begat “climate change” is no exception. All the good politics in the world of blaming most bad weather on too much carbon dioxide cannot make it true if unquestioned climate data cannot support the notion of recent temperature increases’ being directly attributable to rising man-caused carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. In recent years, “settled science” with regard to the causes of peptic ulcers, the health benefits of Vitamin D, the need for annual mammograms, and the prognostic value of the prostate-specific antigen test have all been turned upside down by dissident scientists offering new theories to interpret fresh data. Yet for the new anti-empirical Left, science becomes an ally only when refuting absurd religious theories that the Earth is 5,000 years old. Otherwise, it can prove irrelevant when it does not support pet causes.” The Anti-Empirical Left: Science is ignored when it doesn’t support politically correct policy.

This: On February 25, 2014, Patrick Moore, PhD, testified before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, Subcommittee on Oversight.  His full testimony can be read at this link, but here are some key excerpts (emphasis is Moore’s own): There is no scientific proof that human emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) are the dominant cause of the minor warming of the Earth’s atmosphere over the past 100 years. If there were such a proof it would be written down for all to see. No actual proof, as it is understood in science, exists. And this: The entire globe, let alone America, is set to spend trillions of dollars chasing an unproven bogeyman variously called “global warming”, “climate change” or any other politically correct and fashionable term the Left can come up with. Where is the New York Times, our country’s alleged ”paper of record”, on the story of Moore’s testimony? Answer: Nowhere. No coverage. No story. Not a peep. Nada. Bupkis. And this: “But we do know one thing for sure: the New York Times has sold us out once again. It is a vile and despicable excuse for a “newspaper”, but it is a fine example of a state-controlled propaganda rag. It is Soviet. It is Stalinist. Have they no shame?” Global Warming: The ‘New York Times’ Sells Us Out – Again


The facts. “The average annual labor force participation rate hit a 35-year-low of 63.2 percent in the United States in 2013, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The last time the average annual labor force participation rate was that low was in in 1978, when it was also 63.2 percent. Jimmy Carter was president then.” Labor Force Participation in 2013 Lowest in 35 Years

The Left

You had better visit New York City soon. It won’t be visit-worthy in another couple of years. “Cronyism aside, de Blasio has not shown he’s prepared to tackle the job of New York City’s most powerful leader. As of February 28, de Blasio still has to appoint heads of more than a dozen city offices and agencies — Buildings, Cultural Affairs, Consumer Affairs, Corrections, Parks, and Finance, just to name a few. The mayor also hasn’t been able to deal with the old-as-time issue of snow. This is New York, not Atlanta where a dusting can prompt dozens of car accidents. New Yorkers are used to snow; nonetheless this year brought a lot of severe weather. States of emergency were declared at least three times. The mayor placed warnings to stay off the roads, except if you attended or taught at public schools.” Bill de Blasio Wins the Lottery: And has no clue how to run New York City.

Money in Politics

Just a reminder! “You see it in nearly every democrat party or affiliates email.  You see it at almost every Democrat rally… The Evil Koch Brothers are destroying America with their billions of dollars going to Republican and Libertarian causes. Radicals’ fundraising tactics  – Demonize your enemy and the ends justify the means. Open Secrets, a political finance watch dog group, compiled a list that may surprise most Democrats.  Seems the Koch Brothers rank 59th in political giving.” Evil Koch Brothers Rank 59th in Political Donations, ActBlue 1st

The real story about money in politics. This: “Yesterday, Senate majority leader Harry Reid went on a rant on the Senate floor about the Koch brothers. Reid seems to believe that the fraternal billionaires are buying America with their campaign contributions, saying “whoever has the most money gets the most free speech” — implying, I suppose, that Charles and David Koch, as some of the richest men in the world, control the most political speech.” And this: “Mr. Reid may be interested to know the following:

  • The top campaign donor of the last 25 years is ActBlue, an online political-action committee dedicated to raising funds for Democrats. ActBlue’s political contributions, which total close to $100 million, are even more impressive when one realizes that it was only launched in 2004. That’s $100 million in ten years.
  • Fourteen labor unions were among the top 25 political campaign contributors.
  • Three public-sector unions were among the 14 labor groups: the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees; the National Education Association; and the American Federation of Teachers. Their combined contributions amount to $150 million, or 15 percent of the top 25’s approximately $1 billion in donations since 1989.
  • Public- and private-sector unions contributed 55.6 percent — $552 million — of the top 25’s contributions.” There’s much more at the link: Fourteen of America’s 25 Biggest Campaign Donors Are Unions

What are the Democrats so afraid of? “’It’s ironic to have someone like Harry Reid use the word ‘un-American’ about David and Charles Koch, because the Koch brothers, they create more prosperity for more Americans from more walks of life in a single year than a liberal politician like Harry Reid creates in a lifetime. And yet he has the gall to use the word ‘un-American,’ ” Phillips told The Hill on Friday.’” Koch group president fires back at Reid

President Obama

Remember, Obama thinks he’s the “smartest man on the planet.” “’Perry said, “I don’t mind telling you I was a bit troubled today by the tone of the president. When you have governors, and we all compete against each other – we are the laboratories of innovation – and for the President of the United States to look Democrat and Republican governors in the eye and say, ‘I do not trust you to make decisions in your state about issues of education, about transportation infrastructure,’…that is really troubling.’” Chilling: President Obama Threatened Several Governors This Week

Courtesy of the low information, celebrity-slobbing voters: “An informationally deficient American electorate elected, and then re-elected, a man with no provable record of accomplishment anywhere in his past. That is proving out to be on the world stage what was easily predictable: our metrosexual president, a man of wide and demonstrable lack of accomplishment, isn’t capable of playing on the same field as that bare-chested Russian Bear.” Two images: Obama and Putin

Laughing stock. “To paraphrase Lincoln, it is better to shut up and be thought weak than to open your mouth and prove it.  Someone should tell Barry.  Every time his mouth writes a check his butt won’t cash, he weakens America and makes the world a much more dangerous place for everyone.  Does anyone really think that if the Chinese attack Japan over the Senkaku Islands, Obama, even though treaty-bound, will come to their aid?  If the Iranians declare they have a nuclear weapon, will Obama do one damn thing?” Only Americans Fear Obama

School Choice

Ask your Leftist friends why they hate inner city children so much: Playing w children’s futures all for the sake of politics. “As Hizzoner battles Gov. Cuomo over prekindergarten and charter schools, nearly 200 kids whose Harlem charter de Blasio booted don’t know where they’ll go to class in September. The distraught families, their lives now thrown into turmoil, feel they have nowhere to turn. “I wanted the best for my daughter,” said Rakim Smith, 40, a cable technician from Harlem whose daughter Dymond is a sixth-grader at Success Academy Harlem Central Middle School. “Now they’re trying to take it away.” Smith and Dymond, 11, spent years building a path to a better life with a focus on education and hard work. Dymond’s beloved Success Academy was her life. “My daughter loves this school more than anything. It’s everything to her,” said Smith. “It’s her future. It all starts here. We’ve got to hold on to it.’” Success Academy charter school families have no place for children to go after de Blasio cut co-locations

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