News and Commentary for March 3

Smile! It's Monday and we've got a lot of work to do to save our country!

Smile! It’s Monday and we’ve got a lot of work to do to save our country!

Stories of the Day

When an editorial appears like this in the Washington Post, you know you’re in trouble. “FOR FIVE YEARS, President Obama has led a foreign policy based more on how he thinks the world should operate than on reality. It was a world in whichthe tide of war is receding” and the United States could, without much risk, radically reduce the size of its armed forces. Other leaders, in this vision, would behave rationally and in the interest of their people and the world. Invasions, brute force, great-power games and shifting alliances — these were things of the past. Secretary of State John F. Kerry displayed this mindset on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday when he said, of Russia’s invasion of neighboring Ukraine, “It’s a 19th century act in the 21st century.” President Obama’s foreign policy is based on fantasy

This is NOT a joke. “President Obama himself, having delivered a limp warning to Vladimir Putin, decamped for a meeting of the Democratic National Committee, where he told a cheering crowd: ‘Well, it’s Friday, it’s after 5:00. So this is officially happy hour with the Democratic Party.’” Russia Invades Ukraine, Obama Declares Happy Hour

When you put Leftists in charge, you get Leftist results. “Russia rolling into other countries with impunity. A declining standard of living. Stagnant economic growth. And a weakling in the White House who seems paralyzed to do anything about it at all. The second decade of the 21st century? Or the late 1970s? The Carter-Obama comparison isn’t new. But if history does, in fact, have a nasty habit of repeating itself, the last few years have begun to look an awful lot like the Carter era.” It’s Beginning to Smell Like the 1970s

As a lot of us have been saying since Obama was elected the first time… We’re in the best of hands (emphasis mine). This: “The sheer comprehensiveness of the administration’s miscalculation is now crystal clear. The crisis with Russia comes at a time when the US still has troops in landlocked Afghanistan, dependent in part on supplies delivered through sufferance of the Kremlin, because stalwart Pakistan is holding up supplies and blocking egress. It comes at a moment when the southern flank of the Black Sea, Turkey and the Levant are embroiled in a crisis. At it arrives when the US military has been cut to the bone.” And this: “The challenge facing the American political class is what to do now. The unthinkable has happened: a real international crisis has flared up with an equally real dope in the Oval Office. The political class must realize they are playing for real money now.  They must try to stabilize the crisis before it gets completely away. This game’s for keeps.” Backfix

Read this and be afraid, especially when you consider what’s going on in the Ukraine. “Once the budgetary savagery Hagel outlined for the military is in place, the U.S. will have a Navy with the fewest ships at sea since before World War I, the smallest Air Force ever, and an Army and Marine Corps smaller than at any time since 1940.  Weapons systems that would modernize and upgrade our military capability will be canceled, and older weapons systems, such as the A-10, will be eliminated.” What Gutting the U.S. Military Means

“But the war is on.  We’re the prime target.  If we don’t defeat our enemies politically, we’ll end up on the battlefield.  With the mutilated military Obama is creating. There is one thing that might help.  If senior military officers, who know full well what’s going on, were to resign on principle–”I’m not prepared to cooperate with this deliberate decimation of America’s military power”–it might have a real impact.  Mattis should have done it, but in the end went fairly quietly.  Gates didn’t resign on such grounds.  But General Odierno, who commands the Army-about-to-get-smaller-than-it-was-before-WWII, could.  And Dempsey could.  And others. Maybe some emails would encourage them… “ It’s the War, You Dolt

“Due to a series of coincidences, I have spent much of the past five days listening to lectures from foreign policy and national security intellectuals and former policy makers of the Reagan, Bush 41 and Bush 43 administrations.  All were partisans, of course.  But all aligned where they did politically and served in the administrations they did out of conviction about what was best for the nation.  None of the lectures and discussions was for public attribution, so I will be vague about who said what and where they said it. It would be hard to exaggerate how universally dismayed and fearful for the nation’s future every one of these political leaders, senior journalists and policy intellectuals was. Speaker after speaker observed that, once the steadying and mediating force in the global order, the United States under the current administration is viewed as feckless and unreliable in all global quarters.” A Dangerous Place Already, This Week the World Became More Dangerous

“Leaders of other countries don’t respect President Barack Obama, said 53 percent of respondents in Gallup’s annual World Affairs poll, conducted Feb. 3-6. That only 53 percent of Americans think this is an indictment of the news media’s coverage of foreign affairs.” Jack Kelly: Obama’s botched foreign policy — a mess worse than Jimmy Carter’s

“How many times did foolishly confident American experts and officials come out with some variant of the phrase “We all share a common interest in a stable and prosperous Ukraine.” We may think that’s true, but Putin doesn’t. We blame this in part on the absence of true intellectual and ideological diversity in so much of the academy, the policy world and the mainstream media. Most college kids at good schools today know many more people from different races and cultural groups than their grandparents did, but they are much less exposed to people who think outside the left-liberal box. How many faithful New York Times readers have no idea what American conservatives think, much less how Russian oligarchs do? Well bred and well read Americans live in an ideological and cultural cocoon and this makes them fatally slow to understand the very different motivations that animate actors ranging from the Tea Party to the Kremlin to, dare we say it, the Supreme Leader and Guide of the Islamic Republic of Iran.” Putin Smashes Washington’s Cocoon

“It’s starting to feel like 1914, and unfortunately Putin seems to be holding the best hand. America is weak and has a leader who is incompetent at best, and at worst has a history of siding with America’s enemies.   Just this week, as Putin was massing force on the Ukrainian border, Jay Carney was warning Putin not to take steps that might be “misinterpreted.”  Putin listened.  The only place his moves were being misinterpreted was in the Obama White House.  Only there, in the bubble of new-age foreign policy nonsense, was there a misinterpretation.  Everyone else knew what Putin was up to, except the people we pay to know.” Putin Wakes Up the World


In order to stop this madness, more of us have to speak up. “The AP’s report recorded that the school board took its action because “administrators feared the American-flag shirts would enflame the passions of Latino students celebrating the Mexican holiday.” Perhaps take a moment and allow that sentence to roll around your mouth, all the while counting just how many seconds it takes for the bitter taste to burn and push at the back of your throat. An American school was faced with the possibility that some of its students would take violent exception to the nation’s flag, and, in response, the school banned . . . the nation’s flag. How, pray, is this possible?” Wearing a Flag of Surrender: If American values can’t rule in schools, where do we expect them to survive?

“Fourth, who are these administrators? They are a bunch of “PC cowards” in my book. Why didn’t they tell the kids to behave and respect the flag of the US? They should have borrowed a page from my Catholic school and had the kids write a 100 times on the black board:   “The US is an exceptional country and that flag stands for freedom.  Move to Mexico if you disagree”!” California’s serious assimilation problem

“The point is, rights which are applied unequally are not rights at all.  Once rights become subjective to the political whims of the ruling elite, rights become nothing more than allowances which can be denied when the state deems that the suppression of those rights is required.  And assuming one has the most basic knowledge of history, I should not have to expound upon the danger of such circumstances. And yet, here we are.” Banning the American Flag and Reconquista


“If you believe markets work, if you believe people work, then you should have faith that legitimate bigotry will be punished by the marketplace. So Hobby Lobby and Chick Fil A and all the cakemakers who only make heteronormative cake will see their business drop because they were anti-women or anti-gay or what have you. Giving the government the power to punish them – which really amounts to giving elite trial lawyers that power – is madness if you believe in people and markets. Decisions made by free people within markets will sort themselves out better than giving courts and government and bureaucrats the power to do the sorting. No one will shop at the Nazi store without being judged for shopping at the Nazi store, so we don’t need government to ban the Nazi store.” Religious Liberty After Arizona

“File this as your rumor of the day — it’s an intriguing one. We first wrote about Arizona Democrat Kyrsten Sinema when she was a Congressional candidate in 2012, noting that she was angling to shake off her radical past and present herself as a moderate to voters. She succeeded, barely, winning her race by a narrow margin. The freshman has since built up a formidable campaign war chest to buttress her re-election campaign in a tough swing district — but fresh whispers suggest that her former self isn’t the only thing she’s considering leaving behind. Local media is starting to buzz about the possibility of Sinema bolting from her current district to a safe D+16 seat that just opened up. She represented part of AZ-07 as a state legislator, then moved to AZ-09 to run for Congress. Now that a much safer seat in her old stomping grounds may be hers for the taking, Sinema has thus far declined to commit to stick it out in her current district.” Hmm: Obamacare-Tied Democrat On the Run in Arizona?


“But given the level of corruption endemic in a state that spends more than $100 billion a year with little scrutiny, a safe assumption would be that there is a lot more dirt that Calderon can expose in return for a lighter sentence, should his taped transactions result in convictions on multiple counts. Stay tuned.” Corruption costs Democrats their California supermajority

The Economy

“In an era where members of Congress vote on unread bills and the President signs them in to law, it stands to reason that workers, union leaders and private residents could pass a ballot initiative without understanding the most basic things about the initiative’s limitations, implications and jurisdictions. We live at a time when Americans are far more interested in sports scores and reports of Justin Bieber’s latest arrest, than they are interested in the inner-workings of their government and the economy, or even the history of their own country.” This Just In: Low Information Voters Serve Up A Bad Economy


Good, but it’s long time from now until November. “The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee sent out a fundraising email on Friday telling supporters that six Democrats are now trailing in the polls for the upcoming midterm elections. If Republicans win all six races, “the Senate is theirs,” the email states. The DSCC, of course, blames the GOP’s lead on the Koch brothers. “Six Democrats are now trailing in the polls after $28 million in Koch attacks — and if the Republicans win all six, the Senate is theirs,” the email reads. “But we will turn this around and stop them: our Grassroots Victory Project will invest $60 million into 4,000 field staff in 10 states to reverse the GOP’s gains.” ‘This Is Bad’: Are Democrats Starting to Panic About 2014 Midterms?

“Eight former members of the Federal Election Commission today accused the Internal Revenue Service of attempting to “interfere” with campaign finance regulations enacted by Congress, The Foundry has learned. The former FEC commissioners signed a letter filed this afternoon as a public comment on the IRS’s proposed new rules on so-called “candidate-related political activity” by nonprofit advocacy organizations qualified as tax-exempt under federal law. Midnight is the deadline for public comment on the proposed rules, which critics say the IRS developed secretly and announced at Thanksgiving to silence some free speech – seven months after the IRS targeting scandal broke.” Foundry Exclusive: 8 Election Experts Slam IRS for Interfering with Campaign Finance


“From celebrities advocating causes to movies about political and social issues, Hollywood has long been involved in American politics and social values. Most Americans think it has too much influence. Sixty-one percent say Hollywood has too much influence on American politics and social values, while 26 percent think it has the right amount, and 9 percent think it has too little. There are differences by party affiliation: more than three-quarters of Republicans, and most Independents (61 percent), think Hollywood’s influence is too much, while less than half of Democrats (48 percent) think it is too much.” CBS News Poll: Americans’ view on Hollywood’s influence


“During a Senate floor speech Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid declared all of the horror stories about Obamacare were lies bought paid for by the Koch brothers. That makes the 5.8 million people who lost their insurance because of Obamacare (and any other American with a horror story) liars. “Despite all that good news, there’s plenty of horror stories being told. All of them are untrue, but they’re being told all over America,” said Reid.” Harry Reid: All Obamacare Horror Stories Are Lies

“The “dishonest ads” Reid referred to are the ones in which victims of Obamacare truthfully relate their experiences of losing their health insurance, contrary to the Democrats’ promises. This was the same speech in which Reid said that all such accounts are lies. Harry Reid is a low, corrupt politician. He has become a wealthy man while serving his entire adult life as a public employee. How does that happen? Obviously, he has taken bribes, sometimes in the form of sweetheart Las Vegas real estate deals. Harry Reid is the epitome of corrupt cronyism. Not coincidentally, cronyism is precisely what Charles and David Koch are fighting against.” Who Is Un-American? Harry Reid Violates All Standards of Decency

President Obama

Click on over and review the list! “The Heritage Foundation is out with a new report on President Obama’s executive actions, titled “An Executive Unbound,” finding that “abusive, unlawful, even potentially unconstitutional unilateral action has been a hallmark of the Obama Administration.” They’ve also compiled a list of the top ten abusive executive actions taken by the President.” The Ten Most Abusive Obama Executive Actions

School Choice

Why do so many Democrats oppose hate children? New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s decision to rescind approval for the establishment of three charter schools has parents worried the mayor will leave their kids out on the street. “I would love for our son to be like Dante,” one parent told the New York Post, referencing the mayor’s son, who attends the high-end Brooklyn Tech High School.” Charter School Parents: Children ‘Crying,’ De Blasio ‘Ridiculous,’ ‘Crazy’

Tea Party

“Yesterday, we commented on how the Tea Party has seen a 50% jump in favorability ratings from the American public since the partial government shut down last October, rebounding to its historical range. This development is rather remarkable for a couple of reasons. First, as we pointed earlier, nary a peep was made in any headline doled out by the popular media of the impressive strides made by the Tea Party in recent months.” Tea Party still strong after 5 years of fighting media bias

“1. The Tea Party arose from a justifiable concern with the expanding size, scope and reach of the federal government. It was an important factor in the epic 2010 mid-term election. At its best it has integrated itself into the GOP while continuing to apply pressure to Republican leaders to re-limit government and waring them against making careless and unprincipled deals.” The Tea Party Five Years In

“What both conservatives and liberals often forget about the Tea Party is that the driving spirit of this movement is not so much Republican as it is one of rebellion against those who defend a Washington status quo that perpetuates a government tax and spending machine. The mainstream media sees the Tea Party as the embodiment of the Washington event at which, like all such conferences, an eclectic gathering of ordinary citizens network with political outliers. But the Tea Party that turned the 2010 midterms into a historic GOP landslide is more than a convention of grass roots activists. It is the expression of frustration with the inability of the political class to reform itself and preserve the vision of limited government promised in the Constitution.” The State of the Tea Party in 2014

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