News and Commentary for December 20

“’Secular progressives realize,” O’Reilly continued, “that America as it is now will never approve of gay marriage, partial birth abortion, euthanasia, legalized drugs, income redistribution through taxation and many other progressive visions because of religious opposition. But if the secularists can destroy religion in the public arena, the brave new progressive world is a possibility. That’s what happened in Canada.”’ The Real War on Christmas is a War on Religious Rights

Maybe we still are America. “The Obama Democrats assumed Americans would embrace big government policies. They seem to have proved the opposite.” In Big Government, We Distrust

“The ‘tolerance’ society demands from Christians really is silent compliance.” A&E fowls up ‘Duck’ flap

“Whatever happened to tolerating dissenting views?” A&E’s Problem — And Ours

“It is a messed up situation when Miley Cyrus gets a laugh, and Phil Robertson gets suspended.” Bobby Jindal Backs Phil Robertson: I Remember When TV networks believed in the First Amendment

“The A&E Network’s suspension of Phil Robertson, star of the most popular reality show in the history of television, for espousing views on homosexuality identical to those found in the New Testament may not be the first PC lynching in the history of our country, but it is certainly now the most prominent. It is also a singular example of how political correctness, via cultural relativism, is used to undermine democracy and freedom of speech and is, at its core, fascistic.” The PC Lynching of Phil Robertson

“Unless they look at the fine print in the paperwork in Washington and other states with similar asset-forfeiture regulations, any assets they own will not pass to their heirs but to the state instead.” The Obamacare ‘Shotgun Wedding’—Marry or Lose Your Home

“Insurance companies are rapidly becoming mere extensions of the federal government.” Story of the Year

“De facto single-payer, by any means necessary.” The Obamacare Chaos Strategy’s Outlines Begin to Emerge

“However, it is a bit hard to understand how repealing the Affordable Care Act could cost more than the millions that is being inefficiently spent to enroll single applicants.” White House Damage Control: Obamacare Repeal Will ‘Cost too Much’

“As Attkisson recounts, Kathleen Sebelius testified before Congress on October 30th that “no senior official reporting to me ever advised me that we should delay.” While Sebelius may be able to claim that Fryer didn’t report to her and that her statement was technically accurate, Congress may want to know why Sebelius went forward with the launch without Fryer’s signature on the letter recommending the ATO. Fryer also told Congress that she personally briefed Sebelius’ advisers on her recommendation to withhold the ATO on September 20th, six weeks before her testimony to Congress.” CBS: Top ObamaCare official wanted site shut down over security risks — and was overruled

“Health insurers are responding with serious concern to the White House’s abrupt decision Thursday to allow millions of Americans whose health insurance policies have been cancelled to purchase catastrophic plans next year.” Insurers: ‘Catastrophic’ Healthcare Plans Change Will Cause ‘Tremendous Instability’

“But can these people actually buy the kind of catastrophic insurance that made sense for most of them before ObamaCare?  ObamaCare, don’t forget, forced insurers to drop those kinds of plans in favor of ridiculously comprehensive plans that most healthy people won’t need anyway. And what happens if the millions of newly-uninsured sign up for such low-cost policies — or don’t bother to sign up at all?  The insurance industry just found out what it’s like under the Obama bus.” Great news: If you like your cancellation, you can keep your cancellation!

“Apart from physicians who cater to Hollywood-celebrity levels of wealth or Washington-elite levels of power, how can any doctor with a private practice find time to deal with individual patients? The new prime imperative imposed by law requires that a doctor spend most of his or her time and energy toiling to comply with a regulatory burden so titanic that even those who issue it can’t keep track of it.” We Liked Our Doctor!

“Looming question: How many people have gained coverage versus those who have lost it? No one knows — yet. HHS is fond of boasting of rising numbers of people who have signed up for coverage, but officials don’t keep track of how many have paid premiums to start coverage.” Chicago Tribune editorial: ObamaCare delivering a Scroogesque Christmas

“There are partisan differences as well, with Republicans significantly more likely to be confident in the state (59%) on healthcare matters. Conversely, Democrats are more likely to have confidence in the federal government (33%) although a majority of Democrats still do not prefer the federal government handle healthcare.” Breitbart Poll: Only 23% Confident in Federal Government to Handle Healthcare Issues

“Collateral damage in the next congressional election is practically assured, history shows; it’s just a matter of how bad it will be.” Echoes of George W. Bush blues in Barack Obama’s 2nd term

“It’s now the end of 2013 and the ever-growing list of Obama administration violation of laws and constitutional restrictions runs into the hundreds of cases. This no longer a matter of opinion: this president has behaved lawlessly — and has encouraged lawless behavior in his administration since he first set foot into the Oval Office in January 2009.” Can we talk about impeachment?

“The danger, Price says, is that the inevitable non-enforcement of many federal criminal laws will establish “a new constitutional norm of unbounded executive discretion” beyond the criminal justice system. Price says the enforcement discretion exercised in the context of the resource-constrained criminal justice system provides ‘no support for presidential authority to decline enforcement with respect to any other given civil regulatory regime, such as the Affordable Care Act.’” Obama’s extreme use of executive discretion

“I almost lost it when I read Podesta’s comparison. Urban Dictionary defines “chutzpah” as “unmitigated gall”, and that’s what Podesta practiced in comparing Republicans to one of the most corrupt and menacing cults to ever attach itself to the Democratic party.” Someone Remind Podesta: Jim Jones Was a Democratic Vote Fraudster

“There’s a reason men disapprove of Barack Obama.” Ladies’ ManReports that the Obama administration had been actively abetting the smuggling of illegal immigrants into the country are merely the latest example of the administration’s longstanding efforts to ignore existing immigration laws.” Timeline: The Obama Administration’s War on Immigration Enforcement

“Sweden is self-destructing, and more and more people are writing about it – but, with very few exceptions, still not in the mainstream Swedish media, where denial continues to reign supreme. Indeed, even as concerned observers abroad (especially in neighboring Denmark and Norway, where the elites still look to their larger neighbor as a multicultural role model while many, if not most, ordinary householders view it as a cautionary example) are sounding the alarm about the fallout of Swedish immigration policies, Sweden’s own mainstream media – and the rest of its cultural establishment – are laboring overtime to silence the truth-tellers and keep the rabble from openly questioning the wisdom of their betters.” Sweden’s March into Oblivion

“The Israeli government knows it cannot rely on anyone at the present time. It also knows that Israel is not the only country affected by the Geneva “interim agreement”. The Saudis understand that their country is under increasing threat and that US-Saudi alliance is unraveling. Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf bin Abdulaziz, Saudi Ambassador to London, made unambiguous comments reflecting the Saudi leaders’ position : “We are not going to sit idly by… and not think seriously how we can best defend our country and our area .” Gulf States might feel even more directly threatened.” After Geneva, “The Islamic Bomb”

“That will also have a positive impact on Wisconsin, and it might even have a positive impact on unions in the long run. If they do focus on the workers rather than elections, then workers will be more positive about unions, and it might help in building their movement from its present state of collapse.  For the rest of Wisconsin, it means that the unions will have less time and resources to corrupt politics in their state, and taxpayers can once again take control of budgets and legislation.  Maybe everyone wins — including Walker, who will face his own “recertification” vote in 2014.” Wisconsin PEU reform allows workers to decertify more than 70 school-district unions

“’I’m buried under debt. I’m terrified that this is what the rest of my life is going to look like. I’m also scared to start my own practice, because I don’t have the practical litigation experience. I can’t afford a pet, let alone kids. I live paycheck to paycheck. It’s very, very scary and disheartening,” was another response from a new lawyer.” Bar Report: ‘New Lawyers Are in a Financial and Emotional Depression’

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