News and Commentary for December 19

I saw the trailer and it looks AWESOME, and it made me cry for what SHOULD have been. “Writes Paul Waldman at The American Prospect in a post titled “New Documentary Threatens to Make You Like Mitt Romney.” “During the 2012 campaign, I, like every liberal writer whose job it is to comment on politics every day, wrote many unkind things about Romney.”

“Perhaps this analysis can be dismissed as biased thinking by a conservative critic. Or perhaps it’s a fair reading of where things stand and where things are headed. We’ll know this time next year. But I suspect that for all his problems this year, it may be viewed in retrospect as (for the second term at least) the land of milk and honey compared to what awaits the man Barbara Walters thought was going to be “the next messiah.””  So You Think Obama’s 2013 Was Bad? Just Wait Until 2014

“Voters don’t like losing wars, or financial implosions, and they really don’t like hearing lies. Thus, the country’s reaction to the rollout of Obamacare, plus the news that Obama had lied the 30 or so times he swore to them their health care arrangements would not be uprooted, hit the Teixiera-Judis conclusion quite hard. Women, the young, and Hispanics all bailed on Obama. His coalition is shot, as Byron York tells us. Demographics don’t rule, after all.” Obamacare helps blunt the ’emerging Democratic majority’

Interesting. “It may seem like a small problem, but if true, it spells disaster for the Affordable Care Act. Without subsidies, health care on the individual market becomes unaffordable. Without an affordable option, the individual and employer mandates disappear. In other words, the entire law could come crashing down in the 36 states that have opted not to run their own exchanges.” The Case that Could Topple Obamacare

Fools. “Professors talked mellifluously about trendy green issues, gay rights, and abortion without ever explaining that those lectures came at high financial costs. “Hope and change” benevolent government sounded great to the young and idealistic. What was left out was that a captivated cohort was taken for granted and thereby seen as an easy mark to pay for it. In short, young people have been had.” The Obamacare Generation

The new face of Obamacare is causing quite a stir. “But then what did you expect? OFA, and its various offshoots, are staffed by third-growth McGovernites who have come of age at the exact point that the radicalism of the 1960s finally won out. As David Burge of “Iowahawk” fame likes to joke, perhaps it wasn’t “a good idea to turn the most successful country in the history of the world over to the grievance faculty at Harvard.” Still, that is what we have done. And we have ended up with a parade of over-educated and under-experienced perpetual children who don’t think twice before dressing a grown man up in footie pajamas.” Pajama Boy: The Obama Machine’s Id

Weeping for my country. “A few thoughts. One: If ever someone deserved a blog at a major paper based on appearance alone, it’s this guy. Just wind him up, say the words “income inequality,” and watch him go.” The obligatory “Pajama Boy” post

I posted on this yesterday, but here’s more on the topic.Freedom: It’s bad enough that the president’s health insurance takeover costs more, breaks his pledge of letting you keep your plan and diminishes choice. It actually restricts your travels too.” ObamaCare Found To Restrict Where You Live And Travel

“Dr. Jeffrey English, a neurologist at the Multiple Sclerosis Center of Atlanta, said the law punishes doctors like him because he recommends too many costly procedures, such as MRIs and brain-image scans, compared to his peers. “In reward for my passions to prevent real people from becoming disabled, CMS and insurance companies like United Healthcare are going to post negative grades in my name,” he said. “They will financially penalize me or the institution I work for, as I am trying to practice quality care to some of our most vulnerable patients.”” Medical Experts Tell Congress about the Obamacare ‘Damage’ to Come

“The president may want us to think his talk about envying Underwood was entirely humorous but, contrary to his less comical public statements about Congress, the trouble with Washington in the age of Obama isn’t that too many voices are heard but that we have a president who listens to no one but himself and an inner circle that seems to be afraid to contradict him. While efficiency would be nice, what the country needs is a president more inclined to work with Congress in the normal, non-dramatic manner that gets the best results in the Capitol, not the ruthless fantasy Obama harbors.” House of Cards? Obama and Democracy

“It wasn’t so very long ago — as in, 2009, hem hem — when Americans’ primary concern for big government as a threat to the country’s future rested at around 55 percent, before hitting 64 percent near the end of 2011 and finally 72 percent today. Whatever do we suppose might have prompted such a thing, I wonder? Gigantic corporate bailouts, Scandalabra, NSA spying, ObamaCare… I don’t even know where to begin.” Gallup: More Americans than ever name “big government” as the biggest threat to U.S.

Broken trust. “The consequences of such laziness have resulted in a public highly suspicious of the media’s role as information broker.” Breitbart Poll: 70% Do Not Trust the Media to Inform about Obamacare

Lazy. “If the Times or other California journalists devoted even a tenth of the energy they did to investigating Meg Whitman’s house-keeper’s immigration status or Arnold’s affairs, Lee’s reign of errors would already be over.  Thus far, though, there has been mostly cheer leading from the West Coast branch of the MSM, and a refusal to do even basic digging on the size of the state exchange’s marketing budget, who got the dough, and the cost-per-enrollment (both public cost, and the real cost, which would include the massive expenditures by not-for-profits like the California Endowment.)” The Collapse: How Many California Democrats Does It Take With It?

“The majority of the American people, asleep during the past sixty years of overwhelming peace and prosperity, are gradually waking up to the massive deception that has been perpetrated by the Left and their inability to solve the almost insolvable problems they, in large part, created.   Unfortunately it has taken the election of Barack Obama and the imposition of ObamaCare, among other policies aimed at concentrating power in the hands of the American Left, to achieve this epiphany.  In reaction, the tone and nature of political discourse will become more strident as the Left, in an effort to protect their gains and status, will do or say anything regardless of the damage it may inflict on the country.” The Decline and Fall of Political Discourse

Stop the madness. “The Progressive assault on the Constitution of limited government and divided powers succeeded in the creation of the apparatus of the administrative state.” Whatever happened to the Constitution? cont’d

Disgusting. “The Ryan-Murray budget deal hikes federal spending by $65 billion over the next two years. This spending is “paid for” by an increase in user fees, budget cuts in 2022 and 2023 and small reductions in current spending. One of these reductions is in pension benefits to veterans younger than 62. The budget deal would reduce the yearly cost-of-living adjustments for these military veterans. It would even impact those veterans who were forced to retire due to injuries sustained in the service of our country.” Senate Votes for Ryan-Murray Budget That Cuts Veteran Pensions

Blame. “The truth, I suspect, is that the pension cuts are in the compromise because defense contractors wanted relief from the sequester so that federal money will flow their way. The quid quo pro for tens of billions in sequester relief for the Pentagon was cuts in the military’s personnel costs in the form of pension reduction. Defense contractors win and the Pentagon wins; only those who have served their country lose.” Murray to veterans victimized by her budget deal: Ryan’s bad

“Podesta probably doesn’t view Boehner as a cult leader, a part for which the Speaker would be egregiously miscast. But this doesn’t mean that he rejects his comparison of House Republicans as a whole to a cult. At most, he regrets his lack of judgment in publicly making this declaration.” A window into the White House’s view of House Republicans

“Again, we have the president as sufferer, and even though here (finally!) the wounds are “self-inflicted.” But it is the administration rather than the president himself that is doing the damage. Note, also, that this observation is followed in the same sentence by a balancing reference to the government shutdown, which didn’t hurt Obama at all and was widely blamed on the Republicans.” Obama portrayed as victim

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