News and Commentary for December 11

Conveniently forgotten: IRS/Tea Party targeting, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and all the other scandals. “Democratic pollster Yang counters, however, that the president is facing only one chief hurdle (health care) – like both Ronald Reagan (Iran-Contra) and Bill Clinton (Monica Lewinsky) encountered during their presidencies. By comparison, Yang adds, both Jimmy Carter (economy, energy shortages, Iran hostage crisis) and George W. Bush (Katrina, Iraq, 2008 financial collapse) faced multiple episodes that weighed down their years in office.” Year-end lows for the president

If you haven’t seen this already, you really need to see this series of photos. “Check out the pictures below. Did an irate Michelle make misbehaving Barry switch seats at Mandela’s funeral?” A long flight back home for Barack

“Three possibilities. One: FLOTUS looks sour because, let’s face it, she usually looks sour. Two: FLOTUS looks sour because, unlike some people, she knows that state funerals aren’t the time for goofing off with your geopolitical BFFs.”The obligatory “Obama enjoying himself at Mandela’s funeral, Michelle not so much” post

“Nuclear Option: The first spoil of Harry Reid’s shredding of the Senate’s historic filibuster rules has been confirmed to the D.C. Circuit. Patricia Millett is another radical activist masquerading as judge.” End Of Filibuster Brings First Of Many Radical Judges

“The 2014 election will decide the fate of the governor’s mansion, a U.S. Senate seat, and both chambers of the state legislature. With less than a year to go, Colorado Republicans are beginning to feel the winds at their back . . . for the first time since 2002.” Recall Ripple Effects in Colorado?

I posted about this yesterday, but with this post Mark Steyn share his two cents. “Finally, when her constituents helpfully point out that Benghazi is in Libya, she turns to the side and gives that pitiful look that is the single thing I most loathe about American politics – the look a floundering empty suit gives to her minder when she needs him to come and rescue her. Which the minder immediately does.” We’re In the Very Best of Hands: Currently-Serving Democratic Congresswoman Does Not Seem to Understand What, or Where, Benghazi Is

“All together, the CBO found that families in the lowest income group earned an average of $8,100 on their own. But they received an average of $22,700 through federal transfer programs, net of taxes. In other words, the federal government more than tripled their income.” How Much Redistribution Is Enough?

Shooting ourselves in the foot.If the GOP wins the Senate, is a very big “if,” and though my list to the right has eight possible Senate pick-ups already lined up for your support, the news of a primary challenge to the very able Texas Senator John Cornyn, a very good conservative and GOP Senate Whip, is not the sort of news that improves takeover chances.  Rather, the primary challenge from Congressman Steve Stockman will oblige Cornyn, a prodigious fundraiser for others, to divert time and resources to his own Senate re-election campaign though he will, in the end, comfortably win the primary.  Time and money will have been lost.  It won’t be fatal to the overall effort to win back the Senate, but it won’t be helpful either.” A Reasonable Deal, A Very Good Senator, A Great Field For ’14, And Questions For Hillary

“All in all, using the obsolete notion of reverting to primary care-managed health care delivery and wishing away expensive specialists will lead to ever-worsening health care outcomes.  Not paying for technology and specialty testing and procedures will stop advances in medical care and increase the morbidity and mortality of illness.  Cynically, the cost to society in lost work production may be balanced by the early deaths of the sick and elderly.  Maybe this is the ultimate, unspoken means of cost containment that they haven’t told us about.” The Future of Medical Specialists under the Affordable Care Act

Me too! “I’m annoyed that so many Hollywood celebrities hate the system that made them rich.” Celebrity Hypocrites

“A sober examination of the question shows that rather than being a modern Scrooge, Paul was right. Democrats want to play Santa Claus and hand out more goodies to the unemployed. Doing so may even be good politics, at least in the short term. But by playing this game, they are doing neither the intended objects of their largesse nor the country any favors.”Unemployment: Who’s the Real Scrooge?

“One of the most startling revelations of late was that Congress has not seen the videos made by the Predator/Reaper remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) that were flying during that event we now call Benghazigate.” Benghazigate: Where are the Drone Videos?

I am reading her book—it is quite eye-opening. “In her new book, Phyllis Chesler argues that honor-related violence against women and gender apartheid are human rights violations and cannot be justified in the name of cultural relativism or religious custom, or political correctness. This is wisdom learned from her romantic adventure more than 50 years ago. In her extraordinary, beautifully written story she recounts the short period of her life when at age 20 she, a nice Jewish girl from Brooklyn, NY, married an Afghan fellow student, a Muslim, and went with him to his home and wealthy family in Kabul, Afghanistan.” Never the Twain

“That’s a slightly different take that the MSM’s “OMG, OMG, ObamaCare Enrollments Surging” headlines but mine is more accurate.” Almost No One Is Buying Private Insurance Through ObamaCare Exchanges

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