News and Commentary for December 10

Waking up! But how can Democrats still approve of him by 85%?38%, with 57% (!!!) disapproving.” Quinnipiac: Obama’s Job Approval Drops to Fresh Low

This: “Here’s what I know. We have a jobs disaster. The numbers are sobering. Yet the mainstream media is reporting the November jobs report as if “happy days are here again.” Every media headline reports a “fantastic jobs report.” And, establishment D.C. Republicans are so dumb they accept government manipulated numbers as “fact.”” And this: “Folks, Obama is using your taxpayer money to create government jobs that actually hurt the economy and raise your taxes. Your typical government employee collects more money in retirement than they made while working. Every government job is a gigantic net loss for taxpayers. This is a disaster. This is one of the major factors for how America wound up $17 trillion in debt – with a massive unfunded liability for government employee pensions. We desperately need private sector jobs, not government jobs.” Jobs Report is Fraud, Greatest Ponzi Scheme in History Continues

Maybe because it’s all smoke and mirrors? ““While the nation’s unemployment rate is now at a five-year low, most Americans (61 percent) continue to say the economy is in bad shape.”” IT’S COME TO THIS: NY Times Poll: 58% Disapprove of Obama’s Horrible Economic Job.

“Because the media does not report on Afghanistan anymore — much less report the Grim Milestones daily — I believe that most of the American public believes the War in Afghanistan ended years ago. They don’t remember precisely when it ended, but most probably think it did end.

It didn’t end. Media coverage ended. The war stopped being newsworthy when it ceased being a useful political catspaw by which the media could agitate against a Republican Administration.

So even though three quarters — 74%! — of all US servicemen’s deaths occurred under the leadership (and I use the term advisedly) of Barack Obama, the public still thinks that Bush, rather than Obama, is responsible for the deaths of our best and bravest.Almost Three Quarters of All US Military Deaths in Afghanistan Have Occurred During The Presidency of Nobel Peace Prize Winner Barack Obama

“GOP plans to take control of the Senate next year didn’t really count on Michigan being competitive. If ObamaCare is putting the Wolverine State into play, a host of other states may be within reach of the GOP.” PPP: GOP Leads Michigan Senate Race, ObamaCare to Blame

“As Politico points out, the last polling on this race showed it virtually tied back when the government was shut down and Obamcare had not yet revealed itself to be, well, Obamcare.” Poll: Tom Cotton up 7 on Mark Pryor in Arkansas

“Colorado has been taken over by Democrats over the past few election cycles. But left-leaning PPP’s latest poll suggests that the Democrats are losing their grip on the state.” Polls Find Big Trouble Ahead for Democrats

“Rather than conjuring up the sort of misdirection plays that enabled Clinton to stay one step ahead of his foes, what the president needs is more humility and honesty, not more political combat.” John Podesta Can’t Right Obama’s Sinking Ship

“Until now, every American president had studiously avoided this mistake: At U.N. and other gatherings U.S. Secret Service agents and diplomats were under orders to make sure such a “photo op” so highly desired by the Castros did not happen.” The Damage of a Handshake

“Clinton was inconsequential; the real question, to her fellow liberals, concerns who they can blame for this. (Surely not Hillary!) Miller tosses in the obligatory nod to “the Republican obsession with Benghazi,” but it only serves to remind readers that Democrats are crassly uninterested in the tragedy over which they presided.” Dems’ Harsh Appraisal of Hillary Clinton

“When pressed about the high costs of the Affordable Care Act, its defenders have answered that most of those saddled with higher premiums and deductibles will actually not be hurt because they will be given subsidies. But as the Times points out, the idea that the ACA will be dishing out widespread subsidies is a myth.” ACA? ObamaCare Not So Affordable

“In response, the president is trying to do several things: rally his base (by focusing on issues like the minimum wage), change the subject (to issues like income inequality), and attack Republicans (which Mr. Obama does habitually). This kind of short-term, tactical approach is basically worthless. It might win the president a news cycle or two. But his presidency is in disrepair for fundamental reasons and because of fundamental flaws–and unless and until they are corrected, the president will discover that as bad as this year has been, next year will be worse.” Hispanics Defecting from Obama in Huge Numbers

“But hidden within that piece is an Important little tidbit that says a lot about the actual state of affairs in DC

If the GOP-controlled House passes something with the support of someone like Hoyer, it could make it harder for Senate Dems to resist pressure to act.

and THAT is the story of the democrat control of the Senate over the last 3 years. The story that the media has done its best not to tell.

Over and over the House has acted, over and over the Senate didn’t vote

When the house passed budgets the senate didn’t vote…until Obama was re-elected.

During the shutdown bi-partisan bill after bi-partisan bill passed the house and the senate didn’t vote.” The Plum Line Gives Away the Game

“People should ask about this — and about the IRS scandals — at every opportunity between now and November. I mean, it’s not like the press will. . . .” DEMS REALLY DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT THIS: Ann Kuster refuses to answer or discuss Benghazi at town hall.

“This moment might have been less significant had Obama not snubbed Thatcher after she passed. Thatcher was one of the strongest allies America had during the Cold War. Thatcher was one of a handful of leaders, along with President Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II and and Lech Walesa, who defeated the Soviet Union in the Cold War. As a college student, Obama had aligned himself with the “nuclear freeze” movement, which agitated against Reagan’s moves in Europe that signaled to Moscow that America would stand strong with free Europe against any Soviet aggression. “Nuclear freeze” was funded and supported by the Soviets to weaken Reagan’s and Thatcher’s hands, as many leaders in that movement were aware at the time.” Christiane Amanpour Gushes as Obama Shakes Hands with Castro

“It shouldn’t be a shock that a great many Americans, through persistent hard work, are able to become prosperous. Anyone who didn’t already know this hasn’t been paying attention. But for the AP, the “news” is interesting mostly in a political context:

Both Democrats and Republicans are awakening to the political realities presented by this new demographic bubble.

“It isn’t a “bubble.” Americans have been working their way to prosperity for many years, and will continue to do so if the Democrats don’t wreck the economy.” Who Are the “Rich”? We Are

“The Obamas have stayed in their cabin for the flight, according to the White House pool report from the refueling stop in Senegal, while President Bush came to the press cabin twice for a total of about an hour and a half.” Bush Spends 90 Minutes with Reporters on Air Force One, Obama Avoids Them

“Statists often redefine government giveaways and mandates as “rights.” Thus enshrined in the language of rights, legal battles are fought as if the citizen and the state are on the same plane, with diminishing legal advantages given to the citizen. Desires (What do we want? Free abortifacients! When do we want them? Now!) become entitlements, and entitlements swallow individuals — by requiring their liberty and property in ever-greater measure.

I do not have a right to the fruits of another man’s labor. I do not have a right to another man’s liberty. Yet we teach our citizens that they can demand both — and that they should be outraged when the individual objects.” In the HHS Mandate Cases, There Are No ‘Competing Liberties’

“In one of his illustrative sentences, he says: “The truth is we’ll never be able to compete with other countries when it comes to who’s best at letting their businesses pay the lowest wages, who’s best at busting unions, who’s best at letting companies pollute as much as they want.” For the President, each of these goals represents the ugly end of an economic “race to the bottom” that the U.S. should do its best to avoid. Unfortunately, his statement is wrong on every point.” The Incorrigible President Obama

“Without the basics of security and permanence in their personal lives, people find it much more difficult to rise out of poverty or to maintain a middle-class life. They are also far less happy. If you care about the poor and the middle class, you ought to worry about marriage.” The Marriage Divide

“The first lesson was that the Right is evil, not merely wrong. Because Nazism has been successfully labelled right wing, virtually every right-wing position and leader has been either cynically or sincerely characterized by the Left as a danger to civilization. That is why the Right is so often labelled fascist and compared to Nazis. Vast numbers of people in the West truly believe that if the Right prevails, fascism will follow. Learning the Wrong Lessons from Nazism

“So the original abuse of power is compounded with another abuse of power: promising to get to the bottom of a scandal and then doing nothing. This is shameless and shameful — and, given this administration’s record, wholly predictable.” SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE: White House Compounds IRS Abuse Of Power.

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