News and Commentary for December 8

Many of us would like to get out of Obama’s car but we’re locked in the trunk, and the Democrats swallowed the key. “We now watch in real time the serial damage the Democrats are wreaking on our health care system, with the economic security and medical welfare of millions of Americans becoming road-kill on a path paved with good socialist intentions.” Steyn: The Obama era’s neo-feudalism

Half the folks in this country need to be sent to the corner. “The inconsistency is astonishing. If the president can’t control the government, who can? And if it’s too big for the executive branch to control, then the obvious conclusion is that we have unelected bureaucrats running the government beyond the president’s wishes. The naivete of the president is equally jaw dropping. He really didn’t know the government was out of control? It took him 5 years to figure this out? You voted for him America. Aren’t you proud of yourselves? You’ve re-elected a dunce.” Obama makes the case for smaller government

War on men. “By treating men as presumptively guilty of sex crimes, colleges will only further exacerbate the gender imbalance, becoming pink-collar educational ghettos. And since Strange was found not guilty — there wasn’t even probable cause — I don’t see why his false-accuser’s name is being withheld. But at least the names of the university officials responsible for this tragedy are published.” An Education in College Justice: Under pressure from the Obama administration, a university tramples the rights of the accused

This is a ‘must click’ if not just to look at the photos! “Almost every picture I’ve ever seen of Cuba’s capital shows the city in ruins. Una Noche, the 2012 gut punch of a film directed by Lucy Mulloy, captures in nearly every shot the savage decay of what was once the Western Hemisphere’s most beautiful city. So I was stunned when I saw the restored portion of Old Havana for the first time. It is magnificent. And it covers a rather large area. A person could wander around there all day, and I did. At first glance you could easily mistake it for Europe and could kid yourself into thinking Cuba is doing just fine.” The Once Great City of Havana

I am happy to say that I’ve experienced several “angel” moments. I hope many of you have too! “As Christians embrace this holy season, and exchange Christmas cards embossed with what Rev. Peter Marshall called “angels in evening dress with peroxide permanents” — let us also see the angels and miracles in our everyday lives.  We may find we’re giving “luck” too much credit.” On Angels and Ministers of Grace

I wish that more of our moderate Democrat brothers and sisters could see it this way. “That is why every socialist regime that has ever existed has been tyrannical.  In other words, even if you believe that forcing an individual to be “charitable” at the point of a gun is consistent with Christian theology or general principles of morality (it isn’t), the inevitable outcome of state coercion will be not a more charitable and prosperous society, but a more economically depressed and despotic one.” The Religious Left’s Moral Fallacy

Heads in the sand… The other night at a neighborhood get together, my neighbors laughed at me when I tried to explain that teachers in our public schools are teaching anti-Capitalism. “Capitalism is the only approach that can bring prosperity to humanity, especially the poor and disadvantaged, because in free enterprise, businesses cannot force anyone to buy their products or services. Companies must offer products or services that benefit society more than the purchase price or the capitalist will go out of business. This discipline of the marketplace is why government bailouts are poison.” What is a Capitalist?

Weekend document dump. “So desperate has the administration become to keep perpetuating the “green” sham that eagle sacrifice has now been approved. Meanwhile, if you accidentally kill a spotted owl after chopping down a tree, you can still go to jail (a year for the owl, six months more for the tree, and three additional if it fell on a snail). Unless of course you can convince the administration you did it in order to put up a wind turbine that somehow benefited a favored campaign donor.” Obama admin: It’s now ok for wind turbines to kill eagles because we’re trying to save the environment

More on the weekend document dump and the hypocrisy of Democrat ‘Green’ policies. “All of this is worth remembering the next time an offshore oil spill kills a large number of birds, which occurs about once every 20 years.  The total annual bird kill from windmills is likely orders of magnitude higher than the number of birds killed from oil spills.  There’s a reason I’ve referred to windmills as “Cuisinarts of the Sky.”” Green Weenie of the Year: The Wind-Talkers

Cracks in the dam the media built getting just a little bit bigger. “After Alexander asked about the GAI report, Carney bizarrely suggested that Alexander should have called him to ask the question. Apparently, Carney would have preferred not to have to answer the question on camera — and for good reason; his answer only opened the door to more questions.” NBC, ABC News Press White House on Secret Sebelius Meetings

Cracks in the dam the media built, part II. “The fact that the White House always has positive data that sounds good but means nothing, but never the data that matters, has raised the suspicions of the American people from the beginning. It is good to know now, that after two-plus months of this Administration Hustle, the media has apparently had enough.” Media Tires of White House’s Selective Release of ObamaCare Data

Backwards! “Federal health officials, after encouraging alternate sign-up methods amid the fumbled rollout of their online insurance website, began quietly urging counselors around the country this week to stop using paper applications to enroll people in health insurance because of concerns those applications would not be processed in time…” Feds: On second thought, maybe you shouldn’t use paper applications to sign up for ObamaCare either

2016 is coming, and the Republicans MUST prevail. “A Republican president, through regulatory action and enforcement discretion, could also reduce the number of federal benefit mandates that are imposed on insurance policies. If the administration wanted to go further, a Republican HHS secretary could potentially issue a revised Internal Revenue Service ruling eliminating health insurance subsidies on the federally run exchanges, in accordance with the actual text of Obamacare.” Obama has shown how a future GOP president can gut Obamacare

The truth must not be told! “But the Republican site is not one of the fakes and therefore has not been removed. It provides clear, concise, truthful information and does not peddle false hopes. Nor does it attempt to enroll anyone for the purpose of defrauding them, posing as the real site. Unlike, it reveals costs and liabilities before customers are forced to enter all of their personal information — removing the veil of secrecy “the most transparent administration ever” has placed over the entire process. But the ObamaZombies in the press and at are in a panic now that there is a website that lays out the truth and consequences of enrolling in the California Exchange. To further block the facts from seeping out, and their media pals are piggybacking off of the hullaballoo surrounding the shutdown of the fake sites — miscasting the Republican site as another fake and petitioning to have the government remove it from the internet.” California Republicans Speak Truth to Power

Corruption on steroids. “It seems Attorney General Eric Holder has created a multi-million dollar backdoor kickback for activist groups in the $13 billion JP Morgan Chase subprime loan deal recently settled, WND reports. It appears the Obama administration has a strategy for reviving subprime mortgage lending by coercing banks to fund community organizing groups that may once more put low-income families into mortgages beyond their means.” Eric Holder’s kickbacks for community organizers

Maybe they are waking up to the fact that the Democrats are implementing the same sort of policies that wrecked their home countries. “”Hispanos” have finally opened their eyes and realized that they were used cynically by a Democrat party that talks a good game but never solves any of their concerns.” President Obama and Hispanics

Chris Matthews IS crazy. Which is why hardly anyone watches. “Matthews’s tirade may have been crazy, but it wasn’t random. On the contrary, it reveals what he really thinks: that Barack Obama isn’t just an ordinary president, entitled to the ordinary level of deference–which is to say, little or none. Rather, Matthews believes that solely because of the color of Obama’s skin, his election was a historical event akin to the end of apartheid in South Africa. Further, he thinks that Obama’s skin color, and nothing more, created a duty on the part of everyone–especially Republicans–to ignore all philosophical principles and all considerations of public policy, and to cheer Obama on, regardless of what he might do.” In Lunacy, Veritas

Truth is an illusion with this administration. “The question all week long was this: Who are you going to believe, an illegal alien or the president of the United States of America? Obviously, if it’s a president who once went by an alias, Barry Soetoro, you go with Uncle Omar, 100 percent, no questions asked.” Twisting the truth till you cry uncle

But he’ll probably win an Academy Award. “Right now I, too, see Obama as star of his own movie, he’s standing on the prow of the Titanic as it sinks beneath the waves.” Obama Stars in The No-Name Law That Sank His Party

Hidden agendas. “Considering that the people involved are supposedly our best and brightest — as they and their media lapdogs constantly remind us — is it really possible that utter stupidity and incompetence fully explain what has transpired? I think not. Until someone can prove otherwise, the default position has to be that chaos is what they want, and that they will continue to work to deepen it.” Nobody’s This Stupid and Incompetent

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