News and Commentary for December 1

“Americans need to wake up to the reality of this new, and increasingly ambitious, ruling class. “The sovereigns of cyberspace,” like the all-powerful Skynet computer system in the “Terminator” series, are only recently focused on politics, and have concentrated largely in the Democratic Party (where the price of admission tends to be cheaper than in the old-money-dominated GOP). And it’s not just money they are throwing at the game, but also the skillful political use of technology, as amply demonstrated in President Obama’s re-election.” Entrepreneurs Turn Oligarchs

News from Saturday, November 30: “Well, I guess it beats explaining why the Obama administration failed to meet yet another of its deadlines in getting a 42-month web-portal project to work.  According to the Washington Post, the White House will announce tomorrow that the site has been fixed, even though the site won’t actually be fixed — not even by the administration’s own metrics.” New plan on Declare victory … and fix it later

News from today, Sunday, December 1: “”Federal officials promised that would work smoothly for a vast majority of users starting today. But that has not been the case so far because this morning the critical verification system is unavailable. That’s the system that confirms identities and makes sure people are receiving proper coverage information.”” Obamacare Website Still Hampered By Bugs and Glitches

“Obama, and his supporters, quite clearly take joy in coercing those seen as enemies to do things they find objectionable. It is indicative of a deep psychological disorder.” MEGAN MCARDLE: A Fight Over Contraception Won’t Help ObamaCare.

“As Obama, a one-time part-time constitutional law lecturer ought to know, obstructing the implementation of a duly enacted federal law by refusing to enforce it in order to secure partisan political advantage almost certainly rises to the level of “high crimes and misdemeanors,” as the Framers of the Constitution recognized when they wrote the presidential impeachment provision in Article 2, Section 4 of the Constitution. Of course, hardly a day goes by in Obama’s increasingly imperial presidency without the Chief Executive creating new grounds for his own impeachment, and so this latest outrage is, unfortunately, barely newsworthy.” Obama’s New Imperial Decree

“In its government-run exchanges, Obamacare raises premiums for the young by suspending actuarial science. It forbids insurers from considering some variables that are actuarially relevant to health care, such as sex and health, while also limiting their ability to take age into account in an actuarially based way. Under ordinary principles of insurance, a healthy young person pays a lot less than a person nearing retirement. Under Obamacare, that’s not so. Yet President Obama’s centerpiece legislation depends upon young people’s willingness to pay these artificially inflated premiums.” Wise Beyond Their Years

“Why Canada is ignoring the disaster of Obamacare.” How Obama’s failure will be felt here

“From health care to Iran, it’s grown far too serious for Clinton-era entertainment.” Politics Is Not a Soap Opera

This is where we’re headed if we continue down our path. “Venezuela is reaching the end point of socialism: economic collapse. Its government, headed by Hugo Chavez’s successor and acolyte Nicolas Maduro, has followed the classic left-wing playbook, with the result, inter alia, that you can no longer buy toilet paper in Venezuela. Producing such a complex product evidently is beyond the capacity of the state.” Venezuela Doubles Down On Stupid

“The Venezuelan government has given out different figures, but something between 30 and 100 business owners have already been arrested for charging what the Maduro regime has deemed are excessive prices, and who knows what other bizarre, concocted spectacles Venezuelans are in for this week; on top of stepping in to punish the whopping 99 businesses apparently guilty of economic conspiracy against the general populace, Maduro also announced a new raft of financial and rent-control measures, which he mistakenly supposes will be some sort of economic boon for the country rather then sending it spinning even further out of control.” Venezuela’s Maduro accuses 99 percent of businesses of “price gouging,” vows to punish more “capitalist parasites”

I hope he’s wrong. “We may agree or disagree, but at the present juncture, there can be little doubt that an Islamic volkswanderung is well on the way to completing its mission of Musliming our teetering democracies, and a new “Dark Age” is looming on the western horizon.” Is the Game Lost? The Islamic Volkswanderung is well on its way to completing its mission.

“A backlash against growing inequality led to the recent election of leftists in cities like New York, but unless they can lure the middle class back, the income gap will likely widen.” The Revolt Against Urban Gentry

“My cousin’s guest post about the radicalism of Bill de Blasio, New York City’s new mayor, made me wonder whether de Blasio is appreciably more radical than President Obama. I don’t believe he is.” Berkeley on the Potomac?

Interesting article. “During the ObamaCare enslavement, Speaker Pelosi made a statement of utmost dopiness, which captures the essence of humanist anti-morality. She said to the effect that if young people had government healthcare they would be freed to be artists and musicians. It expresses the delusion that self-actualization means being an artist, and implicitly denigrates most work and the virtue of diligence. If everyone is to be a government-supported artist, who is left to make things, to raise children, to pay the bills? In other words, socialism works until you run out of other people’s morality.” Morality, Anti-Morality, and Socialism

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