News and Commentary for November 29 and 30

Note that the rant is from a JOURNALISM professor, and you will understand why our country is in such a mess, and why we don’t trust the media any longer. “Robert Jensen, a journalism professor at the University of Texas at Austin, has made a career out of writing anti-Thanksgiving diatribes. And today, in Salon, he continues his own holiday tradition by bashing Americans for being “hypocrites” and authors of an Indian “holocaust.” “Thanksgiving is for sociopaths,” he writes. In this case, I would offer the opinion that it takes one to know one.” And the Winner of the Most Idiotic Leftist Rant Against Thanksgiving Is…

“But at least we’ve got Obamacare! Over the last several years the Republican party has proved inept at making a coherent, sustained argument either for conservative principles or against the perils of modern liberalism. They haven’t even been capable of making effective arguments against the single most consequential—and unpopular!—piece of legislation in a generation: Obamacare. I don’t want to name names, but the most important Republican figure of the last four years didn’t even want to talk about Obamacare during the 2012 election.”  Be Thankful for Obamacare!

We can only hope that the media one day will wake up to the fact that Obama and his administration “stage manage” just about everything. “The turkey report became a surrogate for all of that, and for a growing sense among reporters that the administration was stage-managing the news to try to put the best face possible on Iraq.” Media feasting on Bush ‘fake’ turkey claim; false story still repeated 10 years on

Reading this brought tears to my eyes. Yes, we do miss you President Bush! “Soldiers were hollering, cheering, and a lot of them were crying. There was not a dry eye at my table. When he stepped up to the cheering, I could clearly see tears running down his cheeks. It was the most surreal moment I’ve had in years. Not since my wedding and Aaron being born. Here was this man, our President, came all the way around the world, spending 17 hours on an airplane and landing in the most dangerous airport in the world, where a plane was shot out of the sky not six days before.” Ten Thanksgivings Ago

“Orwell extended Koestler’s theme in Nineteen Eighty-Four with the invention of the propaganda language “Newspeak,” and the torture scenes in Room 101. Yet his unique contribution was to show that totalitarianism was not just focused on repressing the individual, but on interfering with the most intimate relationships between people. It is necessary, Orwell explained, to destroy such intimacy in order for Big Brother to rule.” Obama’s Orwellian Thanksgiving

This: “But the first floor of the Stasi Museum is not about spying. Instead, it is devoted to the propaganda that East German bureaucrats used to foster socialist consciousness in an unwilling public. One display explains the GDR’s efforts in the 1950s to politicize what in the past had been family and religious occasions. The state sought to transform weddings, confirmations, and other personal events into “socialist celebrations,” to be “committed collectively and aimed at a confession to socialism,” according to the awkward English translation of the exhibit.” And this: “Here at home, this Thanksgiving brings an effort by the Obama administration to turn a day of giving thanks into a day of discussion about the virtues of national health care. On Wednesday afternoon, just hours before Thanksgiving, President Obama’s Twitter account — which has more than 40 million followers — sent out this message: “Make sure everyone who sits down with you for #Thanksgivukkah dinner is covered.” (“Thanksgivukkah” refers to this year’s rare overlap of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah.)” Why is President Obama trying to politicize the holidays?

“The media are cooperating in ignoring the heinous abuse of the IRS by the Obama administration. One of the articles of impeachment of Richard Nixon that Hillary Clinton helped draft was his purported use of the IRS against his political opponents. Sauce for the goose ought to be sauce for the gander, and if Mrs. Clinton does run for the presidency, she ought to be asked about the gravity of IRS politicization.” Demnesia strikes IRS political appointee

“The violence to political norms here consisted in how that change was executed. By brute force — a near party-line vote of 52 to 48 . This was a disgraceful violation of more than two centuries of precedent. If a bare majority can change the fundamental rules that govern an institution, then there are no rules. Senate rules today are whatever the majority decides they are that morning.” An outbreak of lawlessness

Intimidation. “That might be too kind. Whether it is the IRS targeting conservatives, the Justice Department hounding Gibson Guitar, or the EPA conducting an armed raid on an Alaskan mine—this administration has a tendency toward abuse of power. That’s how antitrust laws created to tackle megamonopolies end up being used to hound and hammer a nonprofit devoted to piano teachers.” Strassel: Piano Sonata in FTC Minor

Conservatives must be silence at ALL costs. This: “The IRS launches another attack on political speech.” And this: “That’s not all. The proposed rule would not only limit speech, it would go backward to censor speech. The rule proposes to require groups, starting 60 days before the election, to scrub their websites of any material mentioning a candidate. Thus, an article written last month quoting Democratic members of Congress echoing the president’s assurances that “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan” would have to be taken down next Labor Day, just as the campaign was heating up.” Silenced by the Taxman

“The IRS is soliciting comments on its draft, so here’s ours: The same agency that showed it is willing to use the tax code to punish critics of the President can’t be trusted to limit anyone’s political speech.” The Latest IRS Political Crackdown

“Central planners’ designs are especially apt to fail when the boss doesn’t want to hear bad news.” Welcome to the Kludgeocracy

How sharply left they’ve turned. I am obsessed with articles about the direction New York City is possibly heading as a result of a Marxist mayor about to take office. “Gentrifying New Yorkers who have bought million dollar condos in once blighted areas may find a regression to the days of high crime and municipal breakdown quite distasteful. If de Blasio governs as a Marxist and living conditions deteriorate, a non-ideological Hispanic or Asian candidate for Mayor running on a pragmatic centrist platform could well sweep this leftist out of City Hall. I’m not planning on leaving New York yet but it may be four long years.” Berkeley on the Hudson?

“A second reason is closely related. Parting conservatives have expressed “loss of hope” in the party, but not just a general loss of hope—loss of hope specifically that by enduring the lesser of two evils tactic over time, the classic promise of that argument would materialize. That is, over time, and after many abuses, these people have lost hope that the party would change or effect change as promised. As director Anne Sorock puts it in the study, these people “often experienced an emotional exhaustion wherein they no longer felt hope that the party would deliver.”” Breitbart: study reveals Republicans leaving Party mainly over “lesser of two evils” argument

“All of these decreases in bank earnings were caused by the market reaction to Chairman Bernanke’s ill-advised press conference this past June.  The huge move in US Treasury yields (and the related downward move in securities prices) caused big losses to banks and investors alike.  In the mortgage markets, the losses were magnified 2-3x and caused big problems for banks and non-banks alike as hedging strategies were shown to be inadequate.  Indeed, the market reaction several months ago to the hint of a change in QE by Chairman Bernanke shows that current Fed policy is adding risk and volatility to financial markets – something for fans of Janet Yellen to ponder in the days and weeks ahead.” Washington & Wall Street: Fed Easing Hurting Housing, Banks

It’s a war on Republican women. “Apparently, if you happen to be an attractive woman and want to serve in elected office, you should expect to be attacked by a bunch of grumpy old men. Those gosh darned Republicans just can’t seem to help themselves, can they? Particularly in New Hampshire, where it happened to Marilinda Garcia. Wait… you mean it was the Democrats?” The War On Women Drags On

A MUST READ! “How the Affordable Care Act raises prices and limits medical choices.” ObamaCare’s Plans Are Worse

How much more lying are “we the people” going to take? “President Obama says so many false things about ObamaCare that it’s hard to keep up. But here are two more untruths that deserve debunking.” Still More ObamaCare Lies

“Any attempt by Washington to ensure and provide health care for 315 million Americans is not only doomed to failure but is guaranteed to make things worse. How could it not? Central planning has never delivered on its promises and there’s no reason to think it ever will. America’s doctors recognize this. If only the country’s lawmakers were as sharp as doctors.” Doctors Don’t Like What They’ve Seen In ObamaCare

“None of this, however, means that the system is suddenly equipped to handle the onslaught or that doctors will even want to take more Medicaid patients and deal with the program’s already notoriously poor reimbursement rates (as they do still have that choice… for now). ObamaCare might mean some form of insurance for all, but that insurance might not be the automatic favor for all that the Obama administration is determined to believe it is.” NYT: So, turns out that all of this Medicaid expansion actually might not necessarily mean more access…

“But if Americans are sorting themselves into like-minded communities, are they doing so on purpose? In other words, are people voting with their feet by consciously moving to states or counties that reflect their own partisan preferences? Researchers at the University of Virginia and the University of Southern California suggest that, yes, they may be.” How Republicans And Democrats Ended Up Living Apart

Folks coming to their senses? Or just tired of the non-stop Obama cheerleading? CNN and MSNBC Lose Almost Half Their Viewers in One Year

“But that’s okay since Hillary Clinton also didn’t do anything in the Senate. It could actually be a good slogan for her campaign. “Vote for Hillary.” She Won’t Do Anything as President Either.”Hillary Clinton Supporters Slowly Realizing She Didn’t Do Anything as Secretary of State

Scott Walker for president! ““Outside the Washington beltway,” he says pointedly, “big-government liberals are on the ropes.” No incumbent Republican governor has lost a general election since 2007. Since 2008, the number of Republican governors has increased from 21 to 30, just four short of the party’s all-time high reached in the 1920s. He thinks Republican governors are in tune with the nation. If reelected, he probably will test that theory.” Scott Walker, Wisconsin’s action governor

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