News and Commentary for November 22

I will be especially busy for the next couple of days.  Posting may be light or non-existent until Monday.

I will continue to post articles on this story as I find them. “According to the source, specifically the Oct. 5, 2012 jobs report was faked — just in time for the election. Worse, the practice reportedly continues to date.” Did White House Rig 2012 Jobs Data To Get Obama Re-Elected?

If you have an Amazon Prime account, please cancel it. It’s the only way they are going to hear what we have to say. ”But since its premiere, “Alpha House” has been blasted by Amazon Prime customers in the comments and reviews section. Specifically, many customers are complaining that the show has an anti-Republican slant and they are threatening to cancel their Amazon Prime memberships as a result.” Amazon Braces For Political Backlash After Original Show ‘Alpha House’ Bashes Republicans

What are they trying to hide? CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC Primetime Ignore ‘Knockout Game’

“To square that huge circle, words had to change their meanings to fabricate a reality that did not exist.” Obamacare-Speak: The Obama administration is altering its language like there’s no tomorrow.

“The Beltway is still a long way from being the Capitol of The Hunger Games, but that doesn’t make the economic drift from the mainstream of the nation and Washington’s aggregation of resources and power any less disturbing.  If it resulted in wise and beneficent policy, it might at least be understandable or tolerable.  However, as the unfolding disaster of the Affordable Care Act demonstrates, the trend instead feeds a poisonous combination of elitism and incompetence while protecting politicians from the consequences of failure.” ObamaCare redistribution not the only drain from young to older Americans

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Sorry, that was mean, but what did they think was going to happen? “In a shock to the system, the older staff in my office (folks over 59) have now found out their personal health insurance costs (even with the government contribution) have gone up 3-4 times what they were paying before,” Minh Ta, chief of staff to Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wis.), wrote to fellow Democratic chiefs of staff in an email message obtained by POLITICO. “Simply unacceptable.” Older hill aides shocked by Obamacare prices

I don’t think Democrats living in the suburbs will be very happy with the Democrats once the world on this spreads. “In essence, the Twin City planners will identify surburban zoning and use prectices that supposedly deny opportunity to, and create barriers for, low-income and minority people. What does this mean? The answer lies in what the Feds have required of other regional planning bodies that, like the Metropolitan Council, receive its planning funds. It means, among other things, the building of low income housing in the middle of affluent neighborhoods. No proof of discrimination will be required to effectuate this scheme. The government deems all racial and ethnic clustering to be a violatin of fair housing — a theory it is desperately trying to keep the Supreme from reviewing, but that’s a subject for another day.” Regionalism: The left’s big plan for how we should live

The suburbs and future plans for redistribution. “But the centerpiece of Obama’s agenda — the redistribution of money from the suburbs to the cities — is still mostly in the plotting stages. Thus, a more accurate title for Kurtz’s book might have been “How Obama Plans To Rob The Suburbs To Pay For The Cities In A Second Term. How can Obama “rob the suburbs”? In brief, and to oversimplify, he hopes to accomplish this by conditioning federal grant money on the creation and/or use of “regional” bodies, as opposed to standard governmental units like cities, towns, and counties. The regional bodies would be controlled by a coalition of cities and poorer “inner ring” suburbs and aided by regulations and additional conditions imposed by Washington to the disadvantage of the suburbs. This alliance of Washington and “regional” politicians would push for regional “revenue sharing,” consolidation of school districts, and other measures designed to halt the expansion of suburbs and eventually push people back into the cities.” Michelle Obama’s “Shhhh” Moment, and her husband’s plans to spread the wealth

““If HUD can define what constitutes exclusionary practices, then local zoning as it is known today disappears,” he wrote in the Wall Street Journal. “Apartments, high rises or whatever else the federal government or a developer wants can be built on any block in America.”” An activist Met Council is mixed up on poverty

Democrats treat every day like election day. We don’t. “Democrats and progressives enjoy several structural advantages that insure a relatively quick rebound in their fortunes. The first is Republican complacency. Republicans have a habit of thinking – after a dramatic electoral or policy victory — that they’ve won the public debate, that Americans have finally seen the light and have rejected liberalism. Republicans, and many conservatives in general, then reduce or altogether abandon efforts to continue to persuade and educate the public on the benefits of conservative principles. One of the more vivid examples of this failure occurred shortly after the 1994 congressional elections. Republicans behaved as if conservatism had won a long-term, if not permanent, victory only to find that in politics there are no permanent victories or permanent defeats.” No Time to Coast

“It is the left that has supplanted expertise with ideology.” War on What?

Nuclear! “Appearing shell-shocked by the Harry Reid’s abrupt move to pass the “nuclear option” through the Senate, Republicans there issued ominous warnings to reporters outside the chamber.” Senate Republicans Fearful of Post-Nuclear Senate

For those who stayed home last November—because Romney wasn’t good enough—are you happy now? “The filibuster is a minor issue; the major issue is that President Obama is engaged in a court-packing scheme to protect his dubious agenda, and Harry Reid’s Senate is conspiring with him to do so. The voters missed their chance to forestall these shenanigans in 2012. They made the wrong decision then, and have a chance to make partial amends in 2014, when they will be deciding not only what sort of Senate they wish to have, but what sort of courts, and what sort of country.” Nuclear Fallout

“One other fun fact about O’s egregious hypocrisy between now and then: He claimed in both cases that the Founders supported his position. Watch to the end here and you’ll hear that the Founders didn’t want the Senate’s minority party railroaded into silence.” Obama 2005: Ending the filibuster will only make gridlock worse, you know

This: “It’s time to change the Senate before this institution becomes obsolete” will make for a fine soundbite in 2017 before the big repeal vote is held. In fact, it’s the growing prospect of the Senate turning red in 2015 that led Reid to this, I think.” And this: “Meanwhile, Ed’s right that this may lead to more procedural gridlock in the Senate in the near term, not less. Now that Reid’s attacked minority rights, the GOP has no reason to play even slightly nice.” Nuclear: Reid, Senate Dems pass rule change barring filibusters on executive and judicial nominees, 52/48

“Power grabs may work in the short run but those who try such gambits usually learn that the American political system encourages moderation and checks and balances. As such, Reid may get a taste of his own medicine sooner rather than later.” Hypocritical Dems Think They’ll Always Rule

There will be pay back when we take back the Senate in 2014. ““This has been something that many in the activist base of the Democratic Party have been wanting Harry Reid to do for a while,” he continued. “So, I think this is also about a moment of reassurance to the Democratic base who is feeling a little bit, you know, under attack and under siege a little bit because of how poorly the health care rollout is going.”” Chuck Todd: Dems ‘Activist Base,’ Deflated by Obamacare, Demanded Nuclear Option

On this, I agree with Senator McCain. Thank you senator! ““They’re governed by these hard-over, newer members of the Democratic Senators who have never been in a minority who are primarily driving this issue,” McCain said of the Democrats. “They succeeded and they will pay a very, very heavy price for it.”” McCain: Dems Governed by ‘Newer Members’ Will Pay ‘Heavy Price’ for Nuclear Option

I really can’t get enough of articles like these! “The president’s numbers are in free fall with no glimpse of the bottom yet.” Obama’s Poll Panic

Trending. “”The drop in Obama’s approval rating comes entirely among suburbanites,” said CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. “Compared to the October CNN poll, positive views of Obama held steady among people who live in big cities and rural areas. But in the suburbs, his approval rating was 45% a month ago but has dropped to just 37% now.”” Obama approval rating sinks to new low in CNN poll

Some of our sisters are finally waking up! “Why are women finally beginning to reject Mr. Obama? Because he betrayed their trust. It’s personal. With the truth of Obamacare on the table for all to see, including the higher premiums, the canceled policies, the excluded doctors and hospitals, the original targeted marketing of Obamacare to women has now been exposed as the cynical and manipulative fraud it really was.” Why women are so over Obama

It’s worse than Bush’s Katrina. Much worse. “OK, fellow Morons, gather ’round, because I’m going to provide a simple demonstration of why Obamacare is so much different than all the tropes the Left uses to try to scare voters away from those eeeeevil Rethuglicans. While I must admit up front that this is a self-selected group that visits Ace of Spades daily, it is also a very large group. So, let’s do a simple experiment.” Why Obamacare is different

The law has problems by design. “So why did the Obamacare architects want to take from the poor and give to the relatively rich? Because they want to make health insurance less like insurance — which protects you against unlikely and unwelcome events — and more like an entitlement.” Obamacare Defects

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