News and Commentary for November 15

Sorry for the light posting.  Since Sunday, I’ve been down for the count with a horrible cold. I am on the road to recovery though.


Out of control, and don’t think for a minute that this kind of bureaucratic overreach baloney isn’t on its way here. EU Regulations: “Dictatorship of the Bureaucrats”?

“Dems have only themselves to blame for Obamacare quagmire.” Obama in the Dark

“I don’t recall Oprah objecting when Bush was routinely shouted down. Did she deplore Al Gore calling the Bush team “digital brownshirts”? Or maybe John Glenn invoking the Nazis (“It’s the old Hitler business”) to talk about her president? Nor do I remember her weighing in on Linda Ronstadt’s claim that the Bush administration was “a new bunch of Hitlers.”” The Moral Decline of Oprah

“How important is this? Consider where we are now. Health care reform is a serious issue, but we are engaged in something even more serious, negotiating nuclear weapons with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Health care can be reformed, can be changed in various ways in a democratic society, even if that change is inconvenient or painful. But once a country has nuclear weapons, it has them. That story is over. And the mullahs with nuclear weapons is something that should terrify a rational person. Obama says he won’t allow the Iranians to have nukes. But how could we possibly believe him now? How can we believe his intentions in these negotiations? We would have to be fools.” Was Benghazi Not Enough? Obama Should Resign over Obamacare

Blogger and law professor, Ann Althouse responds with a whole bunch of non parallels. Health Law Rollout’s Stumbles Draw Parallels to Bush’s Hurricane Response

Vote shows there are at least 39 vulnerable congressional Democrats in the 2014 election year. Rep. Krysten Sinema of CD9 AZ is one of them. Open thread: House to vote on Upton’s “Keep Your Plan Act” soon; Update: 261-157

“It is not clear yet how much the Obamacare policies will pay on average, but noted medical care analyst John Goodman has already cited what he calls a “race to the bottom” in Obamacare policies, which are often constructed either to restrict access to a limited number of doctors or to reduce fees paid to the doctors.” The Latest Lie: Obamacare Plans Will Be Better Than Canceled Policies

“In his dauntless, noble commitment to perpetually fighting back the tyrannical forces of supply and demand, Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro is upping the ante on punishing those unscrupulous private business owners that would dare to do anything so selfishly shortsighted as to react to changing market forces and actually charge prices high enough to keep themselves operational.” Venezuela’s “economic war” escalating quickly as Maduro throws 100 business owners in jail

“The entire of Obama press conference today played out like some Hayekian cautionary tale where a befuddled central planner complains about the complexity of real life. As the president put it: “What we’re also discovering is that insurance is complicated to buy.”” Befuddled Central Planner in Chief Discovers Complexity Of Real Life

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