News and Commentary for November 10

Habits never seem to change until pain is felt, personally. “So feel free to keep voting for the liberals who keep you in chains. I’ll take my cheaper insurance, my future Social Security checks, and the other benefits that come from being established without guilt. The guys who you squander your votes upon certainly won’t change that equation. You’ll tread water in life, but hey, at least those conservatives won’t be in charge!” Maybe Pain Will Teach You Millenials Not To Vote For Your Own Serfdom

“If Obama sees Iran as morally equivalent, or perhaps in some ways morally superior, to the U.S., then imagine how he views Iran in relation to Israel. If you’re a leftist, you don’t have to be Jeremiah Wright to wonder why Israel should have nuclear weapons while Iran is thwarted in its efforts to obtain them.” Obama’s cheerful capitulation [UPDATED]

“Fabius was particularly concerned about Israel’s security, which he said must be taken “fully into account.” In a telephone call on Friday, President Obama tried to reassure Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after he had called the draft “a very bad deal.”” France stalls Obama’s capitulation to Iran

“If Obama has convinced himself he didn’t lie, that borders on pathological.” Chuck Todd: Obama Does Not Believe He Lied

Control. “People tend to think that revolutions are violent and dramatic occurrences.  Sometimes they are. But sometimes they happen almost by stealth, an imposition here, a regulation there, an ancient habit of probity or fair dealing quietly elided to make room for some new understanding of the relation between citizens and the state.” Obama’s Republic of Lies

“More than five years ago, when Barack Obama threw his hat into the political ring, I realized that he was a malignant narcissist who lied compulsively.” Having been caught engaged in out-and-out fraud, Obama engages in a familiar pattern to cover up his lies *UPDATED*

““Speaking of the president’s signature law, the Affordable Care Act, by week’s end he was forced to apologize for misrepresenting a key fact to the public, namely that Americans would not have to change their present insurance policies if they wanted to keep them. Following the website glitches that have marked the launch of Obamacare, the president’s lame apology was unsettling. Blaming Republicans for this failure just won’t work. He is on his own this time.”” Zogby Report Card: ‘Lame’ Obamacare apology was ‘unsettling’

“Even liberal pundits like Paul Waldman wonder how the Administration does this without Congress. True, Obama has not considered the Constitution to be much of a constraint in other situations. On the other hand, exploding the projected cost of O-care subsidies from $458 billion to $1.2 trillion in just the first six years might be difficult to pull off with a wave of the administrative wand.” Obama considers costly unilateral “fix” of Obamacare subsidies

Nightmare. “Under the health-care law, premium billing and tracking will be even tougher. There are hundreds of prices across each of the thousands of plans in the federal marketplace. Having enrollees pay partial premiums, and the IRS issue tax credits for the rest, means twice as much billing. Calculating subsidies based on personal income tax filings also creates security issues: In addition to the problems with verifying consumers’ identities online, which have created delays on, tens of thousands of unlicensed “navigators” are fanning out across the country to help folks enroll. Many of these people don’t have to submit to thorough background checks, although they will gain access to personal financial information. And consumer protections for low-income enrollees who miss payments require complex notifications over 90 days before an insurer can end coverage.” Beyond, Obamacare’s other challenges

“But post-Chavez, Venezuela’s health care system is a shambles. Massive shortages of basic supplies plague both public and private hospitals. Everything from drugs, syringes and needles, to respirators, incubators and ultrasound monitors, is in short supply, reports AP’s Frank Bajak.” Is Crumbling Health Care System A Preview Of ObamaCare?

Intentionally breaking the system. “Under Section 156.270 of the Affordable Care Act, the insured needs to pay a premium for just one month before qualifying for the three-month grace period. The insurance company must pay the claims during the first month of the grace period; during the second and third month doctors and hospitals are left to collect unpaid bills.” Obamacare Leaves Doctors On the Hook for Deadbeats

From the comments: “This cut is a direct result of the 706 billion taken out of the Medicare program when the ACA passed.” “The nation’s largest health insurer, UnitedHealthcare, claims the Affordable Care Act is responsible for forcing it to boot doctors from its Medicare Advantage program that serves thousands of elderly patients in the New York metro region.” Blame game as insurers dump doctors

“The president’s passive-voice expression of vague regret was so half-assed and self-serving that conservatives can simply sit back and let the mainstream media tee off on its inadequacy. He’s not sorry for lying repeatedly in furtherance of his political goals, and he’s certainly not sorry that people are losing their coverage. His law required that outcome. His promise was an intentional lie.” Media Pans Obama’s “Apology”

The media still doesn’t get it. “Because an apology’s proximity to a harm offers an important indication about a person’s underlying motivations—whether he is feeling guilt, responsibility, and repentance, or whether he’s just doing what custom dictates.” A Sorry Apology: President Obama wants to apologize without taking responsibility. That’s not how apologies work

The new Amerian productivity. “A growing thicket of federal regulations under the Obama administration has contributed to an employment spike in at least one corner of the job market: the increasingly vital compliance industry.” Businesses hire up to deal with more regs

“While Ken Cuccinelli beat Terry McAuliffe 51% to 42% among women who are married, among unmarried women McAuliffe won by a whopping 67 percent to 25 percent. Short of discouraging unmarried women away from the polls, what can the Republicans do to overcome this?” Feminists and ‘Moral Panic’

Insane. ““On Saturday morning, hundreds of bargain-hunters flocked to Daka shops to take advantage of the new, cheaper prices. “We’re doing this for the good of the nation,” said Maduro, who accuses rich businessmen and right-wing political foes backed by Washington of waging an economic “war” against him. “I’ve ordered the immediate occupation of this chain to offer its products to the people at fair prices, everything. Let nothing remain in stock … We’re going to comb the whole nation in the next few days. This robbery of the people has to stop.”” Real life: Venezuela’s Maduro orders military occupation… of electronics stores

Dereliction of duty. “So, how did the Clinton administration respond? In the incriminating words of the intelligence information report, advanced warning of the plot “was disregarded because nobody believed that Osama bin Laden or the Taliban could carry out such an operation.” Perhaps that explains why, for 13 years, the report was classified “secret” and hidden from public view until Judicial Watch forced its release in August of this year.” FITTON: Clinton White House ignored 9/11 warnings

“The goal is to degrade your natural perception of freedom to the level of being content with your bowl of rice — or, at the intermediate stage, with your smartphones, music videos, and entitlement programs — purchased with your daughter’s future, your reason, your self-ownership.  That this goal is as close to global achievement as it is today is astonishing — though no more so than the fact that there are still men left who are able to perceive what has been lost, and to mount a resistance.” The Progressive Degradation of Freedom

Cess pool of corruption. “More importantly, Schweizer also mentioned that Washington jouranlists simply “don’t want to offend people in power” and that is why the supposed “watchdogs” turn “into lapdogs.” Schweizer recounted a conversation he had with a prominent Washington television personality in which he told Schweizer that he could not write the exposés Schweizer is known for because “these people are my neighbors” and “my kids hang out with their kids.”” ‘Extortion’ Author: DC More ‘Sopranos’ Than ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington’

“It’s interesting to go back and watch Leno’s interview with President Obama from this past August and compare the questions and tone with Leno’s interview with Cruz last night. The most obviously noticeable difference is how often Leno interrupts Cruz compared to Obama. Leno lets the president finish nearly every answer. Even when Obama lapses into “um…uh….uh…,” Leno patiently waits for Obama to continue.” Compare and Contrast: Leno Interviewing Obama and Cruz

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