News and Commentary for November 9

Something to think about. “Wealth inequality should not concern us unless it results from an inequality of rights. Does the top 1% pull in 24% of the nation’s income because they earn it, or because government violates individual rights in such a way that those with favored status operate from an unjust advantage? That’s a question worth investigating, and a point of potential alliance between grassroots activists across the political spectrum. Perhaps wealth distribution in this country would look more like the “ideal” imagined by Americans if individual rights were protected and individual judgment dominated the market.” Tearing Down the Joneses: Fostering Envy Over Wealth Distribution

Israel’s on her own. “I wrote before the last presidential election that, should Obama win a second term, “Israel’s troubles will really begin.” At the president’s second inauguration, I predicted that he, “freed from reelection constraints, can finally express his early anti-Zionist views after a decade of political positioning. Watch for a markedly worse tone from the second Obama administration toward the third Netanyahu government.” That moment is now upon us.” Obama Turns on Israel

Appeasers. “The Obama administration entered these negotiations from a position of strength: Iran needs sanctions relief badly. But it acted as if we were the weak party, desperately seeking a deal, any deal.” How Bad a Deal Is It? Ask Bibi

“Broadly speaking, Obama’s course is set. He has nobody and nothing but his own worldview to answer to. And he reckons it has served him pretty well thus far. This week’s suggestions that Obama is convinced he understands far better than Netanyahu where Israel’s interests lie are nothing new; he has always been convinced he understands far better than Netanyahu where Israel’s interests lie — and that few of them are to be found beyond the pre-1967 lines.” On the cusp of a historic sell-out of Israel

A peek into the mind of an ex-red diaper baby.” Inevitably the talk becomes bitter. One old comrade, after a tirade in which she had denounced us as reactionaries and cryptofascists, finally sputtered: “The worst thing is that you’ve turned your back on the Sixties!” That was exactly right. Casting our ballots for Ronald Reagan was indeed a way of finally saying goodbye to all that—to the self¬aggrandizing romance with corrupt Third-Worldism; to the casual indulgence of Soviet totalitarianism; to the hypocritical and self¬dramatizing anti¬Americanism which is the New Left’s bequest to mainstream politics.” Collier & Horowitz: Goodbye to all that

He calls it as he sees it, because he’s lived it. “Horowitz believes semantics are clouding a crucial issue: When leftists say they favor “single-payer” health insurance, what they really mean is they favor communism.” Ex-Marxist calls out Obama as ‘communist’

Insane and stupid all at the same time—if that’s possible. “But where does the money to subsidize higher income people come from? Well, from taxes on higher income people. And as no one will agree to that scam (“We’re going to tax you more and then give you back 70% of the larger taxes you’re paying in the form of subsidy; aren’t you lucky?”), what he’ll actually do is just propose putting these huge new costs on the National Credit Card.” Sebelius’ Huge New Announcement Is About Mental Health Parity or Something

“Obama probably can’t undo the damage of the ObamaCare swindle.” Sorry, Charlie

Someone show this to Governor Brewer. “The crafty politics behind the Medicaid expansion goes like this: Put a bunch of money on the table, remind Texans and others that they still pay taxes to support Medicaid, and ask, “Why isn’t Governor Perry helping you get yours?” The answer to that question is that Governor Perry and others have forgone the short-term revenue from Medicaid expansion in order to avoid the long-term cost associated with it, which will be enormous. Even without the expansion, Medicaid is poisd to break the budgets of many states, Texas among them. Expansion is precisely the wrong course of action.” Hold the Line on Medicaid

Our lawless president. “Widening that eligibility for people with incomes above 400 percent of the poverty line would raise the Affordable Care Act’s overall cost, a major issue for Republican lawmakers.” Report: White House might expand eligibility for ObamaCare subsidies

“Fraud is a serious federal felony, usually punishable by up to 20 years’ imprisonment — with every repetition of a fraudulent communication chargeable as a separate crime.” Obama’s Massive Fraud

“He is an avid practitioner of “practical lies,” but it won’t last.” Barack Hussein Machiavelli

The real story of unemployment. “The “real” unemployment rate rose from 13.6% in September to 13.8% in October, according to figures released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Though the national unemployment rate is 7.3%, the “real” unemployment rate is a broader measure of the number of people in the United States, 16 and older, currently looking for jobs. Known as the U-6 unemployment rate, this “real” unemployment figure, seasonally adjusted, includes the unemployed “plus all persons marginally attached to the labor force, plus total employed part time for economic reasons ….”” ‘Real’ Unemployment: 13.8%

Read the comments. The haters are out in full force. “The fight against using legitimate concern for gay and lesbian (and now transgendered) people as a club to beat down traditional believers and marginalize those who hold Biblical faiths in America has begun. Senator Coats’s speech is a profile in courage.” The Courage of Senator Coats

Big government getting even bigger. “ENDA — the Employment Non-Discrimination Act of 2013 is probably one of the most Orwellian pieces of legislation ever to receive bipartisan approval in the Senate. It claims to prohibit hiring and employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. But it would more likely result in massive expansion of government power by opening up a huge can of legal worms most directly related to “gender identity.”” ENDA: A Government Identity Crisis

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