News and Commentary for November 7

“This is certainly not the accepted narrative. According to exit polls, Republican Ken Cuccinelli defeated Democrat Terry McAuliffe by six points, 45-39, among voters aged 18-24.” Cuccinelli Wins Voters, 18-24, by 6 Points

“The much-closer-than-expected outcome blunts the narrative that this was a clean win for Democrats going into 2014 and guarantees an intense blame game among Republicans about what might have put Cuccinelli over the top.” Why Terry McAuliffe barely won

“”Terry McAuliffe almost had a backfire there by having Obama to come in – that thing (Obamacare) is so unpopular in Virginia,” Wilder, who served as Virginia’s Democratic Governor from 1990-1994, explained.” Former Democrat Gov: Appearing with Obama ‘Almost Sank’ McAuliffe

“A liberal’s crazy liberal, de Blasio still waxes nostalgic about the noble struggle of the Nicaraguan Sandinistas, for whom he raised money in the 1980s. He violated the ban on travel to Cuba for his honeymoon with his formerly gay wife, and he often talks as if he’s handing out literature in Union Square for the left-wing New Party, for which he used to work.” The Big Apple’s Left Turn

“Yeah, you can predict what’s gonna happen in New York.  You can literally predict it.  This guy is gonna go after the rich like they’ve never been gone after before.” NYC Elects a Communist Mayor

“Bill de Blasio breaks with that tradition. The former Warren Wilhelm Jr. did pick a name that opens more political doors for him among working class voters, but other than that his causes, building more housing projects, banning carriage horses in Central Park and ending police surveillance of Muslim terrorists are a grab bag of bad ideas from his two bases; liberal yuppies and welfare voters.” The Rise and Fall of New York

“The union members partying at The Armory and licking their lips at all the money they’re going to ripoff when Bill de Blasio gives them everything, should look at Detroit too where the unions sucked their share of blood and now are having their retirees dumping into ObamaCare and their pensions put on the chopping block.” “Bill de Blasio is Better for my Union, But I Think He’s a Communist.”

“Largely appealing to identity politics to win (his Italian name is of his own making and his African-American wife and children have been paraded as political props), the only thing that passed for a political plan from him was his vow to “tax the rich,” to end the policing that has made New York safe, and to expand welfare.” Socialist Bill De Blasio’s Mayoral Win Will Take New York Back To The 1970s

“The administration’s 2010 rules were written to undermine employer-provided insurance as well.” Obama’s Second, and Continuing, Big Lie

“So what’s going on here? Simple: Obama knows that most people who buy from the individual market are freelancers or small business owners — and hence are likely Republicans. Union members, obviously, are largely Democrats.” Another Shock: Obama Will Rewrite Obamacare Rules to Spare His Union Allies a $63 Per Year Per Policy Tax

“Obviously, Democrats want to close this large loophole because it puts so many workers beyond their control.” Obama and Dems looking to close Obamacare ‘escape hatch’ for businesses

“Not only was their old plan not cut-rate, it was “comprehensive” just like all the new ObamaCare exchange plans are required to be.” Meet the Obama-supporting couple who just got hosed by ObamaCare

“Wright said discussions should focus on how to provide consumers like Hammack with assistance if they barely miss qualifying for subsidies. So what is Hammack going to do? If his income were to fall below four times the federal poverty level, or about $62,000 for a family of two, he would qualify for subsidies that could lower his premium cost to as low as zero. If he makes even one dollar more, he gets nothing. That’s what he’s leaning toward — lowering his salary or shifting more money toward a retirement account and applying for a subsidy.” Loyal Obama Supporters, Canceled by Obamacare

““I am a determined fighter and extremely lucky. But this luck may have just run out: My affordable, lifesaving medical insurance policy has been canceled effective Dec. 31.”” HURT: Sarah Palin knew a death panel when she saw one

“Democrats believed that the unpopular bill they had just rammed through on a party-line vote would not only get more popular, but also make them more popular, thereby giving them the political support they needed to pass more fixes — fixes that would have been needed even on a less messy draft bill, because anything this complicated is unlikely to work as written.” Obamacare Shouldn’t Have Been Managed Like a Campaign

“Thompson predicts that by the end of next year, two phenomena will begin to unfold: first, that insurance companies, taking losses, will begin to remove themselves from the federal exchanges, and second, that wait times for doctors will rise.” Insurance Executives Speak Out Against ACA, Anonymously

“The Obama administration has found a way to give unions relief from an Obamacare tax nearly three weeks after Republicans rejected a Democratic push to include the labor carve-out in the latest budget deal.” Health and Human Services quietly giving unions Obamacare fix

“After five years of Obama, government policies once again are making thing worse and Henry Morgenthau, Jr.’s words couldn’t be more true.” Our Cash For Obama’s Clunkers

““When a loyal leader on your own team says there is a “crisis of confidence” surrounding your signature initiative, you’ve got trouble,” Roll Call notes.” It’s Deja Malaise All Over Again

“Even Democratic allies of the administration question why Obama didn’t know about the serious problems, and express concern about his personal response.” Obama leadership style raises question of ‘who is in control?’

“Liberalism as practiced in today’s America is a chimera, not actually an ideology but an alliance of interest groups controlled by elites for the preservation of their (the elites’) wealth and power.” Liberalism, the Decline of an Illusion

“Obama only looks “relatively scandal-free” when the media quit doing their job and choose to dwell in a wonderland of denial.” Spreading ‘Scandal-Free Administration’ Ignorance

“The good news is that conservative principles can resonate with women, particularly if they are explained properly, in terms that address women’s concerns, with an emphasis on how less government creates greater opportunity for everyone on the economic ladder and prevents the political corruption and back-dealing that rewards the politically connected.” Conservatives Can—and Must—Engage Women

“3) Know your stuff. No one can be knowledgeable about everything, so pick your battles, do your homework, and know more than your opponent.  This is how you poke the bear without getting mauled. Embarrass your opponent into either admitting he knows less than he should or lying to cover up his deficiency. Either way, you have the upper hand, and he will forever be on the defensive with you.” I Am Now a Dissident (and You Should Be, Too!)

“The Senate voted Monday to move forward with the Employee Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) in a misguided effort to ensure gay rights in the workplace. All it will do is heap chaos — and costs — on business.” ENDA Uses Gays To Saddle Business With New Layer of Bureaucracy

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