News and Commentary for November 2

The results of a James Carville and Stan Greenberg’s Democracy Corps that will make your heart sing! “Wow! A liberal publication taking a Democratic poll and finding bad news for…Democrats?” Mother Jones Shocker: ‘New Poll Shows Democratic Incumbents in Big Trouble’

Fingers crossed. “The political ramifications could be enormous. Precisely because the Affordable Care Act is the realization of a half-century long liberal dream, if it fails, it will be a crushing blow not just to Barack Obama but to American liberalism itself. Why? Because Obamacare is in many ways the avatar, the archetype, of modern liberalism. That’s true in terms of its coercive elements, its soaring confidence in technocratic solutions, its ambition to centralize decision making, and its belief that government knows best. You may like your health care plan, but the role of the benevolent nanny state is to impose its will on you. And we see the zealous aspirations of liberalism in using a discrete problem, in this case the uninsured, to remake our entire health care system.” A Debacle for Liberalism

Because they think they know better than you… “No, this is federal coercion at its worst. And that’s why the public is turning against it. It’s not freedom.” Kudlow: Liberal entitlement-state dream is crumbling

They might start to understand, but will they care? “As all the still underappreciated contours of Obamacare become known, and as those who hold employer-provided plans will soon discover their existing “scams” also do not pass ACA muster, the public will begin to understand that Obamacare is another redistributive zero-sum plan to transfer wealth from one segment of the less-deserving population to another more deserving.” The Obamacare Ten-Step Self-Help Program

They know the Democrat boat is sinking—and they want a lifeline. “Henry Waxman made a plea Wednesday at the end of a House hearing grilling Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. The California Democrat asked Republicans to reach across the aisle to work with Democrats to improve ObamaCare.” Democrats still whining, ObamaCare still failing

Crony capitalism on steroids. “A tech firm linked to a campaign-donor crony of President Obama not only got the job to help build the federal health-insurance Web site — but also is getting paid to fix it.” Obama donor’s firm hired to fix Web mess it created

More crony capitalism on steroids… “Concerns have now been aired about three of the highest paid contract recipients working on the Obamacare insurance exchanges.” More Questions about the Insurance Exchange Contractors

Rush says Nixon was impeached for lesser lies than these. “The baleful consequences of Obamacare that we are now seeing–there are many more to come–were known and foreseen in 2010. The Democrats voted down the Republicans’ effort to preserve the health care plans that Americans already like on a party-line vote. The Democrats knew that Obama had been lying through his teeth, and they voted unanimously to sustain his lies.” Lies of Obamacare, Documented

Governor Brewer fell right into the “spread the wealth” lair. “Obamacare has always been, to a significant degree, about transferring wealth. It stands to reason that the most stark instance of wealth transference — the Medicaid expansion — will be the part of Obamacare that is most taken advantage of.” Surprise: People like free stuff

Unreal. “When a friend of mine asked his leadership the same question, he was told, “The Jack is too closely associated with radical groups.” We must assume that this thought policeman embedded in the SEAL community is speaking of the Tea Party, whose flag (which also dates from the American Revolution) depicts a snake with the same defiant slogan as The Navy Jack.” Navy SEALs ordered to remove ‘don’t tread on me’ Navy Jack from uniforms  Hat Tip: The Gateway Pundit

Propaganda. “The reason for this is that both Obama and many of our journalists were trained in the post-modern academy where they were taught that there is no such thing as moral truth but only culturally inculcated narratives. In such a world, the moral narrative that can be drummed into the head of the populace is the truth that wins. Convincing people that a good has been achieved is the same as achieving it.” Barack Obama’s Narrative Illusions

Cuccinelli can win this if the Libertarians will cooperate. “But now, the Old Dominion’s attorney general is back on his feet, swinging. What had been a nine-point lead for McAuliffe was shriveled to nearly nothing.” Libertarian Voters: The Key to a Cuccinelli Victory

Don’t let up! “Here at the Corner, we warned that Obama officials and their media water-carriers would absurdly use the existence of a dubious criminal investigation to resist informing Congress and the American people about what happened in Benghazi.” Law, Legalisms and Lying about Libya … 14 Months and Counting

Where do people like this think their GINORMOUS pay checks come from? “In what has become an all-too-common spectacle of ignorant and intellectually challenged celebs on both side of the Atlantic spouting socialist slogans, Brand epitomized these qualities and the unmitigated hypocrisy of all leftists.” Russell Brand: Profit is a Filthy Word

Slowly the Obama zombies awake from their slumber. “It cannot justify the findings of a report that says the White House’s efforts to silence the media are the “most aggressive … since the Nixon Administration”” An Obama voter’s cry of despair

Not a single Republican appointed to his task force… “President Obama used his executive powers on Friday to create a ´Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience.´ Obama´s plan would be put in place through executive order, bypassing Congress, which has stalemated over climate legislation in recent years.” Obama takes control of climate

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