News and Commentary for October 29

Leading from behind is not reaping results. ““Al Qaida is spreading like a wildfire across Northern Africa, and is growing out of control.”” Homeland Security Chairman on Benghazi Report: ‘Al-Qaeda Is Spreading Like a Wildfire’

I challenge any Liberal to find me one story reporting that someone associated with the Republican party did this to another Liberal. ““They know when they had football practice. They know where your wife works, they know that she was at the grocery store at this time, they know that she went to visit her father at his residence,” he said.” Read the Chilling Note Sent to Gov. Scott Walker’s Wife

We need more folks like Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs host). Be sure to read his “thoughtful response. “That comment triggered Rowe to craft a very thoughtful reply. And his response to Ms. Walsh is also drawing heat. Less than an hour after it was posted on Facebook, the letter had been “shared” more than 1,100 times and had earned almost 5,000 “likes.”” Mike Rowe Did Not Mince Any Words in Open Letter Response to Criticism He Received for Appearing on Glenn Beck’s Show

Wanted: responsible adults in government!Without going too deeply into the fallacies behind the idea that higher inflation is a means to strong and sustained economic growth, it is worthwhile to examine the wishful thinking and euphemisms that inform the Times’s account.” Inflation Fixes Nothing

Did our elected officials learn anything in college? “Give consumers an incentive to care about the cost of medical care and the cost of medical care will decline. That’s economics 101 (a course Barack Obama obviously didn’t take), straight out of Adam Smith.” How to Cut Medical Costs 101

With Obama, it’s all politics, all the time, and we have three more years of this? “But the problem is, at its heart, that President Obama cares only about politics, rewarding his buddies, and the perks of power. The rest of the presidency just bores him.” A President Who Only Cares About Politics

Crony Capitalism. “Michelle Obama’s relationship with Princeton classmate Toni McCall Townes-Whitley, whose company earned the no-bid contract to design the disastrous Healthcare.Gov Obamacare website, continued after the Obamas moved into the White House. CGI Federal executive spent ‘Christmas with the Obamas’

I don’t believe for a second that it’s “cluelessness.” “When I read Sunday evening in the Wall Street Journal that Barack Obama was “unaware” until last summer that the U. S. spied on thirty-five world leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, I was frankly stupefied. (Well, maybe not entirely stupefied, but at least semi-stunned.)” Obama Should Be Impeached… for Cluelessness

Click the link, and then watch the video—chilling. “Conservative reporter Audrey Hudson told Gretchen Carlson on FOX News today that the feds took her private notes during a raid on her home at 4:30 AM as a clear sign of intimidation.” Conservative Reporter Audrey Hudson: Feds Took My Private Notes in a “Clear Sign of Intimidation”

A brave doctor speaks. ““They say you cannot choose your own family,” Wolf said. “But you can choose to rise up and stop your family from destroying America.”” Obama’s Tea Party ‘Cousin’ Wants to Stop Him From ‘Destroying America’

The Democrats own Obamacare. “The GOP is a rudderless party at the moment, a consequence of having lost a national election. But the forces of history are conspiring against Democrats. On both the domestic and foreign policy fronts, the seams that portend great fissures within the party are beginning to become apparent. Democrats should not get too comfortable with the present Republican disarray. Their own internecine feuds are only just beginning.” AP’s Dismal Outlook for GOP Masks Democratic Party’s Looming Catastrophes

Why is no one talking about this? “I think they’re using the opportunity of the shrinkage of the military to get rid of people that don’t agree with them or not toe the party line,” a senior retired general told (Blaze) website.” Obama’s Military Purge

Suspicious. “Then, late at night, the story was pulled, the link was changed thereby breaking the Drudge link, and stealth edits were made to the piece.” NBC News Deletes Huge Obamacare Story, Stealth Edits, Breaks Drudge Link

President “head in the sand” or President “Lies a lot?” “The president didn’t know the NSA was spying on world leaders, but he’s found time for at least 146 rounds of golf.” The Unbearable Lightness of Obama

They’re clueless about business. “Hardened leftists, including Journolister Ezra Klein, really believe that Obamacare has been “sabotaged.”” Mind-Boggling Attempts at Blame Shifting

A great overview of what is wrong with Obamacare. “But just one month after Obamacare went into effect, the number of uninsured Americans has gone up rather than down.” The Obamacare Chaos I Warned About Calls For Obama To Apologize To Ted Cruz

The government as “con artist” continues. “Those Americans who thought that liberal greed was better than the capitalist kind are discovering that they weren’t the con artists; instead they were the marks of men who make Gordon Gekko look like a saint. Capitalists even at their worst occasionally create value. The left at its best only destroys value.” ObamaCare’s Liberal Greed

Wow, this from Politico: “Even if it is excusable for Obama to be out-of-the-loop on certain issues, Fleischer said that with the Obama White House, “‘the president didn’t know’ is starting to wear a little thin because there have been too many in a row.”” Obama’s ‘in-the-dark’ defense

How stupid do they think we are? “Let’s try to walk through this inanity. There’s nothing in Obamacare that forces people out of their health plans. Instead, Jarrett asserts, insurance companies are just deciding to change their plans, throwing people off their current coverage.” Valerie Jarrett: Obamacare doesn’t force you off your plan; your insurance company does, by complying with Obamacare!

Long, but interesting. “To understand the enduring nature of today’s housing-system mess, it is not really necessary to do much more than to look backward. To look, that is, at the careers of two former prominent politicians, each of whom has played an integral role in American finance in recent decades.” Dodd-Frank: Money Never Sleeps

What happens in California unfortunately doesn’t stay in California. “Well, you obviously have very strong union politics now, and I do feel, unlike many of my fellow conservatives who I highly respect, that the demographic revolution in the state, with an increasing Hispanic population that has been driven overwhelmingly by illegal immigration from Mexico and Central America is going to be locking in a redistributionist politics there for a long time…”  Interview: Heather Mac Donald on California in Decline

From my favorite author, Victor Davis Hanson: “Today launches the Freedom Academy®, a project some 18 months in the making. In the present age, we need a meeting place where people can rediscover what freedom entails and appreciate the origins and role of liberty.” The Launch of the Freedom Academy

More from Victor Davis Hanson… “His cadences soar on, through scandal after fiasco after disaster.” Is Obama Still President?

Victor Davis Hanson rocks it with this article. “What does it take to warn Americans about unchecked pension growth, socialized medicine, vast increases in entitlements, higher taxes, and steady expansion of government? In other words, what is it about Detroit, Italy, or Greece that we do not understand?” Questions Rarely Asked—and Never Answered

Lessons NOT learned. “One lesson from the failed spin on Benghazi hasn’t quite sunk in at the White House. When one tosses the intelligence community under the bus, they have the ability to do some tossing themselves.”  LA Times: White House, State Dept approved spying on allied leaders

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