News and Commentary for October 28

I’ve been swamped over the last several days.  Sorry for the news blackout, and today’s light news link posting. I will commence with my more extensive news links beginning tomorrow.

From “all” to “most”—what did the Obama administration know and when did they know it? “Axelrod’s rephrased guarantee comes as reports of millions of Americans losing their healthcare plans are rolling in.” Axelrod: ‘Most People’ Will Be Able to Keep Their Plans Under Obamacare

This is all the argument you need to have, when arguing with your Obamacare-loving friends. ““Whose idea of better coverage, their idea or the government’s?” Hume said. “They’re going to offer a government-mandated deal, that may or may not be a better deal for the people involved. They’re elderly people being required to pay for maternity coverage.”” Hume Challenges Juan Williams Over Obamacare: ‘Whose Idea of Better Coverage, the Government’s?’ Hat Tip: Lucianne

The truth never stays hidden forever. “People familiar with liberal cartoonist and polemicist Ted Rall will be shocked by a piece he published at Daily Kos Friday wherein he actually agreed with former Alaska governor Sarah Palin.” Lib Cartoonist Ted Rall: ‘Truth Behind ACA Mess Is Obama and His Gang of Golfing Buddies Are Idiots’

The Democrat statists are blinded by government. “Don’t let your politics blind you, however, to the crucial part of our chat and the central message of the book — that American medicine, combined with free enterprise, produces incredible life-saving breakthroughs. These are the sort of breakthroughs our children and grandchildren, as well as the entire world, will benefit from if we don’t kill the system. Sadly, this is exactly what Obamacare threatens to do.”  Dick Cheney highlights how Obamacare kills world’s best health care system

Protection at any cost, the country be damned. “So desperate is MSM to cover anything but the collapse of the president’s impossible dream big number that the Manhattan-Beltway media elite are even willing to cover Benghazi!  By all means, pay attention to that, but keep your eyes on the Obamacare fail, especially if you are one of the millions who will lose their health care 1/1/14.” The Death Of Healthcare Innovation And The Rush To Help The Obamacare Refugees

But will it? “This should serve as a springboard for a demand for more answers from the White House, and also from then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.” CBS: Obama administration knew all along that Benghazi was terror attack

Unsustainable—in 2011, more American’s on means-tested government benefit programs than full time workers. “It was a long time coming, but we appear to have reached a tipping point.” Welfare nation

You reap what you sow Mr. President. “President Obama is about to play defense, for three years.” The Point of No Return

Increasing the number of workers, when unemployment is already high—Democrats were for living wages before they were against them. “Noorani told his pro-amnesty partner’s publication that he will attempt to make it appear as though the conservative movement supports amnesty.” Corporate Executives Join Soros-Backed ‘Fly-In’ Campaign to Push Amnesty

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