News and Commentary for October 23

Obama continues to blow smoke up the skirts of Americans. “The story proves that the White House has spun a false narrative about the failures, an abjectly political spin that wants to take credit for demand on a site they made mandatory for tax compliance.” failed under light load testing just before launch

Another scandal the press will find “not fit to print.” “Crane said President Obama’s selective enforcement of the law – halting deportations of illegal aliens who meet certain conditions – is a scandal on par with the IRS targeting of conservative groups and the coverup of the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi.” ICE Agents’ Leader Turns Up Heat on Obama Immigration Scandal

Do New Yorkers really want such a man as their mayor? If, after election day, the answer is yes, then they get what they deserve. “A press conference on Thursday, October 24, in the Big Apple, will blow the lid off the “Marxist power couple” running for mayor of New York City. That’s how veteran journalist and event organizer Cliff Kincaid describes Bill de Blasio and his wife Chirlane McCray, who took their “honeymoon” in Cuba in violation of the law and are considered the front runners to occupy Gracie Mansion when the NYC mayoral election takes place on November 5.” Obama-backed “Progressive” Candidate linked to international communism, terrorism, Islam

Our leaders in the Republican Party had better get cracking. “Obama never compromises because he has never really lost. He has been insulated from defeat by his fanaticism, his arrogance and his media… and by Republican incompetence.” Beating Obama

Hugh Hewitt has been on a roll lately. “The president is easily mocked.  But it is better to fact check him.” “It’s Really Good”: Covering Obamacare and the “Tech Surge”: Who, Where and When?

Ouch! “Unlike, OxiClean actually works.  Most important, Mays didn’t stuff his pitches with statements that were outright falsehoods. By my count there were at least eight such statements in Obama’s speech.” The Eight Biggest Falsehoods in Obama’s Rose Garden Speech

The Democratic Party’s war on jobs. “The number of Americans who are 16 years or older and who have decided not to participate in the nation’s labor force has climbed to a record 90,609,000  in September, according to data released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.” 90,609,000: Americans Not in Labor Force Climbs to Another Record

The Democratic Party’s war on women. “American women participated in the nation’s labor force in September at a rate that matched the lowest level in 24 years, according to data released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.” 154,000 Fewer Women Held Jobs in September; Female Participation in Labor Force Matches 24 Year Low

I will never understand how people like this get elected. “The newsy part here isn’t that a sitting congressman would stoop to it. It’s par for the course for Grayson. The newsy part is that he chose to stick it in a fundraising e-mail to goose Democratic donors, which tells you where he thinks the party’s base is at.” New Fundraising E-mail from Alan Grayson: “You can’t spell ‘tea party’ without burning a cross

Blow it up! “My layman’s sense after reading several articles about it and chatting with a friend who works in IT is that it’s like bringing in a bunch of professional writers to rework a 2,000-page first draft of a novel written by a sixth-grader.” Oh, by the way: The “tech surge” isn’t going to rescue the ObamaCare website

The buck doesn’t stop with our government apparently. “You might have thought that the ultimate culpability for the current problems plaguing ObamaCare belong to the administration that sloppily designed, forcefully passed, and hastily implemented the gigantic redistribution project — but you would have been wrong.” Waxman: Let’s get real, these ObamaCare glitches are the private sector’s fault

Hard to believe that the president didn’t know. “So, was the president so very uninterested in making sure his legacy law got launched with a modicum of competence that he never checked to make sure this was going well?” Sebelius: Obama didn’t know about website problems until after launch

Another write up regarding the Obama not knowing about the website debacle. “According to Kathleen Sebelius, Barack Obama knew nothing, absolutely nothing, about the fundamental problems with the Oct. 1 roll-out of his namesake legislation that will affect nearly one-fifth of the nation’s economy.” Oblivious Obama totally clueless of ObamaCare troubles, Sebelius asserts

Failing. “Methinks he doth trieth too hard. The president spoke about ObamaCare as if it were a work of art, one or two brushstrokes away from being a masterpiece. Which created the impression that the president is living in a make believe world.” Obama Disassociates from Reality

Correcting the record. “After appearing on MSNBC this week where he compared the Tea Party movement to the Ku Klux Klan, Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson (D-Florida) stirred controversy when his KKK-themed fundraising email surfaced featuring a burning cross, men in white sheets, and the words Tea Party spelled out in flaming letters.” Paging Alan Grayson: The truth about civil rights & the Democrat Party

Once again, correcting the record. “Did she really find the site “very easy to use”? We suppose this is subjective, and maybe she has preternatural patience or is some kind of computer savant. But National Review’s Sterling Beard managed to track her down, and she “said it actually took her three days to enroll.” The ad would be deceptive if it weren’t so unbelievable to begin with.” ‘The Site Was Very Easy to Use’

It’s the Obama way—alienating allies and emboldening enemies. “Obama’s support for the Brotherhood goes back to the beginning of his presidency.” The Muslim Brotherhood’s Man in the White House

The Left’s war on the country we love. “When Michelle Obama described being proud of the country for the first time when her husband was elected, that summed up the disease moral state of liberalism which only approves of the America that they create by destroying America.” “You Cannot Love America in Theory and Hate it in Fact.”

Blinded by hate. “The Left’s hatred for conservatives has become so obsessive that it is hard to engage a liberal in rational discussion of any public policy issue. Take the Keystone XL pipeline: I think it is obviously a good idea, but if a liberal wants to argue to the contrary, fine. But instead of trying to advance a rational argument, what do liberals do? They can’t talk about the pipeline except by trotting out their own pet obsessions.” No Reason, Just Hate: That’s a Modern Liberal

I weep for our children and their children. “The shutdown was “resolved” by suspending limits on the federal government’s ability to borrow money until February 7, 2014. The Treasury Department promptly ran up the tab another $328 billion in one day, raising the national debt to $17.076 trillion in a process that even the Congressional Budget Office calls “unsustainable.” With spending expected to outstrip revenues for decades to come, inflicting a burden on Americans not yet born, government has demonstrated the astounding ability to destroy the future!” In Just One Month, Politicians Prove the Power To Govern Is the Power To Destroy

We can’t get rid of it until people experience the pain personally. “The problems increasingly are going to be up close and personal, as people see for themselves the impact it has on their lives and pocketbooks.” Top Ten Obamacare Disasters to Come

When will our friends who are Democrats realize what their party really stands for? “The California Democratic Party maintained its red wall of silence around the son of a Communist, a Freedom Rider and member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus because he was one of their own.” Liberalism’s War on Women

O’Reilly calls it what it is. “”Here comes Socialism… Obamacare is just part of the strategy of the forced sharing of American assets… It’s a socialist-communist vision that the state should provide all citizens a certain lifestyle, at the expense of other citizens. If healthcare was a constitutional right then everything associated with health would fall into the civil rights category. That’s a form of communism.“” O’REILLY GOES THERE: Accuses Democrats of Pushing Communism in America (Video)

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