News and Commentary for October 22

Never let a crisis go to waste. Chaos, by design I suspect. “Sebelius is saying she needed a delay of four years to get the system up and running.” Sebelius Admits She Needed Four Year Delay

“Euphemism aside, it must be dawning on the White House that it is presiding over a fiasco that not only threatens the viability of its health-care law, but President Obama’s central conceit that the mandarins of the administrative state are wise and capable enough to manage a large portion of our national life. They aren’t even wise and capable enough to develop a website when given three years and $400 million to do it.” Glitches, Kinks, Snags, Bugs, and Hiccups

From Obama’s Home Town paper, no less. “The bugs aren’t just in the software. They’re in the law itself.” Editorial: Fixing software won’t fix Obamacare

“I deduce a couple of messages. Message to the people: He thinks you’re stupid. Message to the media: He thinks you’re compliant tools.” Obama’s Message

Where is the White House getting the money for ObamaCare’s “tech surge”?

“The result of this regulation? The contracts are going to the people who understand those regulations the best, not those who can do the best job.” Root cause of Obamacare website crashes is red tape, not technical glitches

“How strong should central government be, and how much of our money should it spend?” The Power of the People is being Stolen

“Jamie Dimon went from being the greatest banker of all time, leading his company through the financial time, doing the government a favor to a critic of the Obama administration.” FOX Analyst Charlie Gasparino: JP Morgan $13 Billion Fine Was Political Punishment for Criticizing Obama

More on the Jamie Dimon demonization. Holder Shakes Down JP Morgan

Debate we must. “Here at home, the Left has taken over, and has imposed statism pretending to rescue the poor, while cynically empowering and enriching the political ruling class.  I can’t remember anything approaching the degree of corruption in today’s Washington.  It goes hand in hand with the incompetence and narcissism of most of our “leaders.””  Oh Dear, We’re Arguing

“Like the Kennedy team, Obama’s people were more interested in the political allegiances of the bureaucracy under their control than its competence and in an administration where even the National Park Service has been politicized, the use of the IRS as a political weapon of terror was inescapable.” Obama’s Tax Thugs

Will someone please get to the bottom of this? “Was Obama involved in the IRS scandal?  He was the one who identified the targets – in the most public manner possible.” Obama’s fingerprints all over IRS Tea Party scandal

“Sixth-grade children in a history class in the Bryant School District in Arkansas (whose website brags that the district “has embraced” Common Core standards) were assigned a project to update the U.S. Bill of Rights because it is “outdated.” They were instructed to “prioritize, revise, omit two and add two amendments.”” Checking Your Kids’ School Assignments

It’s not a secret any more. “”Built into the valuations is the implicit extortion value of the [committee] seat,” explains Schweizer. “Sitting on the House Financial Services Committee means you can extract lots of money from wealthy financial institutions.”” Exclusive–Documents: Congress Charges Secret Fee to Land Top Committee Spots

Spread the word! “Half of America thinks it is “progressive,” or at least it votes that way. Many voters buy the biased tripe about the Tea Party sold by the bought-and-paid-for mainstream media. But look deeper and you will find where America’s hearts and minds are really at. It’s quite the opposite of what you’ve been told.” Tea or Totalitarianism?

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