News and Commentary for October 18 and 19


“So what are we left with? A burgeoning debt, and no effort on the horizon to get it under control. Obama’s “victory” couldn’t be much more hollow, as his policies continue to drive us toward financial catastrophe…” Victory!

“Conservatives have an ace in the hole, and that is Barack Obama.” Americans Must Suffer

“In truth, the resolution of these issues – even for 4 months – probably means that the one thing the Democrats couldn’t afford happen is going to happen; Obamacare will be an issue – perhaps the #1 issue – in midterms next November.” Why are the Democrats Gloating about Winning?

“The renowned money manager goes back to school to explain how entitlements are helping the Baby Boomers rip off future generations.” Stanley Druckenmiller: How Washington Really Redistributes Income

“He used to know some important things.” Obama, Heed Thyself

“Obama is interested in busting the GOP in 2014. He’s not interested in true budget restraint or other economic-growth measures.” Republicans Must Get Wise to Obama’s Hard-Line Fiscal Strategy

“When it comes to the so-called shutdown, what many of us have seen thus far is some shuttered national parks, a few closed monuments, and ongoing squabbling in D.C.—in other words, business as usual. That’s because most of what government does, it’s still doing. If life for most people goes on as before, we only make government sound worthless when we speak as if it’s been closed down.” Don’t Call It a Shutdown: How the Crisis Could Still Come Back to Bite Democrats

Power shifts. “The bargain rushed through Congress on Wednesday night clobbers the U.S. Constitution. It shifts control over the debt ceiling from Congress to the president, in violation of Article 1, Section 8, and pushes the nation toward a slippery slope of allowing the president unlimited power to borrow.” A Tyrant’s Dream: Congress Cedes Control Of Federal Debt

“Buck up, little campers — your health and life are now in the hands in the very best and brightest of the Federal Government Bureaucracy, a field of employment known for attracting go-getters, self-starters, high-achievers, and honest brokers.” Industry Insiders: White House Will Be Forced to Consider “Unthinkable Options” On ObamaCare If System’s Myriad Problems Are Not Fixed Shortly

“President Obama’s victory over congressional Republicans is likely to have a short shelf life.” Obama’s hollow debt victory

We are not extremists. “Apparently, Businessweek is against responsible government spending.” Predictable… Businessweek Attacks Ted Cruz and Tea Party in Latest Cover

“So the Age of Obama has brought the percentage who think America’s best days are still ahead down from 45% to 31%, while the number who think our best days are gone has risen from 37% to 52%. Great work, Barry. This is your true legacy: hopelessness.” Barack Obama’s Era of Hopelessness

Didn’t you know the Obama administration is blameless in EVERYTHING! “Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is even refusing to testify before the House Energy and Commerce Committee in a hearing this coming Thursday. HHS claims she has scheduling conflicts, but we hope she isn’t in the White House catacomb under interrogation by Valerie Jarrett about her department’s incompetence.” Sebelius on the Run

“The liberal view of health care is easy to describe: health care is too complex and complicated for individuals to make good choices on their own. Therefore they need bureaucracies — employers, insurance companies or government — to make decisions for them. What this view overlooks is that the primary reason why the system is complex is because the bureaucracies are meddling with it in the first place.” How the Left Views Health Care

“One question, I suppose, is where exactly are the successors of these titans? Not, I think, in Washington, D.C.” Remembering America

Republicans never expected to get a fair shake in the Big Three networks’ coverage of the 16-day government shutdown, but the final tally of stories blaming the GOP is stunning: 41 stories blamed Republicans and zero blamed Democrats.” Networks blamed shutdown on GOP in 41 stories — 0 for Dems

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