News and Commentary for October 16 and 17

Interesting. “It’s the cheese that matters. The conservative insurgency is rooted in a lack of money. And so will the coming liberal one. The unrest is not driven by a desire to return to the past. On the contrary it is propelled almost entirely by the growing belief that there is no future. The Third Party

This is fascinating. The man who could have saved us from Obama now regrets his punt

“Megan McArdle, meanwhile, writes that the poor implementation of ObamaCare will increase the likelihood that it not only destroys itself, but, more ominously, the entire American health insurance industry.” The ObamaCare Death Spiral and Britain’s NHS, Coming to an American Town Near You

This is Megan McArdle’s article that is referenced above. Obamacare Needs a Drop-Dead Date

A huge challenge from our leadership apparently. “But sometimes, it’s been said, the greatest courage is displayed in standing before a crowd and affirming that two plus two equals four — now the main Republican challenge.” Conservatism meets Occupy Wall Street

File this away and bring up the reasons to anyone who still loves Obama, and Obamacare. The Top 10 Reasons Why Obamacare Will Always Be Controversial

This from the NY Times. “Whether they realize it or not, they’re the ones who will really get hit by all the cans we’re kicking down the road.” Sorry, Kids. We Ate It All.

A companion piece to the NY Times article linked above. Obamacare Taught Millennials to Distrust Big Gov’t Hat Tip:

Manufactured problem. “How dare Dan Snyder disagree with something that the left didn’t care about five minutes ago? How dare he? Somewhere the owner of the Cleveland Indians is watching all this and wondering when it’ll be his turn, and who’ll decide when it is.” Lawrence O’Donnell: Redskins Owner is the new George Wallace or Something

Clueless about insurance. “Turns out Progressives really liked the idea of other people paying for the health insurance of the poor and sick. When it turned out that many of them were those Other People, suddenly it becomes a problem.” Daily Kos Diarist: Crikey, I’m Ever So Suprised and Upset to Discover That ObamaCare Has Doubled Me Bloomin’ Health Insurance Premium!

We’re in big trouble.“Economics has moved beyond Keynes, but the Obama administration’s Fed nominee hasn’t.” A Return to Keynes?

Here are some additional articles that you might find interesting…

Chicago Tribune Drops the Hammer on Obamacare

The AFL-CIO’s Newest Marxist Union Boss

Middle Easters Probing Plane Security Like Before 9.11

Jonah Goldberg: Roger Simon and Media Bias

Fighting Obamacare: The Difference Between Cutting Spending and Limiting Harmful Government

Obama Demands $1.1 Trillion Ransom–or He Will Crash Global Economy

“No, American soldiers fighting in World War I and Vietnam were not just like the Nazis.” The New York Times’s America Problem

“Food-stamp fraudsters should be punished to the full extent of the law.” The Louisiana Heist

From China, Iran, Russia, Venezuela, Costless Contempt For Obama’s America

The Grand Old Punching Bag Party

Obamacare website firm’s execs had White House access

5 Republicans Who Deserve To Lose Their Jobs Over Their Shutdown Behavior

Obamacare shock: $12,600 deductible, 40 percent co-pay, zero competition

Hollywood’s Obamacare Zombies

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