New and Commentary for October 10

Why is this only being reported locally, where the incident occurred? “The Air Marshal, whose identity we are not revealing because agency rules prohibit him from talking to the media, says the TSA doesn’t want the flying public to be aware of the problems with terrorist probes.” 10 News Investigators find memo warning about terrorist “dry-runs” on airplanes

For the media, it’s all about 2014, but Americans aren’t buying it. “If you back up a little further, Obama and his media’s entire shutdown strategy is all about 2014. The media want to give Obama a third-term, which is an accurate way of describing what will happen if Democrats retake the House.” Poll: Democrats Lose Lead in Congressional Generic Ballot

Do our Democrat friends understand this? “In the current fight over the government shutdown, Republicans are simply representing the views of the American people.” DEMOCRATS TO AMERICA: WE OWN THE GOVERNMENT!

“Like them, he isn’t interested in helping people, not even in the misguided way that some liberals are. His politics and his passion are those of conflict. He doesn’t care if ObamaCare succeeds or fails. All that he cares about is using it as a weapon against the Republican Party.” Obama’s Competent Incompetence

“This is where America stands in 2013. If left unchecked, one of the great ironies of all time may eventually be realized: millions of illegal aliens who have come to America to escape a Third World ethos, where the rule of law is supplanted by the rule of man, may discover, for all intents and purposes, they are right back where they started.” California Makes Citizenship Obsolete

The Tea Party IS America. And that’s why the media, and the Left has to destroy us. Only the so called elites think otherwise. “Yeah, you heard that right.  60% of those surveyed wanted smaller government, fewer services if the only other choice were bigger government, more services.  That core value, which transcends party lines, is the Tea Pary core value (not even the Republican core value).” We’re here, we’re Tea Party, get used to it!

“The media has several reasons for not giving any play to shutdown theater. The first is obviously simple partisanship — they know Obama is a weak president, they all support Obama, and they want him to “win” in the current fight, as the summer and fall have been dominated by nothing but high-profile failures, embarrassments, climbdowns, and reversals.” Yellowstone Park Goon Squads, Media Ignorance, and Media Ideology

“As these intrusions become more malicious and arbitrary, Americans are going to come to the conclusion that we have too much government, not just dysfunctional government, and that will become more and more of a priority. The Obama administration is working its Big Government philosophy out of a job.” Gallup: Dysfunctional gov’t passes economy as top concern

In case you missed it yesterday! Sean Duffy Performs The Distasteful Task of Engaging Andrea Mitchell

They want Obama to win so they must protect him at all cost. “But coverage of the event, which had been planned for months and is in support of an immigration agenda the mainstream media is sympathetic to, could have made it difficult for the mainstream media to continue to play up the government shut down.” ABC, NBC, CBS Nightly Newscasts Ignore Amnesty Rally

“Leadership: Remember when President Obama was showered with kudos for his 2011 speech calling for “more civility in our public discourse”? He sure isn’t practicing today what he preached then.” Obama Not Practicing What He’s Preached On Civility

“If Obama’s supporters are losing their arguments and their minds, that suggests the Republicans are hanging in there. My two cents: Obama’s ‘I won’t negotiate because they are being unreasonable and intransigent’ pose won’t hold as the public begins to see Obama as unreasonable and intransigent. I just don’t see ‘I’m crazier than they are’ as a winning play.” President Obama’s Shameful Death Benefit Theater

“Obamacare proponents ardently claimed it would be flawless — a minor event, even.” The Obama 1 Brigade

My only question: Where was Congressman Schweikert’s signature? 94 Congressmen Question Park Service’s Decision to Close Select ‘Urban, Open-Air Memorials’

Chilling. “Seventy-four years later, the civil-service system has been exposed as a failure—at least in this administration. Instead of an independent workforce of professionals who implekment federal refulation in an even-handed and competent manner, we have returned to the era of partisan retribution and politically-motivated malevolence.” How Federal Workers Became Obama’s Private Army

“In the early days of the Obama administration, Michael Barone wrote in connection with the fleecing of bondholders courtesy of the Obama administration in the Chrysler bankruptcy: “We have just seen an episode of Gangster Government. It is likely to be a continuing series.” In the current production of Shutdown Theater we have an episode of Gangster Government for the little people.” Gangster Government for the little people

This will make you weep. “I have always been an optimist, but no more. I no longer live in the United States of America. This is some other country I don’t recognize.” Obama’s Shutdown Theater Reaches New Low

Curious. “Obama never cut off aid to the Muslim Brotherhood government of Mohammed Morsi, as Morsi tried to transform Egypt into an Islamist state. So it’s curious that Obama is now scaling back on aid to Egypt.” Obama cuts U.S. aid to Egypt, but why?

In answer to the above… “With Brotherhood operatives so warmly favored in the Obama Administration, it’s no surprise that he would want them in power in Egypt as well. And by cutting off aid, he’s strong-arming the Egyptians until they have no choice but to agree.” The Muslim Brotherhood President

No one should be shocked. “”In the Obama administration’s Washington, government officials are increasingly afraid to talk to the press,” wrote Downie, now a journalism professor at Arizona State University. “The administration’s war on leaks and other efforts to control information are the most aggressive I’ve seen since the Nixon administration, when I was one of the editors involved in The Washington Post’s investigation of Watergate.”” Report: Obama Brings Chilling Effect on Journalism

A necessary education! “That is, in Roberts’s reworking, the “mandate” cannot force you to buy health insurance (which is why CBS’s Q&A is wrong); that is unconstitutional. The “mandate” merely establishes your taxable status. If you buy health insurance, you avoid paying a tax. Otherwise, you pay a tax. It’s that simple. You can see that the work “mandate” is a misnomer for the law’s implementation. Obamascare

Warnings from David Horowitz, a former communist! “This is the threat we face, and the sooner we grapple with it the greater our chances to survive it. The most important battle in the world today is not being waged in the Middle East but here at home in the United States. If we lose this battle, everything is lost. But if we will take the measure of the enemies of freedom and prepare ourselves to fight them, we have a better than even chance to win.” The Threat We Face

I am speechless. “Instead, this looks like yet another case of government incompetence. The amount of money spent on this system was seven times its initial estimate of just two years ago. Mull that over for a while, and then think of what that means when multiplied across the entire ObamaCare structure. The amount of cash sunk into this brick exceeds that spent on Solyndra — by about 20%.” Great news: We spent $634 million on ObamaCare exchanges

More on the IT debacle of Obamacare. “Google managed to build an index of 60 million pages while basically being run by two guys with  $100k in seed money. Sure they had Stanford’s computers, but this was supposed to be backed by the US government.” Obama Spent $634 Million to Build Broken Website

“As Speaker Boehner wondered yesterday, “how can we tax people for not buying a product from a website that doesn’t work?” ObamaCare: “The biggest tech gaggle ever?”

The government doesn’t do software. “The exact cost to build, according to U.S. government records, appears to have been $634,320,919, which we paid to a company you probably never heard of: CGI Federal.  The company originally won the contract back in 2011, but at that time, the cost was expected to run “up to” $93.7 million – still a chunk of change, but nothing near where it apparently ended up” We paid $634 million for the Obamacare sites and all we got was this lousy 404

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