News and Commentary for October 2

This story will bring a smile to your face. ‘Lifelong’ Hollywood Democrat Jumps Ship to Join GOP, Endorses Republican Candidate for Governor

Yes, our president actually said this. “The memorable line from Monday’s debate about Obamacare? The president’s astonishing declaration that “I shouldn’t have to offer anything.” Thus did the American public get a very candid glimpse of the president whose contempt for duly elected Republican opponents is exceeded only by his fecklessness in the face of America’s enemies abroad. To Putin and the Iranians come offers of all sorts.  To the Speaker of the House, only ultimatums.” “I Shouldn’t Have To Offer Anything”: The GOP’s Secret Weapons –President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi

Is anyone surprised? Ben Carson: ‘I had my first encounter with the IRS’ after challenging Obama Hat Tip:

This is a great history lesson. And this from the comments: “Selective freedom is not really freedom. When the country is divided right down the middle, neither side has any right to exact its wishes on the other. We should always err on the side of liberty, not regulations and taxes. We are living under tyranny.” “It wasn’t passed with careful deliberation or popular support.” Why Opponents Won’t Accept Obamacare

We’ve got our work cut out for us if we don’t want Obama’s transformations to stick. “To what degree these changes will be reversed or institutionalized depends on the 2014 and 2016 elections. For now, Obama’s transformations are not to be found only in his legislative record, but far more in his use of the presidency to change the way we envision and talk about America.” Obama: Transforming America  Hat Tip:

Unreal. Do these Hollywood Liberals realize how hypocritical they are? Tax increase for everyone but themselves. Tom Hanks Leaves Captain Phillips Premiere Early to Avoid NYC Tax Man

Everyone’s wanting an exemption. “It seems those visiting the website have other things in mind than rushing out to enroll in the insurance exchanges.   According to the site the most popular question is how to get an exemption from having health coverage.  The second most popular is from people who presumably are already in one of the various government-run preexisting condition Insurance plans that will end as of December 31, 2013.  Getting ready to enroll in the new health insurance marketplace ranks third.” Oops!

Obama has never led a day in his life. “’It’s on the president’s head, he’s got to lead he’s got to talk. And the absence of discussion here is a baffling element’” Woodward: If Shutdown or Debt Ceiling Causes Economic Crisis, It’s on the ‘President’s Head’

The Left refuses to be anything but delusional. “If you want a good lesson in why the left can never be trusted with political power, especially in foreign policy, look no further than Mother Jones Washington bureau chief Nick Baumann, writing in Slate this week that “Neville Chamberlain Was Right.”  What was he right about?  Ceding Czechoslovakia to Hitler in 1938: “The maligned British prime minister did what we would want any responsible leader to do.”” Why the Left Can Never Be Trusted With Power

Anyone surprised?“Now comes this story from that the desperation may be justified, at least on behalf of the Democrat National Committee.  It seems the DNC is mired in a serious debt crisis.” Dems Going for Broke

Obamacare does not address the problem. Here’s proof. 8 Charts That Explain the Explosive Growth of U.S. Health Care Costs

The Obamacare website really was programmed to deliver the message “Due to Congress’s failure to pass legislation to fund the government, the information on this web site may not be up to date.  Some submissions may not be processed, and we may not be able to respond to your inquiries.” Figures. While Rome Burns Obama Fiddles With White House Website

Anyone for getting their healthcare insurance from the DMV or IRS? “Robert Rusbuldt, president and CEO of Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, said “significant” technological glitches had made it difficult for “consumers, agents, brokers, navigators, and all those using the system to actually use it.” According to Rusbuldt, those glitches have caused many agents to counsel their clients to delay signing up for the health exchanges.” Insurance Brokers Blast Obamacare Glitches

Maybe this is why Obama has finally decided to meet with Republican leaders this evening. Let Us Be Clear: Obama Deserves Chief Responsibility for Gov’t Shutdown.

Liars. Senators Say They Oppose Medical Device Tax, Vote Against Repeal

More on how our country is truly beginning to mirror the book/movie The Hunger Games. “Now, this doesn’t mean that a shutdown is a good thing, or that the federal employees in Washington deserve to be furloughed because of the political battles of elected officials in the nation’s capital.  It’s just that this report seems to leave out the fact that these folks have been doing very well, mainly on tax dollars taken from everywhere else in the country where incomes haven’t been skyrocketing. And maybe the budget issues are more significant than just the local economy in DC.” DC worries: Will shutdown mean we’re finally going to feel the recession?

It’s amateur hour at the White House. And from the comments: “The website is out of date since mid-night?! WOW! It’s much more likely that GWBush has hacked the site & is causing havoc.” “The first warning blocks out the rest of the page and tells readers that “Due to Congress’s failure to pass legislation to fund the government,” information found on the site may be out of date, some submissions “may not be processed,” and readers may not receive responses to their inquiries.” White House Blames Congress for Any Problems with Its Website

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