News and Commentary for October 1

Can you believe it’s October already? Yikes.

Obamacare is the Law.of.the.Land. Oh my gosh… Check this out! Why does anyone think our government can do anything right? The glitchy error-filled misadventures of creating an account on

Everything old is new again. “As someone who remembers what New York was like under David Dinkins, I find it very unsettling to see a former Dinkins aide campaigning to carry on his legacy. Nothing good will come from handing New York back to a left-wing wrecking crew.” ACORN is Baaaack!

Obamacare is going to be great!  Because Nancy Pelosi told us so! “That’s the whole point. The more the government takes over medicine, the more it is driven to reduce costs in order to fund a vast welfare state. That’s the whole point. The more the government takes over medicine, the more it is driven to reduce costs in order to fund a vast welfare state.” Obama Inc. to Deny Cancer Treatments by Redefining What Cancer Is

Enough said! “I will not comply because I am a free citizen of the United States, not a subject of its government. I consider non-compliance with this monstrosity and the tens of thousands of pages of regulations that are to be enforced by an unelected bureaucracy, and that have left a gigantic carbon footprint on our environment and the United States Constitution, a duty.” I Will Not Comply

Read this and ask yourself, “When will Americans say ENOUGH is ENOUGH???” “According to media reports, prior to her decision in favor of voluntarily retiring, Lerner was in danger of being removed from her job due to findings from an IRS inquiry board citing “neglect of duties” and mismanagement. But, to taxpayers, this latest sordid episode in the history of the tax agency has but one lesson: any way it’s sliced, they’re the ones left to bleed.” Lerner’s Pension Could Be as Much as $102K Per Year, $3.96M Lifetime Hat Tip:

The media is spinning it for Obama, but maybe the people are finally getting it? “Although a new CNN poll shows that across-the-board everyone will be blamed and damaged should the government shut down tomorrow, that is not the spin coming today from CNN or the rest of the left-wing media. Desperate to replay the ’90s, even though today’s poll says differently, the media are working together to terrify the GOP into caving when what we really have is a situation wherein Obama is going to be much more damaged than a Republican Party that doesn’t have much to lose.” CNN Poll Shows Obama/Media Losing Shutdown Battle Hat Tip:

Maybe Speaker Boehner is smarter than we thought! “And — here is the underappreciated point — if the Republicans fold and approve the spending bill without extracting any concessions from Democrats, then they’ve also won.” Win-Win Situation for GOP Starts To Come Into Focus in The Fracas Over Obamacare Hat Tip:

What happened to “What’s best for the children?” “After calling the Obama administration out last week for their disingenuous representation of what really just amounts to “forcing parents to go to federal court to seek approval for where they want to send their children to school,” Jindal took his fight straight to the source on Monday and invited President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder to come to Louisiana and check out the state’s voucher program for themselves — and more or less dares them to carry on with their lawsuit after they talk to some of the parents whose children stand to benefit from the reforms.” Jindal to Obama admin: By all means, come tell Louisiana parents why their children should be stuck in failing schools

We’d like to know… “And how many of the more than 20 members of the first lady’s staff, at least four of whom are paid six figures by the taxpayers, will be deemed non-essential?” Shutdown Preparations Prove Most Government Is Waste

It’s Hunger Games in real life. If you don’t know what I am talking about, go read the book, or watch the movie. “It’s a potent reminder that while the fight we we’re watching is between Democrats and Republicans and Republicans against Republicans, the real battle is between the permanent political class and the people who create the wealth these leaches confiscate it from.” Bring Back “Let It Burn”

An oldy, but goody. “Its devotion to central planning has endured from the French Revolution to Obamacare.” The Left’s Central Delusion

We need to start putting policy over people when we go to the election booth. “Both sides are wrong.  Elections don’t convey policy mandates because most voters don’t vote on policy.  Instead, they vote based on longstanding loyalties to one party or the other.  As political scientist Gabriel Lenz shows, rather than using policy to choose a candidate, voters more often choose the candidate first, and then mold their policy views to fit those of the candidate they support.  Party comes before policy.” Republicans and Democrats are treating the 2012 election like a mandate. They’re both wrong.

And last night Obama said “I shouldn’t have to offer anything.” “The Democrats are acting like rich kids oblivious to squandering the family fortune.” Nevah Gonna Negotiate

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