News and Commentary for September 29

We’re all ears! “So let’s break down the president’s lies.” President Obama lied to us — he told America some real whoppers about ObamaCare

Good! “Liberals are passionate in their scorn for him — which tells you how worried they are.” Giving Cruz His Due

Is it anarchy to oppose a horribly written, jammed down our throat law? “Reid is a dim and sallow man whose tin ear long ago started to rust. But it’s worth pointing out that “anarchy” is not defined in any textbook or dictionary I can find as “the absence of Obamacare.”” Opposing Obamacare Isn’t Anarchy

I’ve been watching this story for a couple of days.  It has now made it to the Daily Caller. Maybe there’s something to it after all. “Hersh told The Guardian’s Lisa O’Carroll that the ABC and NBC news bureaus ought to be shut down and 90 percent of the editors fired for sake of fixing journalism.” Hersh slams US media, says ‘not one word’ of White House bin Laden narrative is true

They’re all wimps. And they’ll hear from us all in November 2014. “Imagine how much stronger the GOP’s hand would have been if every Republican (and those Democrats who’ve finally admitted Obamacare’s devastating flaws) stood together against cloture in order to prevent Harry Reid from cutting off debate and stripping Obamacare defunding from the bill?” Sarah Palin: Flushing Critters and Retrieving 2014

Not to mention your annual deductibles—they’re going through roof. “The cost of premiums plus out-of-pocket expenses for health care make Obamacare a bad deal.” The Cost of Obamacare Health Insurance vs. Health Care

Tyranny on the home front; appeasement everywhere else. “Seen that way, the method to his madness is frighteningly clear. His abdication of global leadership is a direct corollary to his continuing expansion of the domestic state apparatus. No matter the world crisis, it takes a back seat, if it’s even allowed on the bus.” Obama is Childish in His Attempts to Handle Challenges

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