News and Commentary for September 27

We miss our country too! “The world misses the old America, the one before the crash—the crashes—of the past dozen years. That is the takeaway from conversations the past week in New York, where world leaders gathered for the annual U.N. General Assembly session.” A Small President on the World Stage

Insanity. “Today, even as Obama’s EPA starts to shut down US coal plants, China is building around 40 coal-fired power plants a year. Coal provides India with over half its electricity. Even green Germany is burning more coal and its emissions of carbon dioxide have been increasing.” Obama Administration Killing Jobs Pointlessly

File this and keep easily accessible as we approach the next presidential election. We need to keep our eye on her. “If Spitzer and Weiner weren’t forgiven, Hillary’s people ought to start worrying.” Warnings for Hillary

The press white washes our president’s radical views once again. “We’ll leave it to CNN to account for its translation, and why it made Mr. Rouhani seem so much more conciliatory than he was. Meantime, points for honesty go to the journalists at Fars, who for reasons that probably range from solidarity to self-preservation aren’t disposed to whitewash their President’s ideological predilections.” Holocaust Denial in Translation

This is why we don’t trust our government. I posted on this yesterday, but it bears repeating. Figures! IRS Loses $67 Million From Obamacare Slush Fund, Have No Clue Where They Spent It “Obama’s bloated government of idiots is going to rein in healthcare costs and efficiently direct our healthcare?  Spending and losing almost $70 Million is a pretty hideous start.  Maybe they think Bernanke will just keep printing them $70 Million every time they lose it. Strap in…four more days and the disaster unfolds.”

“Never has it been so good to be invested in a vastly expanding federal government — either to distribute or receive federal subsidies. Never has it been so lucrative to work in banking or on Wall Street. And never has it been so bad to try to find a decent job making something real.” The Late, Great Middle Class

Why isn’t ANYONE being held accountable? Youssef’s release will no doubt be treated as a non-event by mainstream media that in unison with Hillary Clinton ask, “What difference does it make now?” The truth always makes a difference, Hillary. Benghazi Scapegoat Released, Truth Still Locked Up

Just exactly what planet is our president from? “I’m honestly at a loss as to where one might start with President Obama’s healthcare speech earlier. It was so utterly mendacious and cynical as to inspire awe.” Obamacare Has “Nothing to Do with the Budget?”

Yes, the tax paying public, whether it likes it or not, will pay for abortions. An analysis by the Charlotte Lozier Institute published this week suggests that the number of abortions that will be heavily subsidized via federal premium tax credits and Medicaid expansion is likely to be between 71,000 and 111,500 per year.” How Obamacare Will Subsidize Abortions

Delay, delays, and more delays. “The Obama administration is delaying ObamaCare enrollment for small businesses and Spanish speakers.” White House delays ObamaCare enrollment for small businesses

Is this the way it is going to have to die? “The discrediting of the entitlement state begins next Tuesday. Let it happen”. Let Obamacare Collapse; Congress Can’t Kill the Entitlement State. Only the American People Can.

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