News and Commentary for September 26

I am not sure that the low information voters have a clue what’s going on—but the future of our country depends on waking them up! “Cruz is betting that even the man on the street is beginning to notice. It’s one thing to cut no ice with leaders around the world. One might even forgive making a mess of the economy and using the IRS to spy on people. But fake Twitter accounts? A line’s got to be drawn somewhere.” A Toe in the Waters of Defiance

McCain will get no more support from me. After twenty-four hours of Ted Cruz acting like a man — a man who sees his country on the brink of expiring — the Democrats have pulled the Senate floor out from under him. And as has become the custom, they have been aided in their bullying by Senator John McCain. John McCain Appeases

And we’ve got three more years of this. “Iranian president Hassan Rouhani didn’t have to snub Obama yesterday by choosing not to meet with him on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly meeting. But, as with Vladimir Putin’s victory lap op-ed in the New York Times, Rouhani chose to rub Obama’s face in the dirt because he could. Obama hung a “kick me” sign on his back and Rouhani simply took him up on it.” Obama Switches Sides

I look for hope wherever I can. “In the decades to come, historians may well look back on the partisan passage of Obamacare during President Obama’s first term and its disastrous implementation in the second as a Pyrrhic victory, the beginning of the end of the Progressive project to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America.” The Turning Point

Fight on! “Those who wish to fundamentally change America are happy with the trends we see. However, those of us who love the Judeo-Christian values upon which our country was founded and under which it flourished in the past, must not dwell on past mistakes, but learn from them. We must not capitulate to secular progressives, and unlike them, we should be loving and kind. But most importantly, we must never give up.” Dr. Ben Carson: The grit and gumption to resist Obamacare

If this happened in corporate American, people would be fired. IRS Watchdog: $67 Million Missing from Obamacare Slush Fund

That’s why the Left supports Common Core. “The ill-informed are more susceptible to emotional arguments. They are more likely to see life as a zero-sum game. They are more likely to believe that the prosperous become so only at someone else’s expense.” Democrat Part Loves Ill-informed Voters h/t

There will be no way to make lemonade out of this lemon of a law. “Millions of low-income Americans won’t receive coverage. Many workers at small businesses won’t get a choice of insurance plans right away. Large employers won’t need to provide insurance for another year. Far more states than expected won’t run their own insurance marketplaces. And a growing number of workers won’t get to keep their employer-provided coverage.” The Young and the Clueless

Unintended consequences? “The “easiest” solution would be to avoid the “wedding tax” entirely by getting divorced while still living together.” Obamacare’s ‘Cool Calculator,’ Part 2: The ‘Wedding Tax’

So that the American people will be more accepting of BIG GOVERNMENT, the Left must replace government with God and this is one way to do it. Little Sisters of the Poor File Lawsuit to Stop HHS from Forcing Them to Fund Contraception Coverage

Conservatives knew this to be true before congress passed it “so that we could find out what was in it.” Turns Out Obamacare is Going to Limit Your Choices

“If only we had a free press in this country, Obamacare would be a bloody, unrelenting scandal, like Abu Ghraib, or Watergate. As it is, it is only business as usual for liberals and liberalism.” Wages of Obamacare

Can this be true? How John Boehner Is Secretly Winning the War In The Government Shutdown Fight

From Leisha in the comments: “Wendy “Abortion Barbie” Davis, filibustering to preserve late-term abortion and oppose higher standards of care in abortion clinics — cheered and celebrated by the left and the media. Ted Cruz, filibustering to wake people up about avoiding the Obamacare trainwreck — crazy and self-serving. Yeah, ok.” How the Media Makes Cruz the Issue Instead of Obamacare’s Implementation

“Sometimes the stench is so strong that even the press has no choice but to acknowledge its ideological farts. Politico cuts on the bias…” Oddly Media Less Excited about Ted Cruz’s Futile Filibuster than Wendy Davis

There’s an awfully lot being written on the bias that the media says doesn’t exist. Ted Cruz, Wendy Davis and Media Bias

“I think Ms. Lerner would absolutely hate life in prison. I hope the committee squeezes her hard. She has committed crimes against the constitutional order, corrupting government to the core. She is high order of criminal, and the price of her freedom ought to be very steep.” Is Lois Lerner Cutting a Deal?

This: “Jonathan Tobin is right. The New York City election cannot be won by refighting the wars of the 1980s. As he writes, the view of the Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations that supported the opponents of the Sandinistas proved to be right, and the groups that de Blasio worked with were “fronts for Communist killers.”” And this: “What does this bode for New York City? Its growth and decreasing crime rates and stability, put into place by Rudy Giuliani and to some extent by Michael Bloomberg, will come to an end when de Blasio takes office. Expect the dark and depressing years of the administration of David Dinkins, and the possibility that New York City will be on the road to becoming like Detroit.” New York City’s Next Mayor: A Stealth Socialist Who Loved Sandinista Nicaragua and Castro’s Cuba

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