News and Commentary for September 25

Smart diplomacy. “Speaking of the glories of diplomacy, a Syrian defector tells David Ignatius that Assad has been busy lately moving his chemical weapons towards Iraq and Lebanon. Exit quotation from a Lebanese columnist: “[Assad] is also fortunate because there is an American president who has no appetite for war and because Russia wants to settle its scores with America (via Syria).”” Report: Obama Offered to Meet with Iranian President at UN and was Rejected

“Yesterday, President Obama was left with egg on his face.” Rouhani Treats Obama Like a Chump

“Obama’s Syria policy is so unserious that he correctly perceived a need to risk the embarrassment of talking about it.” Our Sucker in Chief Speaks at the UN

Some perspective from across the pond. “President Obama should be taking Rouhani’s threats seriously. Unfortunately he is not. Increasingly the United States is viewed as a paper tiger on the world stage by America’s enemies.” Barack Obamas UN Speech was Pure Mush, America’s Enemies No Longer Fear the US

Go figure! Per our elite media: Wendy Davis was a Media Hero While Ted Cruz is a Grandstander

Senator Ted Cruz's daughters watch their dad speak on the Senate floor.

Simply adorable! Senator Ted Cruz’s daughters watch their dad speak from the Senate floor.

This is what we’re fighting, but we’re on to them. “The GOP Establishment — and many of the Republican United Senators who seek their approval when not being card carrying members of that Establishment themselves — is no different in 2013 than it was in the California of 1965. They are now, as then, always willing to allow one more turn of the socialist ratchet to the left because to stand up and be counted otherwise is seen as bad “tactics.”” Cruz Leads the Reaganite Rebellion

We’re gearing up to make it happen. “I think it is good for Republicans to keep pounding away at Obamacare with the procedural tools that come to hand, but the reality is that in the end, Obamacare must be repealed, and it can be repealed only by a Republican House, a Republican Senate and a Republican president. That is a tall order, but Obamacare’s growing unpopularity may help to bring it about.” Ted Cruz’s Long Speech

When congress participates in the exchanges, then maybe we’ll listen. “We have been under siege, and are now surrounded, awaiting the coming salvos of Obamacare implementation which will decimate American liberty. Government bureaucrats stand ready to sign up millions of new dependents to the government healthcare rolls, whose only job will be to vote for Democrats in the coming elections to ensure continued benefits — which by hook, crook, or Democrat-organized bussing to the polls, they will do. IRS agents are standing by, ready to lay down the fiscal hammer of “social justice” on small business owners and individuals with the audacity to not conform to a bill so convoluted that no member of Congress read it before passage, and navigating its intricacies is the subject of a New York Times bestseller.” Obamacare, Ted Cruz, and the Line in the Sand

Truly outrageous. “On the flip side, the administration’s last-minute decision not to require income documentation in the first year can only do wonders for enrollment. A handy Kaiser Family Foundation calculator shows how: A single person who estimates his 2014 income as $33,000 would get a measly $6. Change the estimate to $30,000 and, hey, get $507.” The Obamacare Wars are Just Starting

“There are some interesting findings. The Democrats (and some Republican pundits and politicians) are trying to stampede Republicans into a radical change on immigration policy, but Rasmussen finds that voters prefer the GOP on the issue, by seven points.” Voters Like Republicans So Why Don’t They Elect Them? From the comments: Maybe it’s because Democrats treat the Republicans like errant children, and the Republicans SHEEPISHLY let them get away with it…”Gee I’m sorry Ma, I won’t act in the best interests of my country again.”

Nanny state Mayor Bloomberg may look awfully good after this: New York City residents on the verge of electing a very scary man for their mayor. “Cities and countries are precarious places. That is something that Jews have found out in countless places from Nicaragua to Iran. The Jews of Brooklyn discovered in 1991 how precarious a place New York City could be. The decades of peace since then only became possible because Bill de Blasio’s old boss was forced out of office. If Bill de Blasio moves from Park Slope to Gracie Mansion, his old dreams for Nicaragua could become his new dreams for New York.” Bill DeBlasio and the Jews

No kidding! “It’s quite possible that 2012 was a stolen election, with dozens of conservative and Tea Party groups sidelined by IRS and FEC intervention. The media just don’t care. But they should. If it was systematic, it was a crime.” IRS Investigation Should Not Retire with Lerner

Don’t let her get away with it. “Just when we thought Lois Lerner might be safely out of the public spotlight, the House Oversight Committee might reel her back in.” Lerner Negotiating with Oversight Committee for Immunity

Our men are hurting. “America needs to wake up. We have swung the pendulum too far in the other direction—from a man’s world to a woman’s world. That’s not equality. That’s revenge.” Men: The New Second-Class Citizen H/T

“Society and government are not the same thing. Government is not the only way to help those less fortunate than oneself. Did Jesus ask us to help the least among us or did he ask us to empower our lawmakers to forcibly take our money as a symbol of our compassion, so that it can be spent with dubious results for those it’s meant to serve and little accountability for those allegedly serving them?” Charlie Rangel: We all know Jesus said you’re going to Hell if you don’t support big gov’t

How his approval rating is still this high is a mystery to me. “Obama’s 45 percent job-approval rating is the lowest since September 2011, a month after a partisan showdown over lifting the debt ceiling brought the U.S. to the brink of default.” Americans Turn on Washington, 68% Say Wrong Track in Poll

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