News and Commentary for September 24

Big Government

Gallup: Number of Americans Who Think Federal Government has Too Much Power Reaches Record Level

Healthcare and Big Government

Politico: Obama Dramatically Revealed His Plan for Universal Health Care… Because He Had Been Invited to a Health Care Forum and Had Nothing to Say

The Wrecking Ball Known as Obamacare

Obamacare’s ‘Cool Calculator,’ Part 1: Work Discincentives Like We’ve Never Seen Before

Obamacare Bend’s the Cost Curve Upward

Ted Cruz’s Two Front War: Cowardly GOPers and a Dumbed-Down MSM

One Weird Trick to Expose the Truth about Obamacare

Obamacare Problems? Just Call the Complaint Department

Education and Big Government

Challenge Common Core at Your Own Peril

Losing Our Liberty: The Video

Fourth Graders Taught about Pimps and Mobstaz through Common Core Curriculum, Misspellings and Ebonics Added Bonus

The IRS and Big Government

Obama Administration Quietly Caves on IRS “True the Vote” Case

The Economy and Big Government

Bob Funk: Where the Jobs Are–and How to Get One

I am surprised that NBC is allowing this to get out. Survivors and Scrapers: Why the Middle Class Feels It Just Can’t Get Ahead

Washington DC Scandals and Big Government

Washington Scandals that STILL Matter

WaPo: Hillary Interview Whitewashed Benghazi

Energy and Big Government

New Carbon Emission Rules Will Devastate the Coal Industry

Socialism and Big Government

CYA: Venezuela Seizes Toilet Paper Factory

The Universal Destination of Socialism

Obama Claims We’re Not Some Banana Republic and Mark Steyn Examines the Evidence that We Are

Rep. Alan Grayson: Thank Goodness for All of the Stealth Socialism Going On Around Here

Propaganda and Big Government

Six Principles of Propaganda Lenin Used To Consolidate Power

Obama the Storyteller

First the Mall, Now the Church

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