News and Commentary for September 15

FYI, I will be traveling for the next two days and will have limited access to the internet.  Therefore, my next “News and Commentary” post will take place on Tuesday, September 17.

Something the Left will never do. Standing up for American exceptionalism. Letter from Jim DeMint to President Vladimir Putin on American Exceptionalism

What’s best for the folks is not what’s best for the ruling class. Let us bow to our elites. Federal Workers Want Everyone on Obamacare Except for Federal Workers

No surprises here. “The result was striking, and goes to explain a long way why the folks in Washington D.C. don’t seem to care about this issue — mostly, because they seem to have no concept of it. In this map, the green-shaded counties are the only counties in America with median household income above $100,000.” In One Map Here’s Why Washington Doesn’t Care About Income Inequality

Isn’t anyone on the Left worried YET? Government seeking inclusion of ‘Social and Behavioral’ data in health records

If I posted this already, sorry. It’s just that it is such a positive development. Defunding the Left One Union at a Time

How long can the media and the Democrats hide the real story? Benghazi One Year Later

“Obamacare is such an unbelievable, bureaucratic nightmare.” Depressing, but a lot of good information here. Defunding Obamacare is Not Happening

Let’s all be Andrew Brietbart! “Andrew was born and raised a liberal. He stopped being a liberal precisely because he believed in the things that liberals claimed they believed in – that all individuals should be treated with respect regardless of race or creed, that they should have a voice in their government, that civil rights matter, and that hypocrisy is wrong. It was his epiphany that liberals actually believe the opposite of what they preach that drove him out of the liberal camp. His incredible honesty and his refusal to accept the snobbery and lies that characterize liberalism made him liberalism’s Public Enemy Number One.” Andrew Brietbart’s Sweet, Sweet Victories

Let’s Pray. Why 2014 Shapes Up to be Another Tea Party Year

How the Left lies to change the narrative and get what they want. Matthew Shepard, Trayvon Martin, Martin Brandon and the Power of Leftist Mythmaking

Aren’t we already there? “It’s time to take a stand against Obamaland and for Americ or we’ll all end up living in Chicago 2.0 where everyone in government is on the take and justice is only for the favored.” The Chicagoway in Obamaland

Isn’t this already happening? Herein lies Zamyatin’s enduring lesson for each of us: utopian models breed tyranny in which only complete obedience—in thought, word and deed—will do. A balance between individual rights and government is never an option in them. The OneState can only be sustained by a never-ending quest to wipe out any inkling of dissent—usually through a combination of punishment, vilification, and mockery that instills the primal fear of isolation in any potential dissenter. We all know how the guardians of groupthink usher folks away from the truth-tellers by employing labels such as “haters” or “tinfoil hats” or “bigots.”” The Dynamics of Tyranny

File this away for the next presidential election. We’re going to need the facts on our side. “I think it’s time to review the record of a woman whose life is marked by deceit and professional failure and ask about the sanity and judgment of her ardent supporters.” Hillary! Because What Difference Does It Make?

Sigh. “It would, as Piereson says, be a good thing if leftists shelved for good “their doctrines about diversity, multiculturalism, and American imperialism.” But don’t count on it. The next time — and God willing, it will be soon — that a Republican occupies the White House you can be sure that leftists will once again “dust off Mr. Putin’s principles and put them into play once more.” Just wait.” Putin’s Horrifying Mirror

Scaling back the hysteria. New Report Scales Back Global Warming

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