News and Commentary for September 5


Caution: Hypocrisy on the Left, but what else is new?

H/T Instapundit

“In his mission to mold a non-interventionist America Barack Obama has shredded America’s faith in itself.” Who Shrunk America?

Because it’s incoherent, and all about saving our president’s own hide. Many in Middle East struggling to understand Obama’s Syria policy

Get in line. The president’s hide needs saving. Democrats Dragooned into Line on Syria

Because it is about him. Obama struggles to convince Congress Syria isn’t about him

Other thoughts on Obama’s intention to save face:

But Obama was supposed to make everyone in the world love us!

Some on the Right won’t let this go! And we say thank you! Republican Congressman Goes After John Kerry Hard On Benghazi During Syria Hearing

The Left doesn’t want the truth to get out, because then they lose another excuse for controlling us. Global Government Gone Wild

Are you scared? Because you should be! Obamacare implementation is just around the corner.

He’s spinning, because he doesn’t have truth on his side. Clinton Spins Obamacare

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